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U ovom audio klipu daija objašnjava da li će na ahiretu i životinje biti proživljene kao i ljudi, i zašto?
This American Life is a weekly public radio show, heard by 2.2 million people on more than 500 stations. Another 2.5 million people download the weekly podcast. It is hosted by Ira Glass, produced in collaboration with Chicago Public Media, delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange, and has won all of the major broadcasting awards.
Helping You Live an Amazing Life. We Cover Happiness, Relationships, Food, Lifestyle Design, Ecology, Mediation, Sleep, and Many Other Highly Practical Topics.
The Droid Life Show
The Droid Life Show is a podcast about the world of Android smartphones, apps, and general technology news. We also talk a lot about Google and their products, while bringing you the hottest of hot related takes from Mt. Tech Take. It's off the cuff, fun, casual, and generally includes freebies. Who doesn't love freebies and gadgets?
#WeThePeople LIVE
In an era of thought bubbles, of talking points, of fake news and phony debate, #WeThePeople LIVE is a refreshing bar-room conversation about the biggest issues of our time. A place to reach across the conversational chasm. Pull up a stool, grab a cocktail, and help make debate healthy again. It's the discussion show for planet earth.Join the conversation: @WTP_Live.
Great Lives
Biographical series in which guests choose someone who has inspired their lives.
The Dice Tower
The Dice Tower is an Internet podcast about tabletop games. Your hosts for the show are Tom Vasel, noted game reviewer, and Eric Summerer. In the show, Tom and Eric talk about boardgames, card games, wargames, miniatures, and the people who play them. New to the Dice Tower? Then listen to: Episode 0: Introduction & Top 15 Games a New Gamer Should Buy Note: The Dice Tower episodes are provided as a service to the community and although they are entirely family friendly, is no ...
Living Truth
Experiencing Christ In You.
Life Of Caesar
A podcast about the life of Gaius Julius Caesar.
Deep Waters for the Nurturing and Empowering of the Remnant. Join Dr. Michael Lake each week for in-depth studies in God's Word. Spirit-Filled and Hebraic.
The latest football news from BBC Radio 5 live with results, analysis, debate & exclusive interviews.
NFL Live
ESPN's NFL Live scoops the latest news and information from deep inside the NFL and deposits it into your ears.
Roundtable Live!
Roundtable Live is a podcast about video games, the video game industry and general nonsense. It's hosted by BaerTaffy, Northernlion, MathasGames and RockLeeSmile every Friday at 3pm PT on
WIRED Game|Life Podcast: WIRED's top videogame experts Chris Kohler, Peter Rubin, and Bo Moore comment on the state of video gaming, with reviews, previews, and game events.
Podcast by MJ Gordon
NFL Fantasy Live
Fantasy freaks and geeks, this is the podcast for you. Marcas Grant, Alex Gelhar, James Koh, Matt Franciscovich and Matt Harmon provide detailed fantasy football analysis combining in-depth stats and film study to help you win your league and earn bragging rights over your friends, coworkers or family. A mix of humor and pop-culture references keep the show fresh and light, and the group's "Daily Dap" recommendations will expose you to new movies, music, books and more!
An Uncluttered Life
If you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed by your status quo that you can’t even figure out a way to add GOOD things into your life, you need this weekly podcast. Hosts Betsy & Warren Talbot know how to remove what's not working so you can have more of what you love.
We Like Dota
We Like Dota is a podcast about the casual Dota 2 scene, with segments such as the Hero and Item of the Week, E-Sports coverage, and Noobs Ask Noobs questions.
Daily weblog on software and personal productivity recommends downloads, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
A weekly podcast from BBC Radio 5 live featuring the latest rugby news, analysis and interview. With contributions from Dave Woods, Stuart Pyke, coaches and players.
5 live's science podcast, featuring Dr Karl, plus Dr Chris and Naked Scientists Chris Smith and Kat Arney with the hottest science news stories and analysis.
Downloadable Messages from Alistair Begg
Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires and motivates them and asking what their discoveries might do for mankind
Electric For Life is the brand new weekly radio show from Gareth Emery
Exploring the ideas, methods, and stories of people that will help you better invest your time and money. Learn more and stay-up-to-date at
FT Life of a Song
Each month FT music critics and contributors discuss the story of a song, from its origins and early recordings through cover versions good and bad. Formerly called FT Arts.
The Bottom Line
Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters
Trends Like These
Two internet friends talking about internet trends! Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies) and Brent Black (Brentalfloss, With Lyrics Video Series) bring you all the latest trends from Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet!
