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A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
Each week on the Key of David Gerald Flurry discusses world news in the clear light of Bible prophecy.
Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.
Key Life isn't for everyone. If you want the Bible to be a "book of rules," if you think there is something unspiritual about laughter and dangerous about freedom and if you define faithfulness as conformity to Christian stereotypes, then Key Life probably isn't for you.But if you're interested in an honest, non-manipulative and thoughtful presentation of Biblical truth in the context of Christ's unconditional love, Key Life may be for you. If you need to hear the hopeful truth that God isn' ...
Trees Are Key
#TreesAreKey with Paul Johnson helps listeners better understand and care for their trees. Weekly podcasts feature a short lesson and tree of the week, and share upcoming tree-related events around Texas. From planting to pruning, famous to flowering, to soil, sun and shade, and what to do when faced with disaster -- Trees Are Key has you covered.Paul Johnson is the Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator for Texas A&M Forest Service. Paul is an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) ...
The Key 3 is a series of discussions with great cooks (not just professional chefs) about the three recipes or techniques they think everyone should know. These are master classes for all of us and quite revealing about the cooks themselves.
Keys and Gray
Richard Keys and Andy Gray interview the biggest names in the business. If it's happening in sport, it's happening on talkSPORT. This podcast contains the best interviews from the show. Listen to the full show from 7pm each Friday on talkSPORT and – the world’s biggest sports radio station.
Key Finding
A podcast about self-discovery, tarot, creative living, and magical stuff.
Silent Key
Incalculable sadness and substantial humor in equal measure. Modern amateur radio recordings of varying length, presented without interruption or commentary.
Keys For Kids Ministries presents your favorite Classic Keys for Kids, Storytime and Children's Bible Hour programs, with featured episodes released every Tuesday!
Music: Key Stage 1
Music resources to support the Key Stage 1 curriculum and other curriculums within the UK. The resources emphasise singing and often have strong cross-curricular links.
Finding success on Twitch is hard. Join GreenChord and special streaming guests each week as we dive into the secrets behind growth on your stream! StreamKey is your source for in-depth guides on improving your Twitch stream, covering everything from identity, to developer relations, to branding. If you're a streamer on Twitch, this is THE place to learn how to level-up your channel each week!
The Key Podcast
Virginia Tech Hokies football, basketball and recruiting discussion from the voices of The Key Play (
The Epistle of Paul to the Romans is undoubtedly the most powerful human document that has ever been written. It is pure gold from beginning to end. This is the book that lit the fire in Martin Luther's heart and brought about the Protestant Reformation, changing the history of Europe, as well as the world. This is the book that struck home as John Wesley sat in a little chapel in London listening to Luther's Prelude to the Epistle to the Romans. Wesley said his heart was strangely warmed as ...
Key Conversations
Welcome to Key Conversations, where you can connect with the best of the music business, unlocking the secrets to exploding your music career. Presented by In The Key Of Success. Hosted by Cheryl B. Engelhardt, the conversations in Season 1 & 2 are between a special guest and participants of her MX4 Course - the Marketing and branding, Money-Making Motivation Masterclass for musicians. They are singers, songwriters, composers, producers and artists just like you, asking their burning questio ...
Build a biblical foundation for your life through the daily teaching of Colin Smith on Unlocking the Bible. You'll discover the message of God's Word from beginning to end is a riveting story of a loving God rescuing lost people through his son Jesus Christ.
The Key of David
Presenter Gerald Flurry discusses world events in the light of end-time Bible prophecy. This is the audio format for his Key of David television program. The Key of David emulates the tradition and format, as well as the depth, of the late Herbert W. Armstrong’s telecast, The World Tomorrow, one of the most popular religious programs of its time.You can watch videos of all The Key of David programs on its website or at The Key of David’s YouTube channel.
LO-KEY - Lo-key
interviews with specialty coffee shops, local business owners and organizations .
Magic Keys Radio
Magic Keys Radio: Unlocking the Secrets of Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising
Best known for their impressive improv, celebrity impressions, and inventive characters, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are coming back to Comedy Central for the second season of the hit series "Key & Peele." Join them for a moderated discussion as they talk about what to expect for the new season. We’ll wrap the session with an audience Q&A.
An insider's look at MTV's 'Siesta Key' by Siesta Key locals and Sarasota Herald-Tribune staffers Brian Ries, Elizabeth Djinis and Wade Tatangelo.
