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Join me as we discuss diabetes advocacy, science, and technology on Diabetes by the Numbers.
Jorge Luis Borges wrote, "Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire." And it’s still as close a definition as we have. This hour of Radiolab, we try our hand at unlocking the mysteries of time. We stretch and bend it, wrestle with its subjective nature, and wrap our minds around strategies to standardize it...stopping along the way ...
“Behind the Numbers” is a freewheeling conversation about digital media and marketing, and how digital is transforming business—and even life. From eMarketer, the most comprehensive source of information on doing business in the digital world.
Defending in Numbers is here to help fans of the beautiful game to expand their football knowledge and learn more about the stats behind the big stories, arming you with the facts and figures you need to settle this week’s big debate over pre-match pints at the pub.
Numbers Station
Your friendly local Numbers Station
Words & Numbers
Words & Numbers touches on issues of Economics, Political Science, Current Events and Policy. Each Wednesday we'll be sharing a new Words & Numbers podcast featuring Antony Davies Ph.D and James Harrigan Ph.D talking about the economic and political aspects of current events.
Andrew Dilnot, chair of the UK Statistics Authority, brings to life the numbers that highlight the patterns and trends that have transformed Britain
A conspiracy of the skies, in twenty parts. Sam is stuck in a dead-end job at a call centre - but she is more trapped than she knows.Ten years after it first launched, we're repeating this Sony-nominated drama serial by Dave Pickering, featuring a host of (at the time) young London talent.
Numbers and Narrative
Numbers & Narrative is a longform, interview-based podcast with data analysts who tell good stories, and great storytellers who love numbers.
“Accounting – We go Beyond the Numbers” is a podcast from Ross Buhler Falk – a CPA and Business Advisory Firm. In this podcast you’ll receive great Business Advice – including accounting and tax tips and a whole lot more that will help you grow your business. Learn how to use your business numbers to manage and operate a successful business.
By The Numbers
AlphaDraft, draft your own fantasy team and win money while you’re having fun!
Numbers Game
A RotoViz podcast about fantasy football, data, and sports analytics, hosted each week by Nick Giffen and Josh Hermsmeyer
Movies by Number
Lights, Camera, Hashtag - Welcome to Movies by # A podcast that features reviews of films culled from the American Film Institute's 100 Years 100 Movies list as well as guilty movie pleasures and other films both new and old.Join host's Zak, Jake, Adam and Kevin every Friday!--Season Three Release Schedule -- 33. “Death Wish (1974)” 3/02/201833.5 POST CREDITS 3/09/201834. “Star Wars Ep. 8 The Last Jedi” 3/16/201834.5. POST CREDITS 3/23/201835. Silence of the Lambs AFI # 74 3/30/201835.5. POS ...
Words and Numbers
Podcast by Foundation for Economic Education
Learn, Laugh, and Live
Weekly Nintendo Podcast where hosts Eric Zauch and Natalie Wilson do their gosh darn best to provide you with an hour of entertainment and fun, that sure to leave you feeling like a super star.
Real entrepreneurs discuss what they learned about their business numbers, to help you grow your business. Case studies and actionable stories, not dry theory. Profit, margins and cash flow, not just marketing conversion numbers.
Based on FanDuel's popular By The Numbers articles, this is a podcast hosted by JJ Zachariason and Jim Sannes that delves into some of the most mind-blowing stats from all of the weekend's NFL action.
Welcome to Numbers on the Boards, a podcast for basketball fans who want to have some fun listening to Mavs TV analyst Jeff “Skin” Wade and's Bobby Karalla talk hoops, stats, and life in the NBA with a new guest each week.
Easy Numbers
Podcast by Easy Numbers
The Podcast Numbers Station is a fake number station that broadcasts coded messages for listeners to decode. All messages in the same set (set number is noted in the episode title) are encoded using the same code.
Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.
Join us as we dive head first into Stars Without Number, the Science Fiction Pen and Paper RPG. (For those unfamiliar think of this like Dungeons and Dragons in Space)
A Red Sox Podcast hosted by long time Red Sox family member Shawn LeLievre, College Baseball Allstar/Amateur Baseball player Justin Silvestro and producer Joe MacLean. These die-hard baseball fans dive deeper into topics such as advanced analytics, team prospects and the general landscape of the MLB. These are not your average pink-hats.
