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Featuring hand picked tracks from KPSU DJ's and in-studio performances we think you should hear.
KHSU Magazine
Selected interviews from KHSU's weekday newsmagazine about the Redwood Coast.
What if you could get a 'greatest hits' version of college lectures? My Favorite Lecture features remarkable talks from Humboldt State University educators, delivered before a live audience in Arcata, California. My Favorite Lecture is a collaboration between Humboldt State University, KHSU, and Arcata Main Street. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes:
Can You Feel Me??
Johnnie French is looking to bring to you the experience of great music for the people's ears. Gotta keep that fire burning and the music flowin and the drank pourin! YADDAMEAN!
Thursday Night Talk is a call-in talk show on KHSU every Thursday night at 7 PST. Hosted by Brenda Starr, Eric Kirk, Linda Stansberry, and Lorna Bryant.
Radio KPS
Listen to a variety of shows produced by students of Kauri Park School, in Auckland New Zealand, for Radio KPS.
Mary and Solomon, from the Northcoast Book Discussion Group, explore literary classics and their relevance to present day.
PSU Friday Seminar
During the academic year OTREC at Portland State University offers the Friday Transportation Seminar Series. The seminars are supported by the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC). This series is free and open to the public. Students, transportation professionals and community members are welcome to participate.
From tsunami readiness to the tectonic drama playing out beneath our feet, Shaky Ground examines life in earthquake country.
A short feature series hosted by Humboldt State University President, Lisa Rossbacher. Dr. Rossbacher highlights campus activities, students, staff and faculty - as well as discussion on the political, financial and social landscape of the CSU system.
Art Stories of SPSU
Bringing Culture Back to Campus
Opasnost kafira i njihovih prijatelja putem djelovanja i savremenog rata u kojem nema sablji.
New podcast weblog
Beyond Footnotes
Beyond Footnotes is a history-themed podcast on local KPSU, sponsored by Portland State University’s Department of History, and run by history students, Lily Hart and Madelyn Miller. Beyond Footnotes features interviews with the talented faculty and students of PSU, providing a forum for local historians to share their work with each other and the community. The show was co-created and formerly hosted by Ryan Wisnor and Joshua Justice of Dive Audio.
U ovom audio klipu daija objašnjava koji su to najodabraniji poslanici među svim poslanicima.
Stories and interviews produced by Oklahoma Public Radio.
KOSU's state capitol reporter Michael Cross details the happenings at the State Capitol.
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje dva stava islamskih učenjaka o tome ko su ustvari džennetske hurije.
Welcome to the No names All Game: A Penn State Football Podcast podcast, where average Penn State fans come together to shoot the shit about the team we love! #WeAre
U ovom audio klipu saznajte ko su to šejtani u ljudskom obliku?
U ovom audio klipu daija spominje ko će činiti većinu stanovnika Dženneta, i Džehennema, i zbog čega?
PC-PDX : Portland Show Guide presents a weekly Podcast with the world famous legend and KPSU DJ Arya Imig. Arya selects his top Five on his weekly theme of choice. New Episodes Posted Every Wednesday.
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A Truly Magical Era In this episode, Ainsley, Austin & Joe discuss fad diets, beer for dogs, things found in the weird parts of the internet, unfortunately named bands, reinventions of older things, community theater and improv, and a number of podcasts. * * * * * * 1: Ainsley’s List “What’s that plac ...…
The Fourth of July Picnic (2011 Retrocast) (#6.2) (Join us for an audio journey into the July 4th Picnic, with lots of help from Negativland.) Join me as I take you on a radio journey through the annual 4th of July picnic, via your old familiar friend, local radio. After hiking out to our remote broadcast location, I bring you a host of songs a ...…
Ricardo was in Olympia for the 23rd Oly Experimental Music Fest and so DJ Victrola once again agreed to bring her unique take on mixing genres, styles, and cultures. Always Ricardo’s substitute of choice, Ms. DJ V is one of KPSU longest running radio personalities and the station archivist. LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE!…
Episode #78: People have been declaring the end of radio for years, yet stations continue to pop up and even thrive today. While many stations have been swept up by corporations, community and college low-power FM and internet stations still serve their communities. On this episode, we sit down with LPFM and college stations to discuss the role ...…
Did you ever wonder what historians can do outside of academia? Well, here is one fine example. In this episode, PSU alumna Eliza Canty-Jones discusses community engagement and how she works to give a voice to the diverse histories of Oregonians as the Director of Community Engagement at the Oregon Historical Society and the Editor of the Orego ...…
Derek M. Johnson, Live! Playlist & Footnotes: For those of you who missed Derek Johnson’s great live performance on KPSU the other day, fear not! The wonder of modern technology has enabled us to capture sound recordings in a digital form, for your consumption. This brand new technology ...…
Wendy Atkinson, LIVE! (Originally broadcast on 29 November 2006.) Playlist & Footnotes: * Playlist 01.) Medival * Wendy Atkinson * Trim 02.) Somehow Dissolves * Wendy Atkinson * Trim 03.) California * Wendy Atkinson * Trim 04.) LIVE PERFORMANCE * Wendy Atkinson * 11/29/06 05.) The Waterf ...…
Extensive legislation in the United States restricts and/or regulates the labor, voting, and reproductive rights of women. In this episode, we discuss the history of women's health legislation with an emphasis on abortion legislation. Oregon holds a unique place in this history. Today, I interview second-year history graduate student Tanya Mont ...…
David Robinson helped a bunch of people enjoy a Saturday by making them ride in circles (i.e. The Ladd’s 500) and also had a hell of a time riding his bike through the woods (the Venersborg 200). Such adventures bear repeating for our benefit! Also: Brock took a practice hike. Aaron drove through the original and better Broadway. They both went ...…
Closet Radio Episode 050: Told You Before – Not Now Not Ever, Live! (Featuring a live performance by local upstarts, Not Now, Not Ever, live on Closet Radio! ) 9-29-12 Brand spankin’ new band from the hairy depths of Portland, Not Now, Not Ever, joined Closet Radio live in the KPSU studios for an instrumental…Read more Closet Radio Episode 050: ...…
Closet Radio Episode 050: Told You Before – Not Now Not Ever, Live! (Featuring a live performance by local upstarts, Not Now, Not Ever, live on Closet Radio! ) 9-29-12 Brand spankin’ new band from the hairy depths of Portland, Not Now, Not Ever, joined Closet Radio live in the KPSU studios for an instrumental…Read more Closet Radio Episode 050: ...…
Closet Radio Episode 049: Time Like A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – Tiny Knifes, LIVE! (Retrocast) (Originally aired 9-22-12.) Closet Radio proudly presents the RADIO DEBUT of Portland post-art-punk trio Tiny Knives LIVE in the KPSU studios! The ladies joined us to play some new songs off their must-have second release, “Static,” which…Read more Clos ...…
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