Keys to the Shop is a podcast designed to provide the coffee service professional, with insights, inspiration, and the tools you will need to grow and advance in your coffee career. We learn from experts both in and outside the coffee industry as they deliver specific, practical, and actionable advice about barista work, coffee, management, leadership, personal development, and anything that will help you be successful working in retail coffee. If you work serving coffee for a living or are ...
Radio Rehab is hosted by Dayna Keyes, an actress, radio personality, and recovering addict with a firm grip on sobriety. In this groundbreaking and entertaining new show Dayna explores the intimate challenges, struggles, hope and often comical situations that accompany each day in recovery. The daughter of a rock musician father and creative artist mother, Dayna experienced the world, the road and all that comes with it at a young age. Thanks in part to her rock and roll style life, Dayna br ...
Keys Bartender
A comedy, news, and variety podcast from Bars in the Florida Keys. People who frequent bars, bartenders, servers, and musicians are the audience. We do begin with a topic bringing in guest to discuss said topic and other things.This is not for everyone, especially anyone who use term "potty mouth". If you enjoy the banter at the Bar you will enjoy the show, conversely if you lurk in the corners this may not be your thing.
A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
The Book of Romans
Conversations in the Key of Life is the podcast that talks to you about your musical journeys. Each episode finds Premier Guitar's Shawn Hammond talking to everyday guitarists and bassists about their hilarious, jealousy-inducing, sometimes tear-jerking experiences on a specific theme. Subjects range from hair-raising stories about meeting guitar heroes to insane gear finds, using the guitar to cope with tragedy, gigs from hell, and more.
In The Key is a wide-ranging discussion of sports, music, and entertainment - breaking it all down to the bottom line. NBA Champion BJ Armstrong and Sirius XM's Gerald Brown provide informed insider discourse on the cultural beats of the moment, what you need to know and why you need to know it. And if you don’t know... now you know.
KBC Keys Podcast
Helping kingdom companies achieve transformational results with measurements beyond just the triple bottom line to include an Eternal value.
Key Frames
Key Frames is a podcast where we talk about anime the way it should be talked about. Join us as we cast a critical eye on that animation out of Japan!
Keys of the Kingdom
"Keys of the Kingdom" is a 1 hour (now 2 hour) radio program produced by Brother Gregory of His Holy Church. This program is devoted to talking about the Kingdom of God - what it is, where it is, and how to get there. Christ said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Which means you can reach out and touch it. He told the Pharisees he would take the Kingdom from them and give it to a nation who would bring forth the fruits thereof. He appointed unto his "little flock" (apostles) a Kingdom. He ...
Keys To The House
California Congressional seats that were solidly Republican are suddenly up for grabs. Capital Public Radio's Keys to the House follows the battleground races and themes that could determine which party controls the House of Representatives.
Keys and Gray
The world's biggest sports radio station
I was given a copy of Ellen G. White's The Ministry of Healing book at a health expo hosted by the Apollo Theater in Harlem on September 19, 2015, and the trajectory of my life has been forever changed. Now it's time for YOU to meet Ellen and be transformed by the 8 Laws of Health outlined in The Ministry of Healing and presented in the "Meet Ellen: Get the Key to Health & Happiness" podcast. I am Marci Kenon, IFPA-certified personal fitness trainer and lifestyle coach. In a previous life, I ...
Feminine Keys
A podcast centered around helping women live for God & love the lives that they live. I’m here to drop biblical wisdom, raw truth and practical solutions for the everyday female struggle. I say the things your Pastor’s wife is scared to say and tackle the topics your favorite Christian guru won’t.
A deep-dive into The Simpsons by two guys whose lives have been defined by the show.
Join Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, producer, actress, and philanthropist Alicia Keys as she discuss her latest endeavor. She’ll chat with Bob Safian, editor-in-chief of "Fast Company," and answer a few questions from the audience.
LIFE KEYS with coach and bestselling author, Lauren Mackler, offers groundbreaking information and on-air coaching to help you liberate your potential and become the person you were born to be. LIFE KEYS began on Hay House Radio before moving to Contact Talk Radio in September, 2010. A life, career, relationship, and executive coach, Lauren uses her expertise, insight, compassion, and humor to help people create the personal and professional lives to which they aspire.
