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Best Movies And Stuff Show podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Movies And Stuff Show podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A bi-weekly look at the monster movies, TV shows, cult films, and horror stuff that keeps YOU up at night! In the days before syndicated stations and 24 hour programming, television stations often showed old monster movies hosted by local on-air talent. It is in this spirit that “Test Pattern” is made – a little bit spooky, a little bit silly, but always informative! Jacob and Tab have a new topic each week, with a focus on the macabre offerings shown on television starting in the mid 1950s, ...
End of Western Civilization got you down? All is tickety-boo on The Andrew Klavan Show as Andrew laughs his way though Armageddon with political satire, cultural commentary, interviews and relentless mockery of racial pieties, sexual perversities, and feminist absurdities. Monday thru Thursday.
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details. Our aim is to cast a light into the ...
Movies and Stuff
Podcast by Dan and Abe
Rewatching stuff never felt so good! Join Steve Zaragoza as he rewatches TV shows and movies, with co-host Owen Carter and Brett Register!
We talk about movies and TV a LOT So we started a podcast!
The podcast that’s sorta about Star Wars, and sorta about everything else in life, including parenting, food, tech, shows, movies, things, and stuff Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sortastarwars/support
Bryan SilverBaX chats about movies, comic books and geeky stuff.
This is a Podcast that's almost about nothing. Nate & Smitty review different shows/ movies/ what ever seems interesting, and random Craigslist missed connections.
Part-Time Genius
Will and Mango have lots of questions. Will we ever live without sleep? How do rats keep outsmarting humans? Where are the sunniest tax havens to hide your money? Join these Part-Time Geniuses as they dive into ridiculous topics... and discover some pretty smart stuff along the way.
Movies & Stuff with Rob and Jay is your go-to podcast to hear Robert and Jason's unfiltered, totally biased opinions about movies, television, books, music, and more. We review, dissect, and discuss our favorite bits of popular media for you to enjoy. The first podcast ever created solely to entertain two guys' friends. If you are not, in fact, friends with Robert and Jason then give our show a listen anyway. We might be your friends soon enough.
University College
Each week on "University College" we will discuss issues ranging from politics and economic empowerment to Black fatherhood and pop culture. We try to provide a nuanced discussion about a vast array of subject matter from the perspective of three Black Males who are family men and have been friends for more than 10 years. We hope you join us and we appreciate the feedback. For booking, please email universitycollege@yahoo.com. Listen. Discuss. Engage. Be the Change.
Shark Bites is a show featuring Patsy the Angry Nerd of Throwdown Thursday covering everything from movie/show/book/game reviews to interviews and convention coverage! Join him on his journey through his media experiences as he tackles new stuff, old stuff, obscure stuff, and popular stuff! There will also be tons of Simpsons references, puns, impressions, and of course a random shark fact at the end of every episode.
We're Watching Stuff is a movie podcast based out of Northern Colorado hosted by Corben and Nicole Wilkins. We cover movies that are both in and out of theaters and TV shows we've binged recently. We will cover the critic ratings along with our own ratings, opinions and experiences with the movies we talk about. A new segment called Listening to Stuff features interviews with people involved with the music scene.
Welcome to the Stuff We Love Podcast! We discuss movies, music, sports, video games, travel, Disney and more!
Media Monday Show
Geno and John have been friends for a decade and when they get together they can't help but discuss tv shows and movies. A microphone has been added and a podcast comes out every other Monday. Media Monday.
The Hudson Valley's Nerdiest Podcast! A crack team of two lifelong professional nerds, in alarming states of age and/or decay, will hold court on all your favorite movies, TV shows, and media in general, with many shout outs to classic features! Hosted by Jeff ‘Nerf Herder’ Chandler and Jim ‘Kaiju’ Baker, the topics are hand picked each week and are near and dear to all. Far from a serious critique, this will be a fun, nostalgic ride brought to you by regular folks who love this stuff as muc ...
Every week the PCMC crew runs down their favorite new movies, shows, comics, toys, and more. The podcast covers everything from current pop culture to retro stuff. So if you're interested in Pop Culture news, reviews, and overly passionate rants, this is your show. All coming to you from the perspective of adults who should really be less into this stuff by this point in their lives (jk).
