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Join amateur military historian podcaster Justin Johnson as he covers the military history of America in the American Military History Podcast. Covering America’s Military History from the Revolutionary War through current day conflicts. New episodes release every Thursday. Subscribe on iTunes to stay up to date.
Military Justice
Brought to you by the creators of Undisclosed, Military Justice explores the system of rules and regulations that govern those who serve in uniform. Hosted by James W. Weirick--a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and Judge Advocate--the podcast delves into the flaws inherent to the military justice system and makes the case for substantial reform to ensure the brave men and women who serve our nation are protected from arbitrary retaliation. Topics include emerging issues in sexual assault, ...
Interviews with Scholars of Military History about their New Books
Military History Lectures and Events held at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, brought to you in podcast form. Our lecturers are scholars, soldiers, and authors who are speaking to a U.S. Army audience about military history and the history of war.
Military Mouths
Join us as we talk about issues that affect our service members
Fasten your seatbelts! This is a military podcast and news talk radio show hosted by Veterans. If it goes fast, is highly explosive or dangerous, we talk about it on our show. We cover all branches of the US Armed Forces including Special Forces and top news stories from around the world. Step up and subscribe now!
Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those who serve and their families, Minnesota Military Radio brings you the latest news from Minnesota's proud military community including; the Minnesota National Guard, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. Whether it's the latest on veterans' benefits, historic stories of service or how you can help our troops and their families, this is your best source to stay up to speed. With a team of producers from the ...
Telling the stories of Canada's military veterans in their own words.
Military Mom Talk Radio starring Sandra Beck and Robin Boyd provides a powerful platform for women to discuss their ideas, issues, and concerns with respect to the military lifestyle. From navigating healthcare, to childcare, to eldercare to making the most of your military benefits and opportunities, we validate, comfort, educate, and inspire women to live their best life and lead their military families... for when one serves, the whole family serves.
Military HD
Features stories about U.S. service members and military operations from around the world.
The Command Your Business Podcast interviews Veteran Entrepreneurs, Veteran Business Owners, and Military Spouse Entrepreneurs. Find out what they learned from serving in the armed forces and how that allowed them to excel as Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.
Bringing you the strangest anecdotes, innovative technology, and most significant events of Military History.
Join us for a fun show of interesting interviews, candid conversation and timely resource information. Pour that cup of tea and keep us company! ...or listen in during your morning commute! Laugh, Learn, Relate! Notable: Selected as one of BTR's top 300 shows, top 2% (13')!
The Mentors for Military Podcast brings real talk from real veterans. Grab a chair and your favorite beverage and join in on an awesome topic. Our hosts are military veterans with backgrounds and experience that includes an Armor Crewman and Retention NCO turned Fortune 50 executive, Army Rangers, Special Forces, Marine Recon, Air Force PJ, and a female CST that served with the US Army Rangers in Afghanistan. (aka Mentors4Mil)
The Professional Military Education (PME) podcast is where great books on war and history are analyzed and discussed with the author. Through in depth conversations, the PME podcast seeks to promote great books that will interest serious military thinkers. For people that might be interested in military topics and history, the PME podcast will get you hooked on this awesome field of study. Through in depth reading and serious scholarship, the PME podcast is proud to bring a great history sho ...
Radio Active Broadcasting
Military Moments
Military Moments is a weekly podcast hosted by military veteran with 2 tours of active combat, Will Byrne. Co-hosted by Scott Douglas.
Podcast of Military History Visualized
A Podcast Focusing on Military Aviation World Wide.
Military & Music
Military & Music is a program about military music interspersed with some military chat. We feature interviews, opinions and chat from the occasional caller and subscribe to the theory that you would rather listen to the music so the chat is kept minimalUnfortunately because of prank callers we normally only accept calls from pre-arranged callers or friends of the show. We do have a call-in section of the show where unscheduled callers may interact with the show but its timing is random and ...
PT Military
Military Devotions
The Society of American Military Engineers leads collaborative efforts to identify and resolve national security infrastructure-related challenges. Founded in 1920, SAME unites public and private sector individuals and organizations from across the architecture, engineering, construction, environmental and facility management, cyber security, project planning, contracting and acquisition, and related disciplines in support of national security.Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., SAME provides ...
MPIR is dedicated to advancing our and the publics understanding of uncharacteristic and mysterious paranormal events and activity. MPI and MPIR is not affiliated to any branch of the military.