Our online life is real life. We walk, talk, work, LOL and even love on the Internet – but we don’t always treat it like real life. Host Veronica Belmont explores this disconnect with stories from the wilds of the Web – and gets to the bottom of online issues that affect us all. Whether it’s privacy breaches, closed platforms, hacking, fake news, or cyber bullying, we the people have the power to change the course of the Internet, keeping it healthy, weird, and wonderful for everyone.
We examine the lives and deaths of prominent people who changed history and influenced pop culture. We tell you their story, their achievements, their struggles, their secrets and take you on dramatic journey through the life and ultimate tragic death of those who have had an impact on society. With the help of voice actors, we attempt to honor these individuals by bringing their stories to life. New episodes are released every Wednesday. Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths is part of the Parcas ...
Level 10 Living
Helping You Build A Business & A Life That You Love
Connecting people through true stories. Listen to stories taken from Spark's storytelling nights across the UK, incorporating our regular nights in London, Preston, Bristol, collaborations and specials. Like what you hear? Come to an event for the full experience - full details at
Ana Marie Cox, political columnist and culture critic, sits down with liberals and conservatives, pastors, writers, activists, and other people you should know for an open, funny, in-depth conversation about what divides us - a show about listening instead of arguing.
Good Life Project
Inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life. From iconic world-shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests, every story matters.
Join host Sean Rice (Second Clarinet, NAC Orchestra) as he explores the world of classical music and its great composers. In this series of audio programmes you can look forward to hearing insightful commentary about upcoming NAC Orchestra programmes as well as musical excerpts and interviews with NACO musicians and guest artists.
Life of the Law
Law is alive. It doesn’t live in books and words. It thrives in how well we understand and apply it to everyday life. We ask questions, find answers, and publish what we discover in feature episodes and live storytelling.
Join the millions who listen to the lively messages of Chuck Swindoll, a down-to-earth pastor who communicates God’s truth in understandable and practical terms—with a good dose of humor thrown in. Chuck’s messages help you apply the Bible to your own life.
Audio of the most notable HuffPost Live segments.
Catholic Answers LIVE is a daily, call-in radio program of Catholic apologetics and evangelization airing live from 6-8 pm ET.
A Philosophy Podcast and Philosophy Blog
Fault Lines - Audio
Looking deeper into the US and its place in the world.
This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership. The goal is to help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.
Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan, combine their decades of experiences as successful entrepreneurs & health & fitness experts, to chat w/guests such as Robert Greene, Daniel Coyle, Christian Thibadeau, Charles Poliquin, Steve Maxwell, Harley Flanagan, Frank Shamrock, Amy Dumas (aka Lita), Dr. Mark Gordon, Roger Cross, & comedians Ali Siddiq & John Heffron, w/a no holds barred approach to living life on your own terms, during their entertaining weekly podcast. Bullsh-tter's discretion is advised.
Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) features all the latest professional wrestling news and video content, including coverage of WWE, TNA, ROH and more.
The Lively Show
The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to add a little extra intention to your everyday.
Design Life
A show about design and side projects for motivated creators
Stories about the people transforming technology from the command line up.
Edit Your Life Show
Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.
Live Planted is a weekly Podcast about living a practical vegan lifestyle. Alyssa, the show's host, is a Midwestern girl who felt the need to create a space based on living a plant based life in the easiest way possible. The show goes into health, wellness, activism, environmentalism, cruelty free practices, sustainability, animal rights, and how to make it all work while living a 'regular' life. Live Planted aims to inspire and educate listeners by letting you in on a little secret: I don't ...
