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MTG Potpourri
Join Tom Gustafson and a regular array of major Magicians as they discuss the news, decks, and cards of the week.
MTG Fast Finance
Podcast by MTG Fast Finance
An in depth look at training, coaching, Sport Science, and anything else that relates to enhancing endurance performance.
A Warhammer 40k and Wargaming Podcast
Parents are trying to navigate children through a world they themselves don’t often understand. America’s Mom, Dr. Meg Meeker, the country's trusted authority on parenting, teens, & children's health, offers practical insights to help parents simplify. The pediatrician, mother, & best selling author engages with experts & parents to take on relevant issues, answer real questions, & provide simple hope & encouragement to every parent. New episodes available every other week.
MPD the Podcast is a music based which focuses on new music from signed and unsigned artists with exclusive interviews and hot topic discussions brought to you by dj/super producer Krime Cleargates and artist/writer Lil Nino
Yo! MTG Taps!
A Magic: The Gathering Podcast.
Podcast by mtgSpeculator
MTG Grindcast
The MTG Grindcast is a spicy new podcast focusing on competitive Magic: the Gathering, with special emphasis on the SCG Tour. Hosts Chris Castro-Rappl and SCG standout Collins Mullen break down all the latest decks, metagame shifts, and technology you're gonna need for whatever tournament you're playing in this weekend. Check us out, and happy grinding!
Take your writing from average to awesome! Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels or questioning your talent. Learn to write more, write better, write smarter. This podcast will give you tools and techniques so you can feel like a real writer, master the craft of fiction and finally finish that book you've always dreamed of writing.
MTG Pro Tutor is a top rated Magic: The Gathering podcast and here's why: professional Magic players and community notables share their origin stories twice a week (Tue & Fri) and impart actionable tips you can use the next time you sit down to play. Learn from the wealth of experience they've built through hours of practice and playing against hundreds of opponents and start seeing improvements in your own skill right away. Don't you hate feeling like you play and play and don’t improve? Su ...
The Migs Cast
The Migs Cast crew has candid takes on topical and cultural issues, while also sharing personal and comical stories along the way. They feature a wide range of guests from musicians to wrestlers...all while preaching their contagious "stay positive" mantra. The Migs Cast features KISW's Steve Migs, The Reverend En Fuego and Windowpane's Glenn Cannon.
Citius Mag Podcast
A weekly podcast from hosted by Chris Chavez. Interviewing the stars of track and field every week. Whether it's athletes, coaches, agents, writers or other interesting figures from running culture, we sit down for a laid back chat on the latest happenings in the sport. Be sure to check out for all your latest running commentary.Support the show. Leave a five-star review on iTunes or shoot us a dollar or more. Our Venmo is open: @CitiusMag.
Daily MTG Podcast
The podcast from the official Magic: The Gathering website! In this podcast you can hear stories from the people behind Magic’s design & development, learn about different ways to play the game, and new ways for you to explore the Magic Multiverse! Join your hosts Trick Jarrett, Tifa Meyen and Gavin Verhey on this bi-weekly podcast.
Meg-John Barker & Justin Hancock. They/he/we. 'Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want To)' is out January 5th 2017
MAG Podcast
Thai Podcast Station about Anime, Manga, Games, Movies and Technology.
MuscleSport Mag
Weekly talk show covering bodybuilding, pro sports and fitness.
MTG Pro Tutor
Qualify for the Pro Tour
MTG Cardboard Crack House is a weekly podcast that focuses on everything Magic has to offer. The faces of the Crack House are The Truth, Erebos, Black Anthony and Earl Grey. If its Standard, Modern, Legacy, or EDH. We tackle all subjects from newbie guides to getting into the game, all the way to the advanced player deck techs and tricks. So grab a beer, sit back and enjoy the ride!Patreon Account:’t forget to also add us on:YouTube:https:/ ...
Screenplay Mag
Podcast by Screenplay
MFC Podcast
The home of the MFC Podcast
This podcasts are sermons delivered by the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya at the International Headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.Visit for more information
DJ Mag Podcast
Weekly we upload mixes from the World's best DJs.
