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*NEW PODCAST* It's good to see you here, old friend. With the Dudley and Bob podcast, you'll get free access to the first three hours of our show, just like old times. Enjoy it, but remember, we're trying out all sorts of new crazy stuff over at the Sideshow, so you should probably become a subscriber. You won't be sorry.
The Dudley and Bob with Matt Show is a weekday-morning comedic talk radio show airing on 93.7 KLBJ-FM, from 6AM to 10AM CST in Austin, TX. They now take an extra hour after the show to record their NSFW podcast...*gasp*....called the Sideshow. For those of you who don't know, they consistently rank among the city's top-rated drive-time shows. You're welcome.
Daily podcast and highlights of the Jeff Ward and Ed Clements Show from News Radio 590 KLBJ.
KLBJ News Radio
On July 15th 1973, the flag was lowered on the call letters, KTBC, and raised with the new letters, KLBJ. This was perhaps, one of the few times that the presence of the President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was felt by the radio station's staff - or its audience.In 1981 KLBJ implemented the “News-Talk” format, which is still in use today.Over the years many famous names have worked at KLBJ including Nellie Connally, Harfield Weeden (who later became VP of CBS programming), ...
*NEW PODCAST* The Todd & Don Show weekdays on News Radio KLBJ AM590 and 99.7FM. This is a show about current events and pop culture. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome anytime. But, beware...this is a dangerous place!
MMM Cast
The MMM Cast is a podcast novella that follows the lives of three radio personalities in Austin, Texas. They regularly discuss life/work/love, entertain various guests and tell terrible jokes. Carissa Jaded is the associate producer for Dudley & Bob + Matt. Chuy TéaLeoni is the morning producer on 590 KLBJ. CJ Morgan hosts his own show from 7-12m on 93.7 KLBJ. The MMM Cast is named after their former show, Mexican, Mustache and Madam.
Radio Tatas!
Radio Tatas is a comedy, culture, and current events podcast based in Austin, Texas. Home of Trucker Porn and WTF Are You Listening To? Natalie and Lala are 2014 Summa Cum Loud graduates of Caca Academy. #Warrior fans of Dudley & Bob + Matt on 93.7 KLBJ-FM. Contact us at and 512 716 0773. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Twitter (@radiotatas), Facebook (Radio Tatas) and platforms yet to be invented.
Sound 4 Pound
Chuy and friends jump into the ring for 12 rounds of painful boxing discussions.
Veteran radio host Dale Dudley joins KLBJ-AM weekdays from 2-3PM. Rational Radio is a show about current events and philosophy, as well as a focus on revealing the darker side of radio and politics. Dale calls it “pulling back the curtain.” We just call it being honest.
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In which Jeff and Ed talk about Tom Brady's little-known second career as a mugger in parking garages, and muse on the objectivity of the show's listener base. Weird, they're not usually this philosophical...
With Eric Leikam from the Newstalk KLBJ Newsroom in Austin
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