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Examining issues in the death penalty system. Brought to you by the Death Penalty Information Center, a non-profit organization serving the media and the public with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment
Our volunteer attorneys discuss their experience working on pro bono death penalty cases and provide advice for attorneys who are interested in getting involved.
This is what is planned to be a weekly episode discussing football (soccer) matters. Predominantly Premier League, La Liga, MLS the World Cup and CONCACAF Champions League. As time goes on we would hope to provide betting tips and information. Please bear with us while we get to grips with all of this. Sometimes there are swears! contact us on twitter @penaltykicksnot or on email Theme: Lounging at Dave's - Alan Hawkshaw, Adam Mills
Penalty Box Radio
Entertaining hockey talk with a touch of comedy and unique insight.
Erk discusses the sport of ice hockey in Australia (Australian Ice Hockey League) and North America (WHL/NHL). Episodes will be weekly during the Australian season (April - September) commencing the end of June 2014
Cam Connor played in the NHL, winning the Stanley Cup, but he's known for two things: being one of hockey's toughest enforcers and telling a great story.In this podcast, with his son Kristofer Connor, listen to Cam share some classic hockey stories, including being one of two players to play with Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, growing up with his best friend Rowdy Roddy Piper and how he saw the hockey world - his view from the penalty box.
Whether it's regular season or the off season, The Hockey Hour is always broadcasting. We discuss all 30 NHL teams, not just one! You want highlights from the games over the past week, we discuss them. Are you searching for stats of your favorite players, we dive into them. From trades to free agent signings, we truly cover it all. This is an unofficial NHL podcast dedicated to all things hockey! We don't have an offseason! We encourage listeners to be involved and ask questions. You can fin ...
Commentaries by the award-winning journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal
Christoph C. Cemper is a well-known and distinguished expert in SEO who started link building for clients in 2003, building the LinkResearchTools since 2006 and marketing it as SaaS product since 2009. When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph started Link Detox, software for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. He introduced ongoing link audits and risk management to the market in early 2011.
Commentaries by the award-winning journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Injustice System
America we have a problem. Our justice system is unjust.A few years ago I ran across a website called Surviving the System. It was about innocent prisoners and prison conditions. I decided to get involved and I started the site called The Injustice System.I have upset some people and have had my life threatened because of my fight but it will continue.
An Undying Mystery
In 1944, George Stinney Jr. became the youngest person ever executed in South Carolina at age 14. He was accused of bludgeoning two white girls to death and convicted by an all-white jury in a matter of minutes. Now, more than 70 years later, new evidence suggests someone else may have committed the murders. The Post and Courier explores this haunting tale that still plagues the small town of Alcolu.
Beccaria's treatise On Crimes and Punishments, which condemns disproportionate and irrational penalties in general as well as torture and the death penalty, is said to mark the peak of Enlightenment in Milan. Its translations were widely read by statesmen and policy makers in Britain, America and France. This translation also features the anonymous commentary, attributed to Voltaire. - Summary by Carolin
This Podcast covers different subjects of DUI investigations, arrests and conviction penalties.
Get recaps, previews, and all the latest news and rumors in the racing world on “Race Talk Live” powered by, with your host Kate Moss!
Penalty Box Radio is a hockey radio show that airs live every Wednesday night at 8pm Central on 102.5 FM - ESPN Radio Nashville. We've had guests like Hilary Knight, Chris Mason, Bernie Nicholls, Darren Pang, Kevin Weekes, Kenny Albert, Ken Morrow and more!
The No.1 Podcast
The No.1 Podcast is your new favourite football podcast, dedicated to the world of goalkeeping. Each week, hosts Lloyd Griffith and David Preece will take a look at what’s happened in the world of football, but from the eyes of the six yard box. Lloyd Griffith is currently co-host of Soccer AM, host of BBC3’s Taxi To Training. He’s a comedian but wishes he was a goalkeeper. Lloyd once saved a penalty from Matt Le Tissier. David Preece is a football journalist and commentator and a former pro ...
