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Consultant Life
IT Consultant experiencing weekly business travel and hotel living since Sept 2017. Sharing her daily hacks on how she haven't missed a day off with a smile on her face or tears in her eyes. Currently training for SAS: Who Dares Wins 2020. After failing to take her place on the 2019 season. Breaking the mold of the traditional Consultant. Questions are welcomed! Find me on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Tiktok & YouTube = myhitlife
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Lessons Learnt from Arnie about no plan b and visualizing.
When my two favorite types of tech come together MICRO & MACRO. Link to the event is:
I think the reason I show up when others don’t is because my why is so compelling it can shred a tear at any moment. What is your why? Do you need to change it?
Today I read out loud my, “How to show up when you feel low” blog. I walk through my thoughts of when I feel sad and what sad actually feels like in my body. Also, forgiving myself for trying to runaway from it.
World mental health day what I wear on a daily basis to keep me on track. Each bracelet represents such a strong why you me that even discussing it on the podcast I still fall into tears.
Oh yeah, you ready write! I now actually have too much time on my hands! So obviously I need to fill it and fully utilized it. I guess someone will be creating content throughout the week instead! Get your timetables in order!
How I get back on track with my fitness journey and fail a little less each time
How I’m taking a step back and getting my life together
Have you ever done something and your brain just attacked you? I mean it went all in on you and you just wanted to never do it again. Yeah so I’m going to face those two activities every week, because I will not be beaten by my mind!
How I’m getting my life back on track with the daily bricks I’m going to lay. I’m broken everything down from my nutrition to the actual plan. I hope my example regarding achieving my one goal can help you do the same within your own life.
When your brain is screaming, “Can’t we just stop?” and you continue to show up anyways. That battle between yourself makes me honestly feel like Harley Quinn. This podcast is dedicated to the people who need to know they aren’t alone with the daily grind!
Sometimes we are in a situation we can’t walk away from. We are stuck there. So we need to focus on the things we can control aka our thoughts. How I manage my thoughts during times I want to smack a bitch in the face.
Fuck what they think. They don’t even like themselves anyways!
Personal development in Netflix form
Why I do so well on social media!
So my hotel hasn’t got a fridge... AND?! Here’s how I’m managing it. We do not use excuses here!
If you feel no matter how hard you try and it’s never good enough. Here’s how o manage myself! And here’s how to get everything done in an hour aka start with achievable goals!
It is not the fear of failure I am scared of, but the fear I am far more greater than I could ever imagine. When I was bought up I was never told I would be truly great. So discovering my true greatness at the age of 27 years old have been an extremely emotional experience. After not being able to rise on the show here are my lessons learnt. I’ ...…
As soon as you’ll embrace the negative emotions on social media that is when you’ll make it!
It’s lonely when you first start out as you grow apart from people you knew 10 years plus. However, if you put the real you out there your tribe will find you!
How to go BIG PIMPING on a Sunday!
You don’t have to be successful! You just have to been 1 step ahead of the group!
Honestly that one step of faith on that invisible staircase will soon turn into an escalator.
Listen you may piss the people off that you love at the start, but they will never be more grateful at the end!
When you are so public about your goals you have to sacrifice those hours of leisure for luxury! But at least when you relax you won’t have to worry about what you have left to do!
Say no! People pleasers are liars and your happiness will always come before anyone else’s!
I’m selfaware enough to know my bluntness is going to upset people!
We live in a world where if we are willing to embrace negative emotion we can actually make money!
It’s inevitable with my macro goals I will be a millionaire. The more people you help the easier follows! Find a solution to a problem!
I’m not here to be watched. I’m here to help!
The key to strength lies within your grip!
At 22 years old I nearly died and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
So I slept 3 hours late! I nearly kissed my second opportunity, but it wasn’t a guaranteed one at that! It was a risk paying that amount of money simple for 10-15 minutes of the SAS: Who Dares Wins team time, but it was most definitely worth it!
Before my second attempt at the Jerry can test this podcast by The Life Coach School was launched regarding carrying failures like free weights. It was at the point I knew I would succeed. That the universe wanted me to have this!
Not many people even get one chance at their dreams. Let alone two! For updates about SAS: Who Dares Wins check out my social media pages.
When you thought you’d have 10 months to prepare for SAS: Who Dares Wins, but its looking more like 3 weeks! It’s so easy to self sabotage. To not show up, but literally I’m taking one action step at a damn time!
From why me? To try me mindset! How I brainwashed myself to be positive.
Please know this fun doesn’t have an age limit, but it definitely has a fitness limit! Start today and build!
Out of the other side of the 3 life events which happened recently.
Why I would love to be autistic.
One thing I hate the most about British is the bull shit way they look at people with dyslexia!
You won’t have the answers! So just execute already.
Lessons I learnt by starting my fitness journey and never stopping.
I may not succeed on ig, but I can take those lessons and apply to to tiktok & LinkedIn.
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