Best phishing podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Analyze Phish
Harris and Scott are comedians, music lovers, and friends. Where do they differ? Harris loves Phish, and Scott does not. On Analyze Phish, Harris navigates the vast landscape of Phish's catalogue to find entry points for Scott while trying to explain the live Phish experience without the use of illegal substances.
A podcast to celebrate the music.
Your site for the best in Jam Band Radio! Catch EB live Saturday nights 6-10pmEST on Z88.9 FM.
We see lots of movies and TV shows where hackers can infiltrate our lives with just a few keystrokes. But is it real? We’re here to find out. Malicious cat photos, sketchy Wi-Fi networks, rogue rentals, all-knowing webcams - those are just a few topics tackled in Hackable?, where we let our hackers shed light on just how secure we really are.Winner of Best Branded Podcast - 10th Annual Shorty Awards.
Under the Scales
Under the Scales is a podcast by Tom Marshall, longtime songwriter for the band Phish. The podcast captures and brings to light the rich and complex culture surrounding Phish and its diverse, devoted fanbase. Phish's quirky sense of humor pervades and steers the podcast. Tom will interview the band, fans, insiders, outsiders...and dare to go UNDER THE SCALES to uncover the beating heart of Phish!
Discussing the music of Phish
Dedicated to fresh live recordings of Umphrey's McGee. offers up choice selections from our diverse concerts. With influences ranging from Frank Zappa to The Beatles to Miles Davis to Tortoise and the ability to invoke visions of each band in one broad musical stroke, UM will surprise you at every musical turn.
Fee's Cavern
A weekly Phish podcast dedicated to playing Phish shows as a whole. Hosted by Twenty8, Fee's Cavern will bring you deep into the catalog of audience recordings you may have passed by or simply not yet explored.
Toasted Jams
NW Eclectic Music Valley Talk and Info for Duvall, Carnation, and Redmond Ridgeidge
Endless Boundaries
Music in and around the Jam Scene. Coming at you live from the Web, z88.9, and 95.1. We can be heard Saturday's 6 pm - 10 pm.
The Social-Engineer Podcast is about humans. Understanding how we interact, communicate and relay information can help us protect, mitigate and understand social engineering attacks
Comics talk about the music that inspires them.
The Daily Soundcheck brings you every Phish Soundcheck where audio circulates. Episodes run Monday-Friday with commentary, history and interviews. Hosted by Myke "LawnMemo" Menio
On Phemale-Centrics we discuss all things Phish from a woman's point of view. Join us as we interview Phish's community members, play games like "Market Price" and discuss the latest goings on in the Phish scene, both on-line and on Lot! Your host is Dawneebee and a rotating cast of her phriends including Jillian, Kristie, Merry & Baker!
The Riff
The Riff is a 24 minute conversation about one topic, with one expert, hosted by David Tisch and Andy Weissman's Security Wire Weekly podcast recaps the week's top IT security news. Learn about the latest virus, worm, Trojan, phishing or identity theft scam. Find out the latest strategies for keeping your network and company data secure. Hear what industry experts recommend you watch for in the weeks ahead.
The Many Hats Club
An information security focused group of individuals from all walks of life
Live music from The Jed Luckless Band!
Fear Of A Craft Beer Planet is a craft beer podcast hosted by lifelong friends Jay Rose, James “Richard” Rabic, and Rob Forczek. Jay Rose and Rob have been in the NJ beer business for 20 years and Richard spent a good amount of time in the NJ radio world. The three of them have not only shared friendship but also the stage as they were collectively involved in the slow-growing Jam Band scene in the Philly/NJ area in the 90’s. The podcast works because Richard is a beer novice while Jay Rose ...
Beyond The Pond
Welcome to Beyond The Pond! We’re two massive Phish fans who are using the music of Phish to introduce you to new and interesting music we think you’ll love! Because we love the Phish. We are Phish fans. But sometimes you gotta break out of your comfort zone and go beyond the pond. A proud member of the Osiris Podcast Network.
Jed Luckless
Original music streamed live online.
