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Pique-Nique - The 60's French Pop Podcast
« Pique-Nique » is a podcast playing obscure French pop from the 50's and 60's: yé-yé, twist, jerk, R&B, popcorn, rock 'n' roll, freakbeat, cha-cha-cha and bossa nova – all on original 45's. Grab a Perrier, sit back and lets daydream of riding our VéloSolexes to the Golf-Drouot and dancing « le jerk » all night long.
Dique! is an open space for all walks of life to discuss the elements of what growing up and adulting means: the good, the bad, the ugly and the spiritual. Dique! host, Sarah Vega, shares her journey of being 30 something with a series shows that range from self love to ratchet politics. With a bevy of different guests talking about different topics, there is something here for everyone.
Nique & Chuck Football Talk Show
Real sports talk for the fans by the fans, no sugarcoating and no ad-lib, just real sports talk!
Piqued Podcast
Podcast by Piqued
Kivu Podcast
Podcast by Kivu
KIVU Gap Year
Vocational Discovery in a Global Community
Sets Kaique Carvalho
Kaique Carvalho ;Iniciou no mundo da música em 2007 com o advento da primeira web radio de Porto Ferreira, nomeada Zueira FM.Em conjunto com o projeto da rádio começou a realizar eventos em 2008 e continuou até o final de 2009.Em 2010 realizou parceria com o DJ Guilherme Gambim iniciando a Dual mix - Som e iluminação onde permaneceu até o fim de 2015.No entanto, no início de 2016 focou em novo projeto de produção e mixagem de musicas do gênero Future House, Eletro House e House.
Arkivo de 3ZZZ Radio en Esperanto
En la Melburna Esperanto-komunumo estas teamo, kiu regule elsendas programon en Esperanto kadre de la komunuma radio 3ZZZ. .La elsendoj estas arkivigitaj tiel ke vi povu gxui ilin auskulti kiam ajn vi deziras.The Melbourne Esperanto community has a dedicated and enthusiastic groupof people who produce an hourly Esperanto radio program each week. Theprograms are archived for you to download so that you can enjoy, at yourleisure, the latest from the Melbourne Esperanto scene.
CCI London
Podcast de la Comunidad Crisitiana Integral en Londres
The Journey on Radio. Welcome to Andy Braner's Blog Radio, where you can join Andy on a Lifetime of Spiritual Adventure.
West Kowloon Cultural District in the Making 2015
Situated in the West Kowloon Cultural District, the Xiqu Centre with a main theatre that seats 1100 is expected by 2017. It’s among the earliest projects to be finished in the West Kowloon Cultural District. As time passes the Cantonese opera has become a minority interest. What kind of a turning point will the Xiqu Centre offer to the future of this art form?
Beat City Radio Podcast Feed
Featuring an eclectic amassment of Indie, Lo-Fi, New Wave, Post Punk, Shoegazing, Grunge, Electronica, and other genres varied and sundry; running the gamut of vintage through contemporary, well-known and obscure. Each weeknight at 8 PM (MST) from the studios of KISU-Pocatello. Live at 91.1 FM, 91.3 FM.
Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando, La by CARROLL, Lewis
La aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando (angle Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) estas verko de porinfana literaturo de la brita matematikisto kaj verkisto, pastro Charles Lutwidge Dodgson sub plumnomo Lewis Carroll. Ĝi rakontas la historion de knabino nomata Alice [elis] (en esperantlingvaj tradukoj aŭ Alicio, aŭ Alico) kiu falas tra kuniklotruon en fantazian regnon populitan per parolantaj kreaĵoj kaj antropomorfaj ludkartoj. La fabelo estas plenplena de satiraj alludoj al la amikoj de Dodgson ...
