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Brian and Rachel Goulet of the Goulet Pen Company share their passion for writing with fountain pens, ink, and paper, including product reviews and tips for enhancing your writing experience.
The Dungeon Rats
Welcome guardians, we are in desperate need of your help! The worst criminals in the history of Naporia have been punished to the endless dungeon, and it is up to YOU to keep them there. Submit your encounter today, or they will most certainly escape. We are using the D&D 5e system, and have anything you can think of at our disposal.
This podcast is the platform Jeff, Sam, Danny and Nick (and sometimes Robert) use to discuss items of interest to those plugged in to the greater pop culture world. They try to cover as wide a range of topics from show to show as possible.
Pretend Friends is an actual play pen and paper podcast. Currently ‘venturin in Fantasy Hour. Starring Nick, Paul, and Josh from Continue?! as well as Kevin Cole! New episodes every Thursday.
Taking Initiative
A podcast on The Spark Network, sporting some good ol' D&D fun. Featuring silly accents, shenanigans, and tomfoolery, with the occasional uh-oh moments. Twitter: @TI_pod Facebook: Taking Initiative Podcast Website: Tumblr: Patreon:
DiceKnights is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast focused on roleplay in the development of the characters and the world.
Josh, Mike, and Val discuss tabletop gaming, rpg's, and card games.
Here you can listen to the crew of Final Show Films playing various tabletop RPGs, and recording them for your pleasure! Please, enjoy.
The Pen Addict
The Pen Addict is a weekly fix for all things stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, ink – you name it, and Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley are into it. Join as they geek out over the analog tools they love so dearly. Hosted by Myke Hurley and Brad Dowdy.
Fountain Pens, Ink, Paper and Repairs
The podcast for becoming a better game master.
Stop, Hack, and Roll is a podcast about pushing pen and paper games to their limits.
Brian and Rachel Goulet of the Goulet Pen Company share their passion for writing with fountain pens, ink, and paper, including product reviews and tips for enhancing your writing experience.
A peek into how great writers conjure and craft their work. From creative rituals to guilty distractions, writers reveal what it really takes to get pen to paper.
Swiss Nerds play GURPS and other tabletop RPGs
RPG Cast
RPGamer’s weekly podcast looks at the latest happenings in the world of Role Playing Games. From video to pen and paper, all is fair game as we go through the week’s news, latest releases, and reviews to keep you up to date on the best gaming genre out there.
Join our Dungeon Master Dimitri and his four friends and adventurers, Andrew, David, Shawn and Sam as they are introduced to the wonderful world of tabletop pen and paper adventuring! There's danger, there's goofy voices and there's magic. Follow us! Instagram: @trueadventurers Twitter: Facebook:
A comedic podcast that dives deep on video, board, pen and paper and all types of gaming.
Blunt Force Drama
An RPG actual play podcast.
The GM's Guide
In-depth podcast on how to improve your campaign, focusing on the adventure, world and character design. We apply proven and practical game design techniques to the world of running pen and paper campaigns. There's a lot to get into, so let's get started.
Join us as we dive head first into Stars Without Number, the Science Fiction Pen and Paper RPG. (For those unfamiliar think of this like Dungeons and Dragons in Space)
Coriscant Cartel
a group of friends play a pen and paper RPG game toghether.
Five friends attempt to survive in the harsh uncaring world of Z-LAND, a brand spanking new Horror-Survival Pen and Paper Roleplaying Gaming currently in development. Join us for weekly editions as we walk out into this dangerous & hungry world.
The Write Gear
A podcast exploring all the gear, gadgets, writing implements, paper, and other tools writers use to get the job done. Featuring product reviews, author interviews, and a lot of geeking out about fountain pens.
Byron Katie, founder of The Work, has one job: to teach people how to end their own suffering. As she guides people through the powerful process of inquiry she calls The Work, they find that their stressful beliefs—about life, other people, or themselves—radically shift and their lives are changed forever. Based on Byron Katie's direct experience of how suffering is created and ended, The Work is an astonishingly simple process, accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, and requires ...
Write Now
Listen to Brian Goulet and his team gather together several times a week to talk about fountain pens, ink, paper, and all the other fun things associated with fountain pen life.
Clean eating. Low carb. Low fat. Do this not that. Now what? Eating is getting too stuffy and complicated. Throw open your windows to allow a new stream of health, wellness, and peace. Time to examine your dusty food belief knick-knacks. What if you could write a letter to food? Pen to paper, you hash out the love/hate relationship and food’s undeserving power. Details go back years, to your first childhood diet trying to fit in. How you relate to food chronicles many of your life’s ups and ...