We would like to dedicate this podcast to military service members and veterans of the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Wes and Tracy are a husband and wife duo who have both served and continue to serve today. This podcast is a fun, light-hearted discussion about the relevant issues affecting soldiers and veterans alike. So sit back with a cup of joe or a beer (we know we will) and enjoy. If you would like to get involved or have a question about soldier and veteran relate ...
Defence IQ is an authoritative news source for high quality and exclusive commentary and analysis on global defence and military-related topics. Since being created in 2009, Defence IQ's online community and military forum has rapidly grown to over 45,000 defence professionals. Sourcing interviews and insights directly from senior military and industry professionals on air defence
The Military History seminar at the Institute of Historical Research
On Military Resource Radio, our host Tony Gatliff and his vast array of guests CONNECT veterans and active duty service members with amazing resources and organizations to improve their lives. They also discuss real estate, mortgages and – well – a little bit of everything!
The Military Wallet podcast is a weekly podcast that was created to bring the latest news and information in military and veterans benefits. This is the place to come for up to date information on current benefits programs for active duty members, retirees, members of the Guard and Reserves, veterans, and their family members. We cover topics such as pay & benefits, pensions, VA disability claims, VA Loans, GI Bill, Thrift Savings Plan, and much more.
Linda Kreter presents Military Network Radio to bring you dynamic interviews each week and fresh information of value to enhance and improve your outlook and actions as a member of the military or veteran community, their families and those who care about them. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.
War College
A weekly look at the weapons systems and tactics that both endanger the world and keep it safe.
Military Missions exists to support and honor deployed military personnel by sending care packages as an expression of appreciation and gratitude.
Are you a Veteran in transition, an entrepreneur wanna be or someone who’s stuck in that JOB trying to escape? Veteran on the Move is your pathfinder to freedom. Dedicated to helping military veterans transition to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. The podcast interviews military veterans that have become entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, and features programs and resources to guide veterans in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs.
ON TIME, ON TARGET: Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys. Hosted by Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy and New York Festivals award winning radio producer Ian Scotto. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.
Military Movies
Military Movies is a Halo 2 clan that makes movie from action to comedy. This podcast includes movies from Military Movies and its affiliates. 1 to 2 new movies will be added every week. This is the best podcast for halo 2 lovers. Visit Military Movies at E-mail your suggestion and comments or what you would like to see to
Arm yourself with knowledge, know your rights, and avoid becoming a victim of injustice. The Military Law Matters podcast empowers you to take charge of legal issues you are facing, from court-martial charges to divorce proceedings and military pension division, to tips on how to fight your discharge or upgrade your discharge and what to do if you are facing an Officer Grade Determination. Each episode will offer further insight into the world of military law. This program is geared toward t ...
Inspiring interviews focused on the Military and Veteran Community. Learn from some of today’s most successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers and Influencers as they leave us with the Tips, Strategies, Resources and Advice they learned on their journey to success. Leaving you Motivated and Ready to Fire and Adjust !
A spirited discussion of how the military is portrayed in movies, TV shows, blogs, comics, videogames, books, and documentaries. In each podcast episode we examine famous, infamous, and obscure portrayals of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, as well as the militaries of other countries and eras, across a variety of mediums.
Podcast by Defense Health Agency
Sharing our stories up-close and personal
CWTR is a weekly, hour long, intenet-based talk radio show hosted by Gerry Prokopowicz of East Carolina University. Each week, Gerry interviews leading historians, authors, enthusiasts, etc. on all things Civil War related.
Let's start this journey together to be inspired and build YOUR business today! On this show we will be educating and inspiring Active Duty folks from all over the world on all things Entrepreneur! From e-commerce to real estate investing to manufacturing and everything in between come hang out with us every week to see what's possible when the nation's best and brightest decide to bring their skills to the open market and Build Something Bigger!
Civil War Audio
The American Civil War.This podcast provides serialized audio books concerning the American Civil War and the its events. These books will include fiction and non-fiction works such memoirs and novels. The companion website at also provides songs from Civil War times. In addition, some Civil War-themed puzzles are also available.Produced by Civil War Audio -June 2010 - - Read by John A Bruzas.
Over 900 years ago, thousands of Christians invaded the Middle East, intent on taking the Holy Land from the Muslims. The following 200 years were marked by a series of military campaigns known as the Crusades.Join us to follow the history of the Crusades from 1095 onwards. Castles, battles, religious clashes, Richard the Lionheart, the Assassins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saladin, the Knights Templar - all will feature as we examine one of the most interesting periods in history.
