Best madness podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
"Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer", which airs weeknights at 6pm on CNBC, takes viewers inside the mind of one of Wall Street's most respected and successful money managers. Jim is your personal guide through the confusing jungle of Wall Street investing, navigating through opportunities and pitfalls with one goal in mind - to help you make money. These full-length episodes feature the unmatched, fiery opinions of Jim Cramer and the popular "Lightning Round," in which Cramer gives his buy, sell, and ...
Mad About Movies
Mad About Movies is your go-to podcast for all things cinema. Every week, we discuss the latest in movie news, rumors and rumblings and dive deep into a discussion of our chosen movie of the week. Stay tuned to the last segment for our patented Weekly Recommends, in which each of the hosts suggests something that you should check out ASAP.
Mad Art Cast
Mad Art Cast. The official podcast of Mad Art, where we discuss the intersection of art and science .
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science
Join Frank Conniff (MST3K), Trace Beaulieu (MST3K), and Carolina Hidalgo (Sirius Radio) on a film odyssey exploring the good, the bad, and the weird.
An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….
A six part series about Irish Experimental Music. Ireland is home to a variety of underground music scenes, from electro acoustic, to new music to noise to free improv. I've interviewed dozens of Irish experimental musicians who are pushing the boundaries of what music is and can be. This series takes you on a tour of the fringes of music, and introduces you to a world of new sounds. It focuses in particular on circuit bending, chiptune, electroacoustic and collaborative music.
For people who are crazy...about movies!
Helping you to navigate the crazy world of internet marketing: SEO, Analytics, Paid Search, Link Building, Web Development, and more. Welcome to Digital Marketing Madness.
Mad Cave Podcast
Here at Mad Cave Studios we are always searching for new ways to engage with the fans. You can get your weekly Mad Cave fix by joining Alex, Diego and Chris on our Mad Cave Studios podcast. Join us every week for an in-depth look at everything going on in the Cave and also around the latest in pop culture. Listen in for news on comics like Battlecats, G: Honor and Curse, and Midnight Task Force. Gain insight to our process here and what we have brewing for the future through interviews with ...
Mad Men Podcast
A weekly podcast devoted to AMC's Mad Men, hosted by William Goodman, Alexa Dickman, Tahlia Hein and Dane Davenport.
The Mad Mamluks
A podcast for Muslims in the west that discusses today's issues while working towards solutions.
Stinker Madness is a bad movie podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. Cult, budget and "bad" movies twice a week.
Madness Radio
Voices and Visions from Outside Mental Health
National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke and Kevin D. Williamson discuss world events.
The Mad Scientist Podcast is a show about the science, philosophy, and history of paranormal, pseudoscientific, and otherwise weird claims. Hosts Chris and Marie delve deep into serious and funny topics with a mix of in depth, science heavy episodes on a variety of topics and roundtables featuring both hosts answering listener questions and discussing less serious weirdness.
Mad Decent World Wide Radio taking over the airwaves with the newest of new underground sounds.
Hear the twisted tales from the travels of a bizarre duo of slackers with dreams of world domination.
Welcome to the Mad in America podcast, a new weekly discussion that searches for the truth about psychiatric prescription drugs and mental health care worldwide. This podcast is part of Mad in America’s mission to serve as a catalyst for rethinking psychiatric care. We believe that the current drug-based paradigm of care has failed our society and that scientific research, as well as the lived experience of those who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, calls for profound change. ...
Anna Kavanaugh hosts the weekly radio series, "Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad." The program aims to raise awareness and provide education about genetically modified organisms (GMO), in the world food supply and the practices of the GM biotech industry. The series is dedicated to all issues surrounding GM foods, its usage and ramifications thereof.Anna is a writer, advocate, and founder of the (AKCF) Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation. Her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," now an u ...
Stark Raven Mad is a Game of Thrones podcast hosted by Mike Marbach and featuring a panel of Philly comedians including David Donnella, Rob Alesiani, Whitney Harris, Frank Farrell and more. We got you covered with episode recaps as well as special episodes for reviews, theorizing, awards and a ton of other fun stuff.