TFG Sports Podcast
TFG Sports podcast is the place to check in for discussion on Indian sports. We talk about Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, Athletics and more with a variety of guests and regular contributors.
MFR Farming
Farmer Jonesy brings you the latest on issues affecting farming in the north of Scotland.
PNC Bank is a highly diversified and growing financial services organization spanning the retail, business and corporate markets. PNC Bank's manufacturing podcasts help keep you current on industry developments, and provide informative banking commentary for manufacturing businesses.
Anything: MTG
A casual podcast hosted by Nick and Seth. We're trying to provide a casual view of Magic: The Gathering. Primarily focused on entertainment, we will play games, talk about our favorite sets, new sets, strategy, breaking the rules, cheating and drift off topic to talk about pop culture or anything under the sun.
Modern Hippie Mag promotes hip, healthy conscious living and environmental sustainability. We interview people making waves in the green and eco-sectors to give you the inside scoop!Find us at http://www.modernhippiemag.comWhere it's hip to BE.
LFG Podcast
From strategy and tips to interviews and stories, Jamie Kerstetter and Chad Holloway take an in depth look at life on the poker grind.
Think Differently About Manufacturing! Join Jason Zenger, Jim Carr, and the Metalworking Nation as they discuss how manufacturing leaders are elevating their skills, solving their problems and growing their business. This inspiring & entertaining podcast show has been featured by IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), Modern Machine Shop, AMT, Cutting Tool Engineering, The MFG Show, MakerCast-Podcast for Makers, Edge Factor and more! Get the insights and tools that you need to t ...
Show bits from BJ & Migs Mornings.
Meg minnist
Sendirøðin Meg minnist byrjaði í 2009. Í røðini leggur Jógvan Arge dent á at fáa fólk at siga frá slíkum, sum tey vita og hava upplivað.Sjálvt heitið á sendirøðini er ikki nýtt. Niels Juel Arge brúkti navnið í mong ár til sínar samrøðusendingar, og Jógvan ásannar, at ringt er at finna eitt betri felagsheiti fyri slíkar sendingar.
Lois J Wetzel is the author of "Akashic Records: Case Studies" available on Amazon/Kindle and "EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!" as well as "Sacred Journeys & Vision Quests." In doing this show, Lois' intent is to create a FREE LIBRARY of spiritual information for all Seekers on the Path, who are guided here. Feel free to browse the archives and find what resonates with you! Sometimes Lois will be the one teaching, more often, it will be others telling what they know and/or what they d ...
NFG Talents Mixes
The NFG Talents Mix Series is born from the combination of the youtube channel NeurofunkGrid which aims to promote the genre’s latest news and a growing community of talented new artists wishing to break through the jungle of electronic music.
FG podcast
Frontline Gastroenterology (FG) aims to accelerate the adoption of best practice in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. It is multidisciplinary and focuses on the needs of patients and the professionals caring for them. The principal criterion for publication is potential impact on patient care. FG is an official journal of the British Society of Gastroenterology.
Love a cheeky punt? Want a couple of good bets for the weekend? Keen for a bit of a laugh? Can't get enough crapping on about sport? If you answered "yes" to one of these questions, then you might like the Mug Punters podcast. Maybe.
China MSG
Interviews, Deck Techs, Trivia, Card Discussions, Collecting and more about Old School Magic the Gathering. Hosted by Gordon Andersson, Seb Celia and Grant Casleton. More info on
MF GALAXY is a weekly podcast powered by four mighty engines: * Writers on writing: the craft and the business * Pop culture including TV, movies, graphic novels, and more * Progressive politics, activism, and social enterprise * Africentric change-makers, histories, cultures, art, and more! Mixing brand-new interviews with classic conversations (from my archive of 23 years in broadcasting) with famous and dynamic figures in the arts, Hollywood, and politics, MF GALAXY will take you to place ...
BESTLIFERADIO presented by Mark Fisher Fitness with Brian Patrick Murphy: hear how successful Entrepreneurs live their BEST LIFE!
MTG Sharepoint
Podcast by MTG Sharepoint
In our podcast we discuss the Kunark Ascension Expansion
A message by Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya, General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries worldwide.
