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The Jason and Alexis Show
Jason Matheson and Alexis Thompson and producer Dawn McLain cover everything entertainment mornings from 5:30a to 9am. They are television addicts, movie maniacs, music lovers and pop-culture junkies and they'll keep you caught up on the latest! It's everything entertainment on myTalk 107.1!
The Rendezvous on myTalk 107.1 - Minneapolis/St. Paul
The Rendezvous with Simon and Kim. myTalk107.1 KTMY
Lori and Julia
Lori and Julia, Afternoons on myTalk107.1 KTMY. A little gossip. A lot of laughs.
Weekly Dish on MyTalk
The Stephanies dish about the latest restaurant and food happenings in the Twin Cities! Listen every Saturday from 9 to 11am.
Ian and Margery on myTalk 107.1 - Minneapolis/St. Paul
Ian and Margery, Mornings on myTalk107.1 KTMY. A little gossip. A lot of laughs.
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Dear Diary with Alexis and Dawn; Royal wedding news; Trending report with Megan; Matt Lauer accuser wants to be left alone and not hunted.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Eggnog, gross or delicious? Thoughts on Fruitcake. Dirt Alert with Elizabeth; Dear Diary replay with special 911 call.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Jason Saw Star Wars Again, The Timberwolves are doing great! Dawn went to a Wild Game. How the heck is your coffee?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Matt Lauer Secret relationship: Stop hunting the victim; Star Wars 2nd time review; Colin doesn't react in movies; Omarosa continued; NASA announcement; No to Jennifer Lawrence and Brad PittBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The Home Planet is calling Alexis with the NASA announcement today; Dirt Alert with Elizabeth; Second Chance replay; Robin Roberts says "Bye Felicia" to OmarosaBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
How the Hell is your coffee new open! Jason went to a salt cave; Do you eat off your co-workers plate and the floor?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Second Chance Romance; Omarosa "resigns" and GMA interview about this. Bea Arthur calls in about Alexis and her alien planet.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The SAG awards will only have women on stage. Morgan Spurlock is admitting sexual misconduct before anyone can accuse him. Joe Biden and Megan McCain have a moment about cancer on the viewBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Kirstin Dunst is pregnant...Sia's performance on Ellen was fantastical...Why Marley dropped 40 bucks on a roll of tape...Golden Globes take a look backBy
Donna and Marley discuss terrible country songs...Bryan Cranston fills in for James Corden...Joe Biden was lovely on The View...By
Marley shares dad jokes literally from her dad...Salma Hayek is speaking out about Harvey Weinstein...Morgan Spurlock admits he's part of the problemBy
Renting a parent is okay in Japan; What did you get in trouble for in school? Dirt Alert with Elizabeth; Alexis reads your stickBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The Last Jedi-non review; Alexis reads your stick; Trending report with Megan; Carl on the Walking Dead's real Dad is mad at the showrunner; Kelly speaks out about Regis' habit of not talking before the showBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The non-review of Star Wars The Last Jedi; Good Day LA host fired for sexual misconduct; Mario Batali ousted from the set of The Chew; Bachelor bios; The Exorcist tv showBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Chris Egert update; How the hell is your coffee? Angel loves Avon; Does Jason still have the Christmas Spirit?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Christmas Light displays in the Twin Cities; Bryan Singer has been fired from the Queen biopic; Walking Dead is jumping the shark and Dawn is now hate watchingBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
How's your coffee? Jason and Alexis Read Your Stick; national Bathtub party day! Angel treats us to There is Ice; The Voice recapBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
The Perfect Xmas song is perfect, according to Marley...Alec Baldwin is getting his own talk show...Billy Bush on Colbert...The funniest things you've heard millennials sayBy
Prince William has chosen his best man...The list of best songs of the year...Steve calls in from the road...How to break a glass with your voiceBy
John Oliver confronts Dustin Hoffman at a screening of Wag The Dog; Dirt Alert with Elizabeth; Read Your Stick; Championship vs SwapadoozyBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Coffee talk; Steel cut Oats; Chuck n Don's Event, Katie K-9 says Mr Big is getting fatBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Dawn saw the Christmas Carol at the Guthrie; Julia Styles is Mommy Shamed; Will & Grace Christmas Special; The Good Wife; 50th Anniversary of the Carol Burnett Show SpecialBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Marley tries to get some food in her diet coke. We drink pickle coke. Who knew about Matt Lauer? Star Wars and American Idol promo is very cringeworthy. This is Us upadate. We still love Curb Your Enthusiasm. A guy shares an embarrassing photo with his mother. What women won't show you at the workplace.…
Live from Popped Corn in Minnetonka! The refrigerator at myTalk is offending Donna. A new Prince documentary is coming. Beer for dogs. Domino's baby registry. A cinnamon roll in a cookie. We hear some music from the Disney Christmas celebration. Joe Keery (Steve from Stranger Things) was on WWHL.By