This podcast tracks the audio archives for the “Jaws of Justice Radio” show. Jaws of Justice Radio covers issues of law enforcement, courts, incarceration, homelessness, economic injustice, foster care, death penalty, constitutional rights and more.
The rule-breaking authors of Freakonomics are back with their latest book, Think Like a Freak. Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner share how they challenge conventional wisdom and answer questions about thinking differently. Whether you're interested in the best way to improve your odds in penalty kicks, or in major global reforms, here's a blueprint for an entirely new way to solve problems. Hosted at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Your two best friends talk sports. Join Niki & Heather for 30 minutes of sports talk. Tennis, football, basketball, swimming, gymnastics...nothing is off limits! We'll provide our thoughts on everything from penalties the NFL should add (Attempted Horse Collar: a 3-7 yard penalty) to the best dressed sports figure of the week.
Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey! Highlights and Scores after every feature game. Full Playoff coverage as we step up the Charge. Punk songs from the Penalty Box. Come listen to the Lightning Strike!
Share Politics is our flagship politics show. Each Sunday evening between 6 and 8 pm, our man in Westminster Colin Bloom pulls in guests of the highest quality. Colin is Director of Outreach in the Conservative Party, works in Westminster and every Sunday nights he opens his contacts book to gets people with influence to talk the topics of the day. You get the opportunity to ask questions live. Expect to hear Nathalie Bennett discussing the relevance of the Greens, Jeremy Corbyn on his Labou ...
My introduction to the death row phenomenon and of course tiny little bits of the death penalty and the death row syndrome here and there
Civilization, Immortality, the Death Penalty, these are just a few of the essays enclosed in this collection, A Cynic Looks At Life. Written by Ambrose Bierce, these essays continue to be thought provoking, offering a valid outlook on life. Summary by DaveC.
This is the first instalment of the new Podcast series THE MOMENT. On November 16, 2005 - The night that football in Australia changed forever. John Aloisi walked toward the penalty spot with the weight of the entire nation on his shoulders. This is a moment that many people thought would end in failure yet again. A story of hardship and sacrifice. A story of countless lost opportunities. This is the story of One Kick, One Moment.
The No.1 Podcast
The No.1 Podcast is your new favourite football podcast, dedicated to the world of goalkeeping. Each week, hosts Lloyd Griffith and David Preece will take a look at what’s happened in the world of football, but from the eyes of the six yard box. Lloyd Griffith is currently co-host of Soccer AM, host of BBC3’s Taxi To Training. He’s a comedian but wishes he was a goalkeeper. Lloyd once saved a penalty from Matt Le Tissier. David Preece is a football journalist and commentator and a former pro ...
On April 15, 2013, two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two years later, 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death in federal court for his involvement in the attacks. During the penalty phase, I was in the courtroom. I walked in wanting to understand his story. I left unsure he was even guilty, let alone deserving to die. Since that day, I have been researching and writing about the case, trying to understand what really happened. His is the tale of an im ...
Brother Ball
Raw sports talk featuring brothers, Mark and Jeff Tilden (author of The brothers hit sports from many angles, sometimes throwing penalty flags and calling foul on each other.
The Federal Government has introduced proposed legislation which will radically change the natural health products industry in Canada. The Bill reads like a police state manual and the end result will be 70% or more of the products currently available will be illegal. The draconian search and seizure powers granted to the Health Canada inspectors violate the implied bill of rights and the increased penalties are clearly aimed at putting companies in the industry out of business. This is only ...
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A Bill put forward by the Liberal Party that seeks to have welfare recipients subject to mandatory drug tests has resurfaced in Parliament. In 2017 under his role as Social Services Minister, Christian Porter introduced the proposal that unemployed people receiving welfare allowance would be subject to compulsory drug tests. The Bill failed to ...…
Here in the U.S., today's the day the productive members of our society pay our penalty for being productive members of society.