Journey through the Deeper Sound of Drum & Bass with DJ 21 playing a selection of the Finest Intelligent Drum & Bass. This one is for The Headz!!!
A series of encouraging short podcasts about writing and overcoming hurdles, for first time novelists, from English author M. G. Leonard.
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In today’s video I discuss future plans, answer your mail, troubleshooting why your battery isn’t charging, and YouTube gossip. Useful Links My videos on Amazon My Amazon influencer page T-Shirts are available at My music: Drivi ...…
Best Buy Plans to Shut Down 250 Mobile Phone Stores Best Buy is shutting down 250 mobile phone stores in a turnaround to close underperforming locations. Canadian stores are not affected by the closures. Lowes and Sherw ...…
Hello Metalworking Nation! We are thrilled at what’s to come in the near future for the MakingChips Podcast. While Jim and Jason are busy implementing the final changes to the new MakingChips, we wanted to share with you one of our favorite episodes from the MakingChips Vault. On this episode, we will be speaking with Patricia Miller, CEO of Ma ...…
I interview Keira McVitty. Weis Mfg. Save the Track Bike RSS
Simon hosts Jim and Ben, who discuss social gaming, dubious uncles and laying down the foundations for the next generation of game players all with a festive twistExtra credits to:MFG Intro/Outro Originally composed by Mark Jefferies - Christmas arrangement by Hendo.By
Anthony Nieves joins Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady for an inside look at the Non-Manufacturing Report on Business.
This week on the Ham Radio 360 Workbench Podcast George is joined by Michael VA3MW to deep dive on remotely operating your station from just about anywhere you have internet access. George also breaks down his new KX3 Portable Enclosure and discusses the wiring and placement of equipment. Unfortunately Jeremy experienced severe technical diffic ...…
Jonathan Kaspar - Khaya (Original Mix)Martijn Ten Velden, Staves - Feeling of Sa Penya (Martijn ten Velden Mix)Sasha, Joel Mull - Pale Reich (Original Mix)Cid Inc. - Coastlines (Original Mix)Khen - Cornfields (Original Mix)Roberto Traista - Mission Critical (Analog Jungs Remix)Ziger - Substance (Original Mix)Jorgio Kioris - Isolation (Subandrio ...…
Planes, trains and automobiles. This week: timely travel recommendations, Apple’s forthcoming “big beautiful plants”, Netflix as a relentless original content machine and scenes from the continuing decline of our democracy. Priority boarding of this episode available for all Pocket Cast Platinum Medallion Members and above. ✈️ . Links: Amazon.c ...…
This week's challenge: pack a bag for Italy. Show Notes Atomic Size Matters — Atomic Comics TWIZY | Electric | Renault UK France’s Funkiest ‘Car’ Finally Hits America | WIRED Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Wikipedia Vatican Refuses to Go Gluten Free at Communion - The New York Times Sean Spicer didn’t get to meet the pope. Even reporters feel s ...…
Dugong, Sweet Anomaly - What May Come (Oona Dahl Remix)Jiminy Hop - Sunrise on the Edge of the Earth (Robert R. Hardy Remix)Da Luka - Chiron (Marcelo Vasami Remix)Subconscious Tales - Colibri (Original Mix)Orsa - Carcharoth (Ejaz Ahamed Remix)Stas Drive - Solar Alice (Original Mix)Fille V, Mathi - Samma Samadhi (Dyo Atoma Remix)Cid Inc. - Shift ...…
Riders on the Norm Agenda - Tuesday July 4 Episode 85 Lets Move To Nashville Scott and I sat down this week and I broke some big news to him. Madi and I are moving to Nashville! The show must go on though! So we have worked out how we will do it and there will be no changes except we won't be in the same room. I'll be building a new studio in T ...…
Riders on the Norm Agenda - Thursday June 29 Episode 83 Born Free SPONSORS First Mfg Co @firstmfgco Turbine Jacket and Smarty Pants DEATH SCIENCE use code ROTN for 15% off GET LOWERED -We want riders to hear about us, check us out and see if they like the stuff we carry. We are constantly looking for/adding gear & parts from ne ...…
Riders on the Norm Agenda - Monday June 26 Episode 82 #BashfulDanzig SPONSORS First Mfg Co @firstmfgco Turbine Jacket and Smarty Pants DEATH SCIENCE use code ROTN for 15% off GET LOWERED -We want riders to hear about us, check us out and see if they like the stuff we carry. We are constantly looking for/adding gear & parts from ...…
