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Base Pairs
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Base Pairs podcast ​tells​ stories that ​convey​ the power of genetic information – past and present.Named among the 2018 Webby Awards’ “five best podcasts in the world” for the subjects of science and education. Vote for us at the link below.
All things home poker related. Top Pair pokercast is a podcast geared toward the niche of home game poker.
A podcast about pairing wine with art and culture! Every other week, Emma, your host, talks with various guests about how to pair wine with the things that they love- and they're not talking about food! Learn more about wine and which bottles to look out for through a discussion of art, books, movies, music, theater, and more.
The simple sophisticate is someone who prefers quality over quantity, sensible living over mindless consumption, personal style instead of trendy fashions, has an insatiable curiosity for life’s endless questions and a desire to live a truly fulfilling life rather than being led around by the nose. Inspired by her lifestyle blog The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables (the original Simple Sophisticate) shares with listeners tips on how to live a refined life on an everyday income. From achi ...
Larry Winget is a 6 time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author, success philosopher, social commentator, TV personality and an icon in the business/personal development industry. His unique ability to cut to the chase, not mince words and offer simple, yet profound thoughts on a variety of topics have made him a sought after expert on many national news programs on the topics of business, personal finance, parenting, life and the wussification of America.
A Foxy Podcast About Life and Entertainment
Twisted Copper Pair
The channel is evolving, and it’s not restricted to telecoms either. Rapid evolution in technologies such as manufacturing, robotics, security and AI, amongst others, are changing the way that we do business locally and globally. The telecoms channel is at a tipping point, whether through the internet of things, hyper fast connectivity or voice over IP. The question is, are we ready?
Two friends with a shared passion for the paranormal get together and discuss the weird, wonderful, and unusual in the world around us. Topics range from UFOs to cryptids, hauntings to the unexplained. It can be light-hearted. It can be dark. Sometimes it might even be a study in stream of consciousness. Hopefully, it turns out entertaining in the end. So come join in on the fun with a Pair 'O Normal Guys.
Matt & Reese's goal for the Pear Bear Pair Podcast is to provide you useful and fun insights into AdWords and Data Analysis.1. Want to improve your AdWords Management Skills?2. Want to develop your analytics abilities?3. Curious how to increase your client's or business's ROI?​Using their experience managing various clients from various industries, the Pear Bear Pair are turning their experiences into practical information for you to use - consider us the practical PPC professional's podcast ...
Our journey exploring a 24/7 BDSM Dom/sub relationship.
What a Pair Of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references. If you think there aren't enough podcasts out there of people rambling on with pointless rubbish, you haven't heard that many podcasts. Don't worry about any of those, just listen to this one. Our brand of pointless rubbish is a class above everyone elses brand of pointless rubbish, that's a guarantee you can take to the bank. What you would do with it once you ...
People share how they have developed their ideas into endeavors.
A rumpled literature professor and a dowdy armchair theologian connect across the miles from Alabama to Indiana to talk faith. culture, philosophy, theology, literature, movies, cooking, and more, all as they intersect with Catholic family life,
Two docs challenging the current health status with fresh concepts and solutions committed to making a global difference.
The book describes the love triangle between a young woman, Elfride Swancourt, and her two suitors from very different backgrounds. Stephen Smith is a socially inferior but ambitious young man who adores her and with whom she shares a country background. Henry Knight is the respectable, established, older man who represents London society. (Summary by Wikipedia)
The Cogills introduce themselves as a film-critic and a wine expert. He has reviewed more than ten thousand films and she travels the world chasing the grape and together they explore the wines and films that shaped their early careers. From "The Blob" and "Lawrence Of Arabia" to a spectacular Oregon Pinot Noir you can expect a smooth, reliable conversation resulting in, "A Perfect Pairing."
All things home poker related. Top Pair pokercast is a podcast geared toward the niche of home game poker.