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Olha aí! Mais um Under The Covers na parada! E dessa vez, uma das mais icônicas bandas alternativas dos anos 80 pousa seu mais famoso single na pickup do nosso DJ Flashbackson: Violent Femmes com Blister In The Sun! Você sabia que nos anos 2000 John Cusack pediu uma nova versão? E que foi feito um vídeo que você pode conferir aqui? Em 2009 foi ...…
Nique & Chuck's personal reasons why they love the game of football and the latest NFL news
On this packed new episode of GPR, Chris, Johnny, and Chris tackle Justice League lineup changes, new Spidey-verse info from Amy Pascal, DC Comics' Dark Days: The Forge, and Bat Nipples. Kiku also sits down with Jeremy Griggs, CEO of Geeks + Gamers, for a crash course interview in all things G+G. Follow the team @GeekPulseRadio for all the late ...…
Rectangle's Podcast
Podcast mensuel présenté et programmé par Dick Tomasovic. Durée : 45 minutes. Mystère à Twin Peaks Laura Palmer vous l’avait promis : 25 ans plus tard, vous serez de nouveau perdu dans Twin Peaks. Puisque la troisième saison, inespérée, de la série de David Lynch déroule en ce moment son cortège de mystères et d’étrangetés, Post-synchro vous pr ...…
Latest NFL news including Maclin signing with the Ravens and Decker close to signing with the Titans and why in the hell are athletes getting paid huge bonuses to get their weight uinder control.
I am back with my bae @charlesozuna and you get to listen to us bicker like the true Besties that we are. Break the bank on the first date or nah? Listen for the answer. IG: @_sarahvega_Twitter: @_sarahvega_
Grammar Underground with June Casagrande
Never write that something "peaked" your curiosity. That's a job for "piqued." Here's the full story.
Street protests in Belgrade, April 2017 (Photo: Ne Davimo Beograd, Facebook) On 2 April 2017 Alexander Vučić became President of Serbia, winning the first round of the elections, obtaining a score of 55%, and leading in all districts of the country. The public perception and representation of Vučić within Serbia is biased by wide constraints on ...…
Latest NFL news including Eric Decker, David Harris & Jeremy Maclin getting cut from their previous teams.Nique & Chuck's personal reasons why they love the game of football!!! Must tune in to here some funny stories......
Dating in 2017 is pretty traumatic. In the hookup era, is the art of courtship dead? And I'm going abstinent. Why? Listen below.IG: @_sarahvega_Twitter: @_sarahvega_
Quando a espera para começar a gravação fica gigantesca e os caras estão pra la de Bagdá, acontece o primeiro xapacast… Fique esperto, isso é só a previa do que está por vir… Não deixe de: comentar no nosso post curtir nossa fan page no Facebook seguir nosso Twitter do mesmo jeito Ver nossas fotos no […]…
XRAY In The Morning - Radio Is Yours
1. News With Friend Tyrone Collins2. A legislative chat with Rep. Janelle Bynum 3. Crystal Contreras and Dique Scott on the Kooks Burrito Controversy4. XRAY On the Nation with Talk Media News5. Everything Is Interesting!
This was supposed to be a sex and gender episode but people played me out so it's a recap on what I learned, Kathy Griffin foolery and my top tips on how to act when you're sleeping on people's couches! IG @_sarahvega_
Crystal's op-ed can be read here:
JRDN, Croucher is a Canadian R&B recording artist who also currently serves as a Youth Ambassador for D250 and was a delegate in the Citizen Voices program. I got the chance to talk to JRDN as well as Ham the Kid, a speaker, poet and YouTube star, about why its important to share our stories and how we can help youth overcome negative situation ...…
After suffering a loss at the hands of Calico and Agean, Vermilion City's gym leaders, Rose and Cobalt go back to demand a rematch. But the gym leaders have others plans.. And Victor & Biscuit as hostages! Annie and Jonathan Craton join Jake, Josh, and Alan once again in this very unconventional episode! Patreon: Emai ...…
durée : 00:03:08 - Destination Poitou -By
I had to take a break from the heaviness that was the Sex and Gender series and catch you up on my life. Spotify, rompers and taking a leap of faith! Enjoy Instagram: @_sarahvega_
You're in the middle of building your brand, figuring out next steps in your career and then your world gets twisted upside down. What do you do? How do you manage - even at all? In this episode, we chat with podcaster Sarah Vega, host of Dique! - a self-help podcast with a twist that caters to the Latino demographic and is trying to break the ...…