Check out the 20th episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast series, "Why Phosphorus is Leaving the Farm and What to Do About it," brought to you by Montag Mfg. In this episode, we welcome Joe Nester to talk about why he thinks we're seeing more problems with phosphorus runoff and what growers can do to keep the nutrient from leaving their fields.…
Riders on the Norm Agenda - Tues June 20 Episode 81 Born Free Bound SPONSORS First Mfg Co @firstmfgco Turbine Jacket and Smarty Pants DEATH SCIENCE use code ROTN for 15% off Those Once Loyal sign up for free membership Website made some updates thanks to Chris Hague Donate ...…
June 18, 2017 The Just Riding Along Show Page ABOUT THIS EPISODE Tune in to this weeks episode to hear Andrea's racing prowess, Matt's racing woes, and how Kenny has found snow again. The crew covers SRAM Eagle GX, Andrea's new demo bike that is on order, sends Larry Enticer's name over the radio waves, and Kenny flirts with the idea of joining ...…
In our 20th episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Totally Tubular Mfg., we share excerpts from my conversation with DeForest, Wis., farmer Mark Schroeder during our visit to his 3,300-acre operation.
In the 19th episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Montag Mfg., we welcome President of Ward Laboratories, Ray Ward to share his knowledge on micronutrients and what no-tillers can do to ensure their crops have the fertility they need.
There is no shortage of MFG choices and options today but why should an athlete even concern themselves with an action camera? As a coach and athlete, I have found action camera footage invaluable for many reasons. So let’s cover the Who, what, when, how where and why of action cameras on today’s Bench Talk. I have used action cameras and actio ...…
In the wake of President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord the liberal pundits once again cry out that the sky is falling. The decision will save nearly 3-Million jobs by 2025 including 440K mfg jobs, and save natural energy industry jobs from being redistributed to India and China. Meanwhile, the Dakota Pipeline is open for busi ...…
In our 19th episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Totally Tubular Mfg., we welcome Mazeppa, Minn., strip-tiller Rod Sommerfield to share his experience adopting regenerative agriculture practices.
In the 18th episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Montag Mfg., we welcome Doral Kemper to share how no-tillers can increase their soil’s water table — and yield — with earthworms. 200 Vol. 4 NRAAM Inland MFG, Vertx, MAC, Kraken, InforceWe made it to 200 episodes Lead Heads! Thanks for all your support in making this show possible. Be paying attention to upcoming shows and social media posts for randomly awesome giveaways ...…
Ag News: Mexican trade delegates were in Lincoln yesterday. We get a view on the discussions ...Brazil approves the Dow/Dupont merger .. Report on the successful "Beef Experience Tour" ... Brian Magnusson of Lindsay Mfg touts a new irrigation management tool ... Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue discusses restructuring USDA with Jesse Harding ... Lynn ...…
In our 18th episode of the Strip-Till Farmer podcast brought to you by Totally Tubular Mfg., we welcome agricultural machine systems specialist John Nowatzki, who shares his take on researching, selecting and getting off the ground with UAVs in agriculture.
In the 17th episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, brought to you by Montag Mfg., we welcome the 9th class of Responsible Nutrient Management Practitioners to share their 15 tips for a more effective and efficient fertility program.
What is the newest game you have owned by year of MFG? We also go around the room and visit what we've all been doing the past week. If you haven't done so, please subscribe so you will be alerted when the next show goes live.
What is the newest game you have owned by year of MFG? We also go around the room and visit what we've all been doing the past week. If you haven't done so, please subscribe so you will be alerted when the next show goes live. Welcome back to the Talking Lead Show episode: TLP 198 NRAAM Vol 2 RITON, Range Systems, Team Clevenger, Hudson MFGTalking Lead has partnered with Tactical Squirrel to bring the Lead Head Nation a special on their monthly Tactical Box subscription ser ...…
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