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FT Life of a Song
Each month FT music critics and contributors discuss the story of a song, from its origins and early recordings through cover versions good and bad. Formerly called FT Arts.
Sofa King Podcast
comedy, entertainment, pop culture, and topics we want to talk about
Join me, Ariel Bissett, as I start my life as a freelancer! We'll explore tips & tricks, discuss lifestyle, have Q&A's, and lots more!
Football/Soccer podcast discussing the latest topics from the beautiful game, REAL football chat with REAL football fans, interviews with ex-professionals and some of the games leading journalists.Facebook: Sofa Sports News - The Football Fan NetworkTwitter: @sofasportspodInstagram: @sofasportsnewsWebsite: www.sofasportsnews.comEmail:
Join Ruby on the planet Summa Nulla (the high point of nothing) someone is manipulating the media. Ruby, being the smart, tough, sexy detective that she is, is hired to track down the malefactors. The Android Sisters perform satirical speak-songs as Ruby, the funny, fast-paced galactic gumshoe encounters some pretty weird planetary inhabitants on her quest for truth and the intergalactic way.
Curators, scholars, and artists discuss modern and contemporary art. To view images of these artworks, please visit the Online Collection at MoMA Audio is available free of charge courtesy of Bloomberg.
Dilan och Moa
En podcast av och med frisurarna Dilan Apak och Moa Lundqvist. Det handlar om astrologi, ångest och allt däremellan. Det kan låta snävt MEN DET ÄR DET INTE!!!
Diary Of A Madman
The recorded diary entries of a person known only as "the madman."
What drives people to kill? Criminal Psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward goes behind prison walls to talk face to face with six violent murderers in Investigation Discovery's first ever podcast series, THE MIND OF A MURDERER. Relying on her expertise as a trial consultant, Dr. Ward drills down into each killer’s psyche to reveal the genetic, emotional and psychological components of a homicidal brain. Interwoven with these criminals are her own personal and professional insights and comments from ...
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, explores 600 years of Germany's complex and often challenging history using objects, art, landmarks and literature.
Mildly Entertaining!!!
Sofa King Podcast
comedy, entertainment, pop culture, and topics we want to talk about
A murder investigation should be simple enough, but things are not always as they seem in Moya.
Take your writing from average to awesome! Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels or questioning your talent. Learn to write more, write better, write smarter. This podcast will give you tools and techniques so you can feel like a real writer, master the craft of fiction and finally finish that book you've always dreamed of writing.
Confessions of a Terrible Husband is a marriage podcast for people who are looking for real advice from the trenches and who are committed to taking personal responsibility over improving their relationships. Hear Nick Pavlidis talk all things marriage and life and interview people like Fawn Weaver from The Happy Wives Club, John G. Miller, of QBQ, Inc., Dan Miller and Joanne Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love, Derek and Carrie Olsen from Better Conversations, Marcus and Ashley Kusi from ...
Mona Magick
Internationally known Intuitive Reader, Lecturer, Occultist, & Spiritual Teacher. Join to hear interviews from all areas within the mystic arts and take with you that which you have come to seek.
In which we speak of our obsessions with film music, including anecdotes, factoids, and personal views on the film music world and industry.
Martial arts school owner Zach Hayden takes you along for a ride as he discusses the ins and outs of running his school. He'll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly as he works to improve his business.
In the face of a smear campaign by the International Department of Superhuman Oversight, Adira Collins, aka Forge, releases her audio journal in a bimonthly podcast.
Bishop Mosa Sono
Sermons by Bishop Mosa Sono, Presiding Bishop of Grace Bible Church. Sermons by other Grace Bible Church Pastors and Guest speakers are available on the Grace Bible Church Podcast. (
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.
Scott Johnson talks about his life!
Mof1 Podcast
The Master Of One Podcast, where every week we bring you the latest in games, design and film from our world. Join us each Tuesday as we talk about the latest happenings around the community and what cool new item you should be spending your money on. Then listen again on Friday when we talk with a guest celebrity artist from one of our industries. Connect with the masters online at and sign-up for our mailing list to stay up to date with giveaways and artist promotions. Than ...
To view images of these artworks, please visit the Online Collection at MoMA Audio is available free of charge courtesy of Bloomberg.
The Diary Of A CEO
A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, I’m the 25 year old CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, and that company is called Social Chain.My world is intense, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable.This podcast is simple, every Sunday I’m going to share my personal diary with you and I want to give you an insight into what it’s li ...
Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast features interviews with culture makers from around the world. For more information please visit our website
Podcasts de RAC1
Mother and daughter True Crime podcast. Come for the stories, stay for the accents. Covering lesser known cases with banter thrown in.
Thoughts and interests of a country boy transplanted near Atlanta, GA.
What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.
MoMA Audio: Collection offers commentaries by dozens of curators, artists, critics, and conservators. To view images of these artworks, please visit the Online Collection at MoMA Audio is available free of charge courtesy of Bloomberg.
Anatomy of a Chef
I connect Chefs to the people who love their food! I interview chefs who work in some of your favorite restaurants, and a few have competed in cooking competitions such as Top Chef, Top Chef Deserts, and Master Chef. I also chat with personal chefs who share their business successes to help your personal chef business grow and succeed.
Every week Abby discusses what’s been going on in her life, talking about living as a transgender woman in today’s culture. Finding doctors, dealing with microaggressions, family, and much much more. Each show she discusses the top new stories in the LGBTQ and Trans circles, encouraging critical thinking on major issues rather than pushing opinions and conclusions onto others. This show strives to be less of an activism fueled production and more of an educational production.
Each week comedian Luke Kidgell reveals a new chapter in the story that nobody asked for... the Memoirs of a White Guy.
Sonia Simone delivers advice, encouragement, and the occasional rant from outside the drone of the marketing mainstream. Join her for a regular mix of monologues, interviews, and answers to your content marketing questions.
Adult Programs explore the complexity of modern and contemporary art through an array of programs (artist presentations, gallery talks, lectures, MoMA Courses, symposia, workshops, etc.) that are accessible to audiences of various levels. Using MoMA’s collection and special exhibitions as a point of focus, the programs enable participants to gain insight through firsthand looking and discussions with distinguished art historians, artists, MoMA curators, poets, and writers. To view images of ...
Moda Nightlife
Stylish and Progressive culture
Podcasts de RAC1
Podcasts de RAC1
This is a podcast about tabletop roleplaying game modules and setting books.
I talk about my life as a sufferer of schizophrenia. I invite you along on this adventure and perhaps we can learn from each other.
Welcome to Son of a Preacher Man with Jonathan Martin, a new podcast that’s all about finding beauty in brokenness, grace in grit, and God in the ambiguity of the in-between. Spirituality isn’t sanitized here, because your life isn’t. Like and LP, each episode is divided into side A and Side B. Side A could be a sermon, a conversation with a guest, but will always introduce some idea. Side B will always be a creative exploration of that idea, through music, Q and A with listeners, or quirky ...
Podcasts de RAC1
Horns of a Dilemma
Brought to you by the Texas National Security Review, this podcast features lectures, interviews, and panel discussions at the University of Texas.
Trading isn't easy money; it's about the will to succeed and the discipline to become rich. Join Steve Croft, weekly, as he discusses the motivations and psychology behind a trader.
Maybe you've heard of Make-A-Wish. You've seen their heartwarming stories on local news, or were one of a million people to share the story of "Bat Kid" on social media. This show brings you inside that world. Host Erin Davis brings you inside the wishes, before and after.
Mona Magick
Hello, I am Mona Magick and your host for the Mystick Journey Talk Show. I have been a Reader for over 30 years, a practitioner of the arts and student for over 40 years. I come from a 7th generation of women and men from the many ways of the occult and divine spiritualism. As in all journeys, they may shift into different directions, however still reaching the same destination which is why I have chosen not to call this show the Mystick Journey indefinitely. One thing is constant that I wil ...
Podcast by Koereyelle
The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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So you just saw the coolest concert, and then your friend made you the best soup you've ever tasted. The next day you saw the most wonderful film. It's all so fantastic that you want to yell, this is f****** amazing! Sometimes you just need to tell the world. But how do you do it in Hebrew? For starters, use Guy's toolkit of 'intensifiers.' Exc ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: MofaheldAutor:: Lars NiedereichholzErzähler: Patrick Mölleken, Lars NiedereichholzFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 6 hrs and 28 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 12-02-16Herausgeber: Audible StudiosKategorien: Fiction, HumorZusammenfassung des Herausgeb ...…
The prince was under a curse and he could only say one word every one year. Hence, he did not speak for 5 years so that he could tell a princess something very important. Five years passed and when he finally could say five words, something shocking happened...Worksheet questions for this story can be found under the tab "练习题Worksheet" on http: ...…
Proverbs 22:1 (Mof) "A good reputation is a better choice than riches; esteem is more valuable than money."
