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NORML SHOW LIVE (HD) - The Official Marijuana Podcast from NORML
NORML SHOW LIVE (HD) is your high-definition source for the latest in marijuana law reform news from NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Your host, NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville brings you news, interviews, music, comedy, and analysis you can't get anywhere else in a weekday talk radio program.
NORML Weekly News Podcast
Weekly news and information from The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).
NORML Events - PodCast
Special Events from The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).
The Weed Show: Cannabis Comedy for Marijuana Connoisseurs is a comedy/sketch/music variety show for Cannabis, weed, and marijuana fans. Host Chris Iacono brings entertainment, news, comedy sketches, original music, and interviews from the Doobie Den in Denver, Colorado.
Burning Issues with Dr. Mitch Earleywine
Setting fire to the stoner stereotype. Sparking up candid conversations with cannabis researchers, entrepreneurs and advocates.Educator, Author and Advocate Dr. Mitch Earleywine hosts a no-holds-barred platform that seeks to re-define and revolutionize the entire scope of the cannabis culture, while opening the door for more to join the cannabis crusade.
Keeping Democracy Alive with Burt Cohen
Keeping democracy alive Democracy is not a spectator sport, it requires informed participating citizens. On Keeping Democracy Alive, we delve into dynamics that both inhibit democracy and reinvigorate it. looking into issues from: domestic economic issues to foreign, labor, trade, and education policy, NSA spying, the drug war, prison, police, and judicial issues, electoral and protest politics, middle east realities, right and left wing populism, environmental and energy issues, the wealth ...
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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines Monday, October 9, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // DEA Report: Marijuana Seizures Increased By 20 Percent In 2016 (NORML Blog) // Marijuana Is A Big Issue In Next Month’s Elections (Marijuana Moment) // First billboard ads for a marijuana dispensary will go up Monday (Boston Globe) These headlines are brou ...…
Will marijuana legalization happen in the south next? Deputy Director of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Paul Armentano comes to Coastal Noise to talk southern state reform, what legal states are showing us now, shifting public opinion, and what actions southern states can take to end prohibition. Subscribe to Coa ...…
I’M ON A BOAT! This week I sit down with my friend Issac Holeva as he takes me for a little cruise down the Allegheny and we chat about how the Pittsburgh scene has developed over the past decade. Issac is involved with A LOT. Faded Industry Entertainment, Premier Innovations Group & Pittsburgh Norml just to name a few and this is an awesome ta ...…
Debby Goldsberry, author of "Starting and Running a Marijuana Business" + Houston Mayor & Police Chief re Fentynal & Paul Armentano of NORML re cannabis Vs opiods
Lago in the Morning
Lago talks with the game warden and the President of the Corpus Christi chapter of NORML.
Today on Burning Issues Dr. Mich is joined by Erik Altieri the communications director of NORML. They talk about how Medical Cannabis Patients Report Decreased Use Of Opioids, Anti-Anxiety Medicines. This topic is based on Patients with legal access to medical cannabis decreasing their use of opioids, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and o ...…
Marijuana Today Daily Headlines Friday, June 16, 2017 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Wolf responds to Sessions’ request to remove legal protections for medical marijuana (Lancaster Online (AP)) // Vermont gov and legislators still negotiating marijuana legalization (Cannabist) // Cannabis attorney expects court decision on 280E by ‘end of ye ...…
Tom McCain recently was named the new Executive Director of Peachtree NORML. Peachtree NORML, along with other organizations, is one of the leading voices in Georgia against Cannabis Prohibition. Tom McCain's leadership appointment is important because Tom is a retired Deputy Sheriff and Veteran. He retired as the Chief Deputy of Johnson County ...…
CEO Clifford Perry of Freedom Leaf Inc., joins the show to talk about being a resource for the cannabis, medical marijuana, and industrial hemp industry. # NORML # Penny Stocks # SSDP # target market publishing # FLI Agency
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis Headline News: Dr. Carl Hart's life threatened over his protests of bloody drug war in the Philippines; Police for Reform (LEAP): Former San Diego Prosecutor Michael Cindrich, director of San Diego County NORML and VP of Gridiron Cannabis Coalition; Drug War Data Mining: MJ Biz Daily projects this year, adult-use may finally outsell me ...…
Russ Belville speaks about the Dan Viets from Missouri NORML on the proposed Missouri medical marijuana initiative drive for 2018.
