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Masculine Intent is an evolved training resource for men teaching the fundamentals of meeting, connecting with, and naturally attracting women, in an effortless way, as it should be.Chris Bale is the Founder and Head Coach at Masculine Intent. His purpose is bringing realness to 21st century masculinity and sexuality, by cutting through the social conditioning, and how it has caused a profound disconnect in men from their masculine energy and purpose. We are a species of man-boys. Masculinit ...
Masculine Style
Podcast by Masculine Style
Masculine By Design Mancast with Craig James. Dedicated to giving men the instruction and motivation they need to live masculine lives of greatness - for their benefit, the benefit of their families, and the benefit of society.
Beyond Masculinity
Beyond Masculinity is a collection of 20 original essays written and recorded by a diverse group of queer male writers and thinkers. Topics include: gender and sexual identities, race and ethnicity, religion, feminism, and politics. Log on to our website to comment on these essays, download written versions of them, or to find more essays like these.
Guest photos, links, show notes and more at: | The man's guide to strong character, intrigue, attracting women, healthy living an adventurous lifestyle. For ten consecutive years, The Mountain Top Podcast (formerly The Chick Whisperer Podcast) from X & Y Communications has been the gold standard for men's podcasts. Scot McKay and his expert co-hosts talk women, dating, sex, seduction and 21st century masculinity in a fast-paced often hilarious style. Ask whatever q ...
Toxic Masculinity
Brad Downing and Tom Van Schingen set out to have powerful conversations about masculinity that will stimulate your mind and have you reconsider what it means to be a man in today's complicated world. They will discuss a variety of issues surrounding the topics of masculinity, femininity, sexuality, relationships, and more.
The Masculine Journey a 30 min radio show. God designed men to be dangerous, says John Eldredge in his book Wild at Heart. Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, to be a warrior, to live a life of adventure and risk. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires-aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a "nice guy." It is no wonder that many men avoid church, and those who go are often passive and bored to dea ...
Raymond Baxter and Alex Cupid talk on all issues 'men' related. We want to further the conversation on men because no-one is speaking up, and we want to break down barriers, end stigma and create an empowering society. We talk about current events and factors affecting the world.
Emergent Masculinity
Emergent Masculinity is a Podcast for Men who want to discover their Edge and Live the Unlived Life. Get the tools to create a life of Greater Freedom, Rich Relationships and Authentic Power.
If you’re longing to hit the “reset button” on what it means to be a man in this world, you’re not alone. There is a growing movement of men who are evolving, redefining personal power, sexuality, success and boldly defining their manhood. As an internationally recognized speaker and coach, Destin inspires and motivates you to be a version of yourself you perhaps never realized was possible, while providing the tools to help you get there. He interviews leaders who have meaningful contributi ...
Roots of Sexual Abuse is a CDC funded, multi-method, cross-sectional research study of adolescent males who have sexually abused children, sexually assaulted peers or adults, and/or committed other types of criminally delinquent behavior. The study applies attachment theory to identify the unique and shared risk factors for adolescents perpetrating child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and delinquent behavior. In his presentation, Charles Helm, MA, will discuss findings from over five years of ...
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I love singing hustling Zelda blogging gaming and people. I play pro🏀 and speak the truth of new masculinity.
The Authentic Masculinity podcast is for men who seek to better themselves and be of service to those around them. We discuss how men can be heroes in their daily lives through tips on masculine personal development and leadership development. Tap into the masculine genius that moves the world. Be Bold. Be Authentic. Be Masculine.
Somos P.T.R.N. en Español: ¡La Emisora Hermana de P.T.R.N. completamente en Castellano! ¡B-I-E-N-V-E-N-I-D-O-S!
We bring together the world's best experts from the world of sex, tantra, dating, relationships, spirituality, and get them to give you the best information about love, sex, and relationships. Send in your questions to and get them answered on the show!
Working to address a cultural black hole around what it actually means to be a man today, THE EVRYMAN PODCAST is a long form conversational podcast that challenges men to open up and get real.
