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Mainstreet PEI
Join host Karen Mair as she takes you through the late afternoon with smart conversations that are current and relevant, introducing listeners to news makers, artists and community members shaping our way of life
So this show answers that question…where guests talk about how we can improve our health and well-being, our jobs and careers, and our relationships with others and ourselves so that we can be happy, 88 percent of the time. This is not CNN…Constantly Negative News that can be boiled down to “What is Wrong with People??!” Instead this show highlights What is RIGHT with the world, and how we can act on our own behalf to make our own lives a better place to live in.
Follow the twists and turns of Amy Burk, a visually impaired, Canadian Paralympic athlete on her journey from humble beginnings in Charlottetown, PEI all the way to the top of her game at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil.
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Me vs Me Podcast
Podcast by Pei Miller
902 BrewCast
The East Coast Craft Beer podcast, exploring the stories behind your favorite craft breweries and craft beer destinations in Atlantic Canada.
A place to call home
It's about the Gospel, It's about Jesus, it's about Discipleship
Welcome to Skate to Create! The skateboard podcast that's devoted to connecting with creative people, and finding out what THEY learned from skateboarding. In each episode we are excited to bring you helpful resources, powerful conversations, and engaging stories to help inspire the creative, to take action. Whether you are a skateboarder or not, our show will bring you behind the scenes guest interviews from the skateboarding industry. Hear your favorite Pro Skaters like Manny Santiago, Ant ...
We are a Reformed church situated in the heart of Charlottetown, PEI
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In Case You Missed It for Sunday April 22, 2018 The New York Times selected ‘They Say Blue’ by Jillian Tamaki in this week’s Editors’ Choice with a very favourable review. The London Free Press interviewed Michael Cho about his comic book art and how he ‘refuses to be pigeonholed’ ...…
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Dennis Ellsworth's new album is called "Things Change", it reflects some changes in his own personal life and in his music as well. He spoke with Angela Walker.
Jeff Noye, chair of the Tyne Valley Oyster festival, and driving force behind the music festival "Rock the Boat", was our Spin Time DJ.
Transforming tradition with vigour, curiosity, humour and spark, this trio from Prince Edward Island wielding bodhrán, acoustic guitar and violin plays seamless, polished, barrel-drum-tight, rhythmically innovative and wildly entertaining music. Singing both French and English, they were awarded “World Music Recording of the Year” (2015) by Eas ...…
So what do you do after you retire from opening for Coldplay, Rod Stewart and pink? You put yourself in the service helping other people find their own true authentic voice. The brothers Koren Isaac and Thorald, who immigrated from Australia as young teens,brilliantly share their music their passion and their understanding of the wonder of our ...…
NITIN MANNA March 30 Tlawngkai Ninga Thutak Ṭongkam Anmah cu Thutak in Na taa siter hngai aw; Na Ṭongkam cu Thutak a si. – Johan 17:17 Tulai kan san ih thusuhnak thupizet pakhat u thuthang an thanmi pawl an ngahnak hrampi hi rintlak le thungai rori an si maw? asilole minung ih duh daan parah ṭhum aw ih an simmi kan phuang so? timi hi a si. Atu ...…
PEI Senator Diane Griffin about report released recently recommending ways to curb the rising cost of farm land. The Senate report, outlines ways to make sure the cost of farmland doesn't freeze people out of the industry, or become a problem for those looking to sell.
The Community Foundation of PEI is once again calling for applications for its grant and scholarship programs. This year there is more than $300,000 to spend. The new executive director, Kent Hudson, told Angela Walker about the foundation and how it works for you.
They add a classical sound to traditional celtic music. Angela Walker caught up with a member of the Juno award winning group "The Fretless" ahead of a workshop and a show on PEI.
She has continued what her father began and Island music fans are all the better for it. Melanie Mills of "the Dunk" was our Spin Time DJ.