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The eighth plague was a plague of locusts. In Exodus 10:5 we read what Moses told Pharaoh about this plague.“The locusts will cover the land. There will be so many locusts that you will not be able to see the ground. Anything that was left from the hailstorm will be eaten by the locusts. The locusts will eat all the leaves from every tree in th ...…
This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. In Michigan, it marks the unofficial start of summer. "A Bob Seger free weekend" is probably against the law to declare in this state on such a weekend (or any weekend for that fact.) I bet right now there are weird uncles, creepy dads and dirty grandfathers making some ultimate 3 day weekend Bob Seger mix ...…
But God was not finished with Pharaoh yet! He sent a third plague on Egypt. God told Moses and Aaron what to do. Exodus 8:17 tells what happened. “They did this. Aaron raised his hand and hit the dust on the ground, and everywhere in Egypt the dust became lice. The lice got on the animals and the people.” Many Bible scholars are not sure of the ...…
Yo! The incredible guest list grows! Dont miss this episode! This week weve got the iconic and legendary DJ Spinna!!! DJ Spinna is a legend in the hiphop and dance music communities. He was one of the most prolific producers during New Yorks independent underground movement of the 90s. 20 years later his legacy is still growing. Hes become one ...…
We know what you're thinking. This is an episode where Bev and Sam get drunk and giggle about animal private parts. WRONG. We have a very dignified discussion about male pigs, and some unfortunate side effects that occur when they are sexually maturing.....while living in your house. They also discuss planting blueberry bushes, their favorite c ...…
Part 2 of our acapella series. Episode 38 features a global journey through obscure vocal traditions such as Tuvan and Mongolian throat singing, Sardinian overtone singing, human beatbox, American Lined hymns, Gaelic Psalms from the outer Hebrides, Scotland and MUCH MORE!!!!1. Gyuto Monks: Tibetan Tantric Choir - Guhyasmaja Tantra Chapter II (e ...…
NARC BAROTTA! This episode you are treated to a star-studded cast of hosts and special guests...briefly. Then the core group gets nostalgic about what it means to make 10 podcast episodes in a row, a nearly impossible feat. We talk about fan opinions on each of the three hosts, our amazing fans in general (shout-out to Abir D. from Queens, Emil ...…
On this edition of the When It Was Cool Podcast from Karl and Tonya discuss how schools cancel classes now for everything verses back in the day when we hovered in hallways waiting for doom, lice checks, fluoride swirls, smoking areas, and more. Of course we have our regular dose of classic rock talk and Tonya talks about Stai ...…
Cele mai frumoase povești sunt cele pe care nu le poți spune. Cornel Ilie Deși nu ne-am cunoscut niciodată oficial, a fost o primă întâlnire ca între prieteni care nu s-au mai văzut demult. Desigur, online-ul ne-a ajutat să scăpăm de pașii ăștia prin care trebuie să treci atunci când cunoști pe cineva pentru prima dată. Poate că între mine și C ...…
As one very bad chapter of my life ends, a positive one begins
James and Christa go in on 2007's baby-ccentric french horror Inside, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and The Disaster Artist - as well as lots of Black Panther chatter. Long live the king! Come join us.Your hosts are:James BroughtonChrista BassContact us: @allout ...…
Tim Slagle, Teri O'Brien, and Dale Irvin are at it again, and by "it" I mean podcasting, designed for the whole family, depending on what kind of parents you are. We began this venture with the hope of maiing you realize how good you have it. Everywhere you look, there are people with worse jobs, living in worse places, and with more problems t ...…
Passé composé or imparfait Choosing between the PASSE COMPOSÉ or the IMPARFAIT is always tricky. Let’s start figuring it out here. Both the passé composé and the imparfait are past tenses. So, we frequently use 2 past tenses in French, where there is only one commonly used in English. Exercice – Practice Translate the sentences from one column ...…
Look Out! It's A Lice Outbreak!; We Are Having Coffee Talking About The Safety of Downtown & Our Police Officers; How Do We Get Back Into The Work Groove After Holidays?; Breakfast With The Bombers - Matt Nichols Talks About Johnny Manziel; Why Do Police Need Safer Parking Conditions?; 3 Things About Sad Passings; Chris Jericho Joins Brett & Gr ...…
In Parshas Vaeira we see the humbling of Pharaoh and the Egyptians. We learn about the first seven of the Ten Plagues and their purpose and significance. More broadly, we delve into the objective of the Exodus at large. The topics discussed in this episode: Introduction to the Plagues and Exodus: The various Names of God, Lineage of Moshe and A ...…
Welcome to the Ironwood Network Book Club with your hosts Maester Ironwood, Lady Wyvern and Widow Wolfsbane. Every week we are going to walk you through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books chapter by chapter. This week we are breaking down chapter 13 of a Game of Thrones: Tyrion 02 – Tyrion, Jon and Uncle Benjen ride north to the wa ...…
Muzica s-a schimbat datorită tehnologiei! Andrei Maria aka Smiley Atunci când doi oameni își dau seama că pot discuta despre pasiuni comune, parcă deja introducerea, tatonarea terenului și alte chestiuni pe care trebuie să le faci atunci când te cunoști prima oară nici nu-și mai au rostul. “Podcastu ăsta trebuia să-l facem încă din mașină…”... ...…
