Best nerdstuff podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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General Nerd Stuff
Join ThatRevlo as he talks about the latest nerd news! New Episodes every Wednesday!
Just Nerd Stuff
Three friends discuss nerdy topics involving Movies, TV, Games, Comics, Books and everything in between! Each episode will include the weekly news, a new release review, and nerd topics!
Nerd Stuff is a podcast about nerd stuff. Listen to it, its fun.
Mike & Chris have a lot of nerdy things, and they’re gonna talk about it. From Power Rangers to Pro Wrestling, perpetually grumpy and always entertaining. It’s a Room Full of Nerd Stuff.
Lunduke Hour
Home of some of the most-watched videos about Linux on the planet. Plus videos about Games, Networking, DIY Hardware, 3D Printing, and Open Source... you know. Nerd stuff.
UnderDiscussion is a fortnightly roundtable podcast about Tabletop games and the related geekery. For eight years we've been covering the tabletop hobby, movies, Gen Con, and all sorts of nerd stuff!
An RPG podcast that does actual plays, reviews, and talks about nerd stuff. We tend to play 5e with an old school aesthetic.
Comedy, Activism, Nerd Stuff
100% Nerd Stuff
Lunduke Hour
Home of some of the most-watched videos about Linux on the planet. Plus videos about Games, Networking, DIY Hardware, 3D Printing, and Open Source... you know. Nerd stuff.
MvB Podcast
Games | RPGs | Other Nerd Stuff
Jess and Adam Talk about nerd stuff
Clash Chat
Clash of Clans. Podcast. Nerd Stuff.
Burning the Backlog
Two nerds ramble about nerd stuff
Fandom Roulette
Cody and Joe, Two Nerds talking about Nerd stuff Weekly.
Knitting, knitting, and...did we mention knitting? A new podcast all about what we're working on, what we're up to, and what we love. Fair amounts of nerd stuff along with all the sweet fibers and rad designs.
Udit Singh and some other nerds talk nerd stuff.
A Seattle-based podcast about games, comics, superheroes, zombies, robots, wizards, dinosaurs, and other things relevant to your interests. We're SJW FTW, and we’ve been nerding out about nerd stuff since way before everybody was a nerd.
Just some friends hanging out and chatting about nerd stuff.
Two nerds talking about awesome nerd stuff while slowly getting drunk.
Just Five Bros Havin' a Date. Video Games and Other Nerd Stuff.
Rain Dinners
Weekly podcast about nerd stuff from three guys who make comics.
Issa Nerdcast
A biweekly podcast about a Couple of Nerds talking about Nerd stuff.
Faith Lab Podcast
A conversation about life, faith and sorting out this conspiracy of grace. Oh, and nerd stuff too.
Just some typical hunks talking about politics, society, and nerd stuff!
A podcast about Netflix Original series. And food and nerd stuff.
We're four nerds who talk about nerd stuff (also we swear... a lot).
A Podcast about Video Games, Manga/Anime, Comics, and other Nerd Stuff filtered through a humorous edge.
A trio of friends with facial hair of the gods talking about nerd stuff and video games.
A panel-type discussion show that talks about tech, nerd stuff, and other ephemera of the day.
Some Nerds talk about cool nerd stuff - movies, shows, video games, merch, books, comics, manga, anime, tech, and more.
We Are Adults
"We Are Adults" is a podcast by two adults. Nolan McCausey and Colton Wesley talk about stories, writing, art, language, people and nerd stuff. And also Wikipedia.
Always Late
Our take on things from pop culture, the stuggle (cause it's real), politics, and nerd stuff! Just...not always as it happens.
Randomly Ever Ater
Just a random married couple in Texas doing random stuff and talking about it. Nerd stuff, movies, politics, pop culture, our semi-charmed life, and animals
A couple of guys in a basement, chatting about local things globally, but mainly nerd stuff, but pop culture stuff for sure.
A podcast about something. Well, most of the time. Video games, MTG, Dnd, and other general nerd stuff for your listening pleasure.
Welcome to the show that discusses thing we love that makes us broke, tune in every Weekend with Christian and Mario to hear two nerds talk nerd stuff.
Crypto Sewer
Crypto talk with personality! Tech talk! Altcoins! Nerd stuff! ...and dick jokes! Crypto Sewer is your podcast for crypto and entertainment!
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show series
We honor #Pride Month by ranking our Big 5 LGBTQ entertainers, Plus MJ Joins the Space Force, and eats an Ihob burger. Nerd Stuff features a sequel to The Shining, a microbiotic Star Wars world, and a no-spoiler review of Incredibles 2. Featuring songs by gay artists with music by Judas Priest, Sugar, and Queen.…
Ayhab tries to make Farm Simulator happen. We also talk hawk attacks, anime, and edging. Special Guest: David.By A-hab.
