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Each week, Allen, Josef, and Jonathan discuss a comic book character (or team). Jonathan, a lifelong Marvel devotee, presents the character, their powers, and their history. Josef, who's only ever read one comic book and is significantly more grounded in reality, calls bull. And Allen, level headed voice of reason, mediates the mess.
TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on comics, video games, toys, TV, film, and beyond! Hosted by Ryan "Agent M" Penagos, Tucker Markus, Christine Dinh, and Eric Goldman. Tweet your questions w/ the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel or e-mail
Your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios. We love this stuff and want you to, too!
Marvel Studios News
Marvel Studios News is dedicated to discussing all things Marvel Cinematic Universe! We cover the latest Marvel movie and television news and dive deep into the history of Marvel Comics characters on the big screen. This is the place to talk Marvel with your friends!
Marvel Noise
Home of the Marvel Noise Podcast
DC or Marvel? Twin brothers "Johnny DC" and "Marvelous Joe" review superhero films and debate the superiority between the comic companies by comparing their characters in stat-based duel simulations. Updates on Tuesdays.
Marvel Movie News
Pop culture by the bucket!
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
A Podcast for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series
Your source for all Marvel-related entertainment including comics, video games, movies, and television.
We all know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. But what about the Marvel films and TV movies that came before the MCU and that aren't technically a part of it? In this podcast, we take a look, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread, at the films and TV movies that are part of what we have dubbed the "MCO" or "Marvel Cinematic Origins".
Our podcast dedicated to all things RuPaul's Drag Race, the world of Drag Race and the paradigm RuPaul has created with this TV show.
Marvel Talk
Broadcasting from aboard the Helicarrier, atop the Triskelion, or whatever secret SHIELD base they're operating in these days, comes MARVEL Talk, a podcast discussing all things MARVEL, particularly the MCU, but occasionally things outside that studio, and even more!
Marvel's Voices
With the Marvel universe as her springboard, host Angélique Roché holds in-depth conversations with storytellers creating unforgettable stories through their unique perspectives.
Marvel Comics Podcast
Mighty Marvel Geeks
Mighty Marvel Geeks, the show about all things MARVEL, is a weekly talk show broadcast live on Sorcerer Radio. This podcast delivers highlights of the radio show with hosts, Mike Ehmcke, Eric Allen and Kylan Toles. Topics include: Comics, games, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (TV/Film), celebrity interviews, pop-culture convention coverage, Disney Parks Marvel Attractions, Marvel Animation, Marvel
Welcome to Marvelous: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, where your hosts, Henry and Trey, talk about every movie and tv show in the MCU, in order of release! Each episode will be spoiler free in regards to future entries in the universe.
Home to the unofficial podcast about ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hosted by Jack, Rob & Alil. Episode recaps, news, analysis and predications are all discussed on this weekly show. The 'Nuff Said Podcast is a Marvel-centric show that covers Marvel comics, TV shows, and movies. That's right true believers, the Nuff Said Podcast is your new home to geek out on everything Marvel.Please rate us and subscribe to help more fans find our show. Learn more, contact us, and check out our other podcast ...
A weekly review of Marvel's TV shows and off shoots. Like our Facebook page at
Check out the Mighty Marvel Podcast archives for classic interviews with the biggest stars in the comics industry!
Marvel News Desk
Formerly MCUExchange Podcast, Marvel News Desk is your best source for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Reviews, and Speculation. Each Monday, listen as Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon breakdown everything you need to know about the latest and greatest in the MCU. Official Podcast of
Go behind-the-scenes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the official podcast series for the hit show on ABC!
Marvelously Morbid
A podcast dedicated to all things morbid.
DJ Marvilous would like to present The Marvilous Madness Podcast Series. This podcast will feature the best of the best in music, mixed by "Mr. Marvilous Madness" DJ Marvilous. The podcast will feature the music keeping the dance floor full as well as signature DJ Marvilous Mash Ups and Remixes. Be forwarned, DJ Marvulous creates a dangerous fusion of hip-hop, rock, dance, reggae, reggaeton, rock, oldies, and exclusives. Thus, the name, Marvilous Madness. Enjoy.
DIS POP is a discussion that covers all aspects of pop culture, but specifically covers Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies, music and more! DIS POP is an unbiased look at pop culture news, movie reviews, music reviews and so much more. DIS POP is hosted by Ryno Clavin featuring special guests.