The first time Prince Edward Islanders voted on electoral reform, they voted to keep the status quo. That was in 2005. Mark Greenan was involved in the campaign then, and ended up writing a masters thesis on the topic. The second time Islanders voted on electoral reform was in a 2016 plebiscite where 52% of voters expressed a preference for a m ...…
She has a couple of instrumental albums to her name but Keelin Wedge is working on her first vocal album. Keelin told Angela Walker about the album and performed live in our studio.
Taking lively musical theatre to seniors who may not always get a chance to see a show. The Young At Heart Theatre will tour the show "Generations of Fascinating Ladies". Angela Walker spoke with Artistic Director and co-founder, Catherine O'Brien and performers Kelley Mooney, Suzanne Wilkie and Allison Kelley…
April 2018 Newsletter Trudy has done a lovely job again of preparing this month’s New Glasgow Christian Church Newsletter. Please take the time to enjoy it and be informed. Is there a difference between John’s Baptism and Christian Baptism? Both are symbolic but of very different things as Acts 19 illustrates.
Introducing my favorite millennial Victoria Ruke a storyteller and business woman. Her passion for storytelling began at a young age leading her from acting all the way to creating the stories themselves. In high school she got her first directing role as Assistant Director for the drama club, and she fell in love… After launching several busin ...…
Aaron Ellis, Sherri-Lee Pike, and Jenna Harvey tell Angela Walker about "Awake" playing at the Harbourfront Theatre. It's a play written by Jenna, with a great story line and some classic musical hits.
Learning the art of improv during a day of workshops and then showing the public your skills in the evening at an Improv Battle Royale. Spotlight School of Arts' executive director, Reasha Walsh, the creative director Monica Kani and student Dominique LaPierre, told Angela Walker about the Island Improv Invitational,…
Today on the podcast, we sit down with PEI feminist and cannabis activist, Annie MacEachern. We discuss her views on women in business, legalization of cannabis in Canada and her experiences educating health professionals on the diversity of cannabis consumption.
Amateur comic book artists on PEI are getting an opportunity to have their work be part of a major art exhibition at Eptek Centre, along with the professionals. Nikkie Gallant, the site director of the Eptek Art and Culture Centre in Summerside spoke with Angela Walker..
In this episode I'm talking to one of my fellow Etsy Team Captains, Suzanne Scott from PEI. While we do get interrupted and off-track, it's still a great conversation between like-minded friends that touches on the realities of running a small business, Suzanne's history and upcoming projects.Not my best work, but it sure makes me happy to hear ...…
Music lovers on PEI may have noticed a familiar and favourite performer back on the scene. Singer songwriter, Anya Smith, told Angela Walker how her music is kind of taking a new direction of late.
After a national audition search, PEI actor Brielle Ansems is realizing her dream of playing a lead role at the Watermark Theatre. She told Angela Walker about getting the nod to play Josie Hogan in "A Moon for the Misbegotten."
Award winning Island band "The Royal North" have new management, a new re-mix of their single, a new (old) tour bus, and some fancy artwork on their legs. Brady and Craig MacDonald of the Royal North told Angela Walker why these are exciting times.
Elwood and Stephen look at the influencial Shaw Brothers favourite "Come Drink With Me" and the influence it would have on martial arts cinema as Pei-pei Cheng stars as the Golden Swallow.We also look at the "My Wife Is A Gangster" trilogy, Elwood reveals why Game of Thrones fans should watch "Attack on Titan and Stephen discusses the career of ...…
In this episode I'm talking to the insanely talented and sweet PEI native Kim Roach of Kim Roach Design. We discuss the realities of being a maker, how it feels to give back and, honestly, a bunch of other crap that may or may not make any sense.Enjoy!Check Kim out here: ...…
Spring has arrived and our Fighting to be Frugal columnist, Liz MacKay, will tell us why it's a perfect time to do a room by room inventory of all the things that need to be done around the house...complete with an estimate of the costs.
The CNIB celebrates 100 years at an event in Charlottetown tomorrow. Vision rehabilitation assistant, Pat Hilchey, will help us reflect on its role in the community.
