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Robocast e019 More of the same. Maps and Writings recount the joys of living, mostly. Listen here.By (Maps and Writings).
Robocast e018 - We be goin' hoard! In this wicked awesome episode our duo becomes a trio with special guest--> LIZZO FRIZZO! Its also the first episode in our new house but that's not the best part... the fun begins when we dip into our first trip to a hot springs where we be gettin' nekkid and goin' hoard in some hot ass water. We also come up ...…
Robocast e017, Maps goes solo, Writings goes to sleep This episode starts out strong, then Writings goes to sleep. Maps attempts to carry on. Listening to the second half while driving is not suggested as Maps intoxication may leak through the speakers.By (Maps and Writings).
Robocast e016 - Listen here!!! In this robocast we take a bitchcopter to a birdcloud on leap year for a ski trip through london fog all while the Moog gets played by a tennis ball. Take the adventure with us.By (Maps and Writings).
Robocast e015!!! Speaking of things and people, weather and things.By (Maps and Writings).
Episode 14, finally!By (Maps and Writings).
In this episode we all get a chance to check out Robstep vol. 1. by Maps and Writings. We dj it up like a mofo. Also we play Brothers and Sisters, and the Wick-it remix of No Diggity. A little harry potter talk, internet emergencies defined, and tourist tips for san fran. Lastly give a huge shout out to all our international listeners.…
Fun times with Maps and Writings. Listen for you first chance to experience robstep, the new craze sweeping the nation (really it's just me and beks trying to dj). lovin ya. ^^By (Maps and Writings).
Virtual musical guest Wick-it the Instigator, also important announcements about the upcoming Maps and Writings full length album. Oh, and a little sh!t talking.By (Maps and Writings).
Episode 1. Highlights: 2 Drink Minimum Hooded items Bitchcopter Pan Galactic Extraterrestrials Socially Awkward Story TimeBy (Maps and Writings).
Episode 2. Highlights: Pakistan floods Special guests LNK P-Buck Listener topicsBy (Maps and Writings).
in this episode special guests Mike and Lizzo Frizzo stop by the studio for a few drinks. Lizzo drops the best socially awkward story yet. Beer, fashion, tattoos and computers are just a few of the topics discussed. Mike got so drunk he had to sleep on the couch! awesome.By (Maps and Writings).
In this episode we go live to the Ackbar to partake in the best home brew I personally have ever had. We talk some celebrity trash news, a little actual "important" news and some "not really" news. Music by Free Range and Pray for Mojo.By (Maps and Writings).
The jj's come over and visit for a while, enjoy!By (Maps and Writings).
Join Maps and Writings as they welcome special guests Lenny and Mandy. Rob and Lenny get pretty drunk and talk about Dolly Parton in her panties. The BSC being backed by The Incredible Heat Machine kick off the show with a recording done live a while back. Not that anyone takes the time to notice such things but maybe Maps smokes a few less cig ...…
Musical guests Maps and Writings appear on their own robocast. Don't miss this fun filled experience! We require you to drink, and explain why.By (Maps and Writings).
sorry. when i posted ep008 i put up the audio for ep007. this is fixed now. im really sorry. -rmfk-maps-By (Maps and Writings).
Robocast e009 We Will Not Be Denied! We have recovered the now infamous (thanks old wolf) secret shit podcast. the info is no longer all that current, but shit is the music good. take care. rmfk = maps ^^By (Maps and Writings).
Special music from Mikey Red. Caulk slinging in full effect!By (Maps and Writings).
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