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Named one of the Top 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality - tune in to find out why! Wednesday or Thursday nites, hear Dr. Rev. Karen Tate, author, speaker, and teacher, discussing global and personal issues with a broad spectrum of advocates, visionaries and forward thinkers from a Divine Feminine, Right Brain point of view. Some call it the Feminine Consciousness or the shift away from patriarchal values. These are issues that could raise your consciousness or save the world. ...
James Dunne is a runner, coach and sport rehabilitation therapist, best known for founding the popular online running resource Kinetic Revolution. Best described as not having been blessed with a typical runner's physique, James helps listeners navigate their running journey, while he explores his training and running performance.
We Make The Future
We Make The Future, a podcast by pi-top, the 'learning by making' company.
Communications by Design (CBD) is an education technology consulting company devoted to supporting teachers' efforts to transform teaching and learning. This podcast is hosted by our team of instructional and technology integration coaches. Find more and connect with us immediately at (you can even talk to a coach live via our virtual coaching office!).
Welcome to the Spiritual Insights Community of Spiritual Seekers! Join over 200,000 listeners worldwide who learn ways to cultivate peace and self-awareness through the exploration of Spiritual & Metaphysical topics and call in to receive Long-Distance Energetic Healing by calling in to live segments with our experienced co-hosts.Executive Producer and Host, Charlotte Spicer, is not only pleased to present an amazing team of Spiritual Teachers, Psychics and Energetic Healers to assist you on ...
Want to build financial independence and passive income? Have you paid off debt with Dave Ramsey and are now looking to build wealth? Are you frustrated because you want to quit your 9-5 job and build passive income but you don’t know HOW to do it? This Inc Magazine Top Business Podcast teaches you how. No gimmicks, no fluff. Hosted by Morris Invest Founder Clayton Morris, this podcast publishes three times a week and has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties in order to create pas ...
The Art of War is a 6th Century BC Chinese treatise on war and military strategy known for its timeless examples of strategy and planning. There is intense interest in this ancient work since it teaches how to be victorious in conflict and that the final victory ultimately is to see war as an effort to win minds and hearts rather than a mere acquisition of territory and wealth. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a two thousand year old work, reputedly authored by a famous military general and stra ...
J3 Youth Ministry
The cohosts John Chaffee, Jonny Radcliff, and Jonathan Hobbs sit down with people they feel have something valuable to speak into the world of Youth Ministry. After the interview, the three J's discuss what about the interview most stood out to them.
Open your mind and expand your possibilities with your weekly dose of Mind Love! We explore evidence-based research and raw personal stories to help you wake up to your power and lead a more intentional life. Think of it like your weekly action plan toward your highest self! Join host, Melissa Monte, for inspiring interviews into modern mindfulness techniques to level up your mind, body and soul. We explore topics like developing a positive mindset, finding your purpose, breaking negative th ...
Teaching Python
A podcast by Kelly Paredes and Sean Tibor about their adventures teaching middle school computer science, problem solving, handling failure, frustration, and victory through the lens of the Python programming language.Kelly Paredes has taught all over the world and specializes in curriculum design and development. She currently teaches seventh grade computer science at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is her first year using Python.Sean Tibor has worked in marketing and te ...
Welcome to Not Many of You Should Become Teachers. We exist to engage ideas and practices around K-12 Faith and Learning through discourse and professional development.
The top esl/efl listening resource for those learning English and teaching English. We provide real conversations recorded for all levels of English learners. In addition, the supporting worksheets and transcripts can be used for self access or in the classroom to provide valuable English language lessons for learners of English at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Interested in going gradeless in your teaching practice? Join us as we interview other intrepid educators who have taken steps toward a future of growth not grades. Here we hope to provide the rationale, knowledge, and inspiration to grade less or eliminate grades altogether. Find out more at
TED is a nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading. On this video feed, you'll find TED Talks to inspire, intrigue and stir the imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers, speaking from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. This podcast is also available in high-def video and audio-only formats.