Mad Radio
Mad Radio with Mike Meltser & Seth Payne from 6a-10a on SportsRadio 610
The Asian Madness Podcast: a place where we discuss true crime, superstition, urban legends, mysteries, and weird news from the Asian continent.
The history of mental illness is insane.
Marching to Madness is your go-to podcast for all things college basketball! Join hosts Blake Lovell and Ken Cross as they span the country for the best stories in college hoops.
Mad Money Machine
by Paul Douglas Boyer
Mad Men Recap
MadMen Recap from Dr. John and Paul
Mad Hat Economics
Mad Hat Economics is a podcast started by Cornell grad students where experts discuss different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science.
Marvel Comics Podcast
Mad Decent World Wide Radio taking over the airwaves with the newest of new underground sounds.
Corbin, Sam, & Gimpy talk anything and everything from Tulsa, OK
TGM is a podcast about meaning, disguised as a podcast about entrepreneurship. It’s a bright-eyed and sweary look at what it takes to make a living on the internet (and still sleep at night).
Listen to my selection in Psy Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore and more electronic styles.
Mad About Money
Mad About Money with Peter Switzer, Paul Rickard and Marty Switzer is a sometimes irreverent, but always informative, look at the major economic, political and business issues driving the markets. Founder of the Switzer Group, Peter Switzer, leads a lively and entertaining weekly discussion with co-founder of the Switzer Super Report and founding managing director of CommSec, Paul Rickard, and Chief Operating Officer of the Switzer Financial Group, Marty Switzer. This content has been prepar ...
Mad Notions
Irish musicians Mick McCullagh and Nathan O'Regan discuss famous music myths, legends and true stories. Is Paul dead? Is Elvis alive? Just what exactly was Phil Collins singing about on ‘In The Air Tonight’? All stories discussed with as much factual accuracy and focus as scrawled graffiti in the backstage bathroom. Peppered among these famous tales are personal anecdotes from each of the lads that highlight the disparity between the perception and the realities of gigging life.
They were evil things, whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss.
USA TODAY Sports Nicole Auerbach, Dan Uthman and Scott Gleeson break down the madness that is college basketball. We'll bring you interviews, break down the rankings and take you inside the game.
Mad Men Happy Hour
The officially unofficial podcast for AMC’s Mad Men. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Mad Men TV series.
Inbound and Content Marketing, Social Media, and Branding Success for Businesses
The Ultimate Party Rocker, Club Demolisher, Dj Entertainer & Mix Tape Specialist..When it comes to hyping a crowd, rocking a party, concerts and clubs local or abroad DeejBlaze is second to none.DeejBlaze was born and raised on the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. In 1996 he migrated to the island of St Maarten/St Martin. It was the year 1998 when he decided to follow his true passion as a Dj (disc Jockey). His mixing, scratching and mc skills developed rapidly and by lat ...
BLACK METAL - Live radio broadcast, every Tuesday at 9pm EST on**Contact or message this page for info about music submissions.**
Movie Madness
Movie Madness is a weekly podcast hosted by Chicago film critic Erik Childress presenting movie reviews, interviews, film festival coverage, DVDs, awards, box office and much more!
Mad Max Minute
Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland in George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.
A comedy podcast where Nando and DJ make March Madness style pop culture brackets that YOU, the listeners, vote on. We have our friends come on as guests and also sometimes special guests from the brackets even stop by.
