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Jesus Christ is the Gospel. We worship Him, we image Him, we proclaim Him.
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This is a podcast to keep track of any non-sermon audio from Palm Vista like our Bible45 Sunday School classes or other teachings throughout the year.
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The God who creates is the God who recreates by His redeeming grace.
Palm Vista Community Church Audio
When God remembers, He acts on behalf of His covenant people according to his covenant promises.
God’s severe judgment calls for a radical faith in our fearsome and faithful God.
Jesus Christ holds all things together and reconciles us to the Father.
God gives His blessing to those who place their faith in Jesus.
Heaven’s birth announcement secures God’s blessing for His people.
In the midst of paradise lost comes the hope of paradise restored.
“God’s covenant of marriage is God’s provision and plan.”
Palm Vista Community Church Audio
God created man to work and guard paradise.
God completed His creation in six days and will complete our new creation in Christ.
God created us in His image to exercise dominion over His creation.
God created and ordered this world to be our home.
Palm Vista Community Church Audio
God is our Creator and Redeemer.
Resurrection lives are faith-filled, forgiven, enviable, eternal, and meaningful.
There is nothing more for Jesus to do to pay for our sins. (We have been made righteous.)There is nothing left for us to do to pay for our sins. (We can rest.)
The Blessed One came to bless us.
God stands with us and strengthens us to proclaim His word together.
Rejoice in Christ’s preached word in light of his promised reward.
Stick with what you know to be true.
March to the beat of God’s truth and not man’s error.
Cleanse yourself and get ready for good works.
Handle God’s word rightly trusting in His firm foundation.
Resurrection power produces resurrection endurance for the sake of the gospel.
By the grace of God, pass on and persevere in the gospel.
Guard the faith as you serve the faithful.
Treasure the giver and the gift of preaching.
The promise of life in Christ propels us into a sincere faith and thankful prayer.
Why membership? Because we are called to maturity as a body; the body of Christ.
We proclaim Christ that we may present everyone mature in Him and we do this with all His strength that He powerfully works in us.
Christ changes us that we might proclaim His excellencies.
Palm Vista Community Church Other Audio
With What do we go and make disciples? We go with the gospel.
What is the pathway to making disciples at PVCC?
A disciple is a maturing follower of Christ who is seeking to make disciples.
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