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Nachts an der SeineAutor:: Jojo MoyesErzähler: Luise HelmFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 2 hrsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 03-18-16Herausgeber: Argon VerlagBewertung: 5 von 5 von 2 StimmenKategorien: Fiction, ContemporaryZusammenfassung des Herausge ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Gelato con Panna: Sieben plus Eins macht Sieben (GayLe Geschichten)Autor:: Adi Mira MichaelsErzähler: Adi Mira MichaelsFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 29 hrs and 55 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 02-19-16Herausgeber: AugenscheinverlagKategorien: E ...…
Hi and welcome to the March FASD Elephant Podcast! On March 24, 2014, MOFAS sponsored an FASD Matters Rally Day at the MN State Capitol to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, provide education and statistics about FASD to lawmakers, and kick off the MOFAS FASD Prevention Awareness Campaign. Another great day and great advocacy e ...…
Conversation with Author Kenneth Moore and Amanda Dion-Moore In our recent FASD book survey, many people mentioned the lack of information and services for adults living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and there's no doubt they're correct. So it's always great to learn about FASD success stories of people who are making it, and the ...…
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: El Beso [The Kiss]Autor: Gustavo Adolfo BécquerNarrador: SonolibroFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 34 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de publicación: 03-15-11Editor: SonolibroCalificaciones: 4.5 de 5 de 6 votosCategorías: Classics, European LiteratureResumen del editor:¿Puede ...…
Jésus est né - Jesus is born.
déplace la famille de Jésus - Jesus' family moves to Egypt, then to Galilee.
Jean le Baptiste - Jesus' way is paved by John the baptist.
Jésus est testé par Satan - Jesus is tested by Satan.
Jésus - le bonheur et la loi - Jesus preaches on happiness and on the law.
Jésus - clinquant et l'inquiétude - Jesus preaches on showiness and on worry.
Providence et fruitières - Jesus preaches on providence and on fruit-bearing.
Jésus guérit de nombreux - Jesus heals many.
Jésus guérit et Matthew appelé - Jesus heals more and calls Matthew.
Jésus envoie douze disciples - Jesus sends out twelve disciples.
Jésus et Jean le Baptiste - Jesus explains his relationship with the baptist.
règles de Jésus le jour du sabbat et les démons - Jesus rules the Sabbath and the demons.
Jésus raconte des paraboles au sujet Uni - Jesus tells parables about the kingdom.
Jésus crée alimentaire et calme la tempête - Jesus creates food and calms the storm.
Jésus enseigne sur la sincérité - Jesus teaches about sincerity.
Jésus prédit l'église et sa mort - Jesus predicts the church and his death.
Jésus apparaît à Moïse et Élie - Jesus appears with Moses and Elijah in glory.
Jésus enseigne sur le pardon - Jesus teaches about forgiveness.
Jésus enseigne sur le divorce et la richesse - Jesus teaches about divorce and about riches.
Jésus enseigne de venir Uni - Jesus teaches about the coming kingdom.
Jésus entre à Jérusalem - Jesus enters Jerusalem and is confronted.
Jésus répond aux questions astuce - Jesus answers trick questions.
Sept douleurs aux pharisiens - Jesus pronounces woes on the Pharisees.
Les signes de la fin de l'âge - Jesus predicts the destuction of Jerusalem.
Jésus raconte des paraboles sur le jugement - Jesus tells parables about the judgment.
Jésus est arrêté et jugé - Jesus is arrested and tried.
Jésus condamné et crucifié - Jesus is convicted and crucified.
Jésus ressuscité d'entre les morts - Jesus is raised from the dead.
le ministère de Jésus commence - The ministry of Jesus begins.
Matthieu suit Jésus - Matthew follows Jesus.
Les apôtres sont nommés - The apostles are appointed.
L'agriculteur sème la parole - The farmer sows the word.
Plusieurs personnes sont guéries - Various people are healed.
Apôtres envoyés et miracles - The apostles are sent and miracles are performed.
La propreté est dit être interne - Cleanliness is said to be internal.
Quatre mille familles nourris - Four thousand families are fed by one small lunch.
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