Home of Canadian Magic
Pairs Well
movie reviews podcast/web blog
One True Pairing
Pop culture, juicy romance and hilarious conversations come together in One True Pairing. Join Erica Martirano and Marissa Sangiacomo as they revisit their favorite couples from across TV, movies, books, and pop culture. From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Ross and Rachel, this roller coaster of bad boys, break-ups, and HEAs (Happily Ever Afters) combines love, feminism, sex, and relationships with the gossip you love.
Four Gamesters talk about all things game including Video Games, Card Games, Board Games, and Mind Games.
Paired With Politics is a weekly podcast that focuses on pressing political issues and the drinks we enjoy to get through them.
Liberal Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn and conservative Chicago Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis chew on the week's news and respond to reader/listener feedback
Grin and Pair It
Tune in to our fun, informative, and a-bit-irreverent, podcast. Kathy and Paige offer insight and commentary on contemporary issues in education and on the teacher life, and pair it all with a lovely cocktail or wine.
A couple of Americans with opinions that ought to be yours. If you disagree then we want to hear from you! Just remember, You can trust us, We're Professionals......
Gamers Pair A Dice
Podcast by Gamers Pair A Dice
#FreshPairofJsPodcast The freshest take on podcasting, come kick it with us! It's the mics, it's not the shoes...they definitely help keep us fresh though.freSH/adjective2.recently created or experienced and not faded or impaired.Synonyms: New, Modern, RecentTwitter: freshpair_ofjs
A Fresh Pair of J’s on a’s definitely not the shoes...
Au Pair Circus
A podcast created by Au Pairs for Au Pairs!Hi there! We´re Amanda and Stina, two Swedish Au Pairs that right now lives in California. We wanted to find a way to share experiences, questions and advises about how it is to be an au pair. By bringing au pairs opinions and stories together we hope to create a forum for au pairs all over the world and at the same time be able to entertain! What makes us special is that we know how it is to live the Au Pair life and we know exactly what all the au ...
Making Pair - Audios
Unedited audio recordings of domestic events or 'performances' attempting to highlight inherent performativity of couplehood.
Pairs Well With
Podcast by Kelli Haug, Kat Marcotte
Just a Pair of Normal Guys talking about horror
Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the second volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes. (Summary by Maria Therese)
The Crush
The Crush: Wine Talk Unfiltered with Whitney Adams and Christina Pickard. Whitney and Christina work with wine, love wine, drink (copious amounts of) wine, and now talk wine (and sometimes cocktails and beer). Follow them on their virtual adventures around the wine world via their imaginary friend Carmen Grape-iago. The ladies chat about everything from their travels, tastings, gripes and loves, to more informative stuff like demystifying wine terminology, essential wine and food pairings, a ...
Each episode is the next step in the ultimate D and D quest.
Africa's southernmost winery. Tempestuous winds ensure cool-climate finesse. Tempestuous snakes ensure fleet-footed staff.
Podcasts by David Truss on Education, Technology and Learning
Building a Quantum Society: Singles, Pairs, Trimers and even more
How is genetic information stored in cells, and how is the information accessed and used? On this album, Dr Norman Cohen of The Open University uses models and graphics to provide easily understood explanations of how genetic information is stored in DNA, how DNA is replicated, and how genetic information from DNA is used to create new protein molecules. The album draws on material originally created to support The Open University course Exploring science.
Dimsum Hanyu Pinyin - Learn Mandarin Chinese
How to Survive the Pre-Apocalypse. A recovering grown ups guide to living life to the fullest, while preparing for the worst. Chock full o' geeky, zombie, artsy, apocalyptic FUN! *WARNING: Not recommend for those still pretending to be Grown Up.
Vino101 an easy no snob way to learn about wine, wine tasting, and food and wine pairing.
Rhythm & Brews
The craft beer and music pairing podcast. Featuring some of the most interesting guests from the UK beer seen and abroad, matching amazing beers with music and talking about what makes it all work.
