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Listen to the hottest eleven tracks of the week, selected and mixed for you by NID. The best in House Music, Progressive and Electro. Get ready...Now, it's time to dance !
Le Nid de l'Insecte
Goth, Electro, Dark, Industriel et Expérimental... Ce podcast est le reflet de l'émission "Le Nid De L'Insecte", tous les dimanche soir, sur RJR. Rejoignez nous sur
Webinar with focus on small cells, what they are and why would operators want to use them. Typical deployment scenarios and requirements for such deployment both on the technical and commercial aspect of them, as well as the challenges they create.
Just Design Things- Beginner
Aditya is an aspiring designer and he wants to get into NID. Let's listen to his experiences and thoughts on design.
Multilingual Short Works Collection 009 by VARIOUS
This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English). All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers. 01 - Japanese - Numachi by Akutagawa Ryunosuke (1892-1927) [1916] - Text - Key words: prose, fiction, painting 02 - Japanese - Hamano Fuyu by Nagatsuka Takashi (1879-1915) [1907] - Text - Key words: prose, fiction, seashore, winter 03 - Russian - Демон. Часть 1 / Demon. Part 1 by Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841) ...
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The Unadulterated BS Podcast
Today, Brian and Mel bring back a standard feature from The Unadulterated BS Podcast... This Week in BS. In today's story, we talk about phoenices. The post Phoenices appeared first on The Unadulterated BS Podcast.
During this episode we talk to Film Editor Barry Malkin. Mr. Malkin’s credits include The Godfather Part 2, The Rain People, and the upcoming Movies @ Main feature Cops and Robbers. Malkin discusses working on Cops and Robbers, collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola, and missed opportunities with Director Jonathan Demme.Join us at the Main Lib ...…
Charles Ortleb, the author of Truth to Power, interviews Dr. Michael J. Goldberg, the author of The Myth of Autism. Goldberg is the President of the Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndromes (NIDS) Medical Advisory Board and has been on the clinical teaching staff at both UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Hospitals. Dr. Goldberg has challenged the conventional wi ...…
Liahona HS celebrates 70th birthday Liahona High School celebrated its 70th birthday on 7 September with activities that emphasized healthy living. Read Story Dreaming with DACA – UVU student shares how program helped him Alan Ledesma of Orem came to America from Mexico when he was 9. He says the hardest part was watching his sister sell all of ...…
YouTube is starting to censor content that doesn't break its content rules, preparing for the eclipse may be preparing for disaster, and researchers hack signs to confuse autonomous vehicles. Links from this episode: - YouTube will suppress some controversial content — even if it doesn’t violate policies - Steven Crowder - Young Turks - ADL: Ha ...…
The Cultural Hall Podcast
Did ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ artist Maurice Sendak really illustrate a cover for an LDS children’s magazine? Maurice Sendak, the writer and illustrator of “Where the Wild Things Are,” did the cover artwork of the 1969 November issue of what was then called The Children’s Friend, a magazine for young readers of The Church of Jesus Christ of L ...…
I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Summer. The heat, the humidity, all of it. However, there’s a part of me that has always appreciated and admired the ocean, and all it’s landscape and wonder. This is why every year I try to capture that feeling through a Summer Special. For 2017, we begin with Ferry Corsten’s ‘Homeward’ packed full of emo ...…
In August of 2007, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel began alerting the public to dangers posed by structural changes in the global economy. Since February 2015, Mr. Ortel has been digging into the Clinton Foundation’s public records, federal and state-level tax filings, and donor disclosures. Including records from the foundation’s many offsho ...…
HBCU Lifestyle Podcast | HBCU News and Interviews
A trailblazing public servant in Louisiana is the product of Grambling State University. Steven Jackson is the youngest person ever elected to the Caddo Parish Board of Commissioners and also the youngest to serve as president of the commission. He visited the HBCU Lifestyle Podcast to tell his story. Steven shared how his experiences as Studen ...…
The 2017 Benchmark Compensation Survey shows the average wage for all entry level employees in Utah is $13.81 per hour. Does your take-home pay reflect this average? The President of the Utah Employers Council, Ryan Nelson, has more information about salary standards. We then cover the hot industry of Information Technology. Did yo ...…
Everyone dies. See you next season!! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Everyone hangs out in bloody curdled milk and Harry might finally get to face his demon! Corruption for everybody, hurrah!
Belle Gunness was one of America's most prolific female serial killers, luring lonely men to her Indiana farm with promises of marriage, only to rob and kill them. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll tell the story of The LaPorte Black Widow and learn about some of her unfortunate victims. We'll also break back into Buck ...…
In this episode, Dr's J, Ward, and Praz discuss the founding of the Food and Drug Administration. Along the way, they cover Suicide Squad, Bernie Sanders, Toxicology, Strychnine and bitter beer face, recruiting students for scientific trials, Dr Praz Poetry Corner, med school blood draws, Victorian-era food additives, EULAs, The Borax Trials, C ...…
The economy may be on the up-swing, but not everyone is profiting. Even if you are struggling with finances, there are 2 things you can do to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Shane Stewart, certified financial planner from DMBA, has tips to keep you in your home. Find out why Credit Counseling is bet ...…
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