Final reca of the 2017 NFL Draft for the AFC West & NFC North Divisions, latest NFL news including the Browns signing CB Jason McCourty and the Eagles signing Legarette Blount
I was debating if I wanted to post this up because it was 2 hours long. However, the opinions are what make this episode worth listening to. I invited the crowd favorite Chubbs aka @CharlesOzuna and my big homie Baa-ith aka @mr_nurrideen to discuss Sex and Gender roles in 2017.As always, slide in my DMs @_sarahvega_ on Instagram. Enjoy…
Nenhum relacionamento sobrevive a um coração dividido. Até as relações profissionais exigem dedicação completa, certeza do que se deseja. A relação com Deus não é diferente, muitas vezes a Bíblia nos adverte que é impossível servir a Deus com um coração dividido. Há pessoas que declaram profundo amor ao Senhor, mas as atitudes revelam outras pa ...…
Recapping the 2017 NFL Draft
Is Fifty Shades Darker a better movie in 4k? Mark minces no words on this week's DigiGods! DigiGods Podcast, 05/09/17 (MP3) — 33.36 MB right click to save Subscribe to the DigiGods Podcast In this episode, the Gods discuss: 36 Hours (DVD-R) The 4400: The Complete Series (DVD) Air Warriors Season 1 (DVD) Alena (DVD) American Experience - Ruby Ri ...…
Latest NFL news including Jamaal Charles signing with the Denver Broncos and Nique & Chuck's 2017 NFL Draft breakdown on which NFL teams had a good draft and which teams didn't
O físico eletrônico francês Vincent Garcia e sua equipe criaram um dispositivo inteligente do tamanho de um chip que consome menos tempo e energia e vai ajudar as máquinas a agilizar o reconhecimento de imagens e dados. Enquanto a inteligência artificial se desenvolve rapidamente e o deep learning invade os laboratórios de engenharia da computa ...…
No dia 04 de maio é comemorado o dia de uma das maiores e mais amadas franquias de todos os tempos, Star Wars! Muito mais do que um ícone popular, a série se tornou um pilar fundamental para muito do que vemos no cinema hoje!Nesse May the 4th, a sala 1604 não poderia fazer algo diferente, né? No episódio de hoje, Gustavo Ribeiro, Lucas Parolin ...…
This is the 2nd post of the Dique! Sex series and I wanted the point of views of Christians on these topic. I know that some Christians get a bad rap and my goal is to bridge the gap with the cis-Gender and the LGBT communities for a better understanding. Please listen with an open mind and an open heart 💕…
Previewing the 2017 NFL Draft
Sex. We all have it and have mixed feelings. Gender. It is not so "pink and blue" anymore. Join me for the next few weeks where I'll discuss these issues with different guests on what sex and Gender is in the new millennium.
Bad Voltage » Ogg Vorbis
Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which Jono is repeatedly smug about Facebook VR, nobody urinates on a laptop, we devote almost the whole show to one topic, and: [00:02:30] In the news: Google settle an antitrust case in Russia by basically removing all their monopoly rules, but only in Russia… 90% of driv ...…
Sejam bem vindos ao Podcast da Rádio 79. Esporte, notícia, entreterimento você escuta aqui!Fique ligado em nossa programação!
I just hopped on to say Thanks!! I had no idea that people really listened to my humble podcast but 800 downloads later.... A thank you was due!
AFC South and AFC West free agency recap and the latest NFL news
Do you ever feel that you go through the same mess over and over again?! Well I do so I asked my bestie Charles for his Christian advice and a breakthrough could be on the Horizon. Pompis, revoking Dominican cards and the good word!
Prairie Girls Knit & Spin
In this episode, the girls are back together and in front of the mic! Susie is moved, and Danie has been crocheting like the wind. Stuff & Things Susie is excited to announce the release of her Directional Socks pattern! Events The Mid-Plains Fiber Fair is April 21-23, 2017, at the York County Fairgrounds in York, Nebraska! Finished Projects Da ...…
Esse é o episódio #17 e nele Neto trás as principais notícias da cultura pop em mais uma edição do POP!NEWS, aperte o play e divirta-se! Duração: 04 minutos >>Faça o download do episódio ou ouça por este link<< (ao abrir a janela com o player, clique com o botão direito e escolha “salvar como”) Assine nosso feed e fique informado das atualizaçõ ...…
Nique & Chuck's take on Tony Romo retiring, Ravens trade DT Timmy Jernigan to the Eagles for draft picks, latest NFL Draft talk and AFC North free agency recap...
Got some bad news today? I offer 5 tips on how to be your own motivation!
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