Podcast by Marvel Cinematic University
1-844-843-2871 Each week four fans of Marvel Comics Agents Haley, Lauren, Consultant Michelle and Stargate Pioneer debrief you on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or other related Marvel Universe content and news. You can find us on iTunes under ''Legends of SHIELD''. You can also follow us on Twitter @LegendsofSHIELD or even better, send us an e-mail: You can find all our contact information on our show page of - Our complete archive ...
Women of Marvel
The Women of Marvel assemble to show how people of all backgrounds are making a powerful and positive impact on our stories. Co-hosted by Sana Amanat and Judy Stephens, with Lorraine Cink.'s Podcast covers Disney, Marvel, Star Wars & Fox Merchandise news including Collectibles, Toys, Video Games, Movies, Books, Comics & More.
Agents of SHIELD Podcast is a weekly review-recap of the Marvel based, live action TV show on ABC. The team of Hank Davis and Alex Cruz from TPE Network recap/review the show and talk about Agents of SHIELD news, Marvel news, and Marvel Cinematic Universe news.
A podcast dedicated to toys and collectibles based on Marvel Comics, from the Hasbro Marvel Universe line to all the tie-in lines for the various Marvel films, plus high end statues, prop replicas, video games, and more!
Two fans' journey through the Marvel universe from Fantastic Four #1.
Access the archives on the This Week in Marvel NOW! podcast for vintage interviews with Marvel's top comics creators!
In this podcast Ash and Uz discuss all the latest DC and marvel news, and have some banter along the way. Ash is the marvel guy, Uz is the DC Guy. Hear them defend and promote their fave comic book brands! Today we talk about the latest news in the DC and marvel film and animated worlds ON itunes Any questions for the podcast? Email us here : DCVSMARVELPOD@GMAIL.COM Twitter : @DCVSMARVELPOD INSTAGRAM : DCVSMARVELPOD
Marvel Noise
Home of the Marvel Noise Podcast
A children’s book detailing early American history from the Norsemen to the Revolution, meant for educational use. (Description by the reader)
The Brothers Marvel is a podcast that takes an issue-by-issue look at the classic stories of the Marvel Universe from the very beginning in 1962 .
A conversation about race, between siblings Christopher and Jeanette Snider. Through their personal perspectives on race and identity, her academic pursuits in multiracial issues among higher education students, and the growing public conversation about the meaning and impact of race in our society, there will be much to talk about.
Welcome to Level 7 Access, a Marvel's Agents of SHIELD podcast. Each week, J.D. Jackson, Page Branson, Michal Schick, and Devon McGovern-Johnson bring you the funniest and most in-depth Agents of SHIELD and Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast ever!
Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
Marvel Comics Podcast
Welcome to Marvelous: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast, where your hosts, Henry and Trey, talk about every movie and tv show in the MCU, in order of release! Each episode will be spoiler free in regards to future entries in the universe.
Welcome to Now Playing's Marvel Comics Movie Retrospective Series where in anticipation of the ultimate comic book crossover movie The Avengers in 2012 we will be watching and reviewing all the Marvel Comics films! Join us as we review everything from Howard the Duck to X-Men, Spider-Man to Fantastic Four!
Welcome to the Ultimate Marvel Podcast, a biweekly show discussing the latest in the Marvel Comics universe. From comics, to TV, to movies, Jack and Ronnie tackle the latest and greatest coming out of Marvel Entertainment.
Andrew Husband and Dan Seitz watch and discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe one film, and one minute, at a time. Did you get that reference?
Welcome to Marvelous Fangirls , where amazing things happen.
Childhood friends Cody & Paul used to sit in a small basement arguing about Star Wars. Throw in craft beer and some mics and now the debates are a little livelier, a little drunker, and everyone’s invited, because Star Wars is here until the end of time! Join Mopar Melton, Commander Cody, and the rowdiest crowd of nerds you’ll ever meet for the original 21+ Star Wars show, where you’ll feel like you’re in the room with your best friends each and every week.
Marvelous Falls
We live in a beautiful town with amazing people! Kurt Cotter and Corey Skahill tell their stories, and interview some of our fine residents.
Welcome to Marveling at the Movies, a new podcast for Multiversity with Alexis Perry, Matthew Meylikhov and future internet superstar Matt DiChiara. In this show, Alexis and Matthew (two people very fluent in movies, comics, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe) make their friend Matt (who has never seen any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films before Black Panther) watch every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film that came out before Black Panther. To quote Matt, ""
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The TequilaTlk crew had to put together a last minute episode due to unforeseen circumstances. We had the Dj Marvalous join us along with WalkLikeWalt brother Wes to discuss topics while already drunk from the days activities.