We're back!!!!! With a new guest Mark, along with Stephen and Philip. We basically ramble about nerd stuff, but its funny.Email the show at:
Carrie fills in for MJ and we rank our Big 5 favorite childhood toys. Sticky and his Phat Bitch take on Inigo Montoya, and Shawn revives the Cajun Alligator in the Weird World This Week. Plus a no-spoiler review of Deadpool 2 in Nerd Stuff and a whole lot more. "Kids Songs" is our musical there with songs from The Jungle Book, The Great Muppet ...…
Welcome in to another issue of PorterGraphic. ! 4 Away from Issue #20!In this issue we go through our normal sections of Compare, Share, Dare, and Impair. Except there is an issue when we arrive at Impair section and Brian and Eric run into a "KBS" Challenge and hilarity ensures.Enjoy!Please join our Facebook Page for further updates and all th ...…
We get you ready for prom with 10 Prom Horror Stories. The Weird World This Week features a woman who sent 65,000 texts to a man after their first date. James Gunn continues to ignore Sticky in Nerd Stuff, plus early Han Solo reviews, Batflac & Flash news, a Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Movie, and your favorite TV shows get the Axe. In honor of Margot K ...…
Welcome in to another issue of PorterGraphic. In this issue we roll through our Compare, Share, Dare, and Impaired sections. I spelled it right this time :). Join us as we talk/spoil the Avengers Infinity War in the Impair Section. Thank you all for your continued support!Please visit our NEW website for PorterGraphic:https://portergraphicpodca ...…
We run down The 18 Best Summer Blockbusters Ever. The Weird World This Week features Kim Jong-un's excrement, Grandpa's unwanted ashes, and a foul-mouthed virtual assistant. Nerd Stuff features an absolutely no-spoiler review of Avengers Infinity Wars. "Revenge" is our musical theme with songs by the Dixie Chicks, Elvis Costello, and Love.…
Zach Buss returns to talk upcoming Nerd stuff and we also have our reactions of Wrestlemania 34!
Shawn returns and Phat Bitches about not being able to buy bourbon on Sundays. We rank our Big 5 raddest senior citizens, and the Karate Kid returns in Nerd Stuff. Songs about growing old with music by Neil Young, Elvis Costello, and The Ramones.
Welcome in to another issue of PorterGraphic. In this issue we have more shares and compares. Our Dares from last issue are revealed and can one of us avoid drinking the dreaded Tank 7... In the Impare section we discuss the new Marvel Trailers and some of comics oldest statements that may or may not be ...…
We win a Golden Ticket and welcome a very special guest, Julie Dawn Cole, who played the iconic Veruca Salt in the 1971 movie Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Plus, we rank our Big 5 favorite candies, and the Avengers Infinity Wars trailer drops in Nerd Stuff. In honor of Veruca Salt “Sweet” is our musical theme with songs by Hole, Carol ...…
We get you ready for Saint Patrick's Day with "Six Beers You Should Never Drink." The Weird World This Week features your asshole percentage according to your astrological sign, and Mark Hamill is our Hero of the Week, plus we rank our Big 5 favorite fast food restaurants. Nerd Stuff embiggens your mind with the villainous Kristen Wiig, Jessica ...…
In this week’s episode, Jeremy and Derek recap their visit to Busch Gardens Tampa’s Adventure Island water park and their ALL NEW attraction Vanish Point! We also talk some nonsense about other theme park nerd stuff.
Welcome back to another episode of DTP! This week we welcome back our good buddy Boost home from graduation, talk a little games, play a new game, and just nerd out! DTP this week has been- @jcjesse @Boostkdv @Stu_Gatzzo @Baroquereaper
Our saddest show ever as we rank our Big 5 Saddest Movie Deaths. MJ beats up cops, Sticky gets beat by them, and Shawn takes out Russian mobsters. Kevin Smith survives a heart attack in Nerd Stuff and Ivan Drago returns to finish what he started. "Death" is our musical theme with songs by Bright Eyes, Dirty Pretty Things, and Taildragger.…
In This Week’s Show, episode 166, we swallow FEMA’s raw survival beer in the Oregon post-apocalyptic wilderness.
