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LSAT tips and law school admissions strategy
A vocabulary podcast dedicated to defining advanced English words, such as those found on the GRE, SAT, LSAT, etc.
LSAT Kung Fu
Kicking Ass with Logic
LSAT Kung Fu
At Velocity LSAT ( we're here to make you faster, smarter, better-looking, and more logical.
Law School Podcasts is a website that educates potential and current law school students. We have produced podcasts that answer law school frequently asked questions, profile an individual law school, or discuss the LSAT, law school, or the field of law.
Before You Take the LSAT is a podcast dedicated to providing insight into law as a career path.
Ann Levine
Law School Expert, Inc. empowers and educates prospective law students about everything related to law school admission and the law school decision. Ann Levine, chief consultant and president, is the author of The Law School Admission Game (Amazon's bestselling law school guidebook) and The Law School Decision Game. The Law School Expert Blog is read by nearly 200,000 law school applicants each year.
Learn how to rapidly do Math calculations in your head! Perfect for students in algebra, geometry, calculus, or any math course. Also great to get an edge in business or in the workplace. Also very helpful for students taking the GRE, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, and other standardized tests. Free yourself from using calculators and iphone applications to do basic math. Impress your friends with your mental math abilities!
Law School Revealed
2L at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law
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Heretofore titled “Episode X,” the guys pull back the curtain and give you a behind the scenes look at how (and when) they recorded this episode. Basically, if this thing is airing, shit has hit the fan. The guys discuss cursing, the sensitivity of the almighty, and technological advances such as self driving cars. And then they dive deep into ...…
Jill and I met as she walked through my front door, but that didn't stop us from having a fairly thorough discussion about LSAT prep, marriage, and friends.
.element-bottomshadow.image-frame-shadow-3{display:inline-block} Anita Szigeti is one of Canada’s leading mental heath lawyers. Her expertise spans all aspects of mental health and its interactions with the Canadian justice system. Her passion for her clients and the law is inspiring. Despite her day to day in and out of hospitals, tribunals, c ...…
Nathan and Ben have started their spring courses to prep law-school hopefuls for the June LSAT. Ben shares the pearls of wisdom he offers his students on their first evening […]
Nathan is back from his trips to Portland and then San Diego, but the guys have seen brighter days. Ben is braving the wind from the storms in DC, and […]
Kole is a former Western Masters student and Research Assistant. He is currently attending medical school at Wollongong University in Australia. In this episode we discuss Kole's interesting path to med school. We discuss hockey, MCAT's, nutrition research, LSAT's (Kole actually turned down an opportunity to attend Law School) and one of my gui ...…
Brian K. Fung, PharmD, BCPS is a Medication Management Informaticist at an academic medical center in Rochester, MN and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy. He received his B.S. in Human Nutrition and PharmD from the University of Florida and is currently pursuing his MPH from the Johns Hopkins Bloom ...…
Today on Separation Anxiety, Tricia and Sterling celebrate Trish being done with the LSAT and Ster’s visit from everyone’s favorite Tar Heel, Katie! We get into the latest sexual harassment allegations and how inappropriate behavior is normalized. Other topics include tax reform, the slave trade in Libya, and how technology is being used to mak ...…
The Dodgers lost the Series. It’s cold in DC. And the guys are revved up for an entire show of answering emails. Tune in to hear your LSAT questions answered. […]
I interviewed Daniel Rodriguez, Dean of Northwestern University Pritzker Law School on Thursday September 7th 2017. We discussed several law school trends such as enrollment, LSAT vs. GRE, law firm hiring trends, etc. We discussed the current impact and use of legal tech in law schools. In that I asked him about the law school’s Innovation Lab ...…
The last episode of Mishlachat show! As we getting closer to the end of camp, we're bringing you the final show with special guests, talking about the highlights of camp,Hosted by: Ariel Lugassy and Liana Baranskiy.