Young Azerole Montoux and her brother Leon find themselves separated from their family by the religious persecutions of 1686. Threatened by the authorities and forced to depend on strangers, they must decide whether they can trust God to make sense out of the riddle of their lives. (Summary by bookAngel7)
Monthly videocasts from Kauai, Hawaii. Brought to you by Doug & Sandy McMaster in a land called Hanalei. Sunsets by the bay and aloha plenty from the beautiful garden island all backed by sweet Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele.
"A Year with the Text"Join us as we study the Text in A Course in Miracles.Email group, Facebook group and weekly study group. See our website for details.Website: www.miraclesone.orgMiraclesOne Center for ACIMMany resources for you and for free!Your donation makes this possible!
What are are they key factors to successful therapy? This series looks at three elements important to producing a positive outcome. Firstly, the therapist and client need to have a good relationship. Secondly, the therapist needs need to be able to give the client their full attention. Finally the therapist needs to look beyond the individual to the social systems around them, such as family and work, which might be where the client's emotional problems come from.
Keys to the practicing the Workbook Lessons in A Course in Miracles with MiraclesOne -
Soul Keys
Join Kelly T. Smith for a soulful podcast that takes you on a journey deep within to unlock the highest version of you. Tune in for topics like law of attraction, meditation, self-help, intuition development, motivation, inspiration, and energy healing. Learn to unleash your hidden potential and access your inner guidance like never before. Transcend your challenges by accessing key wisdom that has been with you all along.
Keys To Kingdom Living is a dynamic teaching ministry sharing the revelation of Christ with the nations. Through our programs, you will grow in the knowledge of Christ and be encouraged to discover and fulfill your kingdom purpose.
Key West SHOW
Welcome to Key West Show we a very eclectic group of shows and hosts for you to enjoy. From nonsense to music to educational shows - just about every topic gets covered. You can take part in any of our live shows by calling 1 (917) 889-2418 while the show is “On-Air” - or listen to any of our recorded shows on our archive page. We hope you enjoy listening to our shows as much as we like making them. On behalf of all of our hosts here on www.KeyWestShow.Com we would like to thank you for bein ...
Keys to the Crowd
Brandon T. Adams interviews crowdfunding experts and successful crowdfunders to help you get the keys to the crowd so you can unlock the power of crowdfunding
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No More Notes: Automatic Unique and Private Event Summaries Rarely are the key points of an event captured in a useful manner. Symscribe allows you to annotate and hear the audio in context. Check it out on Kickstarter!
Ocean's Eleven franchise films. Sarah Watt, Jeremy Downing and William Chen discuss Ocean's Eight and Ocean's Eleven, starting with acknowledging that the two films are very similar. We talk about the strength of the cast in Ocean's Eight, especially with the film's focus on character. We talk about the cinematography in both films, with the st ...…
This week The Alchemist fend off Hell to discover the joys of The Gate. Key Elements: Micro-Demons, Love Rocket, Dog Abuse Dope Trope: Demons reaching through walls shot
This week The Alchemist join the never ending war between Heaven and Hell to find meaning in The Prophecy. Key Elements: Peak Walken, Zombie Chauffeur, Angelic Carnage Dope Trope: Kid draws graphic murders with crayon.
There are four keys to learning how to close deals like a pro and 90 days as a realtor. The rabbit hole goes deep and you won’t be the same after listening to this audio blog. Stay tuned to find out how to REALTOR in 90 Days!
This week the Alchemist begin a dark ritual to discover the higher meaning of A Dark Song. Key Elements: Dark Arts, Rob Zombie Cosplay, Angelic Presence
In this episode I make a couple key examples of talented artists that produce work with tools anyone can get their hands on ultimately revealing equipment doesn’t matter.
This week the Alchemist travel deep into space and deeper into Hell to discover what lies at the heart of Event Horizon. Key Elements: Open Hand Fighting, Blood Orgy, "Hello Darkness My Old Friend"
This week the Alchemist venture to the theater to be assaulted by our family trees in Hereditary. Key Elements: Click, Miniature Breast Feeding, Old Nudist
This week the Alchemist travel deep into the jungle to discover the hidden treasures within CONGO. Key Elements: Killer Apes, Heavy Accents, Lasers
This week the Alchemist plumb the depths of Science and the Sea to unlock the potential of Deep Blue Sea. Key Elements: Super Killer Sharks, High Priced Snack, Rap Anthem
Security is a hot topic – but not always that interesting for the regular developer who just wants to write new functionality. Daniel Deogun (@DanielDeogun) and Daniel Sawano (@DanielSawano)– two speakers I just met at Devoxx Poland – are advocating for Security by Design which not only ensures more secure software but is also appealing to deve ...…
Lance discusses the relationship between a key export indicator, combined with rising interest rates and falling liquidity as harbingers of constrained corporate earnings growth this year.