Over 80% of teachers in the U.S. are white. But most don’t know that their whiteness matters. TWW seeks to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom. Because "white" does not mean a blank slate. It is a set of assumptions that is the baseline from which everything is judged; it is what passes for normal. This means if you are not white or don’t adhere to those assumptions, you are abnormal or less than. TWW wants to have conversations ...
Luke's English Podcast is an award-winning podcast for learners of English. Listen, learn and have fun while picking up natural British English as it really is spoken.
Neka's Talk❤
Hello everyone my name is Shaneka. This podcast is about any and everything that's good, bad and indifferent. I want to talk about how we as the people can improve, educate and learn from one another's voices. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The show that equips and encourages kids to grow in their understanding of God’s Word and walk as children of The Light.
Most of the guests we will be interviewing have an AS diagnosis. They were once in a lot of pain and are feeling much better. They are living normal lives. Most of them did this without the use of special diets and are off AS medication. We will be asking briefly about their history and more importently how they did it.
Surfer Of Life
Surfer Of Life Host Tomi Räisänen is a former professional ice hockey goalie and since his career as a player has been working in the healthcare department. "I'm a physiotherapist and I am very interested on the mindset and how it is effecting us in sports, performance and everyday life. Surfer Of Life is concentrating on the focus and mindset. We can all learn from my high performer guests how they focus and build their mindset in order to perform at the highest level."Surfer Of Life is bri ...
Learn, Memorize And Recall Anything Using Memory Techniques, Mnemonics And A Memory Palace Fast
Commonly referred to as the “Whiz of Wall Street”, seasoned investor Malcolm Egun brings you Mally Mal's Investment Hangout! This podcast is dedicated to teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to strategically invest their money the right way. We cover the following topics: cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds & mutual funds. Tune in and learn how to invest your money with me!
War College
A weekly look at the weapons systems and tactics that both endanger the world and keep it safe.
Welcome to Saddleback! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at Saddleback, taught by Pastor Rick Warren and other Saddleback teaching pastors. We hope you enjoy the service and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word.
Listen to “The African History Network Show” with Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network on 910 AM The Superstation WFDF in Detroit on Sundays, 9pm-11pm EST with host Michael Imhotep. CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at (313) 778-7600. POST YOUR COMMENTS. WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR. Listen to The African History Network Show with Michael Imhotep, Sundays, 9pm-11pm EST on 910 AM in Detroit or around the world online at or by downloading the 910AM App to y ...
Encountering God, Empowering People, Engaging our City.
A podcast dedicated to sharing inspirational Jewish stories that teach valuable and vital lessons from the Torah. Listeners will be moved by a daily story of spirituality. Featuring Jewish stories from the sages, the chassidic masters, and contemporary Jewish storytellers.
I Love Story Time
This podcast is more than just story time. It’s a time to share, to think big, and to believe in magic.My challenge for the parent is not to limit the child’s ability. If a concept is “new” start with the book chat, then go to the story, then the book chat again. You’ll be amazed to hear your five yearold begin to teach you about mindfulness, self love, and diversity. You’ll then notice that your child is interested in writing or feeling more confident to share their big ideas with others.Th ...
Secular Buddhism
A podcast for secular-minded people who are interested in learning about Buddhist philosophy.
Mike is one of the largest 203k consultants and trainers in the country, licensed in every state, and a real estate and home design consultant. Mike's mission is to teach people how to become financially successful in the real-estate industry. Mike has changed the lives of too many people to count, and during this program, Mike will share with his listeners, a lifetime of experience and knowledge, something that others pay dearly for, which will open your mind to the very real possibility of ...