Prince Harry and Megan Markle are adorable. Kaley Cuoco is engaged. Ben Afleck moves in with GF, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are back together. Ed Sheeran and Beyonce are perfect. We learn a lot from the Jay Z interview. Steve talks New York and Bloody Mary's. How to be more popular. How to store popcorn.…
Matt Lauer latest; Bobby Flay says Minneapolis is a hot food destinationBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Matt Lauer latest; Savanah Guthrie's response to Matt's apology; Jason on finishing Netflix's Ozark; Real Housewives of Atlanta; Mariah Carey gets millions from James PackerBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Second Chance Romance; Instagram biggest likes; Snapchat has changedBy (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Snapchat filters are fun; the latest on Matt's apology; Dirt Alert with Elizabeth; Top baby names of 2017By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
What to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers, Small Business Saturday, and the Stephs take your foodie questions!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Top Two, Small Business Saturday, Where to brunch on Sunday, and your local foodie events!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
All sorts of new ways to use your Bundt cake pan. A low alcohol lower calorie wine from Weight Watchers.Guest is Mpls/St. Paul magazine food editor Steph March. Its all about Thanksgiving.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Ben Affleck chats with Jimmy Kimmel. A First Avenue Lego kit. Salted caramel Pepsi. Como Park Zoo names their new gorilla. Johnny Depp is in a racy Marilyn Manson video. No Amazon headquarters here.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Have you heard about Thanksgiving Dinner Pants? Pat Benatars new song. Jon Stamos wants kids. No streaming for the new Taylor Swift album. Eddie Fisher was a dog of a man.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Jimmy Fallon returns after the death of his mother. Catching up on The Voice. The Exorcist will be our cure for AHS. RHOA is just boring. Tom Sizemore is the latest Hollywood creep. Lord of the Rings TV show? Fun facts!By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Dawn tells us about her cats. James Woods can be very gross. Jason updates Dawn with Love You More. Jason saw Justice League and gives a a vague review.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Alexis is out. Dawn and Ryan are back. It has been an interesting 48 hours. Jason educates us about Japanese toys.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Ask us anything! Even more sexual harassment allegations. Meek Mill sentencing controversy. Even more ask us anything. Lex is in recovery.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Who should be the sexiest man alive? Body image in high school and don't peak too soon. We tell high school stories. Stupid schools and idiots in cars. Salsa or Guacamole?By
Stove Top is releasing stretchy pants for Thanksgiving. We listen to the victim allegations of Louis C.K. and Roy Moore. Spice Girls reunion may not happen after all. John Stewart speaks out against Louie C.K. Thanksgiving and friendsgiving.By
John Travolta is the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct. Tom Sizemore has been accused of disgusting acts. Kourtney Kardashian has an obnoxious diet. Kris Jenner wants to take the family to space. Being a vegetarian could make you live longer. How to blow your nose the right way.By
Steve tells us the anticipated movies coming out for the holidays...Confessions-What do you still do for your kid that you probably shouldn't?...25 things about Kristen Chenoweth and the last time you honked your hornBy
Amy Schumer has a new boyfriend...Taylor Swift does something sweet for Jimmy Fallon...Do we need to be tipping on take out orders?...Steve has a story (about a man in the women's restroom) that goes off the railsBy
We have another idea for Sexiest Man Alive (and it's not good)...Bill Murray and his bro are doing a fun little show for Facebook...Which Thanksgiving dishes are safe for your pet?...RHOC finale talkBy
More on the Louie CK story. An accuser comes forward. Whats up with Janet Jacksons nose? How do you know if you are a good kisser? What is cuffing?By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
- We chat with Super Bowl volunteer Maureen. She tells us how she got the job. Is Blake Shelton People magazines Sexist Man Alive? Rita Ora wears a robe on the red carpet. The latest on Johnny Deeps mess.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Weekend Claims: Donny enjoys breakfast at the Zumbro Cafe in Linden Hills. Holly decided not to go technology free. Julia spends too much in Hayward, Wisconsin. A melancholy happy trails to gossip columnist Liz Smith. Taylor Swift in concert next September 1 at U.S. Bank.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Jason loves Love You More. We both love Charlie Puth. Alexis had a crafty weekend.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Love You More on Amazon is Jason's new favorite show. We are up Mount Fuji without a pad. We are looking for TV shows.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
Another week, another slew of sexual assault allegations. Black Friday is not special anymore. Jason saw the new Thor movie. Gene Simmons new book sounds like it was written in the 1920's. Justice League is getting mixed reviews.By (myTalk 107.1 KTMY).
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