This week the Alchemist float towards coiled death to reveal the secrets of Anaconda. Key Elements: Pony Tail Bad Ass, Elaborate Plots, Wink
Tricia Robson is the Director of Digital Strategy and Emily Jennings is the Associate Director of Education, School, and Family Programs at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. In this episode of What’s On, we’re talking about the FAMSF’s Digital Stories platform. If you work in the museum industry, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of t ...…
Immigration has been a hot button issue for awhile. In May, Sessions raised the stakes by determining people attempting to cross the border would be criminally prosecuted. The result has been a chaotic and disturbing situation. Transcript: Click here! Articles and Books we referenced for this episode: DHS head Nielsen says immigration crisis 'i ...…
Consistency is the key to reaching your goals successfully.
Have you ever believed that money is the key to happiness? When I was a little girl, I thought all I would need in my adult life would be power-suits and piles of cash. I worked my ass off growing up, only to be disappointed when getting everything I’d coveted didn’t make me feel complete. Tune in this week to discover what I had to learn the h ...…
On this THROWBACK episode - we take it back to EP 6 and our chat with Sakita Holley - the founder and CEO of NY-based beauty and lifestyle PR firm House of Success PR. She is also the editor of,a business lifestyle blog and hosts a podcast of the same name that you can find on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. Sakita share ...…
Composer, songwriter and guitarist Avi Blum shares what it means to struggle with anxiety. He and Cheryl share their experiences, what they do to keep it at bay, and even how to have compassion for anxiety. A touching and vulnerable conversation, not to be missed. Links: Avi Blum: Outreach Template (For research) The Perfect Pi ...…
IT'S THE WORLD CUP BABY!Join Cam and Rob as the look back at Game Day One for the rest of the teams that played.In this episode, they discuss the rest, including all the key points, and a bunch of shit talk. Check out our Socceroos vs France review in the previous episode called SO PROUD OF THE BOYS.Email us your questions!admin@footballnotsocc ...…
On this episode of the Jim Fannin Show, I coach (live) three individual call-ins, who I’d never met before. With each “coaching” guest, we dive deep into tactics, tools and tips specific to each arena and goal. Luke is a hockey player immediately weighed down by the past each time he cycles out of the game. Andrew is a salesman and avid golfer ...…
CLL #1127 (feat. Shmuley Boteach w/ Dr. Bruce) 01/24/2000 – Monday Night Show Source – Lost Tape VHS (2018) A brand new source for a long lost episode. Who knows what happens on this episode, let’s all listen together and find out. From Wiki: Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach (שמואל (שמולי) בוטח, /ˈʃmuːli boʊˈteɪ.ək/ SHMOO-lee boh-TAY-ək; born November ...…
Scott and Bethany Palmer share how to speak the same love and money language in their book, The 5 Money Personalities. Scott and Bethany Palmer have been married for 20 years! And they have 2 teenage boys. With over 45 years of combined financial planning experience, Scott and Bethany have dedicated their lives helping couples bring their love ...…
Anne Libera is the creator of the first college degree in Comedy and Director of the Comedy Studies program at Columbia college Chicago, overseeing the B.A. in Comedy Writing and Performance. She has worked for over 32 years at The Second City, the legendary improv theater where Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Key and Peele, and Stephen Col ...…
In this episode, we interview Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt about the historic Singapore Summit on June 12 between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un. Dr. Eberstadt discusses his key takeaways from the summit, what the summit means for U.S. allies and other stakeholders in the region, and what he’d like to see from the Trump administratio ...…
Get the latest episodes and subscribe to the Career Week podcast on Apple Podcasts. Make sure you don’t miss an episode! Guest Profile: Amy Pietro, Occupational Therapist Studied Psychology at University of Iowa and then received a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Creighton University Things to keep in mind for people who want to work in oc ...…
Get the latest episodes and subscribe to the Career Week podcast on Apple Podcasts. Make sure you don’t miss an episode! Guest Profile: Amy Pietro, Occupational Therapist Studied Psychology at University of Iowa and then received a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Creighton University Things to keep in mind for people who want to work in oc ...…
Episode 71 has Tyler (@tdhurst) sitting down with the only person present for nearly all of his toughest episodes in dealing with #complexPTSD: Katie (@iamkatiehurst). Chapters: Tyler’s Cold Open (00:00) Intro Theme (7:28) Katie’s cannabis history (9:04) Katie talks Tyler’s booze to cannabis switch (11:31) Initial cannabis observations (13:50) ...…