Sonic Realms
Sonic Realms honors and enhances stories that develop organically from pen and paper role playing games. Role play sessions are recorded, edited, and enhanced with sound effects, a full cast, and a cinematic score, creating an immersive adventure unlike any other.
Tabletop Potluck
Welcome to Tabletop Potluck, an actual play podcast showcasing and discussing the wide world of pen and paper roleplaying games. Whether you're an experienced player or a newbie, you’re welcome to sit at our table and see what we’ve brought to the potluck!
Welcome to Very Random Encounters, a show where we play pen and paper RPGs in which we've randomly determined as many things as is possible, including characters, villains, names, places, and other weirder stuff! It all comes together to be a very random encounter.We're an actual play roleplaying game podcast by four friends who love the challenge of telling a story whose details are all prompted by random rolls. You can start with the first episode in any given season. So far, we've played ...
Pub Quiz Podcast
This is a real pub quiz, recorded live in various South London pubs. You can play against the rest of the pub either alone or with some friends. All you need is a pen and paper, as well as a means of listening to the podcast. I also recomend you get a few beers and some snacks to recreate the feel of a real pub quiz. If you really want to get authentic, I suggest throwing some sawdust on the living room floor and inviting a few strangers in.
ATB is 1UP's podcast companion to our RPG blog The Grind. Every fortnight, Jeremy Parish, Kat Bailey, and various guests discuss all manner of role-playing games: console, PC, classic, MMO, pen-and-paper, and more!
We do pen and paper games, with some instruction on system, as well as talk about how our campaigns went when they're done.
You Can Hack It
An RPG Podcast show about how you can hack it, both as a player and a GM; and how to change, modify, or add rules to tabletop pen and paper role playing games. Each show may include a segment on game reviews, role playing concepts, theory discussion, interviews, or whatever else is on our minds.
Fantasy Friends
Pen and paper based RPG podcast, where we have no idea what we're doing, so why not enjoy the insanity with us! Follow us on Twitter @friendsofantasy Like our page on Facebook: Fantasy Friends
A home of podcasts where a group of friends talk about Life, The Universe, and Video Games... What are we all about? We're about anything and everything related to gaming. Check out our several podcasts relating to Life, The Universe, and Gaming. Do you like video Games? Then Check out our Video Game Podcast, Saturday Morning Arcade, where we talk about the current gaming scene. It is recorded live on Saturday nights (via Mixlr @ and released on Monday Mornings! Do you like P ...
House of Bob
House of Bob is a pen and paper role playing game podcast featuring a number of different RPG systems and cycling players. We play one-shot adventures, and ongoing campaigns! If you like what you hear, please rate us on iTunes and Facebook!
The tabletop gaming podcast from the Tosche Station Network. Join Brian, Nanci, Rocky, Saf, Sho, Jay, and Game Master Tom on a pen-and-paper RPG adventure through the Galaxy Far, Far Away!
Failing to define success was my biggest mistake in business and life. . . "Positioned To Succeed" is putting you in the best position to achieve success and that starts with defining success. I've been building business for over 35 years! This Podcast is Helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners build your business up to meet your vision. Keep Pen and Paper handy, there's always something worth remembering! Find out more at, click on Podcasts.
Wizards On Paper
A podcast (ugh...) about pen and paper RPGs and how they relate to philosophy, psychology, history, and alcoholism.
Video tutorials of EpicTable, a virtual tabletop allowing you to play pen-and-paper style role playing games over the internet and enhancing your face-to-face game.
4 people, 2 old hat to roleplaying pen and paper games, 2 brand spankin' new, take on Labyrinth Lord.
Disc & Dice
A monthly podcast about gaming in all its varied forms. Each episode we discuss video games, tabletop, pen & paper, and more!
Join the Sweet Butt Guys and their narrator, Thaddeus T. Handsome, while they dick around in various pen and paper roleplaying worlds.
Critical Fail
Critical Fail is a new podcast from Press Pause Radio where a group of friends talk about really, really dumb topics as they attempt to play the Pathfinder pen and paper game. Not for a young audience, or anyone with any common sense, really.
A home of podcasts where a group of friends talk about Life, The Universe, and Video Games... What are we all about?We're about anything and everything related to gaming. Check out our several podcasts relating to Life, The Universe, and Gaming.Do you like video Games?Then Check out our Video Game Podcast, Saturday Morning Arcade, where we talk about the current gaming scene. It is recorded live on Saturday nights (via Mixlr @ and released on Monday Mornings! Do you like Pen ...