What do you do when you can't subscribe to one belief system? What if you don't know you can subscribe to anything at all? You could choose to be a Buddhist of the 22nd Southeastern Baptist Convention, or follow the Tao of praying to Mecca, or ride on a Jewish cult bus to see every Phish concert. Comedian and preacher’s kid Joe Quint invites his spiritual, skeptical, and evil friends from the Los Angeles comedy world (and beyond) to join him on his Godcast to talk about religion - and to mak ...
In the year 2420, the United Planets of America has only one hope against the forces of evil...
Hacking Humans
Each week the CyberWire’s Hacking Humans Podcast looks behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world. We talk to social engineering experts, security pros, cognitive scientists, and those practiced in the arts of deception (perhaps even a magician or two). We also hear from people targeted by social engineering attacks and learn from their experiences.
Highlights from the latest Phish show. Reactions and reviews. Call-in with couch tour tales and donut reviews.
Cosmic Lion Radio
Step into the mind of Gonzo Musicologist Eli Schwab as he takes you to the outer reaches of Comic Books, Music, Films, Art, and beyond
HitEnter takes an unconventional look at the workplace. We bring you stories from the inbox that offer new perspectives on ordinary things. Our stories will inform and inspire you in your work and life.
TechNation360 is the premiere national network of tech professionals. Join the nation by following TechNation360 on all major social networks.
Easy Cyber
YouTube channel for
Privacy Now TV
Privacy Now TV is your weekly source of news, tips and tricks for online security and privacy.
person A: Hey, have you heard that Eric Koeppel has a podcast which he uses to share a variety of exciting music including indie rock, folk, alternative, jazz, classic rock, hip hop, and more! person B: Who's Eric Koeppel?
Tweezer Tonight
Tweezer Tonight is an audio adventure across the history of Phish’s beloved original song, Tweezer. Co-hosts Steve “The Vic” and Dan deliver a weekly overview of every Tweezer played across the song’s 30’ish-year history, regale the audience with band/fan journeys along the tour routes and allow the conversation to flow in the free-form, improvisational spirit of our favorite jam band. Bundle up fam cause it’s gonna be cold, and dumb, but mostly, fun!
Gotta Jabrew
Join your hosts TheKid Himself and TheLza in Gotta Jabrew, the podcast that discusses all things Phish and Beer. Listen as they traverse various aspects of their favorite band as well as brewing tips, destination beer cities, and review new craft beer and local NY breweries. All this and more, set to the tunes of the greatest band of all time. Tune in each week for the podcast that makes the world just a little bit Phriendlier!
Be Patient, Be Present, Be Joyful is a weekly audio blog based on the life experience of Ryan Stanley. Ryan is a Life Long Entrepreneur with a Strong Background in Professional Life, Business and Internal Coaching. He's also a Husband and Father of 2 Boys, Screenwriter, Author and Phish Fan.
