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Best Nadia Sawalha podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Nadia Sawalha podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Join television presenter Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderley as they take you on a journey through the ups and downs of married life.Offering their insights of life from the marriage trenches, there's no holds barred with this very relatable pair as episode by episode they share the impact of everything from addiction, rehab, parenthood to marriage counselling has had on their marriage.
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After Nadia's GRUELLING TREK - did ABSENCE make the Heart Grow Fonder or didnt they really miss each other at all?By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Boredom is a necessary part of any relationship. How do we deal with it? Should we allow for it, and what exactly is it that can bore us about each other.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
If We Hadn't Married Each Other We'd Be Dead By NOWBy Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
How do you feel about public displays of affection? Mark confesses that Nadia's fame has made him think twice about being affectionate around Nadia, but how does this revelation make her feel?By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Nadia innocently raises the topic of Gwyneth Paltrow's decision to spend half the week living separately from her partner BRAD. What starts off as a hypothetical conversation quite QUICKLY becomes a HEATED and slightly panic-stricken conversation.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Our 17th wedding anniversary recently. Nadia often states she's terrible with dates and frequently forgets,but this year so did Mark. Does this mean something has shifted in the relationship? Have we both become complacent about our relationship? Is the passion dead? Listen in to find out!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
This Podcast tackles the issue of the 6 year age gap between Mark and Nadia ... Is it an issue? Should it be an issue? Is it okay for women to date or marry younger men but NOT men to marry younger women? Does even a 6 year age gap mean that each partner is moving at a different rate and desiring different things? -------------------- FOLLOW US ...…
This relationship podcast takes a distinct turn for the worse mid-way through. But, it fully reveals the ways in which a misunderstanding can snowball into something much much biggerBy Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Could sparks fly as Nadia hands Mark the GENIE'S LAMP and invites him to MAKE THREE wishes to change things about her and their marriage for the BETTER.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Many of us are TOO co-dependent and don't even REALISE it. What is a Co-Dependent Relationship? Can it ever be TOO co-dependent? When does co-dependency become UNHEALTHY? FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For more movie news follow: POPCORN JUNKIES: https://w ...…
Why is MARK so bad tempered ? Why does Nadia claim to NEVER be bad-tempered? Who is bad tempered in YOUR house?! Is there ever a time you CAN be bad tempered? What about hormones and the menopause? FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For more movie news follow: ...…
Nadia & Mark are entertaining a return to couples counselling in order to tweak and improve their relationship. But what are the give away signs that a relationship or marriage needs to SEEK help? Nadia & Mark discuss. FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For mo ...…
We think we need them in order to be ROMANTIC - but are Date Nights just something else to beat ourselves up with?! FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For more movie news follow: POPCORN JUNKIES: https://www.instagram.com/popcornjunkiesmovieclub/ BUSINESS ENQU ...…
Getting Married often means you MARRY the entire extended family! What do you do if you DON'T like the In-Laws? FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawalha For more movie news follow: POPCORN JUNKIES: https://www.instagram.com/popcornjunkiesmovieclub/ BUSINESS ENQUIRIE ...…
Not quite sure WHY we thought this was a GOOD idea. It's BAD enough coming up with RESOLUTIONS you want to keep for YOURSELF, let alone the ones that SOMEONE ELSE sets for you!! We'd love to hear what yours are in the comments! FOLLOW US NADIA SAWALHA & FAMILY https://www.instagram.com/nadiasawalhaandfamily.com http://www.twitter.com/nadiasawal ...…
Xmas is a TRICKY TIME! Nadia & Mark SHARE in all the FRUSTRATIONS and CHALLENGES that come with XMAS!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Todays podcast tackles that HUGE problem for MANY people that is often NOT talked about ... JEALOUSY Mark digs deep and gets fiercely honest about how and why he would experience bouts of extreme jealousy. Where did the emotion come from. How did it make Nadia feel. What are his strategies for coping with it! We read out your comments and discu ...…