Muzica s-a schimbat datorită tehnologiei! Andrei Maria aka Smiley Atunci când doi oameni își dau seama că pot discuta despre pasiuni comune, parcă deja introducerea, tatonarea terenului și alte chestiuni pe care trebuie să le faci atunci când te cunoști prima oară nici nu-și mai au rostul. “Podcastu ăsta trebuia să-l facem încă din mașină…”... ...…
Top 21 Albums of 2017 (Artwork – D.Hixon) 2017 was a challenging year. The bad guys won, and hate became law while our Manchurian President’s toddler tendencies numbed the World into being surprised by nothing and aghast at everything. Still there was music – and these 21 albums helped me get through too many long days. The mix was made live in ...…
Pentru mine digital, social media înseamnă învățare continuă. Marian Hurducaș Trebuie să recunosc că episodul de azi e unul mai diferit, sau mai special. Sau fie cum credeți voi că va fi. Pentru că invitatul ăsta mi-a mâncat zilele, m-a enervat de multe ori atât de tare încât grimasa lui Robert Downey Jr. reprezenta maxim... The post 12 Marian ...…
Pentru mine digital, social media înseamnă învățare continuă. Marian Hurducaș Trebuie să recunosc că episodul de azi e unul mai diferit, sau mai special. Sau fie cum credeți voi că va fi. Pentru că invitatul ăsta mi-a mâncat zilele, m-a enervat de multe ori atât de tare încât grimasa lui Robert Downey Jr. reprezenta maxim... The post 12 Marian ...…
Creativitatea vine și din momente de tensiune. – Cristian Lupșa DoR este singura revistă pe care o pun frumos între celelalte cărți în bibliotecă după ce o citesc. Însă mă întorc la ea de fiecare dată când vreau să ies din algoritmi, trenduri, statistici și strategii de marketing. Pentru că în revista asta găsești povești... The post 11 Cristia ...…
Dacă vrei să te apuci de blogging, apucă-te și scrie despre lucrurile care ție ți se par normale. De cele mai multe ori, lumea nu știe despre ele. Copiază o reteță de succes, iar mai apoi îți dai seama singur de ce vrei să faci. – Alex Damian Trebuie să recunosc că nu l-am plăcut... The post 09 Alex Damian: Despre beneficiile folosirii Instagra ...…
Dacă vrei să te apuci de blogging, apucă-te și scrie despre lucrurile care ție ți se par normale. De cele mai multe ori, lumea nu știe despre ele. Copiază o reteță de succes, iar mai apoi îți dai seama singur de ce vrei să faci. – Alex Damian Trebuie să recunosc că nu l-am plăcut... The post 09 Alex Damian: Despre beneficiile folosirii Instagra ...…
By now you may have heard of the intercontinental, surprise collaboration between Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, for an album called Lotta Sea Lice. The two singers have been mutual admirers for a while and kept bumping into one another at various festivals. Their guitar-based rock songs are laced with a shared sense of humor, and that was par ...…
Who Got the Juice? A monthly PODCAST airing exclusively on Newstyle Radio focused on creating change for PEOPLE OF COLOUR with hosts Rakeem Omar, Sara Abbott & Aliyah Hasinah.--Episode 10!The idea that if we walk a little straighter and write a little neater and speak a little clearer, then white people will treat us better.Are we oppressing th ...…
A heavier episode this week, as Outkick lead culture writer and Fox Sports Radio executive producer @JMartOutkick (Jason Martin) discusses the recent scandals and revelations in Hollywood, then moves on to review Stranger Things 2 with an attention to the positive messages of the series, and then goes into detail on the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair 3 ...…
Nu putem vorbi despre marketing și viață fără să aducem în discuție și acest subiect: DESIGNUL! Deși pentru mulți marketeri, designul înseamnă doar ceva frumos și care ”dă bine”, astăzi putem vedea că rolul unui designer într-o echipă de marketing este chiar vitală. Ba mai mult, nu doar un graphic designer care să-ți facă niște... The post 06 G ...…
Albums reviewed:Colors – Beck (134/180)Lotta Sea Lice – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (???/180)Ken – Destroyer (???/180)Glasshouse – Jessie Ware (???/180)Turn Out the Lights – Julien Baker (???/180)T
Artist – Title (Album/Label) Zach Gill – Window Display (Life in the Multiverse/Brushfire) Roger Street Friedman – Tidal Wave (Shoot The Moon/The Playroom) Curtis Harding – Need Your Love (Face Your Fear/Anti) Humming House – Companion (Companion/Soundly Music) Wolf Parade – You’re Dreaming (Cry Cry Cry/Sub Pop) Joanna Lee – Drinking By Myself ...…
Există două categorii de oameni de marketing: cei analitici și cei creativi. Astăzi voi discuta cu un om de marketing care nu se consideră creativ, pentru că a fost mereu fascinat de partea analitică al marketingului (dap, mai există și oameni din aceștia). Julian Pădurariu este omul care a ajuns de la prepararea cartofilor prăjiți... The post ...…
Are you a lice kid? Find out now! Are you a hover pig? Find out now! Are you soda stealer? You probably are, but find out now in episode 162 of West and Sparks Podcast! Show Notes: Love Notes of Eternal Confusion Let me burough in your head, like a prairie dog or some snake […]
The Offspring is one of the most succesful punk rock bands of all time with their 1994 release "Smash" setting a record for most albums sold on an independent label. On this episode though, we're going to take a look at what we think is their most underrated release and unfortunately their least succesful 2003's "Splinter". Nathan recently just ...…
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