Elemantra Arkalum
We plan on doing a whole slew of entertainment but for now we start with an actual play of Elemantra a pen and paper RPG created by one of our own, Caleb! Hope you enjoy!
Old School Fantasy
Corey Parson, Matt Modica and NFFC Hall of Famer, Chris Vacarro take you back to the days when you actually had to do the research yourself. These guys do not believe in algorithms or draft programs. No they draft with paper and pen, do the research themselves and give you the advice that they use in their high stakes leagues. Go back to a better time every Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm EST/3 pm to 5 pm PST.
Five friends attempt to survive in the harsh uncaring world of Z-LAND, a brand spanking new Horror-Survival Pen and Paper Roleplaying Gaming currently in development. Join us for weekly editions as we walk out into this dangerous & hungry world.
Save vs. Adulthood
A pen and paper RPG podcast where the players are the same, but the characters and ruleset are subject to change. Join us as we comically leap from one universe to the next.
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John Foster is a world-renowned designer, author and speaker on design issues. His work has been published in numerous books and every major industry magazine, hangs in galleries across the globe and is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. He is the proud recipient of a gold medal from the Art Directors Club. He is an internatio ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Grab and pen and paper and an open mind 😀 Today I share with you how to create a declaration to help build Self Confidence. Follow me on Instagram: @michele.valentine Join the FB group: Building Inner Love From The Ground Up.
Does public speaking freak you out? I’m guessing that’s a YES! But what if you spoke to a group of your ideal clients, and it generated a cool $150,000 in new business, and got you a full-page article in the Wall Street Journal? Would public speaking still freak you out? I’m guessing not! Today’s guest owns a Drone business, is not a profession ...…
Please grab your iPad, or pen and paper, relax and And discover, with Gila’s mesmerizing nature, to explore who you really are with writing prompts, erotic exercises, poetry and a conversation around these questions;How do you get a surge of energy?How to create your new reality?What happens when you’re honest with yourself?How to feel abundant ...…
There’s still quite a lot of confusion surrounding community management and what the role entails. That’s why this week on It Girl Radio, I’m bringing in community engagement consultant to A-list entrepreneurs Diana Tower to clear things up. Joining me in this week’s workshop-style podcast is an expert on community management, who has worked wi ...…
I have cried many tears writing this poem, not from sadness, but from relief. Putting my emotional, spiritual and mental battle into words is a huge accomplishment. It has become a hardship putting my pen to a paper lately, I am happy that this is the end result, I hope you are too.
Listen now: Clive Chafer has been a namer for almost as long as naming has been a profession. In 1987, he started at the firm now known as Lexicon, where he helped develop a few names you definitely know, like PowerBook for Apple and Outback for Subaru. He went on to eventually become creative director at Master-McNeil in Berkeley, California, ...…
A lot of times all we need to do is just sit down, get a pen and paper and literally pull together all our resources. What can you use, what do you have, what is around you, who can you ask etc.. dig deep, do your research, apply yourself and pull your resources together.
Listen now: Shannon DeJong is the CEO of House of Who, an art house and agency based in Oakland, California, whose clients include Google, among others. Outside of her naming expertise, Shannon is an artist, speaker, and podcast host: she hosts ArtistCEO, where she uses her story to talk about how business and art can work together. Shannon's a ...…
Get your pen and paper ready ( or your notes app) – SGS is talking all things “glow worthy” on this week’s podcast. This week we’re taking tips and tricks on how to achieve the ultimate glow up this year, make some personal decisions, chatting up our appearances, and locking down a routine that we can stick too so that it benefits us. Glow on b ...…
Ari Shaffir & Brendan Sagalow join Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez, & Dave Smith on Legion of Skanks Podcast! The guys discuss a recent incident where Amy Schumer interrupted Brendan Sagalow’s first headlining set at Caroline’s Comedy Club, and Brendan shares the private messages he got from Amy after the fact with the Skanks. Having lost a Bag ...…
Romans 1:1,7a – [From] Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God — To all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be his holy people. (NIV 2011) 1 Timothy 1:1-2a – [From] Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope, To Timothy, my true son i ...…
On this live show we are talking relationships with Certified Relationship Coach, Keith Dent and author of the new book, "In the Paint." Married folks get your pens and paper out, singles, you too! We got something for you a little later in the broadcast. Keith is straight up about this subject and does not leave much in the gray area so I am s ...…
