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Rural Women Inspired

Rural Women Inspired

Mindy Young | Farm Fit Living

Rural Women Inspired is a weekly podcast created for YOU, the Farmer/Rancher, Gardener, Organic Grower, Livestock Hobby-ist, Farm Wife, Mother, Businesswoman, and Rural Community Leader. If you're looking for INSPIRATIONAL advice during your time in the grain truck or tractor, lunch break, morning workout, or "me" time, host Mindy Young brings the motivation to push through any obstacle and succeed in creating your most ideal, happy, and healthy life. Each podcast episode details the journey ...
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Do you have a fun hobby you do that you think you might be able to turn into a money making venture? Here's 4 reasons to make money from home. Go Here for the Show Notes Save it Here to Pinterest Download the "WHY" Starter Sheet to help you answer the right questions for starting the right business.By Mindy Young | Farm Fit Living
Do you have a lot of leftovers you feel bad just throwing away? Here's how to compost kitchen waste to help you turn your scraps into soil. Go Here for the Show Notes Save it Here to Pinterest Check out the Compost Course: Turning Garbage into Gold Check out the Whole Hog Bundle Full of Homestead Resources…
Want to know how to Incubate Chicken Eggs so you can hatch some baby chicks? Learning how to Incubate Chicken Eggs is a fun process. If you're wanting to experience the entire process of raising chickens, then look no further from learning to hatch your own. This episode will help you learn how to successfully hatch chicken eggs using an incubator.…
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