The Tap Handle Show is about beer! We feature interviews with brewers and beer folk, beer tasting and rating, brewing advice, and hand-picked music. Our Mission is to educate the huddled masses about the world of beer, brewing, and music, and have fun along the way!
Dota Today
Dota Today is a regular discussion between a pair of video game developers about their observations, escapades and experiences playing Dota 2, a MOBA developed by Valve.
All Killa No Filla
Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard - McLean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers. Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it.
Binny’s Beverage Depot and WGN are teaming up to give you the best up-to-date and informative coverage on the drinks business. Your hosts Kristen Ellis and Jeff Carlin will cover everything from Amarone to Zombie Dust. Join us each Monday for your fix and hear interviews from industry professionals, special guests, and what’s new in the world of Binny’s.
Unbelievably true stories of chance encounters that changed the world. A pair of mail-order shoes that led to the film The Outsiders. A secret road to a California paradise. The day LA and smog first met. Stories that will stick in your head like a memory. It’s UnFictional, hosted by Bob Carlson.
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Is there a pending civil war on America's hands? Tune in today as we talk about an article entitled, "The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War." Topic: Politics The Public Square® with hosts Dave Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd Air Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Aired Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 8:00 PM ET Diana Butler Bass – Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks As a boy growing up in the fifties and sixties, my family stressed the importance of gratitude. My siblings and I were taught to be truly grateful for everything in our lives. My father took ill when we were very young and we did n ...…
This week Taylor Rankin joins us to review A Quiet Place. The new horror / thriller directed by Jim from The Office. I mean John Krasinski. We also dig deep into all things pants related. that's right. we're talkin' finding that perfect pair, JNCO's, skinny vs "elf", zip offs, how to avoid a "kidney bean" and go for a more "penne" shape. You co ...…
Aired Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 7:00 PM EST Finding Faith: How to Heal from Betrayal and Rebuild Trust This week on Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life, Dr. Harra shows you how to heal from a painful betrayal and restart the process of trust in others, yourself, and the Divine. Whether it was a stab in the back from a friend, a sudden fall out wit ...…
This week, Matt is joined by Phil Faccone to catch up on his life in the USMC and how gross his knee injury is (0:00), who the best Colonel Sanders is (7:02), and how he looks at social media now, and how he feels about his sports teams (18:43). After, Dom Luongo joins the show to talk about getting hit and run (39:37), about their miserable li ...…
Enjoy this recap of episodes 7 thru 11 and a big update on SFR! Our first giveaway starts TONIGHT for a pair of bose headphones. Listen in for extra chances to win!
This is the one where Nate tells a parable, where Nate finds out that Michael doesn't listen to the podcast, and where Brent Green gets a new pair of shoes...
A pair of New England bodysnatchers are determined to obtain a corpse- no matter where they have to go in their pursuit... Adapted for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes from the short story by Henry Kuttner, it stars Daamen Krall, Christopher Duva, and Dana Perry-Hayes.
After starkly different first impressions of Hades, the pirate pair make their way to a new section of the underworld. P.D. Bud seems to enjoy the change of scenery, but if Hammertoe isn't careful he may look back and remember this as the place that wrekced him.
