Best mimosas podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Chili and Mimosas
Alisha Perkins and Colleen Lindstrom tackle the serious conversation about mental health with a balance of levity and seriousness. Having both been diagnosed with a mental illness, this author, runner, and baseball wife and her radio talk show host, kickboxing bestie talk about living, parenting, working, and practicing self-care with this conflicted pairing of mental illness and a great, vibrant life. It's like chili with your mimosa. It doesn't sound good, but you can still bring both to a ...
Fitness & Mimosas
A fun feminine fitness radio show where girlfriends from around the world chat about self-love, self-care, and empowerment.
Mimosas After 1
Podcast by Lunchroom Network
Co-hosted by Adrienne Tilley and Winx Goll, marshmallow + mimosa is a podcast following the lives and interests of lady entrepreneurs and content creators. Prepare your brains for nerdiness, self-care pro-tips, hilarious life lessons, and countless tangents. Also cats. Lots of cats.
Mimosa Thursday
Mimosa Thursday is the conversational bi-weekly podcast dedicated to writing advice and experience from all of us writerly-shaped folks here at Herding Cats. We provide Creative Writing 101, book discussions, marketing advice, and all sorts of goodies. Stay a while and listen!
The hit NYC based character comedy show is back at it again with an all new Podcast, Haus of Mimosa: The Podcast! Join the boys behind the girls (Travis and Steven) as they talk about all your favorite pop culture topics, provide some hysterical sketch comedy with their Real Housewives of Queens segment, and Drag Talk all with their gal pal, Michelle Bessoir (BahShwah). Every show comes packed with "coochie poppin" music from our very own DJ Anita B. to keep you going through out your day. f ...
Mimosa Sunrise
We are your Sunday morning pop culture refresher, brought to you by Charlie Turner and Tristan Donahue! In this podcast we will be diving into all aspects of popular culture! So go grab your drinks, sit back, and prepare to listen!
Bottomless Mimosas
Chismosas and Mimosas podcast! It's brunch with your girls without the expensive tab or hangover. The Chismosas are here to cover it all - so get your mimosas ready, we're in for a wild ride.
Five fabulous adventurers work off their naughty boy prison sentences under the eye of a drag sorcereress queen, narrowly dodging copyright infringement in DnD 5e missions based on beloved LGBTQ television and media as they quest for adventure, abs, and a hangover cure!
Mimosas by Night
Men. Mimosas. Night. The most dangerous podcast on the internet. nsfw
In the US, over 50 million households have only one ISP option for high-speed broadband that meets the FCC’s definition of at least 25 Mbps. In rural areas the problem is amplified, with fewer options and even slower access speeds. According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Report, the US recently ranked 10th in the world with average speeds of 18 Mbps. That means there is a huge opportunity for individuals like you to start a business providing much needed broadband options to your local c ...
Melanin & Mimosas
Podcast by Dannie K & Pretty Peets
Podcast by Intrepidus Dance
Beignets and Mimosas
Beignets and Mimosas started out of a late night conversation amongst Blake, Shantrell, Monica, Rachel and Rene. We thought we were hilarious together. Looking back, that may have been the consequence of a few too many drinks. What has remained true, however, is that we are five millenials, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. We wanted to share our stories of dating, navigating careers and living life while providing humor and advice. Although our backdrop is New Orleans, we hop ...
"Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas."
Boobs & Mimosas
Lets Talk About it!
Danetha Doe from Money and Mimosas reveals everything you need to know to build your business and live the life of the rich and famous. From covering marketing strategies, accounting do's and don'ts, how to secure financing and venture capital funding, and killer strategies to generate online revenue so you can spend more time shopping and going to happy hour, Danetha will show you how to truly attain a life of luxury. Danetha is a former NFL Cheerleader turned accountant and business strate ...
"LadyGang" is a celebrity driven podcast from the minds and mouths of Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin where no subject is off limits. Inspired by their bottomless mimosa brunches, each week, a celebrity guest joins the girls for a raw, honest, and hilarious look at what life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood.
Save Point Sunday
Save Point Sunday is an amazing podcast run by three rad dudes who realized that literally anyone is allowed to make a podcast. Once that realization was made it was only a matter of time before these fools were recording their conversations weekly to share with a public who reacted with a resounding "what?!" It's silly, it's stupid, and it'll probably offend you at some point. Join us for Sunday Brunch, via Save Point Sunday!
Podcast by Santi
But First, Brunch
We're Catalina and Jessica! A couple of millennials who dissect everything and how it reflects our culture. Pour yourself a giant mimosa and dive into the biggest Jacksonville and pop culture stories of the week with us.