Rich Slaton went from teaching LSAT classes to being a comic, and after a few years chasing laughs on the road he settled in as a doorman at the Comedy Store - and as one of the most fearsome battlers of the show's early days. This week, after a recent return to the ring, Rich descends into the Comedy Store basement studio to chat with Moses, C ...…
00:00:00 – Introduction—The results are in from the June 2017 LSAT, and Nate and Ben discuss how their students fared. 00:02:07 – Holy shit. The guys have made it to […]
00:03:38 – The performance feedback came back for the digital LSAT pilot test—and everyone’s pretty disappointed. 00:06:40 – Emily wants to know if a LSAT prep course will improve her […]
Welcome back to the Law School Insider, a podcast brought to you by Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. This week we are looking at the Michigan Bar Exam and what you need to do to pass on your first time taking the exam. We are bringing back Ashley Heidemann to talk about this topic. Ashley Heidemann is from JD Advising Stragies, a ...…
On this weeks episode the guys view and review season 3 episode 10 - Ridicule! Aviv comes hot out the gates witha horrible Irish accent attempt and then abandons that immediately. Matt fully admits that he and Aviv have zero idea about the law and they infact are not lawyers. Matt shares his experience taking the LSAT and writing in cursive. Av ...…
On this weeks episode the guys view and review season 3 episode 10 - Ridicule! Aviv comes hot out the gates witha horrible Irish accent attempt and then abandons that immediately. Matt fully admits that he and Aviv have zero idea about the law and they infact are not lawyers. Matt shares his experience taking the LSAT and writing in cursive. Av ...…
With the June LSAT behind us, we discuss early reports from the test and dig into listener emails. Sorry for Nathan’s bad audio—he’s 1) on the road and 2) bad at […]
With Harvard following Arizona's lead and accepting GRE scores in the admissions process, more schools are starting to warm to the exam. But is the GRE really as good as the LSAT? Are schools just doing this as a cash grab at the expense of the profession? Elie thinks the GRE is basically filled out in crayon. Joe thinks it's a perfectly accept ...…
Kathleen Murphy, Director of Communication at Illinois Opportunity Project, is guest co-host for a jam-packed episode of LFO. Wigdor LLP partner Jeanne M. Christensen discusses her racial & sexual discrimination lawsuits against Fox News. University of the District of Columbia Clarke School Of Law Professor of Law Andrew Ferguson explores the r ...…
00:02:05 – The biggest message is: You’ve either put in the work or not. “The hay is in the barn.” 00:03:36 – Don’t get caught up in “small sample” glitches—it’s […]
This week Estephanie was jetsetting in Mexico and Lina was at her college reunion so we bring you a bonus episode all about law school! Exciting right? Lina talks about the process of getting in, LSAT frustration, and the first year of law school. If you've ever thought about it or know someone who has pass this on! We need more lawyers of colo ...…
Ann Levine joins the top of the show to discuss the big news of the day, including: 00:01:20 – LSAC eliminates the “3 times in 2 years” rule 00:03:20 – What’s […]
00:00:24 – We kick off the show with a comedy update about a listener who showed up for the digital LSAT pilot at the wrong time. 00:01:20 – We speculate on […]
Note! Today’s show notes are a direct transcription of the entire one hour, 36 minute show, with timestamps every 30 seconds. If you read them, you will learn that Nathan […]
Today’s show clocks in over two hours. A Thinking LSAT record? (We don’t know, because we’re too lazy to look through all the past episodes.) In the show open, Nathan talks […]
Welcome back! Today, we’re talking with Nathan Fox, founder of Fox LSAT, about the future of the LSAT. The test is, in large part, the same as it has always been and it has enjoyed a protracted monopoly in the law school admissions process, but could that be changing? Tune in for more! In this episode, we discuss: New “competition” for the LSAT ...…
Alert! Today’s show notes were written by Nathan, so don’t be surprised if you find them saltier and less amusing than Andi’s usual sweetness and light. Today’s pre-show ramblings include Nathan […]
Don’t you hate that sinking feeling? You know the one. You crack open another memory improvement book. You’re excited to take your memory training to the next level. You’re hungry for the next-level techniques that no one has ever shown you before. And yet there it is again … Another Useless Memory Improvement Exercise! Seriously. I can’t tell ...…
Looking for an LSAT prep course? Consider Ben’s 100-Hour Online LSAT Course or Nathan’s Fox LSAT On Demand class. Also, try Fox LSAT’s free trial course to see if Nathan’s […]
Today, I visited with Kyle Weldon, a second year law student at Texas A&M University School of Law. If you have ever wondered what law school is like or thought about applying, or if you're in the throws of the LSAT or your first year and looking for some advice, listen up! Kyle and I discuss a variety of topics including how our unconventional ...…
Ben recommends a book that he’s been enjoying: What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength. Ben’s started taking cold […]
Vacillating in Vancouver has a dream to become a criminal defense attorney; he also has a dream of not regretting the pursuit of said dream. With an aptitude for reading, […]
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Unfortunately, Ben just cannot deal! Ads with relentlessly poppy, upbeat, hand-clapping music are making him want to run for the hills. And if the tune features xylophones? Forget about it. […]
Host Julie Massing sits down with Widener Law Commonwealth's Associate Dean for Admissions and Administration John Benfield to discuss the law school application process. Their conversation covers everything from the LSAT, GPA, personal statements, character and fitness requirements and more. Hear from an admissions expert how you can improve y ...…
In this week's episode, Natalia, Niki, and Neil debate Harvard's decision to drop the LSAT, George W. Bush's newfound popularity, and corporal punishment.
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