Instant Relevance Podcast is an education podcast featuring the latest news and resources to make learning relevant for all students. Hosted by Denis Sheeran ( and Raymond Steinmetz ( Follow us on twitter: @instantrel
The aim of Adept English is to help you learn English through listening. We understand listening, and we know how to teach it. On our site you will learn how to listen in ways that are interesting and lead to learning success. No technical know how is required, just a computer, smart phone, tablet with an internet connection. We have lots of audio podcasts, at all difficulty levels, on many topics, suitable for all listeners.
Focal Point is the Bible teaching ministry of author and pastor Mike Fabarez. Focal Point delivers relevant and accurate Bible exposition on its daily radio broadcast and is dedicated to clearly explaining the truth of Gods Word.
Brainstorms in innovative ways to turn ideas into reality rapidly. I experiment on myself and share in real time. Father of 2, Husband and Corporate Guy. Interests include fathering, data analytics, pro wrestling and innovative education.
LeadUpTeach LeadUpNow (2016-05-17 13:34:06 +0000 UTC)
Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.
The Familiar Strange is a podcast about doing anthropology: that is, about listening, looking, trying out, and being with, in pursuit of uncommon knowledge about humans and culture. Find show notes, plus our blog about anthropology's role in the world, at Twitter: @tfsTweets. FB: Instagram: @thefamiliarstrange.Brought to you by your familiar strangers: Ian Pollock, Jodie-Lee Trembath, Julia Brown, and Simon Theobald, with s ...
A treasure trove of wise and pithy sayings, reflections on education, family values, the ideal human being, life and living, politics, art, culture and timeless wisdom, The Sayings of Confucius is indeed an invaluable addition to your bookshelf. Ever since Chinese literary works first began to be translated into European languages, the works of the legendary Chinese philosopher and teacher Confucius, who lived in present day Qufu in the Shandong province of China, more than two thousand year ...
Game Level Learn is a podcast exploring connections between games, gaming and gamification and education.
Are you searching for stories to ignite your curiosity, teach you to perform better in life and career, inspire your mind, and make you laugh along the way? In this science podcast, Dr. Marie McNeely introduces you to the brilliant researchers behind the latest discoveries in science. Join us as they share their greatest failures, most staggering successes, candid career advice, and what drives them forward in life and science.
Teaching and Learning the Classical Guitar Online
Annie Grossman of the NYC-based dog training center School For The Dogs answers training questions, geeks out on animal behavior, discusses pet trends and interviews industry experts. Show notes: a training question you'd like addressed? Email or leave a voicemail at 917-414-2625
Coffee in the Cloud is a show that gives you useful content about popular modern workplace topics. View short videos over a cup of coffee to learn a specific task or view our long form online classes to dive into one of our products. We focus on productivity and the Office 365 suite but you will also see topics like leadership, diversity & inclusion and other technologies like Azure. Executive Producer Karuana Gatimu also uses her studio and production experience to teach other people how to ...
Notoriously Episcopalian is a podcast that looks at those things that make us peculiarly and particularly Episcopalian.
Abbey Way Covenant Church is an intentional, intergenerational community of faith in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our understanding of Gospel life is informed by a deep conviction of commitment to God and each other.
IASA Podcast
The Illinois Association of School Administrators is the state's premier advocacy organization for public school superintendents. This podcast tackles the most important issues facing public education in Illinois and provides knowledge and insight from experts about how to run the best school district possible. Our podcast is sponsored by American Fidelity. Consider American Fidelity for a different opinion on employer benefit solutions for education. To listen to the podcast from your compu ...
Join two sassy moms who are recovering corporate world professionals and now rocking the mom profession. Listen as they share their joys and challenges as stay at home moms. They share resources and lessons learned to help make your mom job less stressful.
Shifting Our Schools is a weekly podcast produced by the Eduro Learning Podcast Network and hosted by Jeff Utecht. Shifting Our Schools is geared towards educators, school leaders, ed tech coaches, and those interested in the intersection of technology, education, and leadership in our schools.