Marking the centenary of the war through stories and events linked to places across Ireland. Introduced by Helen Mark.
The military community is full of successful business owners, managers, and leaders across all industries, military and civilian. Time to show them off and learn from their experiences! Hear stories of active duty members, military spouses, and veterans as host Lindsey Germono shines a spotlight on their challenges, triumphs, and the insights learned through determination and best business practices. Join Lindsey and guests in insightful discussions of what it takes to be a leading military ...
A history podcast in which we weave together a chronological narrative of the Civil War era. Visit us at
Post Military Employment Radio is for transitioning military, Veterans seeking the "right" civilian job, or employers seeking the "perfect" candidate.
We meet with incredibly inspiring, passionate military spouses speaking about their career journey from the dream to the reality and everything in between! Simplify your crazy, wonderful military life. Listen in!
A one day conference in collaboration with the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies and the Department of History, University of Calgary and the History of Warfare Research Group, King's College London
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Dévastation massive à l’île Saint Martin causée par l’ouragan Irma. Marc Tout-ti Bédard se joint à nous. (13 septembre 2017) 1h50m COMMENTER sur Twitter: COMMENTER sur FaceBook: (9m31s) Le Venezuela envoie 10 tonnes d’aide humani ...…
What do French people do on Bastille Day? What do you wish French people on Bastille Day? As France celebrated its national holiday just a few days ago, learn what historical events are behind it and increase your French vocabulary! This episode is also packed with personal memories related to Bastille Day 😉 Vocabulary and… Read More → The post ...…
Juin 2017 Shownotes and Links Sujet de discussion Dernier leak de wikileaks - CIA tools Follow up NSA leak SambaCRY Nouvelles Locales Captain Obvious fait rage! Les banques sont à risques d’être attaqués Les partis politiques à risques d’être attaqués Nouvelles Internationnale Militaire arrêté Pirate Bay…
Vers la creation d'une nouvelle force militaire en Haiti, Haiti Nation Education
Ce sont les dernières répétitions pour le défilé du 14-Juillet la semaine prochaine sur les Champs-Elysées. Au dessus des troupes et des chars, il y aura des avions. L’aviation militaire est d’autant plus à l’honneur que cette année 2017 célèbre le centenaire des As et le début des combats avec des pilotes américains.…
Je suis avec ‘’La Clandestine’’, Linda Harrisson de son nom, pour discuter des cycles de l’existence. De son parcours et de son passé comme femme entrepreneure, de la performance physique et de l’image corporelle. Des obstacles, défis et difficultés qui l’ont modelés au plus profond de son être; de ses origines. Un régime familial militaire où ...…
Richard Mosse remporte le Prix Pictet 2017 avec la série Heat Maps, sur la situation des réfugiés en Europe, au Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord. Les cartes présentées montrent des camps de regroupement à l'aide d'appareils de thermographies militaires pouvant identifier des personnes et objets à 50km, rappelant les dangers du biopouvoir et de l ...…
ABOUT THIS DISCUSSIONWith immigration likely to be one of the cornerstone issues of Donald Trump's presidency the debate over immigration, particularly in regards to national security, is far from resolved. At this event Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Nowrasteh will debate the many important issues concerning immigration to the U.S.ABOUT THE SPEAKERSAlex ...…
Alice Pannier, Institut de Recherche Strategique de l'Ecole Militaire; CERI Sciences Po, France discussed "France's Strategic Role in the World: Historical Continuities and New Dilemmas in the Era of Brexit and Trump" as part of the Understanding the New Europe Series.
Alice Pannier, Institut de Recherche Strategique de l'Ecole Militaire; CERI Sciences Po, France discussed "France's Strategic Role in the World: Historical Continuities and New Dilemmas in the Era of Brexit and Trump" as part of the Understanding the New Europe Series.
Droit Aux Puces Émission du 26 novembre 2016 - Radio Grenouille - 88.8 (Marseille) L'heure est grave : La France footballistique est envahie. La Chine à l'Est et les USA par le Sud. Le Monde footballistique subit actuellement des turbulences diplomatiques sans précédents. Le dispositif DBDGR entre donc en résistance et tente depuis une cave ten ...…
Dans la première partie du programme, nous discuterons de la résolution adoptée par le Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies vendredi dernier demandant à Israël de mettre fin à sa colonisation des territoires palestiniens occupés. Nous parlerons du crash d'un avion militaire russe qui a tué dimanche 92 passagers, dont 64 membres du célèbre Ense ...…
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