Brunch with the Basics is the ultimate celebration of everyone's favorite meal. A boozy mix of comedy and variety show hosted by the most basic of the basic bitches Sarah Mattox and Hannah Tighe. These two besties will have you spilling your bottomless mimosa with their witty banter and fun variety games and specials. The show features a new topic every month such as "My Hot Friend","Guys We Met on Tinder", and "Where My Hoes at?". The Basics will answer your relationship questions, they wil ...
In The Buff Podcast
New podcast feat. mixologist Max Blowers and drag super star Anita Buffem brought to you by The Haus of Mimosa. Every Monday, we make drinks, offer beauty and makeup tips and discuss trending hot topics.
With the fresh success of my podcast ‘When Straight Meets Gay‘ with Richard Trejo and Trey Melton, I wanted to create my own space where I could just sit and talk with my own guests/friends. So I created ‘Mimosas with Michael.’This is a podcast where I just sit and talk with people about life, love, art – and the vulnerabilities and joys that make us all human.I come across so many wonderful and fascinating people that I would just grab a mimosas with and talk to – so I hope to share some la ...
Catch up with us as we recap the weekend. Listen to stories about the shows we played, the awesome people we met, the drinks we shared, food we like to eat, and things we love and hate about each other. Grab a mimosa, tune in, and nurse your weekend hangover with a few good laughs!
Two women that love mimosas and laughter with an interesting perspective on life and all of the things that comes with it. Join us to live your life out of the box and do lit different.
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The most ambitious of the recently debuted restaurants is the Lobby Bar & Grill located in the striking Atrium between the Casino Hotel Tower and the Resort Hotel Tower. “Fresh. Sustainable. Locally sourced ingredients. All blended together into a flavorful fusion of American, Mexican and Asian-inspired fare that pleases the palate and stimulat ...…
Drew forces Landree to watch an episode of The Great British Baking Show. Also: Disney Party, Landree Makes a "Mimosa," and European Baked Good or European Football Club?
In this weeks episode of Dewey Raw, we decided to introduce a little idea that we mustered up called “Madness on the Street!” A little spin-off from our previous segments of “Intern Madness.” With obscure ideas and the help of a classic mimosa Todd and Maddie took on the Starboard staff to ask “Where do you wanna see Madness?”…
You always hear about "dead-beat" fathers, but never much about how many women refuse to co-parent or allow the father fully into a child's life...we talking about that today! In addition to mad baby mammas who are horrible co-parents, we talk about our own experiences and struggles as young entrepreneurs and of course you already know that we ...…
In this special podcast episode, Dustin and Eric, along with guest, David Stiff, cover everything you need to know about the new 24 GHz B24 point-to-point (backhaul) radio. Send over any questions or comments to, or leave one below. To learn more about our products, please visit…
In this podcast episode #2, Dustin and Eric discuss finding and researching potential backbone providers. They also cover peering versus transit. Send over any questions or comments to, or leave one below. To learn more about our products, please visit
Welcome to our first episode betches! This week, the Chismosas talk about dating horror stories. The NOT so good, the bad, & the REAL ugly. Intro/Outro Beat- - ...…
The Bulge boys and their new NPC pets / hostages head to the Spirit Halloween costume shop to bolster their Halloween spirits before confronting Bitch Middler and her sisters. Will they put a spell on the witches and recover the Necro Karma Sutra? Can you decapitate someone with a tetherball? Can you decapitate multiple people with a tetherball ...…
We are all over the road on this week’s episode: Laundry tips, Easter cocktail ideas, a lesson on Passover, A Debrief on Christy’s trip to London, and a story of an unlikely Sunday morning with her parents. A Look Under the Hood: Christy’s getting personal and sharing the highlights from her weekend trip to London. See the whole crew at the Lon ...…
Last week we were #blessed to be invited to Creative Mornings Johannesburg to speak about podcasting/podcast about speaking. We recorded a live episode, drank mimosas, got the audience involved and sounded slightly more awkward than usual. It was great.