The Simple Programmer Podcast is a short podcast that is a mix of career advice, philosophy and soft skills from successful author and software developer, John Sonmez. John is the founder of, one of the most popular software development blogs, and the author of the best-selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual." ( Geared towards a programmer or software developer audience, but contains practical advice ...
The Twenty Minute VC takes you inside the world of Venture Capital, Startup Funding and The Pitch. Join our host, Harry Stebbings and discover how you can attain funding for your business by listening to what the most prominent investors are directly looking for in startups, providing easily actionable tips and tricks that can be put in place to increase your chances of getting funded. Although, you may not want to raise funding for a startup. The Twenty Minute VC also provides an instructio ...
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In this episode, IASA speaks to attorney David Braun, with the law firm Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd., about the possible effects a law signed last year that allows children with debilitating conditions to take medical marijuana to school, as well as what it would mean for school districts if marijuana is legalized. This podcast is ...…
R' Dovid Goldwasser For more lectures by R' Dovid Goldwasser please visit:
R' Benzion KlatzkoFor more lectures by R' Benzion Klatzko, please visit:
The Kurds are a people without a country. They occupy large swaths of land in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran but have no central government. Kurdish fighters have been constant allies in America’s fight against ISIS, and Peshmerga troops fighting on behalf of the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq fought against the militants af ...…
Gene-editing tools like CRISPR enable us to program life at its most fundamental level. But this raises some pressing questions: If we can generate new species from scratch, what should we build? Should we redesign humanity as we know it? Juan Enriquez forecasts the possible futures of genetic editing, exploring the immense uncertainty and oppo ...…
Guilt trips Manipulation Pouting. Have any of these ugly habits reared up in your marriage? What are some daily practices that can make for a better marriage? Today on Focal Point, join Pastor Mike Fabarez and his wife, Carlynn, for a practical "marital tune-up" on Ask Pastor Mike!
Henrique Dubugas is the Founder & CEO @ Brex, the first corporate card for startups offering instant online application, no personal liability, and tailored rewards. In a staggering 2 years, Henrique has grown Brex to a $1.1Bn valuation having raised over $180m in funding from some of the best in the business including Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, ...…
Are you searching for Memory Palace training exercises and an easy way to build your first (or second) Memory Palace Network? And do you find yourself frustrated by: Memory training apps that fail to deliver? Endless how-to posts on the Internet that “guarantee” results? Memory improvement books that leave you entertained but you still find you ...…
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In a lyrical talk full of radical imagination, poet Aja Monet and community organizer phillip agnew share the story of how they fell in love and what they've learned about the powerful connection between great social movements and meaningful art. Journey to Smoke Signals Studio in Miami, their home and community art space where they're creating ...…
577. UK vs US Slang Game (with Jennifer from English Across the Pond) In this episode I'm joined by Jennifer - a podcaster from the USA, and we test each other on our knowledge of slang from our countries. Listen and learn some informal words from British and American English. Episode page italki offer https://www.teach ...…
Playing "follow the leader" is funwhen YOU get to be the leader! But what if everyone wants to lead? That's like marriage, when both partners want their own way! Today on Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez examines what it takes for husbands and wives to co-lead successfully.