BlahCade Podcast
The BlahCade Pinball Podcast’s primary focus is digital pinball on mobile, PC, and console from the industry’s leading game developers. Real pinball machines get their due too as we play them in arcades, leagues, and our own homes.And then there’s the episodes where we get completely distracted and talk movies or some yummy food we just ate. Amazingly enough, we tend to find a way to relate it all back to pinball.The show originates from the East Coast of Australia and the West Coast of Cali ...
A semi-intellectual and entirely ineffectual look at life through the eyes and minds of filmmakers Chris Hernandez, Jeremy Klassen and Bobcat Cains. Featuring reviews of movies and TV shows, anecdotes and observations from film sets, plus a wide array of unrelated life stories, this podcast is sure to make you say, "I just heard that."
The Fandom Files
A podcast about people who really, really love stuff — and the people who make that stuff. We dive into the world of geek fan culture, interviewing both devoted fans and creators about their favorite comics, movies, TV shows, and how they celebrate them. From famous filmmakers to fan fiction writers, and celebrities to cosplayers, we are like a weekly Comic-Con party for your ears. Follow us on Twitter: @FandomFilesSYFY.
Nerd Alert
A podcast about geek / nerd culture. Talking things Sci-fi comic books video games movies technology and my obsession with odd ball things. New episodes Monday Wednesday and Friday also make sure to check out the shows social media for behind the scene stuff :) Instagram - @realnerdalertFacebook - Facebook.com/realnerdalert Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nerdalert/support
A podcast featuring word games, trivia, classic board games, and even a few reimagined classic game shows from years gone by. We rotate through several different games, with different hosts, from episode to episode. What they all have in common is chat, humor, and fun.
A podcast for movie lovers, cinephiles, geeks, nerds, film junkies and anyone else that loves to talk about all things cinema. Join Nic and Tys each week as they discuss the newest trailers, recommend movies you can watch without having to get up off your couch, and share their unqualified insights and absurd opinions on all your favourite films.
Down To Watch
Dan and Raul (and sometimes friends!) are visual media enthusiasts who enjoy discussions on current and old movies and tv shows. Listen to us casually debate, pontificate, correlate and appreciate whatever comes to mind related to watching stuff.
We talk about the wrestling you grew up with, the wrestling you need to watch now, and stuff like pop culture, movies, and comics. Relive your favorite wrestling moments from the 80’s plus the moments you didn’t know about.
We're here to help parents find the kids shows and movies that are fun and safe for kids and actually enjoyable for the parents. Join us as we delve in to the terrifying world of kids entertainment. Then, tune in Fridays for our Night Shift edition, where we review movies and shows for the grownups. The kids are in bed and it's now YOUR time! Don't spend thirty minutes trying to figure out what to watch...and what to avoid. As always, remember: We've got your back!
The 616Entertainment Podcast features your favorite DanDans going off the rails on a minute by minute basis. We're a comedy show that covers mostly our lives, pro wrestling, comics, video games, and all of that other stuff you love (or love to hate.)
Top Five
Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting - it's Top Five.
Expanding Horizons was born from a plethora of conversations between two work colleagues who came to a simultaneous realisation that there was so much each of them was missing out on in the world of music, film, art, culture and indeed the intriguing stuff that people do.So, what could be better than sharing their combined enthusiasm with the people of Canterbury on a radio show that is committed to expanding knowledge, experience and providing others with a platform to promote the things th ...
Let's Go! Podcast
Pop culture without the Pop! The Let's Go! Podcast covers all the things you love - beer, movies, tv, music and more. But not that stuff you don't care about. We know our audience, and they know us!
Every week we re-pitch a movie that didn't live up to its potential. Plus we talk movie related stuff. If you have a movie pitch and want to be a guest email us at FilmRescueShow@gmail.com
My passions The stuff that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. A music review, a movie that I have just watched, a sporting event that was exciting, an English learning post or just plain current news
Spoilers & Fandom
Spoilers and Fandom is like a book club for geeky stuff. Join us as we delve into the depths of our back logs and sift through the games, comics, shows, movies and books we haven’t checked out yet.
Food and Sports Stuff is a podcast equidistance from your stomach and brain. It’s a great place to get all of your food discussions and most of your sports discussions. Chris and Joe cook up some delicious food content for your brain and give you some sports takes that are often out of left field. They also try not to lean too heavily on puns as that can get old quick. Really the podcast is Chris and Joe riffing on whatever topics fall into their sphere which means they can go from food to s ...
The show has to do with everything in dealing With Superhero Movies! films action packed scifi stuff and comics!