Our Guest Artists: Film Maker and Owner of Rogue Studios Lisa OviesOur Host Artists: Carol McQuaidOur Bar: The Flying PigListen in as Lisa and I talk over mimosas about: Her new horror film "Puppet Killer" How the script grew from concept to reality The career path that led her here Directorial debut "I Wanna Date You" "Night of the B Movie" fr ...…
The boys are back! We all relive our St. Patty's Day weekend (spoiler alert, Nicky's was boring), What we look for in a sports bar, what doesn't count as a sports bar (the list get's long), what we look for on our sports bar menus, and we try to sound tough while ordering mimosas Follow us! Instagram: eatyaylove Facebook: https://www.facebook.c ...…
Dan Pardi is a sleep researcher and CEO. Dan’s life’s work centers on how to help people live healthfully. He is the CEO of humanOS which leverages a novel behavior model to promote health fluency, skill development, and lifestyle insights to help people master their health practice. Dan does research with the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences ...…
Earth is arousing from her wintry slumber and the signs of fertile growth are sprouting. Let us consider the conditions from which we too naturally are called to germinate the seeds of growth within and what makes us thrive!In this episode we talk about:How our plant allies can mirror and guide us towards own highly individual process of growth ...…
We bring you episode 15 of Mimosas After 1 with @TheCoolestNWord, @EyobMhmm and @hexkittenx. Produced by @jalalsully.This week we discuss Spring Break shenanigans, DJ Envy pressing Desus and Mero on the Breakfast Club and problematic rappers.Listen till the end to hear who made this weeks #summertimefinelist…
Kieran goes out for diner mimosas. Nic talks dreams. The guys also discuss work, the oscars, and Jimmy Fallon.
I get together with 4 male friends to hear their thoughts on confidence, approaching women, and tales of sex after bottomless mimosas.
We discuss, (very maturely,) concepts like Bigfoot voting, ASMR monsters, and podcast celebrity voice-alikes! Get the in depth scoop on BREAKING BIGFOOT NEWS! We introduce our third permanent host (whaat??), Ryan enjoys a mimosa, and Laila answers a Creepypasta Challenge from Tumblr!
Jaime Foxx walks away from an ESPN interview, Black Panther trolls falsify attacks, and Nathan Chen falls short (over and over and over, again). Nicholas Cruz, Donald trump’s tweetstorm, and the flu are all discussed in this week’s episode. DeDe celebrates the Olympics and the BET Social Awards while Tadzy celebrates the brunch mimosas. Atlanta ...…
"I'd rather hang out with a bunch of dogs sometimes" Dean O'Gorman is an actor, photographer, painter and cool person. We talk about his work, toxic masculinity and war whilst enjoying overpriced avocado on toast washed down with a cup of chemex. The book Dean refers to about Liberalism is Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari The track he chose is Se ...…
Join Eric, Jay Busbee from Yahoo Sports, and the Doctrinaires as they chat about the Pervy Tomato, SNAP boxes, the Mimosa Mandate, and much more!
Join Eric, Jay Busbee from Yahoo Sports, and the Doctrinaires as they chat about the Pervy Tomato, SNAP boxes, the Mimosa Mandate, and much more!
On this week's episode, we're talking about an indie flick, the suspension of disbelief in movies and bottomless mimosas.
Today on the podcast, Oprah “Zip” Bradford chats about her business and blog. We discuss the power of online networking and relationship building. She also share tips about how to start writing. The struggles she has faced as a business owner. How she is attacking her new goals in the new year. Lastly, we announce the Mimosas and Mastermind Tou ...…
After a few mimosas, the girls talk about their ex's that they feel had an impact on their lives, and helped shape them into the beauties they are today.
The ladies are here with Episode 14 a day late after a weekend marching for women's rights and drinking some mimosas. Tune in to hear all about a podcast that explains the origins of air conditioning and just how a woman in the late 1800s ended up in a barrel on Staten Island. They came, they marched...they podcasted. 0:00 Intros 1:15: Drink of ...…
To start another week, Christopher toasts the government shutdown and surprising political implications of this Trump maneuver. As the dust clears, Mitch McConnell and his counterparts in the Senate appear to be unscathed as the ultimate victors of the shutdown. On another note, Christopher, like the government, apologizes for the length of rec ...…
Drive around Hollywood neighborhoods and you can see buildings and structures that have been around since the development of the city. The art deco structure and their unique designs can almost tell stories of the golden era. Many of these structure were owned by major production companies, MGM, RKO, Warner, Paramount and 20th century Fox. Thei ...…
Episode 9: On this week's episode we are getting angry. We talk common pet peeves, road rage, jobs, and try to find Ashley a love connection with a fellow angry person! It was a day drinking kind of day so grab a mimosa or a martini and join us in getting a little pissed... P.S. - We took a buzzfeed quiz at the beginning of the episode to see h ...…
Consumerism Commentary was a site originally created and run up Plutus Founder, Harlan Landes. Consumerism Commentary was one of the very first personal finance websites to be founded and turned into a business. Throughout its lifetime, the blog’s mission has been to develop financially literate, capable, and successful human beings by sharing ...…
Feelin it 👍🏾👌🏾😜 • Good mawnin • Where’s my mimosa ?😜🍾🍾
Brian and Justin take a look back at 2017. Brian unleashes his inner Cardi B and sings Bodack Yellow.
