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Orlando North Church - We are called to Go & Be Christ’s church to the world through the Holy Spirit by connecting people to God and to each other for His glory.
Messages from the Sunday services of True North Church // Perth, Western Australia. More information @
Old North Church
Connect. Grow. Serve.
True North Church
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Mount Paran North is a church in the metro Atlanta, GA area with campuses in Marietta and Canton. We exist to help people live a Christ-centered life of Loving God, Making Friends, Serving Others, and Sharing the Story.
North Church
Welcome to the North Church Podcast. We exist to inspire others to say yes to God! We believe in healthy relationships, wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and boldly living and sharing the Gospel in Spokane and around the world!
True North Church is a non-demominational, evangelical church in Milton, Ontario. Every, Sunday we teach from the Bible and share the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is refreshingly relevant and practical to our everyday lives. Whole families are finding out what a positive difference church can make. Please visit us at
We are a small church plant in Denton, TX. Jesus gave a command: to love one another as he loves us. He goes on to say that "everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." We work to make care for each other, for our city, and for our world the utmost priority in our lives. Love is more than simply a feeling or even a philosophy for us, it is a lifestyle commitment that guides where we live, what we do, how we treat people, and ultimately who we are. This is ...
East North Church
East North Church, Greenville, SCDiscover. Demonstrate. Declare.
The weekly sermon of Metro North Church, led by Pastor Howard Cole. For more info, visit
FCN Church meets at 10am - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail in London, ON.
FCN Church meets at 10am - St. Andre Bessette Secondary School - 2727 Tokala Trail in London, ON.
True North Church
Welcome to the True North Church podcast. Enjoy recordings of our most recent sermons.
North Church STL
North Church exists to know and love truth, people and God.
Messages, poems and musical works from Fitzroy North Community Church
The messages spoken at Journey North Church in Pine City, MN
Recent Messages of Vineyard North Church in Oceanside, CA.
A second look at the weekly message from Pastor Todd at East North Church, delivering the sermon content in under 15 minutes.
ENC Sermons
Listen again to sermons preached at Edinburgh North Church.
Weekly Bible preaching brought to you from True North Church, Cannon Falls,MN"Come as you are, Leave Different!"
Christ Temple North Church is based in Kansas City, Missouri and is led by Pastor Johnnie Fields. Our mission is to draw young adults and their families to Christ to teach them regarding personal and spiritual growth so that they may have a better quality of life. Christ Temple North is a non-denominational church that has a passion to help and grow those in need regardless of racial, social, or economic backgrounds in order that they be the best versions of themselves for their families and ...
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Preached on 28th April by James Clark A one-off sermon preached at Edinburgh North Church
Ps. Michelle preaches from Matthew 27 on "He Died" for Easter Friday
Allegory of Sarai and Hagar. New City Catechism. LOTR at ENC?
Speaker: Anthony Vander Laan
Week 4 — Limitless (Jonah 4:1-4, 10-11; Matthew 12:40) Have you ever thought God’s goodness could run out? Oh sure, in theory it knows no bounds, but in reality that doesn’t always seem to be true. That line of thinking can sometimes result in us becoming angry toward God when he is gracious to people that we don’t think deserve it. The truth i ...…
A second look at some content from Tony Merida shared at the 2018 Acts29se March gathering.
Perplexing behaviors. Law as guardian. Spirit directed life.
Week 3 — The Butterfly Effect (Jonah 3:1-5, 10) The Butterfly Effect: a small cause can have profoundly large effects. Often we forget this is true of God and, because of that, it is true for us, too. The effect of showing compassion is amplified when we connect it with truth. Let’s face it, compassion without truth is hollow sentiment and trut ...…
Date Recorded: 3/11/18 Speaker: Rob Duford
Special guest Tucker Platt tells us what life in the Spirit looks like in light of the gospel.
Week 1 — Move Toward the Mess (Jonah 1:1-3) The most difficult thing about compassion is actually showing it. Thinking it is easy. In fact, I would suggest we think we are far more compassionate than we actually are. But thinking it is simply being sympathetic and it doesn’t go very far to resolving the situation. It’s even harder when we don’t ...…
Speaker: Leslie RoweJanuary 7, 2018
Everything about the Christian faith hinges on who Jesus was and is. Literally everything comes down to Him. Today we will give people room to decide if they are ready to embrace Jesus as Saviour.
Series: Living Well In A Hostile WorldText: 1 Peter 2:18-3:7Title : The Advantage of UnfairnessSpeaker: Pastor Thomas Lee
Ps. Dean preaches from 1 Corinthians, 2 - Taking on the Mind of Christ.
Without a doubt this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to people’s belief in God. If he’s a good God, if he loves everyone, why on earth is there a hell? It seems to be that God is mean and spiteful, not loving and tender. Further, it seems that God is an exclusive, prejudiced, snob. If he makes the choice of who’s in and who’s out, what’s ...…
Series - Living Well In A Hostile World (1 Peter)Text - 1 Peter 2:11-12Title - Being Winsome to Win SomeSpeaker - Pastor Thomas Lee
Modern people contend that the reason they don’t believe that God exist is because of the behavior of Christians. The miss-alignment of what a Christian says and how they live is proof there is not God. The essence of the Christian faith is Jesus, not how people attempt to follow him. The church is filled with not so perfect people.…
Series: Living Well In A Hostile WorldText: 1 Peter 2:4-10Title: The Building That LastsSpeaker : Pastor Thomas Lee
The problem of science is a modern problem. The ancients didn’t see God and science as incompatible. However, today we have made the error of attempting to dissect and understand a metaphysical/spiritual being, God, in physical terms. By doing this we aren’t doing justice to either philosophy or science. This morning we will be placing these ca ...…
Series: Living Well in a Hostile World Text: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3Title: Part 2 - Securing My Inside WorldSpeaker : Pastor Thomas Lee
This is a question many ask, especially when we see a world filled with evil and suffering. But it’s not only a world issue, we have our own evil and pain to deal with. The problem of evil is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to faith. Why would a loving God allow it? We will discover the Bible deals directly with this problem.…
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