Podcast about anything and everything in one nerdy kid's life.
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at all things Disney parks by a British team of people who really know their stuff about Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark.Please check out our Patreon PageWe are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN Unofficial.comIf you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit www.wpmagicjourneys.comWe are the founding member of The A ...
And Stuff
Welcome to the And Stuff podcast, the sometimes daily podcast where I talk about everything from TV shows, history, video games, movies and other stuff.
REZD.tv Network
REZD.tv brings you the latest gaming, movie, comic and Disney news directly to your ears. If you don't want to subscribe to the individual shows this is the feed you are looking for! Stay subscribed, all new shows we produce will be added to this feed.
What The Stuff!?
Hi everyone! Welcome to What The Stuff!?, a podcast about everything geek. We talk about movies, tv shows, games, and just random stuff that we have seen online or whats going on in our life.Peter & Kyle will take you down the very funny and geek fulled rabbit hole of the current age of the geek. So come join us on this most wondrous adventure!!Facebook: What The StuffEmail: Whatthestuffpodcast@gmail.com
It's a podcast that takes stuff from pop culture and makes it into other stuff for pop culture.
Richard, Brad, Jeffrey, and Simon talk about horror movies, the giallo genre, Euro-horror, and all kinds of other things and stuff. Check out Doomed Moviethon:http://doomedmoviethon.comRichard's Blog:http://cinemasomnambulist.comBrad's blog:http://yellowrazor.blogspot.comJeffrey's Blog: http://nessuntimore.blogspot.com/Simon's Blog:http://creatures-of-light-and-darkness.blogspot.com/The archives of the show can be found here:http://www.doomedmoviethon.com/?page_id=20We're on YouTube as well! ...
That's Your Opinion! podcast with hosts Matt Barbuscio, Daniel Torres, Reed Lubin and Mike Constantino, the weekly show that discusses movies, TV and STUFF
Word Salad Radio
We're not a podcast. We're several. Shows include QUG (about guilty pleasures), Flux Capacitors (about time travel), High Five (where we count down stuff), Loose Canons (where we review movies that don't actually exist), Blockbuster Autopsy (where we diagnose the cause of death of some of the biggest movies ever made), and many more!Celebrity Testimonials:"Cool Podcast Guys." - Tom Green (Freddy Got Fingered)"You guys are cool dudes." - Brian Bonsall (Mikey, Blank Check)"Guys guys guys. A. I ...
The fine folks at PodCavern gather a motley crew of self-proclaimed experts (Tuong La and special guests) to weigh in, rank, and order top 5 lists of anything and everything. Subscribe today!
*FULL PODCAST!* Jason and Deb are transitioning to this new feed, so go ahead and subscribe to this one instead of the old one. The funniest morning show you wish you'd never heard...
Death By Media Man
Short stories, audio-plays, and talking in funny voices. Some serialized sagas, with occasional one-offs. Pulped fictions, hardboiled dramas, stupefying sci-fi and capricious comedies! If you can dream it to be, you might find it here, at the Death By Media Man Podcast Show Thingy!Death By Media Man is a Hank Pattison joint. He writes and produces most of this cool stuff, though he's also proud to showcase other fine authors and artists here, on The Death By Media Man Podcast Show! Your one- ...
We are three self proclaimed comic book nerds who podcast from our comic book store every weekend and talk about comic books, movies, and video games!
Mick and Tristan really like music, and other stuff too. You better believe we're gonna talk about it. With insightful dissection on everything from exciting new albums and live shows to mostly kick ass movies and delicious craft beer, they try to answer the truly meaningful questions of life.... like.......whats the best 90's jam of all time? meh, whatever. pass the bottle opener..