Mackenzie, Warrenton, Virginia - Pastor Carl, Our 20-year-old son came home from college and revealed that he was a homosexual on July 27, 2017, to my husband while I was away. My husband responded harshly that it was the most ignorant decision he had ever heard, he told him that he was disgusted with him, and in no way could he live that type ...…
What does it buy us to have the ability to speak our mind without penalty Sooner or later no one will have the right to say anything Somehow I can see that Screw you Youre Wrong Youre doing it the wrong wayCivil Tension Host amp Creator Peter Gault together with CoHosts John Guanci amp Tom Sellars say these things and a whole lot more while tal ...…
Every week, The American Journal of Managed Care® recaps the top managed care news of the week, and you can now listen to it on our podcast, Managed Care Cast.This week, the top managed care stories included President Donald Trump signing an executive order requiring the poor to get jobs or lose food and healthcare benefits; a CMS report found ...…
The brothers talk beer from Three Weavers and Wild leap – UEFA Champions League penalties and controversial decisions – MLS vs Mexico in CONCACAF Champions League – and how does all this penalty or no penalty, dive or no dive discussion go over with the American sports fan or the casual soccer fan?
The Mike McFeely Show from Thursday, April 12, 2018. The show includes discussion on the Fergus Falls story on child abuse resulting in death, WDAY's Kevin Wallevand joins, discussion on the death penalty, bars in downtown Fargo, bats coming out of hibernation, ice fishing still going on, listener phone calls, emails and more.…
A bipartisan effort to repeal the death penalty fell short in the Washington Legislature this year. But a separate effort to overturn the state's capital punishment statute through the courts is ongoing. The constitutional challenge to the death penalty in Washington involves the case of Allen Eugene Gregory , 45, who was sentenced to die for t ...…
Live on Facebook Sunday nights at 7pm Pacific time. Tune in now here! Don’t worry if you miss us live–you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. A couple housekeeping items. First, we are hosting our first ever comedy special at the historic Nuart Theater in Downtown Moscow, ID. International comedian Ben Price ...…
April 4th, 2016 - Tye Hunter, a veteran Civil Rights attorney and former director of the Center for Death Penalty Litigation, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina discusses how race has operated in our court systems throughout our history and how it continues to distort justice in the present.
Episode 17 we are joined by Big Steve, we talk about the Stoke game last Sunday, the penalties and Aubameyan's decision to let Lacazette take the 2nd.We answer listeners questions including "What makes a real Fan" & "Is it right to stay away"All this the Gooner Debate & The 5 Word GameEnjoy, Share and rate this Podcast COYG…
This week, Stel, Yiannakis and Rhodri Giggs are joined by ex Crystal Palace defender Sagi Burton. On the agenda: Ronaldo inspires Real Madrid to a big win over Juve. Man City are 1 win away from winning the title. Spurs end their 28 year Stamford Bridge jinx. Groundhog Day for Palace Arnie strikes twice Arsenal player lets team mate take a pena ...…
Hold on to your helmets, Guardians, as we are about to go fast. Go REALLY fast! Remember, Guardians, to leave us your feedback and thoughts on Update 1.1.4 at 703.791.1701 or podcast (at) happyhourfromthetower (dot) com. We’d love to hear from you! 00:00 — Show ID 00:09 — Introduction Picking up a theme in the introduction drop-in’s? You got to ...…
I'm joined by Ed Brickeen on this podcast and we discuss the upcoming NHL playoffs, if the NHL can fix their problems with penalties, and how we would fix the worst teams in the league.
There is no offseason for Mike Pereira so he stops by to chat about the new rule changes from last week in the NFL, what is a catch, what will be reviewable, what happens with helmet hits, what nuances he would like to see stay in those rules and why some rules did not get passed.
