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BedPost Confessions
Sex: (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it—except at BedPost Confessions, a live storytelling show based in Austin, Texas. Whether the featured performers are funny, informative, political, or completely personal, the anonymous confessions from the audience are the stars of every show. Selected from our live shows, each podcast features one storyteller bookended with anonymous confessions from the audience that are read (and often commented upon) during the evening. A ...
SEEN is a show about identity that asks: How are you seen? Labels are complicated, communication is challenging, identity is nuanced. None of us are exactly as we appear to strangers, friends, or even ourselves. And yet, now more than ever we are all trying to be SEEN. Prior to recording, guests prepare a list recounting the ways they been viewed, judged, rendered invisible, or wholly seen. This SEEN List guides a conversation about visibility and invisibility while pursuing the question: Ho ...
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Ivy Le finds a sexual awakening in her mombod that is rooted in moving forward instead of picking up where she left off; a look at motherhood, identity, sexuality, and pleasure in "Come to me, Daddy." Learn more about Bedpost Confessions https://bedpostconfessions.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bedpostconfessions/ https://bedpostconfessions.com ...…
Masturbation, sex for the first time, and "This Little Light of Mine" gospel coalesce in "Jesus is my Sugar Daddy" by Ebony Stewart. Learn more about Bedpost Confessions https://bedpostconfessions.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bedpostconfessions/ https://bedpostconfessions.com/swag Learn more about Ebony Stewart https://www.ebpoetry.com/ https ...…
An update about the Seen with Miranda Podcast. Plus an episode of the BedPost Confession Podcast. Subscribe to BedPost Confessions Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bedpost-confessions/id1023823130 Rebuilding your identity, let alone your sexual identity, after an unexpected divorce is no easy feat. Jenna Valentine shares how she d ...…
Rebuilding your identity, let alone your sexual identity, after an unexpected divorce is no easy feat. Jenna Valentine shares how she did in "Sexed Back to Life.” Learn more about Bedpost Confessions https://bedpostconfessions.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bedpostconfessions/ https://bedpostconfessions.com/swag Learn more about Jenna Valentine ...…
With a Seen List that includes “I only want one thing and you’re not that kind of girl,” documentary filmmaker Shelby Hadden explains that although she wanted to have sex, a pelvic floor condition limited her ability to. Seen as unworthy of investment by doctors, Shelby regales how she went from being “the woman who can’t have sex” to someone “ ...…
Seen as “just a girl” in a male driven industry, Jae Graham, co-owner of MaryJae Smoke Culture, is shifting the identity of the smoker by elevating the cannabis retail experience and promoting the benefits of CBD. With the motto “ask questions, discover new things, enjoy,” Jae mothers her customers much like she mothered the alcoholic family sh ...…
Ebony Stewart, a touring poet, playwright, and sexual health advocate, discusses a Seen List centered around the roles of artist and audience. What if part of the performance is the illusion of not falling apart? With “depression the star of every poem,” Ebony’s struggles with fans’ curiosity, feeling “the artwork should be enough. What I share ...…
As a comedian, Carina Magyar has a mission to be visible as a trans woman. That doesn’t mean she has given up her right to “shed personal identities to get day-to-day work done.” Owning a Seen List of identities that have been assigned to her, Carina discusses her journey to motherhood, bathroom politics, and meanness as a political tool. Be se ...…
Two words repeatedly used during 2016 election coverage stung Whitney Stafford with truth and clarity: “gaslighting” and “bully.” Whitney’s Seen List reveals a history of being bullied by her brother, ignored by her family, and only recently having a conversation with her Trump-supporting father in which she felt acknowledged and seen. As Whitn ...…
Justin Simien is a writer and storyteller. He wishes his Seen List ended there. Instead, Justin recalls a youth of isolation as “the only black kid” in grade school and his later role as a “blaxpert” in workplaces. Justin and Miranda discuss race in the workplace and how snap judgements limit our ability to see the intricacies of one another’s ...…
Seen as a sassy singer because of her size and race, Nikki DaVaughn shares what it is like to deal with stereotypes on an ongoing basis. Nikki postulates on the reasons why she is unseen by men of the same race. And it is with boastful pride that Nikki uses the hashtag #fatandblackinTexas. Fat Bottom Cabaret Guest: Nikki DaVaughn Host: Miranda ...…
Welcome to The SEEN Podcast. In this season one preview, host Miranda Wylie takes you through her Seen List as she works to fulfill her desire to answer the questions: How do others see me? How do I want to be seen? Hosted by: Miranda Wylie Produced by: Myrriah Gossett Music by: Solid State Dream Suit…
Taking the BedPost Confessions format to indigenous communities in Canada, Dr. Kim TallBear (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate) created Tipi Confessions. Kim's "Critical Polyamorist 100s" read at a Vancouver Tipi Confessions is simultaneously an indigenous feminist critique and an erotically charged account of polyamory.…
"Not bad for a straight girl" will be a comment of the past after Nikki DaVaughn is lifted out of herself by divine power in “The Rapture.”