Dressing For Success I’m so excited about today’s episode because, y’all, we are talking about clothes! Okay, I’m not a fashion expert and I’m certainly not a stylist. But I will tell you, I’ve never met a pair of pumps I didn’t like—and I know that the right outfit can instantly change the way I carry myself, how confident I feel, and my overa ...…
On the one hundred and sixteenth episode of THE THIRD ACT PODCAST the crew is trying not to be problematic. For this episode we examine cultures through wildly different lenses. For our new release review we discuss the latest stop motion film from Wes Anderson, ISLE OF DOGS. We pair that with a massively influential film from Akira Kurosawa, I ...…
We have told a lot of stories about people in the barbecue world and the different paths that have taken them to a career in smoked meats. While we have respected all of these stories, we are honored and very humbled to have Patrick Feges tell his story on our show. After joining the Army after high school, Patrick was deployed to South Korea a ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Special, River City Hash Mondays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, the motivations behind the totally random Scooter Libby pardon are flashing red signs lighting the road to Russia. On the rest of the menu, a pair of New Hampshire Little League ...…
Today we kick off the show with the Style Tip of the Week. Richard and Denis give their insight on styling a spring fashion MUST have, the vest. From sizing to pairing with other pieces, these two gents have got you covered! Then, Richard is joined by social media strategist & marketing maven, Rachel Levy. Rachel discusses how to engage with fo ...…
In our eighty-third Minute, Kat serves an uncooked pizza to a pair of hungry customers, before going on to serve a certain very special guest... Speaking of very special guests, Mystic Pizza Minute is proud to welcome the film's titular character, the Mystic Pizza himself, who offers some behind the scenes gossip about filming in Connecticut, w ...… Nehemiah and Jonathan talk about a recent 6ix9ine freestyle, new songs by Nicki Minaj and Drake, as well as a conversation topic neither are equipped to handle without appropriate research. Plus, a pair of headphones break early in the recording. ...…
Ten years after having a college course together, an old friend found me online. To our surprise, we live only about 15 miles from each other. In spite of the ill-timed construction going on right outside his apartment door (which coincidentally started the moment we commenced the podcast and ended as soon as we signed off), Daniel Tucker fills ...…
Aired Thursday, 12 April 2018, 7:00 PM ET Finding Joy, Love and Answers On The Sacred River Ganges with Ray Brooks It is widely thought that finding peace, happiness and freedom requires tremendous effort – that in order to achieve a state of contentment and harmony in life, a journey must be taken, or someone or something must be awakened or o ...…
LISTEN TO FULL TRACK: in the vein of the heavily impactful Polish post punk and cold wave groups of 80s, the band Niemoc bring forths the two-tracker Mikrofale (eng. microwaves). The young trio hails from Zielona Góra, on the country's western border, and is already much-loved for their own blend of shoegaze and ...…
We finish up our "true" crime profiles in the state of Alabama with a pair of murderers. Don't be sad that it's over be happy you rolled tide.
Writer, comedienne, and former escort Kaytlin Bailey joins Michelle & Kenny to discuss FOSTA & SESTA, a pair of wrong-headed initiatives signed into law that could very well endanger the lives of the very sex workers and human trafficking victims it is supposed to protect. We talk the sex worker community’s response to the legislation, the unin ...…
A new menu was launched this week at Las Iguanas in Harrogate featuring traditional and delcious dishes from Brazil, Mexico, and lots of other tasty destinations of South America! Pair that with 2-for-1 on over 50 different cocktails… what's not to love?! ...…
Yale professor Amy Wrzesniewski’s research on job crafting and finding the meaning of work has been published in a wide range of top academic journals and highlighted in several popular press outlets, including Time, Harvard Business Review, U.S. News and World Report, The New York Times, and The Economist, as well as bestselling books such as ...…
Starling Tribune - Season 6 Edition – The Thanatos Guild (A CW Network Arrow Television Show Fan Podcast) ST191 The Official Arrow and Green Arrow Podcast of the Gonna Geek Network Covering DC Comics and CW Based DC Comic TV Shows Episode: “The Thanatos Guild” [Season 5 Episode 16] Air Date: Thursday, March 29, 2018 Director: Joel Novoa http:// ...…
Local musician Nate Michaels of Clyde can been seen playing in venues throughout the Finger Lakes almost every night. He recently completed and released a new album which he will discuss on this edition of Weber This Week. He’ll also perform a pair of brand new songs, live, in-studio. .