The Pressure Project is a podcast based movement inspiring men to re-embrace their masculinity through honor, brotherhood, and the pressure to succeed.
The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood is an honest, in your face podcast that challenges the social and cultural norms that define today’s man. Through witty banter and provocative conversations we’re redefining masculinity. We’re finding a balance between the classic caveman and the limp-wristed doormat of today’s generation. Tune in and learn what it is to be a confident, powerful, loving leader that people trust and admire. If you’re ready for the challenge of being a “real man,” ...
No-BS self-improvement for the modern Muslim man. Join your host Nabeel Azeez and his guests as they give you practical advice on how to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. We will help you dominate your environment and live the life of your dreams.
The Modern Man
RocketJump is an digital movie studio that specializes in original web video content, TV shows, movies, and games.
Real Men Feel
Real Men Feel was founded to encourage men to allow for and express all of their emotions. We remind men that they are human beings. Producer and host, Andy Grant is an author, speaker, transformation coach, and multiple suicide attempt survivor. Learn more about Andy at Real Men Feel is cohosted by Appio Hunter of
Dr. Blazina has a unique ability to tackle complex issues and make them accessible. This can be seen across the various dimensions of his career as a psychologist, researcher, and professor. He has been a guest on more than 40 radio shows across the country, ranging from National Public Radio to Sirius XM. He has also been featured in popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Women's Health. Dr. Blazina is the author of four books including “The Secret Lives of Men: What Men Want You to Kno ...
Code of Character is a call for all men to live a life of CHARACTER. Character is a life where our actions align with our values and reflect our vision. Our mission is to change lives and build a better society through character and leadership development.
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el Codigo de honor de tu aspecto femenino y el codigo de honor de tu aspecto masculino, estan dando aluz a un Nuevo mundo, ~ Magdala Ramirez (
Estamos dando a luz a una nueva era? el Eterno Masculino esta despertando yo soy tu Magdala (
Estamos dando a luz a una nueva era? el Eterno Masculino esta despertando yo soy tu Magdala (
Cuando la mujer se cuida a sí misma, ella es muy saludable, amorosa y cuidadosa con aquellos que la rodean. La sabiduría es algo que desarrollamos al dedicar tiempo para aprender de nosotras mismas y aquellos seres que están en contacto consigo mismos. En esta entrevista la maestra Maria Sat Prakash Kaur nos habla de su plan para desarrollar mu ...…
Cómo insertarnos como mujeres fuertes en este mundo tan patriarcal, este frase es el ambrela de todos los tópicos desarrollados en este audio, todos relacionados.Australia, se anuncia a la primera mujer en llegar a ser árbitro en la liga de fútbol masculino australiano.Una modelo alemana se destaca porque durante sus vacaciones de modelo está t ...…
Cartão de créditoSite Seguro CertisignCopyright © 2000 - 2017, TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS. Todo o conteúdo do site, todas as f... PRODUTOS DE MODA COM ATÉ 70% OFF Ajuda Minha conta Meus pedidos Endereços Lista de Desejos Netshoes - sem limites entre voc? e o esporte Departamento ...…
Há 13 anos surgiu na mídia um neologismo, a junção de duas referências que deixariam o Capitão América Orgulhoso e chegaram para mudar a forma de produzir conteúdo para sempre. Em 2004 nasceu a palavra "podcast" com a união de "pod", dos iPods, e "broadcast", da transmissão por rádio, mas esse meio surgiu muito antes, ainda no ano 2000 quando o ...…
É isso aí. Sempre disse que gostava de carnaval e agora mudou de ideia? Se liga.
Tentando. Vamos ver se vai dar certo.