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show series
Week 16 with a full set of matches and my Predictions including the manchester derby, Liverpool at Bournemouth, and Villa v leicester,
We discuss which is the most "Christmas-y" Christmas movie, Deb's C Of The Week, and why Nick and Jason are in a Who's The A-Hole face-off.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the latest I Love You Call, more of Jason explaining how Nick is terrible, and Does Deb Know Stuff About FootballBy Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the most watched YouTube videos of 2019, an especially contentious Who's The A-Hole, and Dennis De La Pena calls in to talk about how much the Cowboys suck.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the most "Christmas-y" Christmas movies of all time, a round of You AutoComplete Me, LeBron James defending himself for taking off his shoes on the basketball court, and Deb's C of the Week.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the return of KFC's chicken-scented Yule log, the Cowboys' embarrassing loss to the Bears, and Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
Look, we loved Anna Karenina and professional critics can suck eggs. It's fun and pretty and everyone in it is great. Just let people like things! The post Episode 206: Anna Karenina Banana Fana Fo Finina appeared first on So...I'm Watching This Show.By Kristin & Wil
Mid week action in the premier league Results from Tuesday and Wednesdays action. Includes Merseyside Derby and Mourinho's return to Old Trafford + 6 more matches
Episode 9 is almost here! CRAAZZZZYYYYY! This episode as all about looking back at the Last Jedi... with ONLY a positive approach. This movie may have had the biggest conntreversy of any Star Wars movie, but we're keeping everything on the up and up in our conversations about it. We love this movie. We love Star Wars. We cannot wait for the nex ...…
We're joined by Ed on the long-awaited tribute to the ultimate monster kid - Guillermo del Toro - with his masterpiece, The Devil's Backbone and his love letter to Gothic Romance, Crimson Peak! **Just a word of warning, due to the nature of having a guest, Ed's audio includes a bit of Jacob's and my responses overlapping with his talking. I tri ...…
Are the Dems giving Trump a big Christmas present with this Impeachment nonsense? Will Biden be forced to testify in the Senate about his dark Ukraine dealings? Now that Kamala is out, who will be the next candidate to exit the race?Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy ...…
Christian and DiGio are joined by pal CT from The Nerd Lunch Podcast as they attempt to turn the movie Jurassic Park into a podcast.
Dan Patriss returns with another rundown of games that should be on your radar. This week he turns his attention to the top five games by Bruno Cathala. Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at Patreon.com/MajorSpoilers. It will help ensure The Top Five Podcast continues far into the future! Joi ...…
The boys discuss episode 7 of the series, "An Almost Religious Awe" with special guest Alana Fickes!
We tackle which four teams should make the College Football Playoffs, whether the Longhorns should go after a hot young coordinators or fired head coaches, and an all-NBA Dave B Three.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
The Democrats give us a crystal clear picture of our academic elites.Can't get enough of The Andrew Klavan Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/KlavanBy The Daily Wire
We discuss Alfie's birthday, the first ever live game of You're Kids Are Gonna Love It, and the Fart Launcher 3000.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the latest I Love You Call, how you can help Capital Metro and the Central Texas Food Bank do something nice things this holiday season, and Does Deb Know Stuff About Football.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss an Australian woman jailed for lying on her resume to land a swanky job and a football analyst suspended for talking about Lamar Jackson's skin color.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the Fart Launcher 3000, Alfie's birthday, Forbes' 30 under 30 esports list and the first ever live round of Your Kids Are Gonna Love It.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
Everything Will and Mango read about New Zealand made them want to visit! From how Hokey Pokey became the country's favorite ice cream flavor, to why the nation is giving away free gym memberships... to birds, to the reason the coffin clubs are taking off, Will and Mango dig deep into the country's history to discover why New Zealand is *so muc ...…
We discuss the American Film Institute's list of best TV shows and movies from 2019, how the Houston Rockets actually planning to protest James Harden's phantom dunk, and Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
10 years of movies, that can't be THAT hard to Rank right?...right?The 2010 decade is coming to an end and, looking back, the movie landscape has shifted and changed drastically in the last 10 years. The Twenty-Tens gave rise to streaming, obligatory sequels, reboots, and shared universes; while many smaller indie films struggled to break throu ...…
Andy and Joey return to discuss the 1997 masterpiece “Stuck” starring their lord and savior Stick Stickly, as well as the need to cut themselves to bleed for His love.Support the podcast with 5 star ratings and positive reviews on Apple Podcasts, donate money at www.patreon.com/wordsalad to get early access to episodes as well as bonus exclusiv ...…