This week we talk about:Man gets killed after 3someOtto Warmbier Merked by North Korea Man loses ball at nude beachWhite cop shoots black off duty copsMan killed over a game of bonesSteven Hawking is letting us know we got a few hundred years on earf Pre-school teacher/ porn star Spotify puts up Justin as kin of Latin takes down after flamageSa ...…
The show must go on, horrible allergy attack be damned! 1:45 – The pros and cons of Bethesda’s Prey demo 8:41 – Bethesda still thinks trademarks mean you own words 18:36 – Greybox adds OST to physical version of RIME to justify higher price. Digital version will be cheaper, but not in Australia. 25:22 – ... Continue reading ‘Molehill Mountain E ...…
Savage Podcast Back Again With A Dope Episode Featuring @Nellzsotrilla With His Upcoming Project"So Marvalous". Click The Download Link
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Innocent TraitorAuthor: Alison WeirNarrator: Patience TomlinsonFormat: UnabridgedLength: 17 hrs and 53 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-22-16Publisher: Wholestory AudiobooksGenres: Fiction, HistoricalPublisher's Summary:Lady Jane Grey was born in ...…
On the heels of acclaimed writer, Chelsea Cain's exit from Twitter and the cancellation of her comic Mockingbird with Marval. To the fallout from the fallout over the variant cover for "Invincible Iron Man".
On our first episode we talk about The Marval Villians and what Ryan Reynolds and Betty White Do in their spare time.
The AllThings ITSM crew had a lovely chat with Tony Probert, director of global sales and marketing at Marval Software, about how even though Marval Software has been around for over twenty years, it’s been flying under the radar. His job is to change that.
This week we talk about John Cena, how AR is going to lead to skynet, how Marval needs to get their shit together, and much more.
Torgny Wirén är författare och skolpräst i Jönköping. Livet känns mödosamt ibland, som att bara hugga sten. Men det är inställningen till livet som är den avgörande skillnaden. Då och då tror jag vi mår väl av att lyfta blicken, se vad vi egentligen gör. Att vi på något sätt är med och formar en ny generation. Vi är med om att bygga för framtid ...…
Easter Sunday sermon on the reality of the Resurrection
Ep200 Got Faded Japan Podcast Matt, Mikey, Dem, Kirk and Marv all join Johnny and Shank for the whiskey and beer fueled big 200th episode! Woman poked and stabbed by man at love hotel, man busted for ride by lady puking, cop popped for filming woman taking bath, woman gets robbed in choke and dash, 29 cats mysteriously murdered and train groper ...…
Ep200 Got Faded Japan Podcast Matt, Mikey, Dem, Kirk and Marv all join Johnny and Shank for the whiskey and beer fueled big 200th episode! Woman poked and stabbed by man at love hotel, man busted for ride by lady puking, cop popped for filming woman taking bath, woman gets robbed in choke and dash, 29 cats mysteriously murdered and train groper ...…
Listen in or Call in *LIVE* as our host(s) speak their minds on the world of professional wrestling. With tonight's guest(s) being, Chris Marval, Shane Williams, and Cam!!kaze
Torsk borta mot bottenlaget Trelleborg och snart match hemma mot överlägsna serieledarna Öster, man mår väl som sig bör. Inspelat: 21 juni 2012 Medverkande: Peter (@peter2meter_), Hugo (@Wijkstrom), Albin (@Flibbens) & Johnny (@ultrish)By (Bajenpodden).
Simply Luscious studied karate and ballet before getting into wrestling. She became the only female graduate of the Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Academy, where she trained along with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Matt Bentley and Bryan Danielson. She made her in-ring debut against Chris Marval in San Antonio, Texas, under the name "Simply Lus ...…
Re-Branding Yourself After Age 50 by Marva L. Goldsmith... Focuses on how Baby Boomers must re-position and market themselves differently in today's job market. For additional information:
Släktbands landskapsupplaga 8 dec 2008 I detta program ska vi ägna oss åt det landskap som kanske har den allra tydligaste profilen när det gäller symboler för sådant vi ofta tänker på som typiskt svenskt. Vi ska till Dalarna med sina dalahästar, folkdräkter och midsommarstänger. Men Dalarna har också rykte om sig att vara hemvist för ett ovanl ...…
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