Blazin With Bobby Black
Between President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions trying to bring back draconian Drug War-era sentencing guideline, it’s been a pretty scary week for our democracy. To help make some sense of it all, Bobby welcomes on defense attorney and executive director of Pittsburgh NORML Patrick Nightingale for a s ...…
Today on Hempresent Vivian is joined by Amanda Berard. She is a mother, a University of North Texas grad student, and a veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, 23 of every 100 women that use the VA say they have been a victim of sexual assault. She advocates with the Texas chapter ...…
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis Headline News: Bipartisan Condemnation of Attorney General Sessions' Repeal of Holder Memo; Cannabis Q&A with Dr. Mitch: Does pot cause premature birth, a rise in neighborhood crime, and an increase in problematic marijuana use? Drug War Data Mining: Poll round-up from New Hampshire, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, plus NYC arre ...…
Get N Tha Game Podcast
We Get N Tha Game with DFW Norml representatives to talk the new marijuana laws and the upcoming 420 events. DJ Tuss stops by to talk his love of Mary Jane.
Highlights from DFW NORML North Texas Marijuana March speeches by Shaun McAlister, Russ Belville, and Lori Duckworth;
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis Headline News: Vermont Legislature Becomes First to Pass Marijuana Legalization; Hempday Humpday Update: Joy Beckerman on Washington State's first industrial hemp crop; Activist's Agenda: Highlights from DFW NORML North Texas Marijuana March speeches by Shaun McAlister, Russ Belville, and Lori Duckworth; Veterans of Compassion: Michael ...…
Fighting for Adult Marijuana in Texas as Eric Espinoza from DFW NORML breaks news on House Committee passage of whole-plant medical marijuana bill.
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis Headline News: Michigan Activists Start 2018 Legalization Campaign; Marijuana Policy Insider (MPP): Mason Tvert on Latest Reforms; Activist's Agenda: Live Audio from DFW NORML Overpass Banner Drop Protest; Cannabis Community Chat: Stephanie Bishop on Drug War Mass Incarceration; Radical Rant: Eric Espinoza from DFW NORML breaks news of ...…
This week our guest is very active & dedicated in his community! Al Graham & Kim Cooper are excited to bring you an interview this week with Toronto Cannabis Activist, NORML Canada Board Member, who also writes & edits for the Green Candy Press, & is the dedicated Lawyer for the Toronto CC5, Mr. Jack Lloyd! Jack is very dedicated to the cause, ...…
We're More Than Marijuana
As we continue the Rusty Williams interview, we discuss why WV NORML seemed to be invisible during the session, give respect to several of the people that helped make this session a success, and look toward the future of cannabis in WV and beyond.
It's a special bonus edition of the Bill Press Show celebrating the international stoner holiday 420 (April 20th) with Matt Laslo, NORML's Erik Altieri, the Washington Post's Maura Judkis, Peter Ogburn and Jamie Benson discussing the origin of the term 420, the rapid acceleration in marijuana legalization across the country, and how brands are ...…
Anthony Johnson is a war veteran. Maybe not in Afghanistan or Iraq, but in the long, protracted war to legalize cannabis. He’s fought many wars and lost quite a few of them, but he is confident the big war is winnable.As a law student in Missouri, Anthony saw unequal treatment of his African-American friends in the issue of possession of Mariju ...…
Paul Armentano, Dep Dir of NORML, report on Canada attempt to legalize, Glenn Muse re problems with synthetic "weed" in Texas, former Police Chief of Seattle Norm Stamper, Phil Smith of
Houston's Morning News with Matt Patrick welcomes Jax Finkel, executive director of the Texas state chapter of NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) to discuss 4/20 and legislation.