Shelby Hadden's "Three Week's In" examines how shame and isolation toward her body are furthered by men who tell her "I only want one thing" and "you're not that kind of girl."
BedPost Confessions celebrates 7 years of stories and Julie Gillis reminds us of the importance of living out loud.
Seth Meeks ignites the imagination with a beautifully bizarre work of fiction: "HexWork."
Ebony Stewart, Co-Champion of the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam, delivers a narrative about identity politics, hunger, the heart, and ghosting. Only to be followed by powerfully packed pros titled "Pussy" that will leave you pumping your fist in the air, saying "f**k yeh."
Adam Maurer's "Sex Ed and an Accidental Orgy" reminds us that safer sex can always be negotiated.
Sadie Smythe shares a story of identity transition.
Miranda Wylie's “Just This” remind us of the primordial expressions of touch.
"BedPost Confessions: Real Sex. Real People. Real Stories." editor Katharine Hale recalls achieving ecstasy through exhibitionism in “All is Not Lost.”
In “Ask Me About My Orgasms,” Tessa Lancaster discovers benediction through gender transition.
How do you love? Shannon Ouellette from Prairie Confessions in Edmonton, Canada explains her polyamory in "Flying Alone Together."
"I decided to give my pussy a second chance," Sophia O'Connor from BedPost Confessions Boulder explains.
After gleaming what she could from porn, M Burger stepped outside of her comfort zone for more in “Everybody’s First.”
"Why do my balls hurt?" and other puzzling questions about the mind, body, and heart are posed by Taylor Bailey in "No Kissing Please, We're Heteros."
Jay Byrd shares a formative pre-teen experience in "How Can I Be Whut I Ain't."
A trans woman seeks time with a professional dominatrix, but not for reasons one may think. Told from the perspective of the domme, "Longing" reveals a unique and powerful bond that forms around trust, one hour at a time.
From BedPost Confessions Boulder, a story about how Amsterdam's Red Light District forever changed one man's approach to sex.
In order to leave a sex drought, Nikki DaVaughn plunges into casual sex, but her summer of sex pitch is thrown by one man who gives it to her so good they agreed, "We're in trouble, aren't we?"
Ericka Hart finds peace of mind and moves beyond "you are not my type" to find radical queer sex in "F**king My Blackness."
"I have this thing...." is how the conversation begins. "Tightly Wound," the personal essay and soon to be animated short film details Shelby Hadden's journey with chronic pelvic pain.
What turns you on? What gives you that jolt of intrigue and desire for another? Julie Gillis ponders the erotic in "Road Trip."
In lieu of sex with another, Jacob Dodson works concertedly to spice up his masturbatory life for the first time since puberty.
Culture clashes, comedy, and the world's most dangerous ottoman: Ella Gale divulges about sex and dating as an expat in Yemen.
Although Adam Maurer confidently came into his slut-hood with fun hooks ups and one night stands, it is when he opened up his marriage that things became more challenging. He reveals his evolution and all the feels in “Tramp: A Case Study.”
Filled with laughter, trigger warnings, and the truth about being a woman, Ebony Stewart shares an excerpt from her one act show, "Ocean."
Gender identity, expression, and conformity (or not), gender bias and assumptions, and when a body commands attention: Jami Shofner unpacks the tangles and excitements of gender and bodies in "Woman."
Sometimes you look up and realize you've become isolated. Christine Darling reveals an exciting, yet ultimately dangerous relationship that resulted in isolation and confusion in "Backhanded."
Ever find yourself in a situation with a sexual undercurrent that took you by surprise? Miranda Wylie’s “Accidental Domme” is a playful story about power dynamics that will leave you reconsidering why your call was put on hold.
What was your first orgasm like? Teacher Kate reveals the surprise build up and release of her first.
Sometimes a boy just wants purple clogs: a story about fitting in, identity, and family secrets in “The Attack” by Scott Wallace.
To understand where the good grows or the bad lives sometimes we just have to love: poems by Lacey Roop on growing up gay, art, connection, and family.
Connection, intimacy, shedding expectations and creating new ones are many of the themes in this piece "Coming Together and Breaking Apart."
Gay, genderqueer, or trans: no matter the label, Jack Darling reveals how magic lead to his reclamation of self in “Broken Glass.”
Boyhood, masturbation, and orgasm: Jay Byrd takes us to church in "The Holy Ghost Is Coming."
The territory between sexuality and body image as experienced by Julie Gillis in “Weight.”
Daniel Webb recounts the highs and the lows of slutting it up in "Aurora Whorey Alice."
Zac Benfield regales how he went from having a secret life as a sex worker to speaking out for sex worker rights in "Who's Afraid of the Whore Next Door?"
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