Stay updated on the latest trends in online video and YouTube marketing. Video Marketing Madness with Ray the Video Guy and Steve Sleeper. New shows every Thursday
Murder Madness! Seven Secret Service men had completely disappeared. Another had been found a screaming, homicidal maniac, whose fingers writhed like snakes. So Bell, of the secret "Trade," plunges into South America after The Master--the mighty, unknown octopus of power whose diabolical poison threatens a continent! (Summary by Murray Leinster)
DJ Marvilous would like to present The Marvilous Madness Podcast Series. This podcast will feature the best of the best in music, mixed by "Mr. Marvilous Madness" DJ Marvilous. The podcast will feature the music keeping the dance floor full as well as signature DJ Marvilous Mash Ups and Remixes. Be forwarned, DJ Marvulous creates a dangerous fusion of hip-hop, rock, dance, reggae, reggaeton, rock, oldies, and exclusives. Thus, the name, Marvilous Madness. Enjoy.
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Whats this? Two Weekly Heroics episodes posted in the same day? This must be some bizarro alternate timeline where Scott is a prolific producer again. Scott, Chris and Pat cover Legion Chapter Fourteen which is all about alternate timeline David and theres a lot of him to go around. Its the “Its a Wonderful Life” episode where we get a glimpse ...…
The LA Rams still haven't paid Aaron Donald "his money" so the boys reacted since he didn't show up for the first day of OTAs. Plus, Travis tells a story of being honest to his wife but she still got mad. Also, breaking news on tonight's Game 4 in the Warriors/Rockets series
With so much mayhem and madness going on in the world all around us every day, it is becoming increasingly easy to give up hope and believe that things are going to always be the way they are or even get worse. On today's Think Hope Podcast, Hopeologist Rosalind will explore ways to create a better world through hope. If you don't like the worl ...…
Ed Augusts' World of Books, History, Ancient Knowledge, World Politics, & and of course Metaphysics Tuesdays & Fridays - 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT See more at & ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ followed by ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mad Scientists Exposed - discussing corruption in the sciences Tuesdays & Fridays - 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT ...…
Today we talked about river guide professionalism and Priscilla did an exceptionally great job of coming up with river guide stereotypes. News of the week Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival last weekend Lochsa Madness Riggins Big Water Blowout Gear of the week Melanzana (zach) Phels Naphtha (Priscilla) Kokatat Maximums Centurion PFD (Erik)…
I don't care if you are PRO or AGAINST our President. But on THIS issue you HAVE GOT TO MAKE A STAND. Take a side for stinking sakes already - are you PRO or AGAINST FAST FOOD? Our President has 10 reasons why he is PRO. And a few MAKE NO SENSE. (article comes from the Huffington Post) But first we talk about fluoride in water - more importantl ...…
Richard Dixon and a filling in for Austin. David Sears, talk about the spy in #Trump's campaign, Kendrick Lamar getting mad at the Hangout Festival, #GayPeople. and the #BigStupidQuestion of the Day!
In episode 12 we talk about how a hockey team in the desert is bringing loads of pride into our lovely city, really good fucking pizza, and, of course, poop.
UFC Liverpool Stephen Thompson vs Darren Till is happening this weekend fight fans.**Competition time** Want to go to the UFC Liverpool Q & A and weigh ins? Well check out the video to find out how.UFC Chile Damian Maia vs Kamaru Usman is happening this weekend, but even bigger news Will has a new microphone woo. Darren Till will headline the f ...…
Chase Parham and Neal McCready hit some major baseball points prior to the beginning of the SEC Tournament and then Neal relays his experience with the state of Michigan on Monday. We play some trivia at the end of the show and discuss writers with certain votes.
Chase Parham and Neal McCready hit some major baseball points prior to the beginning of the SEC Tournament and then Neal relays his experience with the state of Michigan on Monday. We play some trivia at the end of the show and discuss writers with certain votes.