In today's podcast we talk about how building a customer experience will instantly put you ahead of your competition. Get out a pen and paper because at the end we give some serious value that you can implement into your company.FOR MARKETING HELP VISIT
Hey ! welcome back Fly Girl. In episode 2, I'll be speaking all about the "EXIT PLAN" as a #flygirlboss we cream about the one day we can work for ourselves full-time. But, for right now maybe your passion and /or business is your side hustle. what's your exit plan? How will you take action to transition from punching the clock to just running ...…
Today's drop is super simple.Grab a pen and paper and write down this list of foods to include on your next grocery run. Look to make more of your meals using these simple ingredients and you'll be on your way to greater health.-Coach Be Moore #EatingForAbs #Nutrition… The anticipated second international edition of Penna möter papper (Pen meets paper) is finally here. We have a long and honest interview with Mo Bekdache from Dingbats* Notebooks. We talk about how it all began, paper quality, wildlife collection, qu ...…
We all go into parenting with some amount of baggage and we hope our kids will have less of it than we did, but what does that even look like? We know what NOT to do, but what DO we do? We love our kids, but how to we nurture and raise them to be emotionally healthy adults? And if we are homeschooling, how do we address obstacles that inevitabl ...…
Get your pen and paper out, on this episode of Front of House we're packing in a ton of actionable steps for building a partnership plan and successfully executing to create huge benefits for both you and your partner. Starting with researching and choosing a partner to reporting results, Carrie shares everything you need to know to get started ...…
If you want to stand heads above the crowd in your industry, you must have a strong value proposition. Your competitors have one. Ask yourself: What do I bring to the market that is unique? What do I do that is special and adds value to my product or service? How does it help my customer? Sit down with pen and paper and determine those values. ...…
We’re back with part 2! Mike fills us in more on the game before we kick it back to the actual play of Quantum Quest! Who will win? Mike, Kev, or Dave? ABOUT MIKE DEANGELO Michael DeAngelo has more ambition than he knows what to do with. When he was seven or eight years old, he determined right then and there that he wanted to be a “software en ...…
Welcome to The Aging Youthful Podcast, Episode #6. Last week I shared the first in a non-consecutive series…What My Sled Dogs Taught Me. Volume 1 of what they taught me is How To Live a Life of Passion at Any Age. If you haven’t had a chance to catch Episode 5, I urge you to do so after listening to this week’s show. (You might want to grab a p ...…
Asian Man Records has been a main stay of the independent music scene since the early 90s and have put out a ton of great bands and releases all while staying true to their DIY ethics. Episode 36 is our tribute to this label and its founder Mike Park. So sit back and enjoy while Nate and Mike try and pinpoint some of their favorite Asian Man Re ...…
This week’s episode is all about the simplest of tools for getting stuff done: The To Do List. This week Sharon geeks out on the best times to tap into this tool, her favorite 4 variations on the To Do List, and 4 tactics to make sure that you leverage this resource to best effect. Here’s the basic theory, one size fit all solutions simply don’ ...…
Marketing strategy is one of the most important things to have in place before you start marketing your business. Your marketing strategy is your roadmap for how you’ll achieve your vision, and it guides all your marketing tactics - like social media marketing, Facebook Ads, content marketing, email marketing, etc. This episode, I look at why y ...…
For the last six years volleyball player Isabella Galang has been working toward one thing. Last Wednesday she got it when she put pen to paper and signed an NLI to the University of Maine-Fort Kent to compete for the Bengals. This week I have her and her SoCal volleyball coach joining me. First, we talk about how she came to the decision to ch ...…
John Lamerton is an entrepreneur, investor, and author of Big Ideas for Small Businesses – a how-to book for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. He started his first business in the year 2000 and has launched 60 different companies since then while being a hands-on father to his children. A former civil servant, he currently mentors oth ...…
Grab a pen and paper because this one is noteworthy! We were able to chat with Randy Cooling about traditional bowhunting and all things shooting. You may know Randy from Masters of the Barebow by Traditional Vision quest. You can find all of the Masters of the Barebow movies at 3Rivers Archery. Be sure to follow Randy’s adventures afield! You ...…
Spring is finally here! I know that many of you will be listing your home soon, so today I want to clue you in to four things you can do to give your home even more value before you put your home on the market.1. Make your home picture perfect. Get rid of all that clutter—get rid of all that mail and clean the countertops off. Give the rest of ...…