Sometimes we keep dragging a mistake, a weakness for years and years. We are aware of it and yet we don't do anything to fix it. It has happened to me as well and in this episode I share it with you so you, hopefully, we'll seriously reflect on that and... fix it! Full transcription available at: Muy buenos días y bien ...…
Bienvenido de vuelta al Latinas Leadership Podcast - El único podcast diseñado específicamente para empoderar a la comunidad Latina! Nuestro último episodio provocó algunas muy interesantes preguntas de nuestros oyentes, específicamente aquellos que sintonizan y no son mujeres o Latinas. Preguntas como: "Tengo que ser latina para escuchar este ...…
Noticias de hoje: ** Lauren Jauregui aplica golpe pra nçao vir em show chato **Keeping the Camargos **Scrotox ?!? **Imposto sobre Netflix e Spotify **Arruma a mala, ae! ** #RIPBial E A PARTE B sai em Breve: Cabello! E sempre posso ter esquecido algo! ;D Feed: Links das noticia ...…
Curto Circuito. Ídolos. Que nomes vêm à mente quando se fala destes dois pesos pesados da SIC? Exatamente, Carolina Torres, João Manzarra, Rui Unas, Fernando Alvim, Rita Andrade, Solange F e outros tantos. Mas falta um. Que esteve tanto no programa das tardes da SIC Radical como no programa de talentos da SIC. Pedro Miranda. Isso mesmo, o prime ...…
Ciclismo JJOO Rio 2016 Fecha Emisión: 06/08/2016 Prueba en ruta masculina Narración: Andrés Vicario Comentarios: Matías Vega, Dani Escribano, Sergio Fernández
Mark Murphy: Fascinating Rhythm |Meet Mark Murphy [Decca, 1957] Joe Williams: Get Out Of My Life | Presenting Joe Williams And Thad Jones • Mel Lewis [Solid State, 1966] José James: ‎ Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You | Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You [Impulse, 2010] Louis Armstrong: Duke's Place | Recording Together For The First Time Mose Allison: ...…
Su sistema reproductivo es una cosa increíble cuando está funcionando correctamente. En este episodio se discute cómo evitar cualquier cirugía y el dolor, relacionados con el sistema reproductivo. Usted aprenderá todos los órganos que tienen un propósito.Así podrá disfrutar de la vida sin los contratiempos del sistema reproductor no funciona co ...…
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: La Última Cripta [The Last Crypt]Autor: Fernando GamboaNarrador: Pep RibasFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 16 hrs and 44 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de publicación: 02-23-16Editor: BookaCalificaciones: 4 de 5 de 36 votosCategorías: Mysteries & Thrillers, SuspenseResumen ...…
2015年十月底,“开放二胎”的新闻占领了中国各大报纸的头条。国外的媒体也纷纷发表文章报道这个消息。中国的民众其实并不觉得意外,因为从这几年的情况来看,“开放二胎”是早晚的事情。 对于我们80后来说,很多人都是独生子女。我不是,我有妹妹。在美国的时候,同事听说我有妹妹都非常诧异。我想一部分原因是国外的媒体常常把中国大陆的计划生育政策翻译成:One-child Policy。事实上,这种翻译并不准确。计划生育并不单单是“只能生一个孩子”。 我认识的很多80后的独生子女都有这样一些特征。比如,生活在城市。当年,计划生育政策在城市执行得特别严格。再比如,父母在政府、医院、学校、国营企业等等这一类单位工作。如果这些父母违反了计划生育的国策,很有可能会丧失晋升机会,甚至丢了饭碗。所以这些家庭基 ...…
2015年十月底,“开放二胎”的新闻占领了中国各大报纸的头条。国外的媒体也纷纷发表文章报道这个消息。中国的民众其实并不觉得意外,因为从这几年的情况来看,“开放二胎”是早晚的事情。 对于我们80后来说,很多人都是独生子女。我不是,我有妹妹。在美国的时候,同事听说我有妹妹都非常诧异。我想一部分原因是国外的媒体常常把中国大陆的计划生育政策翻译成:One-child Policy。事实上,这种翻译并不准确。计划生育并不单单是“只能生一个孩子”。 我认识的很多80后的独生子女都有这样一些特征。比如,生活在城市。当年,计划生育政策在城市执行得特别严格。再比如,父母在政府、医院、学校、国营企业等等这一类单位工作。如果这些父母违反了计划生育的国策,很有可能会丧失晋升机会,甚至丢了饭碗。所以这些家庭基 ...…
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