Hello and welcome to Thursday’s foundations podcast. REFLECTION: This past week Lucy and I have been preparing for a summer holiday. Being married is a daily reminder that other people are not like me. They might not approach events or activities in the same way I do. We’re clearly wired very differently. We’ve both had to remember the Jesus wa ...…
Welcome to Empowering SMEs. An awareness of human resources laws and best practices is an important component of a company director’s and committee member’s knowledge base. Whilst it is true that directors should authorise a company’s human resources system and that it is management’s role to implement that system, directors have an ongoing res ...…
Gary Pinkerton talks with author Jim Defelice, as the two of them discuss his books and what he's learned as he's studied military (and other) leaders for his books. Jim has written 3 books about Chris Kyle, including American Sniper which was turned into a movie featuring Bradley Cooper. The two also discuss Jim's newest book, The Pony Express ...…
NEW FREE Advanced Training Podcast. Because you want a biz that gets you your results now. Design your biz around your lifestyle instead of your lifestyle around your biz. Discover how to make changes in your biz model to earn the income you really want without the stress and constant hustle. Learn why people fail in biz and how you can overcom ...…
We record the latest podcast on a narrow boat rocking gently back and forth on the canal sipping cups of tea, a fitting tribute to the Sun's move into Cancer, one of the water signs and lover of all things cosy and traditional. In our talk about Cancerians, we discuss their sensitivity, their talent at mimicry and how the reflective nature of t ...…
Want to sell your small business Listen to learn the key secret
"When I look beyond my own circumstances and catch these other glimmers of how God is moving and acting in the world and in other peoples' lives, then I realize He is here with me..."—Alicia Brummeler Episode 56 of Spirituality for Ordinary People features an interview with Alicia Brummeler. In it, we focus on her book, Everywhere God: Explorin ...…
"Decide what you want to be -- and go be it!" ~Tequila Truck Habits2Goals welcomes back former co-host Henry J. Evans, a dynamic marketing expert, best-selling author, speaker and consultant on accountability, strategy execution and emotionally intelligent leadership. Henry discusses his reaffirmed belief in the PARR methodology and how importa ...…
Aaron Levy is a Millennial Workplace Expert, and shares his observations and insights on millennial retention and satisfaction in the workplace. Aaron shares his journey into the science of human behavior, addresses the common misnomers of millennial stereotypes, and teaches us how to approach critical conversations across the generational divi ...…
Do you have a key team member who is so vital that a resignation would severely damage your business? Today we're talking about how to create resilience in your business to single points of failure.
625 Book Reflection - Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success by Benjamin Hardy There is no such thing as willpower! One’s ability to exert control something, restrain from temptation or impulses is as good as winning the lottery. In this eye-opening read, Benjamin Hardy explores the fallacy of willpower. Whether it exists o ...…
We all want our kids to be smart about money decisions, right, but how do we do this? Making decisions around money is much more than learning how to spend, but how do we teach our children in ways that they will understand, before they make those disastrous money mistakes? It’s a a topic that many parents have questions about and today’s show ...…
This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Brett King. Brett King is a futurist, an award-winning speaker, hosts a globally recognized radio show – Breaking Banks. He is also the CEO of Moven, a $200 million mobile bank startup creating the world’s first “smart” bank account. And if that is not enough, he’s also the author of multiple Amazon best-selle ...…
We all want our kids to be smart about money decisions, right, but how do we do this? Making decisions around money is much more than learning how to spend, but how do we teach our children in ways that they will understand, before they make those disastrous money mistakes? It’s a a topic that many parents have questions about and today’s show ...…
In this episode Jaime and Jeffrey discuss: Using Technology to connect a distributed workforce Leveraging FUN to solve real problems The science of creativity Key Takeaways Use virtual coffee hours to do pomodoros together when working in separate states. Play can help you tackle common office-related struggles. Even when you're in the business ...…
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