Runout Numbers
Every so often, Casey and Laura talk about music.
Words & Numbers
Podcast about Economics, Education and Current Events
MathsCasts: Algebra and Number Theory
DETECTIVES. THIEVES. TIME-TRAVELLERS. (REASONABLE RATES.) 'Somewhere in this city, there's a hole in history, in reality itself, and it's getting bigger. I'm the only detective in town who keeps an eye on what crawls through.' Kilbey Salmon has charm, a quick gob and an instinct for self-preservation. Nero Dusk has a lot of patience, a grumpy demeanour and a way with his fists. Theo Cartwright is an Australian journalist who often wonders why she spends time with either of them. In their tim ...
Numbers Lie
I am a lover of debate and all things basketball!
NumberOneBeats Weekly Radio Show Hosted By A.C.K. ! The Show will be presented in many different FM Radios like Radio FG USA, Number1 FM Turkey, Heat Radio Greece, Germany, DJR’ADIO, Daltica Radio, Clublovers fm, VIP TV and many more stations in different Countries like Belgium, Canada, Malta, Ibiza, Spain, U.S.A, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia .... Near NumberOneBeats Records tracks supports the show also many talented new comers. Curtainly supporting and playing in the past and ...
Youth news and informaion at number 10
Oh great, Another comic book podcast. We're about 10 years too late, right? Dude, I agree and you're totally right. And we're probably not the first of our kind nor will we be the last. We are a bi-weekly comic book podcast that talks about ::drumroll:: you guessed it, COMIC BOOKS! But not just any comic books. Only #1's. Maybe you've always wanted to jump on to a new series but you're worried if it's worth spending your hard earned dollars? We tell you if the book is worthy of continuing af ...
We invite and encourage you to join the reading schedule that has so inspired the Jewish community since before the birth of “The Church.” At the same time, we challenge you to read the portions on your own, mining God’s rich, spiritual garden, gleaning the precious nuggets that lay in store for you. A Messianic commentary for each portion has been provided to assist you in your journey to become a more mature child of HaShem. May His Spirit richly bless you as you “Study to show thyself app ...
Mat and Tim take you around the world! Get ready to learn every significant digit about every significant nation-state on Earth.
As much as I qualified as an accountant I almost didn't, I had become so frustrated & disillusioned with the slow progress I was making that I seriously considered quitting but I didn't thanks to a mentor who came out of a surprising place. Not only did he help me rediscover my passion and love for helping businesses and people grow, he also helped me remember why I wanted to become an accountant in the first place. Re-energised I went onto have a fun, rewarding & successful career working w ...
At Trust & Safety in Numbers, we chat with people on all sides of the fraud fight: hackers, FBI agents, fraud analysts, rogue cyborgs… In an era when high-profile account takeovers and global malware attacks are as common as an unwanted group text, it’s an exciting time to be on the fraud front lines. Trust & Safety in Numbers is presented by Sift Science, a trust platform that helps your business fight fraud with machine learning.
A podcast about international rugby, especially the Six Nations! Rob (author of The Jackalist is joined by Liam and Ed repping the Home Nations and Ireland as they take you through a journey of a fans' eye view of the latest rugby action, told via the medium of the magic numbers. Expect statistics! Expect big, completely biased opinions! Expect toilet breaks!
How can we use numbers and statistics to understand the modern world? Find out in this podcast from the University of Kent's Q-Step centre. Each episode we talk to expert researchers about their work and expertise. In this series we follow the build up to the 2017 General Election.
Sorry Right Number
Podcast by Sorry Right Number Podcast
Number 1s
Comedian Hoff Matthews reviews the week's most popular films, music, TV and books.
On Wednesday evenings at Calvary Chapel of Truckee, Senior Pastor Brian Larson teaches through a book of the Bible, in this case the Old Testament Book of Numbers.
By the Numbers
By the Numbers WITH RENEE SMITH As you might guess, By the Numbers is a math podcast. But this isn’t your “mama’s math”, this is math for “Their Future”. “They” are the kids in the seats today and all the ones to come. This is about what we need to change in math education to help our students be prepared for the real world when they leave our classrooms.We’ll talk about best practices, resources, web sites, apps, and anything else that sparks my interest. There’ll be special guests, helpful ...