As the ldquoHighrdquo Holiday of the Cannabis Calendar 4/20 is upon us, Dr. Kelly invites NORMLrsquos Deputy Director Paul Armentano to share with us his thoughts on the current state of cannabis legalization, policy and scientific efficacy in the US in 2017 What does this year hold for legal cannabis in America Remember that 4-19 is ldquoTake ...…
Shut Up and Listen Podcast Network
On this episode: the "You Look Like" web series, the last "The Wiseguys" improv show EVER!, Condomonium, a brief stab at politics, finding comfort in familiarity, NORML, going on tour with JT Habersaat, "Don't Be Afraid of Memphis Comedy" this week with John Simmons, and more! Don’t be afraid.
Christopher and Allan host and interview Summer Weirich of Rebel+Connect! Summer is the Director of Events at Rebel + Connect. She works with remote leaders that allow them to figure out the how and when details of event planning process to ensure a seamless event experience for everyone involved.Before joining forces with Charlie and Rachel (h ...…
Host Dave Lindorff updates the case of incarcerated black journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been left untreated by Pennsylvania prison authorities for two years with a virulent case of active Hepatitis-C he contracted in prison, explaining that an Appellate Court just shot-down an effort by the Department of Corrections to delay ...…
Branch-Out: THE Digital Media & Marketing Podcast
“This is not a Get-Rich-Quick! scheme… like most of the other small businesses, you have to have passion, and social entrepreneurship.” - Charles SmithIn this episode we spoke with Charles Smith, a cannabis regulatory & compliance consultant and New York attorney.Learn about the cannabis industry, and the obstacles those companies face as they ...…
Joined by Alan St Pierre to talk about how normal has been changing hearts and minds for over 40 years. Also discussing the long relationship between High Times and Norml. We talk a little about Freedom Leaf and what Alan is doing there to make change around the country.
Lokal Celebrities Podcast #12 a.k.a The Marijuana Show ft. Legal Marijuana Now This Latest Joint We Invited Oliver Steinberg & Michael Ford To Spark A Light On: Weed, Politikkks, Ganja, Trump, Hemp, Blunts, Legal Marijuana Now, MN NORML, Minnesota Marijuana, Growing, Green, Big Business, Prohibition, Reefer Madness & More…
Cannabis Community Project - (Grind&Burn)
Priscilla S. Is the Deputy Director of Denver NORML; she is also my new business partner with MED BADGE HELP. I give her a surprise on-air "job" Interview ;) as we work out the beginning of a business model. Music by Mathew Bradey.
Marc Shepard is an active member of NORML, MassCann, and the Patient Advocacy Alliance. He is also co-founder of the New England Cannabis Convention: an extensive and affordable cannabis industry business conference that is returning to Boston this April. In the following interview, our podcast host TG Branfalt and Marc discuss what can be expe ...…
Call It What You Will Salinas
We talk again with Monterey County NORML. Ryan Munevar and Joey Espinoza are back to educate us further on the work that NORML does here at home. Dom recently attended a meeting that was held by NORML and was completely blown away by the level of science, technology, and diversity of people that are coming together as cannabis has been legalize ...…
The lawyer who aided the return of a child’s ashes and sentimental belonging to a family that was burglarized responds to criticism. The family thanks the community for support. Also: Eureka’s Carl’s Jr. sign losing it’s Carl’s tenure, Ferndale and NORML bud [sic] heads over the Humboldt County Cup, that teenager-punching dad’s arrest warrant, ...…
The Changing Perception of Cannabis examined as Vivian McPeak welcomes Keith Stroup, an attorney and founder of NORML.
In this episode the guys invite their friend Jack Cain from INorml into the studio. Jack is on the board of directors for the Indiana chapter of Norml. They discuss all things cannabis. Prohibition to medicinal uses are all discussed in this weeks podcast. cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, laws, medicine, prohibition, president, private prison. E ...…
The story is too common in our society today. Prohibition has destroyed lives and killed people, both from lack of access for medical purposes, and from filling prisons. Cannabis; medical, recreational, argicultural, should not be prohibited from complete access in our society. Period. Tennessee offers us the complete spectrum of what is wrong ...…
Keith Stroup returns to share his thoughts on cannabis legalization in the wake of the election. We get Keith’s take on the state of affairs in each of the state that held votes in November. We dive in on Arkansas specifically and spend some time discussing that conservative southern state and what that means for the southern states which surro ...…
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