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Answering the questions of Student Ministry for parents.
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Jumping off the Bridge (Why do teenagers have to do what their friends are doing?)Everyone tends to follow the crowd, but teenagers are more susceptible to influence. We will focus on the question, "if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" What does the Bible teach us about influence and how to enter into our teenager's life reg ...…
We are rolling out a new series entitled, "Biblical Application into Adolescent Drama" This series is all about picking out things, items, or moments in the life of an adolescent (ages 12-24) and using the Bible as a guide for instructing us on how to handle or anticipate these moments. This episode, "Two Realities, One Life" is all about the i ...…
Find out all you need to know as a parent of the Kirk Student Ministry from 2019-2020 calendar year right here. For the visual format of this podcast, go to Kirk Student Ministry.
We often confuse the role of the church with the role of culture and the role of school. There are definitely ways where they cross over and we will talk about those. We will also address where the church is called to stand out in the life of a teenager. This episode we bring in Jonathan Jakes to answer this question. What is the purpose of the ...…
Fear is such a dominant experience in today’s culture and it seems to be consuming our relationships. We wanted to approach this question because we struggle with it just as much as anyone else. So, we share our own experience with fear while looking to Scripture as a guide to overcoming the consumption of it.…
It is something we talk about often as youth workers because it seems to be such a consuming and trending identifier of teenagers today. Listen in and hear from us what we observe about this trend in youth culture today.By Kirk Student Ministry.
Susan & John spend some time thinking about their own experience of getting into God's Word when they were teenagers. They talk about trends they have seen with the youth they minister to and compare it with their own upbringing and experience.By Kirk Student Ministry.
Get a sneak peek from one of our Keynote Speakers. She has a heart for youth and works with them on a day to day basis in the schools as a middle school counselor. She brings her wisdom on the pitfalls of social media. What is happening with teenagers when they engage in social media?By Kirk Student Ministry.
Stephen answers a lot of questions for us. How do we enter into the cultural hot topic of sexual identity as Christians? How do we engage with with someone who is same sex attracted? He comes from a very unique perspective and provides insight from his seminary training, professional work, personal experience and struggles.…
We have all been single, but we often forget what it is like or we are trying to move teenagers out of singleness too quickly. Jenilyn sits down with us to talk about how we can affirm our teenagers on being single.By Kirk Student Ministry.
What are relationships supposed to look like? Where have we gone wrong in relationships? What is the pathway to restoring relationships? Dan joins in on the conversation with his second episode with us and provides insight on all of these questions.By Kirk Student Ministry.
Listen to this episode to find out about all the things we have to offer during our "Love Month" There are programs for both parents and students. To find the video that goes along with this audio, follow this link Video To find an interactive version of the guide, follow this link Interactive GuideBy Kirk Student Ministry.
We invited Dan Doriani to come and speak to the topic of transgenderism in today's world. He provides great biblical insight when confronting the topic of transgender within the youth culture.By Kirk Student Ministry.
What does it mean to navigate the education system as a Christian? Taylor and Carrie do a great job of approaching this topic and seek to provide a conversation starter for our listeners.By Kirk Student Ministry.
What does it mean to be a Christian Athlete? The culture tends to define this in one way, but there is more to that title than people realize. Join us for our third episode as Andrew Schonhoff and Noah Wiersema share their experience and expertise in light of this topic.By Kirk Student Ministry.
We talk about what it means to be a parent and raise your child through the Kirk Student Ministry. We sit with Steve and Jennifer Moehrle to hear about their experience raising three children in partnership with the Kirk.By Kirk Student Ministry.
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