Dividing mixed numbers can be accomplished using a few basic steps. Without going in depth regarding theory, you can experience success working with this math concept.
Dedicated to the first issue of your next favorite comic.
Number 10 Podcast
Welcome to the Number 10 Podcast where you'll hear Prime Minister's questions plus exclusive features and interviews from 10 Downing Street and the Prime Minister.
Invincible Passion Talkshow features the conversation about success stories of top influencers, creator, entrepreneurs, Fortune companies, and much more, and how their life mirrors their pivotal moments, sheer grit, and lucky numbers. Each episode provides insights about spotlighted influencers lucky, power, and destiny numbers. Also on how numbers mirror their journey, failures, lightbulb moments, and how by using this numerology tool you can create your freedom lifestyle Right Now, Right H ...
Alice And The Serial Numbers' mixes, free original tracks and remixes.
John Dickinson & Matt Steinmetz go beyond the numbers with in depth analysis about the highest profile Golden State Warriors topics each week.
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A new MP3 sermon from First Baptist Church of Lowell is now available on with the following details: Title: Caleb, a Bible Believer Speaker: David Hoffman Broadcaster: First Baptist Church of Lowell Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: Numbers 13-14; Joshua 14 Length: 45 min.
A new MP3 sermon from Puritan Reformed Church of North America is now available on with the following details: Title: April 24 Subtitle: Daily Bread Speaker: Robert Murray McCheyne Broadcaster: Puritan Reformed Church of North America Event: Devotional Date: 4/23/2018 Bible: Numbers 1, Titus 3 Length: 19 min.…
Who would be the best studio executive? It is time to find out as we do our draft for the summer box office season and see whose films have the highest domestic box office gross. Is Avengers: Infinity War the number one pick? Does anyone draft Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again? Find out on this bonus episode!…
Online marketing is a mixed bag of tips and tricks that are constantly growing and changing. Keeping up with all of these up and coming trends might seem a bit overwhelming for some people, but when new things emerge on the scene, we want to make sure you’re the first to know! Which is why we’ve got something new that’s innovative, and proving ...…
Today’s episode takes a twist, as it’s a straight-up Q&A with your boy Connor Murphy! You asked and Connor answers — on everything from best gum for your jawline, his take on supplements, whether or not Connor smokes weed, and how he handles all those unknown phone numbers blowing up his phone. Key Takeaways: [4:19] You can have noticeable resu ...…
We’re all familiar with the term “keeping up with the Joneses” but it’s doubtful that we understand just how deeply ingrained this is in our concept of wealth and success. Each year, a Gallup poll asks Americans to determine “What is the smallest amount of money a family of four needs to get along in this community?” Gallup finds that the answe ...…
Dealing with a creepy guy? Give him the John's Justice number to get him to leave you alone. The creepiest voicemails get played on air. Need the John's Justice number? Slide in Intern John's DM's @InternJohnRadio on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram!
The average couple retiring today at age 65 will need $280,000 to cover health care and medical costs in retirement, according to an annual estimate by Fidelity, released Thursday. The good news is that the figure is up only 2% from last year’s estimate of $275,000, a smaller-than-average increase. The bad news, of course, is that it’s still a ...…
Vikram Rangnekar grew up in Mumbai, studied computer science at the University of Delaware, and by the waning days of the Obama administration had been working in Silicon Valley for almost six years. Through his job as a software engineer at LinkedIn Corp., Rangnekar secured an H-1B, the temporary visa for high-skilled workers, and the company ...…
Monday on the Daly Dose, we are recapping each NHL and postseason series! We have already seen a number of close finishes, upsets, and surprises! What can we expect to see next? Plus, with some of the college football spring games beginning, we have seen a disturbing trend that is starting. We aren't so sure it is something we want to see again.…
All of the things you need to know now from the editors of TIME
Did you know that, like the films, this podcast also has a prequel era? Before State of the Empire, before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, Cap and co. did a number of interviews with Star Wars personalities. In this episode, we're dusting off the data cores and revisiting a long time ago, in a podcast far, far away. We speak with BOTH Boba Fett ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Children's Bible Audios is now available on with the following details: Title: Miriam, the Sister of Moses Subtitle: Children's Bible Stories Speaker: Joelee Chamberlain Broadcaster: Children's Bible Audios Event: Children Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Exodus 2; Numbers 12 Length: 21 min.…
Scripture: Luke 20:34-38, John 5:25-29, Revelation 20:1-10 (Read from ESV) Preacher: Rev. David Inks Sermon Outline: Introduction I. Pre-Mill View of the Resurrection II. A-Mill View of the Resurrection III. Comfort of the Intermediate State Conclusion Sermon Video: Scripture Reading: Luke 20:34-38 King James Versio ...…
Our latest learnings about how to accomplish big dreams and goals by setting a plan of action, and following it. In this family round table discussion, you’ll learn what we’ve discovered about how reaching goals takes a systematic approach to planning & action. QUESTIONS DISCUSSED --Think of some big dream or goal you’ve had that felt so massiv ...…
For me, having a process with a list I can check off is critical to getting things done in my personal and professional life. I guess part of this method stems from the fact that personally I am forgetful. It also stems from experiences I had in lessons and teaching students. I would come in and my teacher would ask me about something in the sc ...…
We discuss the record number of people filing to run for office, what may happen regarding a tax on wind energy production, and give our best guesses about what will happen over the last few weeks of session.