The House drones on and Kamala crashes as Democrats sink under their own narratives.Can't get enough of The Andrew Klavan Show? Enjoy ad-free shows, live discussions, and more by becoming an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/KlavanBy The Daily Wire
We discuss how Producer Katy went to high school with Post Malone, whether the Jonas Brothers are hotter than the Hanson kids, and That Guy.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the latest I Love You Call, how much Post Malone loves Chicken Express, and Does Deb Know Stuff About Football.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss who are the most streamed artists of the past decade, a round of Doug Benson's IMDB Game, and Russell Wilson getting mic'd up for Monday Night Football.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss whether Adam Sandler really has a shot at an Academy Award for Uncut Gems, the Longhorns breaking ground on their new basketball arena, and That Guy.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss America's impending french fry shortage, James Harden's phantom dunk against the Spurs, and Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We’re back from shopping and boy are our backlogs tired. On this week’s show, Tony, Joe, Kat and Joe do a quick roundup of the deals we found and welcomed into our lives. It’s a fast episode, but we’re also including three codes for free Nintendo 3DS themes, if you’re interested. Who bought a PS4 Pro? Who bought a store brand TV? Who bought a P ...…
DanDans, this is it! The FINAL STOP before Episode 300! You might think we were going to take it easy this time and put all we have into 300, but NOPE! Episode 299 features some EARTH SHATTERING NEWS that will shake the 616Entertainment universe to its very core. Enjoy it!Patreon.com/616Entertainment!Twitters:@IDS616@TheArtist616FreelanceWrestl ...…
Get out your licorice pipes and tweed jackets, because TMI go a-sleuthin this week with two whodunnits! We first interrogate the new thriller Knives Out, and then the 1976 classic Murder By Death, before admitting to being inept at this whole detective thing. We only want to ask you a few questions, so come down to the station, and press play.. ...…
"Aphid's a little messed up, for sure. I could tell you why, but I don't know if you'd even believe it."On a rainy night, a desperate traveler tries his luck at a seemingly innocuous game.A creepy little audio-story. Written and Produced by Hank Pattisonwww.DeathByMediaMan.comBy Death By Media Man
Episode 42 Planes, Trains, and Just FriendsHost: Corben and Nicole WilkinsALL trivia and info about movies looked up on IMDB, Flixster, Youtube and Rotten Tomatoes and their wiki linksMOVIESPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles RT 93% / AUD 87% / 90% Stuffedhttps://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093748/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0Just Friends RT 42% / AUD 71% / 90% Stu ...…
The left thinks the country is theirs by right. Just one thing in their way...Date: 12-03-2019By The Daily Wire
We discuss that psycho Peloton ad, going big for Christmas, and Deb's Diary.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the latest I Love You Call, Jason's cooking tips, and Does Deb Know Stuff About Football.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss the many things wrong with Peloton's new Christmas commercial, Deb's Dumb Question Amnesty on Christmas gifts for San Antonio Guy, and LSU fans going crazy for sod.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss Billie Eilish not knowing who Van Halen are, an all-time great Let's Talk Talkies, an NFL player being suspended for gambling on football, and Deb's Diary.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
We discuss McDonald's entering the chicken sandwich wars, the Seahawks beating the Vikings on Monday Night Football.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
Predictions show Premier league Liverpool v Everton & Jose back at Old Trafford Man utd v Spurs + 8 more matches
Round up of all 4 matches in prremier league last sunday - includes Norwich v Arsenal, Wolves v Sheff Utd, Leicester v Everton & Man Utd v Aston villa
Like the title says, we're talking about the new Rian Johnson whodunit Knives Out, and the Kacey Musgrave Christmas Show today. The post Episode 205: Knives Out and the Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show appeared first on So...I'm Watching This Show.By Kristin & Wil
Round up of 3 matches played in the premier league on Saturday November 30th Chelsea v West ham, liverpool v brighton and Spurs v Bournemouth
AT-STs are back?! oh yeah!!Mandalorian chapter 4 is awesome! find out why! right here. right now.Thanks!Be Safe. Be courteous.BYE!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sortastarwars/support
Nic, Ryan and Craig discuss Frozen 2 blowing away the Box Office, Previews of Rise of the Resistance, Baby Yoda and Craig invents a new cocktail, quite loudly, in Pepsi Max and Gin. Join the new and improved Facebook Group - The Official After Dark Podcast Network https://www.facebook.com/groups/1059369490816183 Mail us disafterdark@gmail.com h ...…
We are back with episode 420 of Nintendo Pulse! On this episode we talk about Trover Saves the Universe and Simcity before getting into the weeks news including Megaman in Dragalia Lost, Shovel Knight selling very well on Switch and Goose Socks! Enjoy the show folks! If you enjoy what we do here, please consider becoming a Patron so we can brin ...…
They hate western civilization and want to run it.Date: 12-02-2019By The Daily Wire
We discuss the dangers of perineum sunning, the Texans beating the Patriots, and whether you like your stuffing dry or moist.By Jason and Deb in the Mornings
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