Lynn Nichols Federal Tax Update Podcast March 26, 2018, edition Listen as Lynn Nichols provides commentary on 5 Items pertaining to current developments in U.S. tax law. This week’s topics include: Plastic Surgeon’s Fraud, Tax Evasion Conviction Affirmed A divided Third Circuit upheld a plastic surgeon’s conviction for fraud and tax evasion ste ...…
Sorry for all of the technological delays... but we thought we told you, we don't stop!C. Diddy (@cdiddy513) & special guest Austin (@_SoOutYOLeague) discuss Logic calling things off with his wife, Rick Ross and his child support situation, the #HeForEverybodyWalk & Austin closes the show with a spicy question to try and stump C. DiddyContinue ...…
Who knew when you cross Neopets with porn you get furries? Show Notes: 0:1:59 - Fortnite Patch Notes 0:07:58 No Man's Sky Update Coming to Xbox 0:09:51 Sea of Thieves Death Tax Revoked 0:11:21 Fortnite in Schools is a Problem 0:20:00 Dragon Quest 11 coming to PS4, PC and Switch No 3DS Version 0:23:30 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creative Director Le ...…
Published on 02 Jun 2016. On the inaugural episode of More Perfect, we explore three little words embedded in the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: “cruel and unusual.” The Supreme Court has continually grappled with what these words mean, especially as they pertain to one of our most hot button issues as a country: the death penalty.…
In Hour 3 the boys talk Beer League Legend Scott Foster, Sens, Pageau's Penalty Shot Success, and the NHL playoff race.
In Hour 1, the fellas talk Sens and Panthers. Pageau's Penalty Shot and the NHL's tradition of the first game solo lap.
The power of God was on full display when He raised His Son from the dead. Jesus paid the debt of sin for us and conquered sin’s penalty of death. In this message, Dr. Lutzer challenges us to assess our personal relationship with Christ. Click here to listen (Duration 14:35)
New data protection regulations (GDPR) come into force on 25 May 2018. Make sure you’re compliant or face a heavy penalty.
Are you ready for NFL games that have 60 penalties called in them? That's the direction we're headed.
Easter Traditions... Shooting Outside John Hardin High... Death Penalty To Be Sought... Mom Arrested For Forcing Daughter To Drink... Weird Baseball Names... March Madness Odds... Pranks... Weekend Movie Premieres.... Water Cooler Question.
Chris joined Bruce on Thursday to discuss the NFL's new rule that would assess a 15 yard penalty and possible ejection for those who lower their head to initiate contact. Because of his personal history and what he's seen, Chris thinks the new rule is long overdue. If coaches from the Pros down to youth leagues teach better tackling, this rule ...…
We finally get to know the players in the death penalty, with a particular focus on prosecutors, juries, and those accused and convicted of capital offenses. Featuring interviews with Snohomish County Prosecutors Mark Roe, death row exoneree Kirk Bloodsworth, and anti-death penalty advocate Stephanie Anderson.…
Civil and criminal enforcement of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) violations are on the rise. This Bottom Line videocast discusses the changes to the rules impacting FBAR filing obligations and the impact of the changes on potential penalties, including: The IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, which is ending September 28, 201 ...…
Civil and criminal enforcement of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) violations are on the rise. This Bottom Line videocast discusses the changes to the rules impacting FBAR filing obligations and the impact of the changes on potential penalties, including: The IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, which is ending September 28, 201 ...…
Join us for the big "Wrong & Wronger" Easter celebration! James and Steve trot out their Sunday Best as they discuss James' amazing penalty video, debate bunnies vs chicks, and then argue vehemently over whether Peep chicks outweigh Peep bunnies. $1 is once again ON THE LINE!
If you're wondering why we are here in the middle of the week, its because we have news! Too much for our full episode! In the future we will be updating you guys mid-week when we can and when there's news to share! ...… -"I think I can save money doing my own taxes?" Should you? It Depends! Today I helped a family save over $1300 in healthcare tax penalties. They had no idea you could do that. Today's episode, you will learn 7 different examples why you should not be doing your own tax returns. Need your tax returns prepared call us 90 ...…
Colin Castleberry once again joined Eric Cain and Brian Akins for an hour and 13 minutes describing the NFL catch and 'targeting' penalties as well as Suh signing with the Rams and the OBJ controversy.
It's a major championship worthy podcast this week as 7-time major champion Inbee Park (starts at the 26-min mark) and 10-time major champion Annika Sorenstam (starts at the 45-min mark) are our big interviews. That's 17 major championships combined - perfect timing with the ANA Inspiration. We start the roundtable with a discussion about Lexi ...…
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