There are some people who it seems have designed the exact life they wanted to live, with very few compromises. You could say that Hugh Hefner was someone like that, maybe Frank Sinatra. American men who did it their way. You might add Steve Battelle to that list, even if you’ve never heard of him, because Steven Battelle has designed his life ...…
Andrew Stamper and I tackle my number 4 film in our best films series, Innaritu's Amores Perros. It was his first feature film, and I still feel like this is his best work. This is a gritty film that was like a punch to the gut the first time I watched it and can be a challenging film for dog lovers.Story is the strength of this film, but it is ...…
Mark 5120 ESV 5 They came to the other side of the sea to the country of the Gerasenes 2 And when Jesus had stepped out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit 3 He lived among the tombs And no one could bind him anymore not even with a chain 4 for he had often been bound with shackles and chains but ...…
BCG-004 STOP WAITING TO BE CHOSEN Welcome to Episode number four of the BOOMER CAREER GUIED PODCAST, where we’re going to be talking about the BOOMER CAREER BOOST SECRET #1 So, If you’re thinking about launching a job search, this is the perfect episode to start you in a positive direction. I want you to keep in mind that: THE KEY TO A SUCCESSF ...…
Sometimes the things that seem meaningless to us can make a world of difference to others. Sometimes, especially when we are committed to accomplishing something, can can lose sight of the importance of others. In this story we jump into the Mahabharata, Yoga's 'Dynasty' and meet Bhima, brother number 2 of the 'Pandava boys', during his time of ...…
Sessions Fires It Up & North Korea - "Yes, it will be investigated," AG Jeff Sessions surprised the establishment with the news that the Justice Department will investigate potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Inspector General Horowitz issued a criminal referral of the previous number two man at the FBI, Andrew ...…
Matt Kramer, engineer turned entrepreneur took his carbon fiber knowledge from helicopter design to insoles and helped outfit over 150 NCAA & Pro teams in an energy-returning insole. Proven to make you run faster (+9.3%), jump higher (1.6”) and protect from injury, @teamVKTRY insoles are changing the sports world. MATT SHARES The grind of launc ...…
Have you ever tried to screw open a twist top wine bottle? Put on your Sunday finest and give it a try as you listen to episode 10! This week Melissa and Emily discuss how to unsuccessfully shop hungry, baboon collaborations, and Coachella fashion tips. Keep your ears peeled for the special musical number in honor of UFOs.…
I begin the Ironman Haines City 70.3 series with my friend Coach Scott Horns. Scott talks about the challenges with this race coupled with his training. He’s a member of Big Sexy Racing and a coach with BSRx3. Scott has many years of coaching and racing under his belt and really enjoys the endurance aspect of triathlon and he says this is a par ...…
Artist/Writer, Alex Schumacher, joins Kev to chat about art, comics, and more! Is Alex part of THE ‘Schumacher’ problem? LISTEN TO FIND OUT! ABOUT ALEX SCHUMACHER Alex Schumacher has toiled away in the relative obscurity of minimum-wage jobs and underground comix longer than he cares to admit. Currently he produces the weekly webcomic Decades o ...…
We welcome incredible musician/solo artist and all-round diamond geezer, Josh Smith to That Pedal Shed. This episode first aired on YouTube Feb 16 2018. We’ve admired Josh’s breathtaking guitar skills and musicality for a number of years now. Dan recently put together his flying board that he uses when touring… whic ...…
Tax rates are at their lowest in three decades, and the law is set to revert back to the old numbers in a few years. So, does that mean that it’s the perfect time to consider a Roth IRA conversion? Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina, an estate planning and elder law attorney and Certified Financial Planner. Through hi ...…