Brianna and Shelley are a dynamic mother daughter life coaching duo. Brianna is also an aspiring director, and assistant to her mother. She is currently working on her first film. Shelley is a master connector of people and successful entrepreneur. They spoke about their time working together and past experiences that have shaped them into who ...…
In the first of our 'Inside the C-Suite' series, I-DEV Africa's Associate Partner Winnie Odhiambo interviews Chris Getonga (Founder of Mimosa Pharmacy) and Josh Ruxin (Current CEO of Goodlife Pharmacy, formerly Mimosa).
Welcome back to season two! Woohooo! We’re shifting gears this season and talking about tools and strategies to help your business grow. To kick things off we’re chatting with Sarah Li-Cain from High Fiving Dollars. Sarah is the mother of a two-year-old boy, wife, and a serious game changer within the PF community. Here’s the thing about Sarah, ...…
This week, Keem, Kyle and Ash have special guests Janelle and India from 'Heaven & Mimosa's' discussing Roman J Israel (Denzel's latest film) and Preux & Proper (Brunch spot DTLA). WE DRINKIN MIMOSAS TOO
Julie Heinzel (Office Manager for a Law firm) joins Patrick Serrano to discuss Hallmark Channel's Magical Christmas Ornaments (Starring Jessica Lowndes & Brendan Penny), the dangers of bottomless mimosas, and and producer Drewbear apologizes to Moms!
Sarah Burris joins us live and in the flesh along with our friend Lindsay to discuss the awful/no good/everyone hates it but we're gonna do it anway cause MAGA who cares whatever lol tax bill, along with the Flynn/Russiagate news, Roy Moore stuff, and all kinds of other tasty morsels of abject sadness and incredulity. Mimosas were consumed. The ...…
Listen along (or not) as we go track by track on the double-disc epic Heartbreak on a Full Moon by Piss Brown, awful man. Please torrent the album. I had to go do something with my day other than listen to this we only did 40 songs and not the 5 bonus tracks. I was drinking mimosas and I thought I didn't feel that drunk but in editing it seems ...…
In this Thanksgiving quickie the Girlfriends enjoy mimosas while sharing their Thanksgiving (non)traditions and Melanie gets sappy with her Hallmark Christmas movie talk. Ashley shares a new podcast Melanie should listen to (not watch!). Remember - take out your giblet bags, pizza places are not open on Thanksgiving, celebrate Drinksgiving, dri ...…
Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week's episode, we: Had an unwanted guest Ruth realized a critter had gotten into the heating ducts. She's kinda worried it may be a demodog! We're hoping it was a mouse. Watched bad movies Chad wanted to introduce Ruth to "Phantom of the Paradise" starring Paul Williams. Ruth wanted Chad to re-watch "Thre ...…
Mariah and Michelle play the game, "Tag you're it!"Mariah was a lover, not a fighter.Michelle says she's she knows how people can be.Tagging podcast: Black in the City Podcast and Mimosas After OneContact:
Start: 0:00 Joke: 1:00 Trump World Tour: 3:00 Pedophiles and molestation: 25:00 Bulleit & DMX: 32:00 Gay Iranians: 34:00 Plague: 44:00 Marina Abramovic: 48:00 Donations???: 50:00 Break: Terms of Fair Use Start: 0:00 Polish Nationalism: 1:00 Cucked Christianity in America: 4:00 Diplomatic Immunity: 12: ...…
Join Stephanie and Heather, author of the post To the Moms Drinking Mimosas in the Park, which originally published on our sister site, MKE Moms Blog, as they discuss getting over your insecurities in motherhood and the importance of banding together. The post Episode 2 :: We’re All In This Together appeared first on City Moms Blog Network.…
Join Stephanie and Heather, author of the post To the Moms Drinking Mimosas in the Park, which originally published on our sister site, MKE Moms Blog, as they discuss getting over your insecurities in motherhood and the importance of banding together. The post Episode 2 :: We’re All In This Together appeared first on City Moms Blog Network.…
With best intentions to stay on topic of “Lies We Tell Our Kids,” we got off topic at the get-go because of Kristi’s new record of perpetual lateness of 42 minutes. It might have also been the mimosas that got us onto a series of Mom Tangents. Hey, it happens. This episode is a cornucopia of the Mom car, mini… Read more → The post The Mom Tange ...…
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