Our 3rd annual Xmas episode! We give each other STDs as gifts, and rank our Big 5 Holiday TV Specials. Sticky looks back on the year that was, and says #2017cansuckmydick. Shawn Reviews Star Wars #TheLastJedi in Nerd Stuff and MJ goes off the rails over the Walking Dead. Featuring Xmas songs by Tom Petty, Lightnin' Hopkins and The Ramones.…
We get you ready for your holiday party with Do's & Don'ts of holiday party etiquette. Plus, Bo & Luke Duke get intimate with 14 strange Xmas albums by classic TV stars. Nerd Stuff looks forward to Star Wars The Last Jedi, and Quentin Tarantino takes over Star Trek. Songs about getting drunk, in honor of your holiday tradition, featuring music ...…
Our listeners Slap Back on us with their favorite catch phrases. Zombie ants are real. We look forward to Thanksgiving, and our #HeroOftheWeek is Virginia politician, Danica Roem. Nerd Stuff is jam-packed with Thor, Justice League, Star Wars, The Punisher, Lord of the Rings, and more. In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, "food" is our ...…
#K2Z #WordSpew Episode 3 #VideoGames Based on #Movies in the weeks #Podcast we are back and we are talking #nerd stuff and we go into what game we liked as a kid and what we think of them now.Standard Survey: Survey: ...…
Our 100th episode! We get you ready for #Halloween and take back a look at the first 99. MJ's BFF Carrie joins us and Phat Bitches about $9 beers at football games, and we rank our Big 5 favorite sports movies. We look forward to Ragnarok and Odin's sentient eyeball in Nerd Stuff and a whole lot more. Featuring music by Pearl Jam & Neil Young, ...…
What does your favorite color say about your personality? We'll tell you. MJ and her “Phat Bitch” take on Speedway, our “Hero of the Week” warns us of impending doom, and we get “Slap Backed” by our listeners. Plus, an (almost) all-Batman edition of Nerd Stuff. "Colors" is our musical theme with songs by Hole, The Rolling Stones, and Sam The Sh ...…
Hello again to another episode of Barbells and Boxcars. In this episode we dicuss whats been going on in the Crossfit community, our week in crossfit, some beer talk, gaming stuff and other geek/nerd stuff. We hope you enjoy this episode. You can listen here Thanks for listening. Feel free to leave us some comments. Shout out to our gym Custom ...…
Music is such a big part of the Dad’s life, that it’ll take them TWO episodes to talk about it! The Dads cover almost (almost) every genre of music, from their earliest music memories all the way thru high school. FYI… the Dads were in their music prime during the 80’s and 90’s, be prepared for singing. Also: trap music, roombas, leather jacket ...…
A special episode with Last Comic Standing winner JOSH BLUE! (Don’t worry, still a little Jason in the intro). Aaron was on the road with Josh for a week and finally remembered to record a podcast… in the car. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Josh shares the challenges of being a disabled parent, along with being a part-time single Dad and being on th ...…
MJ finishes off a weekend bender and does the show with her drinkin' buddy/BFF, Bentley. Sticky argues for monkey's rights in the Weird World This Week, and Shawn warns us of the impending rapture. We reveal our past five Google searches, and Phat Bitch about the "Cash Me Outside Girl." Nerd Stuff features #It reviews, and life after death for ...…
In an attempt to talk about the news this week, Daniel, Duane, Nick and Jeremy just talk about pockets. Like clothing pockets. Sure, we talk about Star Wars and DC and other nerd stuff, but we spend the most time talking about pockets. I can't even explain why.Want more from us?Find us on YouTubeFollow us on Twitter @thefinalpanelSupport us on ...…
Inappropriate Fantasy Football trash talk, the Weird World This Week Gets really "shitty" in England. Shawn sends his thoughts and prayers out to you with his Phat Bitch. Robot Dogs & Queen Siri in Nerd Stuff, and so much more. Florida Songs with music by Modest Mouse, Sublime, and Elvis.
MJ's real-life BFF, Carrie, fills in for her on an extra nerdy show as we rank our Big 5 superhero movies. We set fire to Burning Man, and thin out the gene pool in The Weird World This Week. Sticky Phat Bitches about old people and technology. We enter the Twilight Zone with our lottery dreams, and debate extended universes in Nerd Stuff. In h ...…
The Weird World This Week features firemen saving piglets, then eating them, a rapper staring at the eclipse, and one very lucky woman. MJ takes on traffic with her Phat Bitch, and we rank our Big 5 American rock bands. Nerd stuff features early #It reviews, the return of Jay & Silent Bob, and more head scratching movie moves by DC comics. Our ...…
Ever change careers in mid grownup life? Aaron and Jason have. How do you transition? The Dads walk thru some of the things that were so important to their own career changes. And Aaron may be cutting your grass soon. Also: pre-show meetings, lumber, retail life, paint clothes, test taking as a grownup and stranger hugs. Sponsored by Ignite Hos ...…
Guess who’s back? Your friendly neighborhood Knerds! Fearless leader Jamie, Old Man Dale, Ryan the silent ninja, and Chaz all convened on the old couch to play a game and talk nerdy…again! Come listen, if you’re not already watching, to the Knerds give each other shit about how crappy we all are at the new school Sonic in Sonic Mania! This time ...…
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