Useful English phrases for conversation. That’s what today’s “Listen & Learn” lesson is all about.The full article can be found here: Articles Group: Article In Group: ...…
If you want to take control of your retirement accounts, a self-directed IRA could be a great option for you. A self-directed account allows you choose what types of investments you think will perform best, instead of letting your custodian choose for you. On this episode, Natali and I are sitting down with our self-directed IRA expert, Hayley ...…
How do you know your students are really learning in Computer Science? In this episode, Sean and Kelly dig into developing the learner-centered classroom and some of the pedagogical philosophy of how to look for learning in your teaching. Links: Visible Thinking Middle years | 11 to 16 | International Baccalaureate® - International Baccalaureat ...…
Award-winning independent documentary director/writer/producer whose honors include 6 Emmy Awards, and directing/producing for television, The Amazing Animal Mind - Elena Mannes - is with me tonight to discuss her book, Soul Dog, an exploration of animal spirituality and the ability of animals to communicate with humans even in the afterlife.…
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Jamie Stelter turns the mic on Brian in this husband-and-wife Valentine's Day edition of the podcast. Jamie asks questions submitted by CNN viewers - covering everything from their busy schedules to Twitter trolls to screen time concerns. Plus, TV in the age of Trump; a 20-year prediction; and Jamie's favorite thing about Brian. via Knit…
R' Benzion KlatzkoFor more lectures by R' Benzion Klatzko, please visit:
R' Benzion KlatzkoFor more lectures by R' Benzion Klatzko, please visit:
What does it mean to be civil? Journalist Steven Petrow looks for answers in the original meaning of the word, showing why civility shouldn't be dismissed as conversation-stifling political correctness or censorship. Learn three ways we can each work to be more civil -- and start talking about our differences with respect.…
When you play a guitar string and another one vibrates in unison, its called "resonance the notes "sympathize" together. What a beautiful picture of a relationship in-sync! Today on Focal Point, hear why Pastor Mike Fabarez says that can happen in your marriage, too.
In 2018, I left a six-figure career behind by replacing it with passive income. This was a very intentional decision. Specifically, this decision occurred after I learned a very powerful lesson about money. On today’s show, I’m sharing how I changed my money mindset, and became focused on purchasing performing assets. You’ll learn about the fal ...…
Do you feel overwhelmed, unloved and unwanted? You are not alone. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
R' Benzion KlatzkoFor more lectures by R' Benzion Klatzko, please visit:
R' Benzion KlatzkoFor more lectures by R' Benzion Klatzko, please visit:
Modern American health care is defined by its high costs, high overhead and inaccessibility -- especially for low-income patients. What if we could redesign the system to serve the poor and still have doctors make money? In an eye-opening (and surprisingly funny) talk, physician P.J. Parmar shares the story of the clinic he founded in Colorado, ...…
Silence is a rare commodity these days. There's traffic, construction, air-conditioning, your neighbor's lawnmower ... and all this unwanted sound can have a surprising impact on your health, says noise researcher Mathias Basner. Discover the science behind how noise affects your health and sleep -- and how you can get more of the benefits of t ...…
We love our petsthey love us back, unconditionally. But do you ever wish you had that same kind of intimacy with your spouse? Today on Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez reignites the embers of marital love in the message, "Rethinking Marriage as a Transcendent Joy."
The root of all of my positive changes has been awareness. Awareness helps us zoom out to see all the programs we’ve been running on autopilot – bad habits, learned behaviors, emotional addictions – and from that awareness, we can start to make a change. At the very basic level, awareness is important because, how can we identify what needs to ...…
Ransom Jesus explained that the laying down of His life was a ransom for many. Lets take a closer look at this word and see how that helps us to understand the gospel. _______________________________________________________________________ So what did you think? Give us your feedback, email us at Join Our KIDScast Family! C ...…
Sermon for the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany offered at a joint service of Trinity Commons and St. Andrew's Birmingham. Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8, [9-13] 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Luke 5:1-11 Psalm 138
We use dog crates every day at School For The Dogs. They're an integral part of dog training: We recommend them to clients who are house training puppies, incorporate them into class exercises, and transport dogs in them. And yet, all of us who work at our training center agree: Crates... kind of suck! They're clunky and ugly! Noisy! Storing th ...…
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R' Dovid GoldwasserFor more lectures by R' Dovid Goldwasser, please visit:
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You are looking for a job but you do not know anyone. You see all of these developers getting their programming jobs before you, and you simply start to ask yourself: How come that they get these programming jobs and I'm able to get none? So you are looking for a new programming job, where do you go first? Indeed? Monster? Hacker News? You sent ...…
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