This episode, MAD Magazine Senior Editor Emeritus and Lion's Roar's Rod Meade Sperry are talking about the elephants in the room: Guns. Trump. And, you know, a pervading sense of despair. But don’t despair too much. Thanks to Joe, there’s plenty of laughter soon enough — and some wisdom about staying sane when there's so, so, SO much to be angr ...…
21 Wade Wilson Today we talk about Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool, the Merc with the Mouth, he's most well known for gratuitous violence, making jokes, breaking the fourth wall, and being played by Ryan Reynolds in the hit movie franchise Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: Fabian Nicieza helped create Deadpoo ...…
Speaker, author, and consultant, Dan Lerner, is on a quest to understand how people perform at the highest levels in any chosen field, while also cultivating a nourishing, spacious and joyful life. He teaches the largest elective class at NYU called, "The Science of Happiness." Come listen to his contagious enthusiasm for life as and wisdom on ...…
Today on the show we talk about Modern Day Marketing and the race to being human. I talk in depth about how the modern marketing world has been created via our understandings of big business and all of the media we've been fed for the last few decades. Now that we all have access to each other on an individual scale, the tides are changing for ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more JazzJoyand ...…
Welcome to D.O.P.E. Lunch, the lunchtime dental podcast for the short commute dentist, with Shawn and Zach. We get a little snarky during this DOPE Lunch and discuss a well known Mad Dentist Minute for denture repairs. Alan Mead podcasts the Dental Hacks (with Jason Lipscomb) and The Alan Mead Experience. "You can't measure your insides against ...…
Not For Human Consumption: Your drunken weekly update on all the things! Movies, games, life, and everything in between! Allan might not know how scheduling or calendars work, Dylan shows off his new Championship belt that's totally not a child's toy, The Cryus's made it big from inserting microphones into their holes, Dave gets banned from Fac ...…
We’re going to continue to explore the topics that came up during the Mama2Mama Campaign because I think during our motherhood journey, we’ve all been in many of these places, and felt many of the feelings these women shared. Some of the non-critical information has been changed to protect the identity of the mama. Today we are going to talk ab ...…
Y'all ready for this...? IT'S DISNEY MOVIE MADNESS! We've made a "NCAA March Madness" style bracket, pinning Disney movies against Disney movies. Ivy and Emma complete the bracket together (#challengeaccepted) to see which movie prevails.
Episode 8 Features G League Asst. Coach Norm Richardson, of the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. In this episode Coach talks about:- His time at Hofstra playing for Jay Wright, - His professional career where he was able to see the world- His amazing experience in the G league and the strides it’s made throughout the yearsEnjoy…
The goat lebron, dwarf caught his gurl cheating with two dudes in the closet, why do people get mad when you catch them in the wrong .... etc
Got Faded Japan. ep. 400 After 400 episodes of Got Faded Japan we decided that it was well beyond time to have the ALL P.O.W. episode where Can joins the show in an elaborate explosion of drunken madness which madly fueled the hijinks and of course the weekly bizarre news! FADE ON! Check out SHK's beats on his SoundCloud page: https://soundclou ...…
Why people freeload then get mad when told no.?
INNERSIGHT FREEDOM MAD OR GLAD MONDAY Frank Perino Host Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro Co Host Joseph Arian Engineer INNERSIGHT means FREEDOM-advocates for the disabled
This week the guys dive into the deep end with 'Deadpool 2' starring the ever hilarious and entertaining Ryan Reynolds and a supporting cast with more than a few surprises. The ultra-violent, irreverent comedy-fest that ensues makes for great banter, especially with Deadpool superfan Mickey Rhodes guest starring and the background lurking of fa ...…
By Lance Smith, Editor Wednesday night, on the last day of the regular season, Russell Westbrook needed 16 rebounds to average a triple double on the season. He ended up with 20, completing a late season mad-dash to get his rebounding numbers up so he could achieve the feat ...…
Every year businesses determine what their marketing, sales, sponsorship, advertising, social,etc, etc line items will be in the budget. If you are an entrepreneur and not doing this I would highly recommend you find a money manager and start doing this. What many businesses forget to think about (or it's an afterthought) is events. Events are ...…