We delve into the near-limitless possibilities that MIDI brings to the guitar pedal world. This episode was first published on YouTube 20 April 2018. This is simply the audio from the show - we've been asked a lot for a podcast version! It’s a big subject with a tremendous number of potential applications, so we sta ...…
Sahil Patel is a Senior Reporter at Digiday who leads coverage on the video industry. Sahil has covered TV and online video for multiple years at VideoInk and Cynopsis Digital, given him inside knowledge with publishers and the social networks on their goals and how they move forward. On this episode, Sahil talks shop about how technology is di ...…
Mystical Perspectives is an inspiring weekly show on Blog Talk Radio with Affirmations, Insights,and Meditations, based on Dr. Paul Leon Masters books and teachings and hosted by Rev. CindyPaulos. In thefirst ofthe series,there are weekly readings and meditations based on Dr. Paul Leon Masters bookSpiritual Mind Power Affirmations. It brings yo ...…
On todays show I am joined by Jeremy Henggeler of The Freedom Feens, The Lolberts, and Seeds of Liberty. We’ve done a number of shows and together over the years but this is his first time on my podcast. Today we talk about Trump. We talk about all the spooky nerds who voted for him when they should have known better. We talk about his wars. We ...…
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Pat Doyle, CEO Peter McVerry Trust, gives his reaction to new rough sleeper figures seen by Morning Ireland.
Our North West Correspondent Eileen Magnier reports that Helen O'Gorman of 174 Newtown Lawns, Mullingar received no personal gain from her alleged actions
Pat Doyle, CEO Peter McVerry Trust, gives his reaction to new rough sleeper figures seen by Morning Ireland.
Edison Research release Podcast Consumer 2018, the world's most-quoted research about podcasting, with Triton Digital. The weighted survey is based on telephone research (rather than online polling, which adds an obvious bias in many other studies), and interviewed 2,000 Americans. RAIN pores through the data. Numbers: 48m Americans (17%, adult ...…
For Earth Day, we’re discovering how the tiny, adorable pika is helping scientists study climate change! Temperatures in their mountain habitat are getting warmer, and rain and snow isn’t as predictable as it used to be. Scientists have discovered that the number of pikas in certain areas are shrinking – or even disappearing. But some populatio ...…
Editor in chief of Black Sports Online Rob Littal talks to Ryan Covay and Kevin Frandsen about NBA & NHL Playoffs and all the drama on the Cleveland Cavaliers, from Lebron to Tristan & Khole.
Your App Lady Show Notes Series 1 Episode 28 Welcome to series 1 episode 28 of the Your App Lady Podcast! All about apps and tech that I love and use every day. On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip. Tech News Apple’s Education Announcements The star of the announ ...…
Honestly – In this episode we bounce all over the place! Perhaps the biggest chunk is on working with charities to grow your portrait photography business. Partnering with charities is wonderful for many reasons. Obviously there’s the sense of wellbeing and personal development that we all get when doing things for others. However, it also posi ...…
Week number 11 is here and we start off the show, as tradition, by talking about famous number 11s. Playoffs are off and running so we discuss all things going on in the NHL and NBA. T.J. Moe joins the show (19:49-46:40) to talk St. Louis sports and his playing career at Mizzou. We round out the show with some MLB conversation and our favorite ...…
On this episode of the Planned Solutions Financial Review Podcast we take a look at the Housing Market Out of Balance. Also, The Numbers Are In: US Budget Projections and Taxes: Corrected Form 1098. Plus we take a look at the PSI Office Bulletin Board
We're back with another special episode featuring more talented Business Honors students from Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The conversation around news and content consumption and internships continues! Listen to this episode for more ways to reach a younger audience. Here's a littl ...…
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