Elwood and Stephen look at the influencial Shaw Brothers favourite "Come Drink With" and the influence it would have on martial arts cinema as Pei-pei Cheng stars as the Golden Swallow. We also look at the "My Wife Is A Gangster" trilogy, Elwood reveals why Game of Thrones fans should watch "Attack on Titan and Stephen discusses the career of B ...…
She went round and round and round! Cassie MacDonald will tell us about the moment in a roundabout in the UK when she found out that she and her sister Maggie had just been nominated for a Juno. She'll also tell us about "A Celtic Spring Fling" that will bring her to PEI next month.
An evening to tickle the Maritime funny bone. Sam MacDonald will tell us about "The Kraken Up Maritime Comedy
He calls himself a beer guy, but has done a lot of work booking musical acts in Vancouver. Dieter Friesen calls P.E.I. home now. He was our Spin Time DJ.
The Grand Victorian is one of two Island venues that has made "Wedding Bells" list of Canada's Loveliest Wedding Venues for 2018. Marly Anderson and her husband own the Grand Victorian. Marly told Angela Walker what it might mean for the year old business.
The by-gone days of PEI, Dutch Thompson talks about winters that no one forgot, with tales of stuck trains, trapped families and levitating horses
Liz Howard told Angela Walker what it was like to win the Griffin Poetry Prize for her first collection, and about how her world of science and art collided.
Three choreographers from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan come together to present “Nyanyian Bumi”, a dance project that studies the relationship between humans and nature in today’s world. Lim Pei Ern, Aco Ridwan, and Atsushi Heki incorporate elements of Kadazandusun, Indonesian, and Japanese culture in a performance that pays homage to Mother ...…
Music therapists Dan Bevan-Baker and Hillary Abbott told Angela Walker about a coffee house in Charlottetown designed to draw public attention to the work that music therapists do on PEI.
A Good Samaritan sees a small, black and white dog running on the highway at dusk and pulls over. The little dog is deshevelled, badly matted and hobbling around scared and confused. Without a moment's hesitation that Good Samaritan jumps in to help and ends up rescuing a 13 year old dog with arthritis who had been lost and trying to get home f ...…
Marie Burge, a member of the PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation, is speaking out, raising concerns about the apparent lack of planning for an education campaign in advance of PEI's upcoming referendum on electoral reform.
There's a very special club that gets together every once in a while at the Garden Home in Charlottetown. The "100 years club" shared some advice.
Island author, musician, and storyteller Margie Carmichael tells Kerry Campbell what it's like seeing one of her babies adopted to grow up on the stage. Her book, "And My Name Is..." Stories from the Quilt, is being adapted for the Charlottetown Festival.
Walking barefoot and blindfolded across a stage covered in mousetraps; trying to get top EI stamps; and creating a live, improvised 90 minute movie: those are some of the grueling events members of the Popalopalots will endure as part of their 26-hour improv marathon to benefit the QEH. Rob MacDonald and Jordan Cameron joined Mainstreet's Kerry ...…
They are three fine musicians who have made PEI so proud over the last several years. Ten Strings and a Goat Skin have toured all over the world and have created fans wherever they have performed. The guys have decided to take an indefinite break to pursue some personal interests...and so this Friday night at Trinity United Church in Charlottet ...…
We'll hear how some mysterious suitcases left in an apartment, led to year of research and a city of Summerside Heritage award for singer-songwriter Mike Dixon. He'll tell us about that work and about his debut full length solo album and some upcoming performances.
They want you for a new recruit. Master Corporal Mike Gallant and Second Lieutenant Rory O'Donnell will tell us about their efforts to recruit new members to the PEI Regiment Band.
Two of Newfoundland's most talented singer-songwriters are taking their Winter Island Tour to "our island" as well. Matthew Byrne and Sherman Downey play six small halls across PEI from March 8th to the 15th. We'll catch up with them on their rest day on top of the Marble Mountain ski hill.
What do you call someone who is born in war-torn Iraq witnessing the worst in human-unkind, left in a box, taken to a Mother Teresa orphanage with no way to walk, only hop...brought to Australia for 11 rehabilitative surgeries surgeries in eight years, adopted by an angel and then follows his desire to be a pop star and goes on X-Factor to stan ...…
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