The Damn Dirty Trio is back once again!!!Its a another good ass Friday once again y'all!!!We start off this episode with DJ Harlem James dressed as BBQ Becky detailing why she called the folks on folks just tryna gril!! which leads into a conversation about who got the best BBQ in the city.We then hop into the first real topic of the night "Dom ...…
Today JoJo talks the latest Dallas Cowboys scandal involving WR Terrance Williams & what it means for his future with the Dallas Cowboys. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? It's also heating up in the NBA Playoffs with both series sitting at 2-1 w/ the Warriors & Celtics holding the lead. Will LeBron James have what it takes to drag this ...…
pulled this one out the vault! Its cartoon madness. A march madness tournament of your favorite cartoons march madness style! itunes and soundcloud: All Ball with Brandon and CodyLIVE every Friday 7:30-9pm at
In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation abou ...…
In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation abou ...…
This week, Lloyd & Mad Mike revisit the New York Giants NFL Draft choices, breakdown the NBA Conference Finals, why you shouldn't count the Cavs out just yet, what the Knicks should do with their #9 pick, and more. Let's GO!New shows drop every Monday -'re OFF next week for Memorial Day.…
A young girl when she first visited magical Underland, Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) is now a teenager with no memory of the place -- except in her dreams. Her life takes a turn for the unexpected when, at a garden party for her fiance and herself, she spots a certain white rabbit and tumbles down a hole after him. Reunited with her friends ...…
5/20/18 WorshipSeries: 'God Ain't Mad at Ya!'Scripture: Luke 23:32-43Rev Jonathan TompkinsFeaturing selections of 'Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus' and 'Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us' by our Psalm 100 Band and Chancel Choir
Just trying to get you guys psyched up, inspired and motivated
You know your WHY. You have something to offer to the world. How are you going to make sure you get it done? In this Episode of the Fitbiz Journey Podcast, we discussed how to achieve your BHAG- Big Hairy Audacious Goal- and hold yourself accountable to it by starting with the end in mind and planning all the way down to what you should be doin ...…
The next chapter of our in-depth study brings us to Fantasyland. Well, the "old" half of it anyway. We go from It's a Small World all the way to the Mad Tea Party. Come along! --- Looking to travel? Contact CJ at From ZADD Crew merch to theme park gear, visit…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more website ...…
In this week's episode, Jerry presents the question, "Why you mad bro?!", because he's noticed so many people today are getting mad and upset over all the wrong things in life. Coach Kev explains to us why this happens, and lets us know how to stop "making all the wrong things important, and all the right things unimportant."…
This week, we strap on our skates and roll into the terrible, terrible future as we discuss Solar Babies, the 1986 flop that nearly ruined Mel Brooks, and definitely ruined an hour and a half of our lives. If you’ve ever wished Mad Max had fewer cars and more teens, this movie is for you, which means this movie is for no one. Next week: Are You ...…
Topics of discussion include: Our first ever live interview with someone who is in a relationship, differing fightin' styles, and the continuation of our new interactive challenges!
The week that was (TWTW) takes a look back at the week’s most prominent tech stories from around the world. Members of our Patreon campaign get their recap hand delivered on Sunday at 5pm, for everyone else don’t worry you wont be left out, you’ll just have to wait until Monday for your fix. Video versions of TWTW appear on our website as well ...…
Hermione knits hats for House Elves (she’s getting better, she can do patterns and bobbles and all sorts of things now!), Ron has the sickest burn of the book so far, and Harry spends four miserable detentions with the evil, twisted, mad, old toad. Listen to this episode for as long as it takes for the message to sink in. Please consider suppor ...…
Cage Match Preview Hey everyone. Greg Mehochko here for Kevin Hunsperger. I’m excited to bring you two sides of a story in Episode 183. As you are probably aware, Kevin puts his undefeated record on the line this Saturday in Pinckneyville, IL. More importantly, Kevin steps into the cage to fight for the honor of his twelve-year-old daughter and ...…
Daily Tap is live for a Monday -> Topics today -> Vegas Golden Knights: Good or bad for the NHL plus thoughts on casual interest (2-8 mins). Brewers successful road trip (8-11) and Tampa Bay Rays offend the baseball purists (11-14). Good podcast to kick off the week where we talk about the Las Vegas Golden Knights, and what this means for hocke ...…
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