Blake and Jeff are on location at culinary brewhouse, Band of Bohemia, and joined by co-founder and head brewer, Michael Carroll. They discuss Michael's culinary journey, the history of Band of Bohemia and understanding food and beer pairing.Please support the show!Patreon: ...…
Bill Carberry visits the studio to talk about trends in classic car repair & promotes his upcoming car cruise event that raises funds to pair disabled veterans with service dogs. We find out if aluminum is better than copper where radiators are concerned, and what Bill’s grandsons like about car shows.…
Big show! Big BBQ! Big beer! Our buddy chef Jason K Morse is grilling up some delicious meats and treats in the parking lot and Richard Schneider "little Rich" from Raquelitas Tortillas is lending a hand for some fresh grilled quesadillas!Have you ever seen 20 baked Alaska's burning at the same time? We have! Chef Chris Starkus from Urban Farme ...…
Brains What do you get when you pair up an Amazon #1 Best Selling author and CEO of Butterfly Foxx Productions, Valerie Foxx with her mother Bernice Link an actor, director and playwright? A mother and daughter duo like no other that's what . Together they recant history and magnify love through the arts in one heck of a theatrical production f ...…
As NCAA's March Madness comes to a close and WWE's Wrestlemania quickly approaches, the Lords take a week off of reviewing episodes to have their very own, Mixed Match Challenge. Downstairs characters are randomly paired with Upstairs characters and Corey and Dave crown a champion along with their attorney/stat boy KP.…
Remember middle school, when afternoons felt like weeks and weekends felt like eons? Some passionate industrious youth channel their infinite free time into creating fan edit videos, memorializing their favorite fictional characters' most dramatic ups and downs. And we are grateful to them for that. Find out: Who is Meghan's One True Pairing? W ...…
It's a two-fer Wednesday as we welcome in a pair of guests to the program. Southern Cal jockey Drayden Van Dyke joins us to talk about Justify, riding for Baffert, City of Light, and more. Then Northern Cal trainer Jonathan Wong comes on the program to talk about his career, racing at GGF, and more!
Transcribed by Grecia Ramirez Almost live from beautiful San Diego, it s coverage of CSUN 2018, featuring team coverage from across the Exhibit Hall and beyond, brought to you by the American Foundation for the Blind. On the American Foundation for the Blind web site, you ll find everything you need to know about blindness and ...…
In part 1 of this episode of Lawful & Orderly, we play Good Cop, Bad Cop, a hack of John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. Two Street Guard officers—Frieda and Larry—attempt to stop a pair of notorious criminals from ruining the rec center. Andrew (@ThatOneGM) Marty (@Schmarty) Clara (@Alo_Seda1)
Forget about us? DON'T! My Parents are Going to Kill Me is back after a short break. Sam and Parker get back into the swing of things. The pair go over spring break, Twitch and traits of success. Enjoy!
In this video I go over my favorite broker to use when trading the forex or crypto markets. The main reason I like them is because they provide you with the options to trade indices, stocks, forex and crypto pairs.★FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!★MY INSTAGRAM (@jrod4x) ► TWITTER (@jrod4x) ► ...…
Before you watch Jaws 3-D, I hope you have an old pair of 3-D glasses lying around because you can't possibly experience the next dimension in TERROR without them! In this episode, I visit with the world's favorite shark and get closer than ever before with a little help from the latest movie technology (circa 1983). Join me and my guest Cara G ...…
What are the critical questions church planters face? Church planting leaders Lee Stephenson and Danny Parmelee continue their discussion from the last episode of Unfiltered, when they discussed three of those critical questions. In this episode, Lee and Danny tackle two more questions facing potential church planters: should you align with a t ...…
After taking a week off (because Gryphon was a lazy bum), the dynamic duo are back. Gryphon and Scott start off by responding to a listener question about an edge-case of the new MA rule. Then Scott provides some Great West updates, including an announcement of changes to the meet format. The pair then discuss individual quizzing strategy in te ...…
This week on the Just an Insight Podcast Tim is joined by guitarist of Canadian punk band Daggermouth Kenny Lush as the band get set to embark on their first ever UK tour. The pair discuss Kenny's way into music, the formation, the break up and reformation of Daggermouth and Kenny's other passion wrestling. Keep up to date with everything Dagge ...…
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