We had one of those HUMDINGER rows that feel like DIVORCE PAPERS are about to be FILED ... are they NECESSARY???By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Just when Mark thought Nadia couldn't shock him any more, she makes a suggestion that has him WRITHING in PAIN.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Nadia & Mark tackle the THIRD person in their relationship. Be warned this gets QUITE heated and emotional!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Nadia asks another HYPOTHETICAL question that IGNITES heated debate!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
OK, so we've dared to GO THERE! We've crossed a line & we are taking the gauntlets off. SO FAR could become NO MORE!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
When we fall in love are we also signing a CONTRACT that says we SHOULDN'T put on TOO much weight? What happens if the partner you fell in love with physically changes beyond recognition when compared to how they looked when you first met. Mark and Nadia tip toe through this mine field ...By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
How F***ING STRESSFUL is being married?! Does your partner STRESS YOU OUT?! Mark & Nadia get STRESSED in todays PODCAST! Check out the video version at: https://youtu.be/z8i3BKmAm5EBy Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Nadia & Mark grapple with that most unwanted of inevitabilities; death. What will either one of them do & how will they feel, when one or the other dies first?By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Mark read the headlines ... and was shocked and horrified ... what would happen if Nadia DID go and have a facelift?!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
ONCE AGAIN NADIA SPRINGS AN UNLIKELY QUESTION ON MARK ... AND WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A MEANINGFUL PODCAST ... DESCENDS INTO BICKERING. Want to see the full chaos in visual form? Check out the video podcast at https://youtu.be/om6D5vdDX68By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
To celebrate our 16 year anniversary we thought we would do an emotional inventory on where we are at ... whether we still love each otherBy Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
A deceptively simple question that is INCREDIBLY difficult to answer ... As we go deep into our ideas of what we thought would make a happy marriage when we were young - through to the pressures of chasing a HAPPY marriage after 16 years of Marriage.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Mark and Nadia consider the benefits of couples counselling - and she asks some unexpected questions of Mark.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
We chose to have our two girls Maddie and Kiki at Home. But, we've only just realised we've never actually spoken fully about the choices we made back then. Were we all actually on the same page or not?By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
Part 2 of Nadia and Mark's discussion about the joys and challenges of becoming a blended family.By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
It's Part 2 of our series about blended families and Mark and I are under the spotlight as one of Nadia's step-daughter, Izzy, joins us to ask some rather uncomfortable questions!By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
You requested it and we've responded as we dig deep into the topic of blended families! From Nadia's feelings about becoming a Step-Mum to Mark's thoughts about being a single father with two children, this first part takes us right back to the beginning, discussing the impact our own childhoods may have had and the different feelings and thoug ...…
In a special Valentines Day inspired podcast, we dig deep on romance. What does it mean? Does Nadia think Mark is romantic enough? Does he think she is... and perhaps the most important question of all - what the hell is magical romance?By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
In a highly emotive episode, we talk about a painful issue that sadly many people have to deal with - miscarriage. Talking about how the different ways it affects both people in the relationship, this podcast episode takes you through the heartbreak each time it happened and the way as individuals we both dealt and felt about it.…
We're going deep this week on the subject of affection in relationships. How important do we think it is in relationships? Why does one of us tend to hold back more out of the fear of rejection and how has the amount or lack of affection we felt from our parents as children affected us? As always we would so love to hear your comments so feel f ...…
With the 2nd January being "Divorce Day" (the day of the year where people make the most enquires about divorce), we're going deep this time and have a no holds barred discussion on that very subject. Join us for a whole series of revelations that took both of us by surprise..By Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
It's time to talk about the issue everyone shies away from - Sex! Are men really from Mars and Women from Venus or is the truth that are perceptions of sex and intimacy in a relationship aren't that dissimilar? You're going to have to watch to find out! VIDEO VERSION: https://youtu.be/40VnqLp9CysBy Nadia Sawalha & Mark Adderley
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