This week’s episode is all about navigation flying. Steve goes through his navigation training, from learning how to make the necessary wind and heading calculations manually (with nothing more than pen, paper, map, ruler and protractor) all the way through to completing one of his Qualifying Cross Country flights – a flight from City Airport M ...…
Let's address the elephant in the room. See here's the thing. We talk about journaling a lottttt on this podcast. We invite you to journal alongside us every week (hello weekly journal prompt). We encourage the ladies inside the TAD Book Club to journal alongside the books they read. And, we continue to learn about the profound benefits of jour ...…
Seán Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway’s grandson, presents the 2018 PEN/Hemingway Award at this ceremony to Weike Wang for her novel Chemistry. Ricardo Cortez Cruz, author of Straight Outta Comptonand Five Days of Bleeding, will be the keynote speaker. The Kennedy Library is the major repository of Ernest Hemingway's personal papers. This program is ...…
Chris Ruden is the only 7 fingered, type 1 diabetic powerlifter - and boy does he have some seriously fantastic advice when it comes to setting goals and making changes in your life. Chris’s motto is all limitations are self-imposed and his attitude falls along the lines of “tell me what I can’t do, and I’ll go out and do it better.” If you’ve ...…
Ask Win is a podcast where you are a VIP. Win wants to focus and teach people more and Cerebral Palsy. You’re welcome to ask questions about anything that you want. CP questions but mainly life questions on how to deal with CP or not. Win can ask you base questions if you want. Please let us know or there will be no base questions. If you have ...…
Jason Lauritsen hates work. It’s ironic that he is the one who tells companies how to fix work for their employees, and he’s pretty darn good at it. Some of the big topics Jason and Laurie tackle are the relationships, where change needs to start, and how to fix the situation you’re in right now. Why does Jason hate work? It’s simple. He can’t ...…
Mandeville, La - by James Matthew Wilson, On The Mike Church Show A Dramatic Reading. The Stations of the Crossby James Matthew Wilson, with artwork by Daniel MitsuiA fourteen-part cycle published serially with accompanying iconography.I. Jesus Is CondemnedI tried to think for half an hourAbout the face of earthly powersThat would condemn a god ...…
This week's podcast is with Canadian Chris Janzen - an experienced strategist, coach and facilitator taking high achievers to the next level. He is also an Ironman triathlete, marathon runner and award winning photographer. We spend almost an hour speaking about success across the globe, peak performance and leadership. Having known Chris for m ...…
Hi there! My name is Eleny Janice and I am the CEO and Founder of Boss Mom Branding and your Host and Creator of Sipping Tuesday's. Today I want to focus on talking a little bit about setting goals and how to reach them.So tune in, make sure you have a pen and paper ready and something to sip along with me as I take you into this brand new jour ...…
Dave Boddy… Get ready to be inspired. There is sooo much knowledge here that this has become the 1st 2part interview ever on the show. Take out a pen & paper and see how you can help young adults and even learn something new about yourself. Catch part 1 AND part 2. OMG.
In this weeks episode Meagan discusses the importance of dating yourself and really falling back into love and remembering who you are FOR YOU, not for the title that people give you (i.e. business woman, mom, friend, sister etc.) For this episode you mostlikely will need a pen and paper and yes, you will definitely have to talk out loud and an ...…
TIM MEUCHEL is in the house!This isn't a short chat. Get paper and a pen.
On this bonus episode, Anthony and Artesia pull-up in D.C. to support one of the Roberts Media Group podcast, Mind Over Matter w/host King Naj. They get to the content like pros with no pen or paper in site, just off the dome conversation as they discuss: how to deal with small victories, that DC aka Chocolate City lifestyle/culture, how dating ...…
Every single day, we get an average of 300 digital messages, and in just a few seconds, we decide whether to answer or ignore those messages. Most of the time, we ignore them. This is... The post Digital Persuasion: Erin Gargan appeared first on Author Hour.
AP Audio Podcast – Episode 266 Topics May Include: Sailor Pro Gear Ocean Franklin-Christoph Pen Cases Midori Paper Pads For the video version of this podcast, click here!
Seven-figure earner, Julie Burke gets real about changing companies. Have you ever wondered why network marketers change companies and how they go about doing so? Julie Burke was introduced to network marketing after deciding she wanted to spend time with her newborn and husband. She joined that network marketing company and within 22 months be ...…
It's our Women's History Month special episode! *cue confetti cannons* We talk about the women in history who inspire us to keep breaking boundaries and the new line of Barbie dolls from Mattel. This episode's brunch guest is a real life boss lady. She's a woman of color at the highest position at her company's local branch and she also signs o ...…
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