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Episode Notes TheLza and TheKid talk gear and his removal from the Addicted to Phish Group. They also talk imported beer and TheLza's trip to conneticuit to see beers get imported at Beer United. An argument insues... Phish Segment: 0:00:00 - 0:39:00Beer Segment: 0:53:00 - 1:45:00 Playlist: It's Ice 7-23-17 Wilson 10-20-10 Golden Age6-10-12 Bee ...…
Parker and Hannah talk about their opinions on cults, how they deal with anxiety, and outlooks on teen pregnancy.Youtube:
TBJ87: Craig Knox of the Pittsburgh Symphony on premiering the Jennifer Higdon Tuba Concerto, European road stories and the joys of palinka. Craig Knox is Principal Tuba of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and a founding member of the Center City Brass Quintet. With these ensembles and others, he has performed for audiences across the U.S., Eu ...…
Introduction In this episode wecover the victimization of phishing, some insider threat news, and more. Don't touch that dial! Welcome back! This isepisode 39 of The Insider Threat podcast, for the week of June 4th, 2018. Infosec Trivia Question It's time for yourInfosec Trivia Question, where Google is king and the prize isnonexistent! The que ...…
This week we go after phishing. AKA phising, if you're Jen trying to spell phishing. What is it, how to avoid it, who gets attacked and why. Episode 22: Security - Phishing This Week in Helpdesk History FIND US ONLINE Have a helpdesk nightmare to share? Send it to us at Twitter: @hel ...…
In the Security News this week, Google Chrome has a critical vulnerability, Flash has another zero-day exploit, Colorado passes “most stringent” breach notification law, hackers hack a plane from the ground. Paul’s Suggested Stories Is Your SOC Flying Blind? – Is Your SOC Flying Blind? Further Down the Trello Rabbit Hole Krebs on Security Updat ...…
Howdy folks! Welcome episode 21 of Sprinklez! The show dedicated to helping you find your next favorite television show, movie and/or podcast. Today's first recommendation is the legendary sitcom: SEINFELD all episodes of which are available on HULU. (Favorite episodes include; Season 9's episode 6 where Kramer finds the old Merv Griffin show's ...…
On this week’s episode we check in with Widespread Panic on their upcoming tour, which includes a series of multi-night runs in cities we love like Nashville, St. Augustine and Las Vegas. We also learn about Garaj Mahal’s comeback with co-leaders Kai Eckhardt and Fareed Haque. Plus, Phish announces their fall tour with stops in beloved cities l ...…
Communication: 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news. 2. means of connection between people or places, in particular. In this weeks episode of BarrigaPod we are trying something new. Grant and I are exploring communication within music, highlighting the jam band Phish and the father of low-fi Daniel Johnston. Let us know what yo ...…
Endless Boundaries Jam Radio episode 963 looks back at the passing of Chris Cornell one year later, talks Phish Fall Tour 2018 dates, features new tracks from DMB, Spafford, Brownout, and checks in on recent shows from Moe, The Disco Biscuits, and Joe Russo's Almost Dead. See full playlist at…
Playlist: Phish - The Moma Dance > Runaway Jim Bill Evans Trio - My Man's Gone Now Neil Young - Walk On John Coltrane & Joe Henderson - Sweet Georgia Brown Everyman Band - Nuclear Suite Worship My Organ - Improv The Nels Cline 4 - Swing Ghost John Vidacovich, John Medeski & Will Bernard - Softly, As In The Morning Sunrise Fiya Bomb - Satellites ...…
Always an awesome time chatting with my friend, Ryan Carter! We met when Friedland needed IT work done, and Ryan came highly recommended from McPhee Electric. Ryan is one of those people who leave you amazed after a conversation. His ability to explain complex topics to the masses, like how to avoid phishing attacks, the latest news in cyber se ...…
No Cover is a music podcast for music (and comedy) lovers.In episode 3, my Mormon brother-in-law finally explains his hatred of my favorite band, Phish. Cousin Steve joins for "Everyone is Loving It But Do We?"" where we critique the critics on an album everyone's loving, and see if they're correct in their assessments. We take a look at Janell ...…
In today's Investing After Hours, we talk to Paul Walsh, the founder and creator of the MetaCert protocol. MetaCert provides digital currency traders with security tools to keep them safe from phishing scams…
Playlist: Neil Young - Tonight's The Night Miles Davis & John Coltrane - All Of You Elvin Jones Quartet - A Night In Tunisia Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra - Intro To People > Song Of The United Front > El Quinto Regimento > Los Quatro Generales Viva La Quince Brigade Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden - Message To A Friend Shadowfax - Roa ...…
I wander around the Dicks lot during the Phish shows in September 2017 in Denver. I meet and talk to a lot of people including Bethany Barker of Phish Chicks and Paige Clem of the Phellowship. Music, art, glassware, sandwiches, nitrous, artificial legs, tributes to lost fans and guidance aplenty.By (Tom Marshall).
With technology embedded in everything we do, hackers and fraudsters have more avenues than ever to launch attacks. Today, spam and antivirus software are no longer enough. Dave Kennedy outlines steps you can take to avoid phishing scams, mitigate exposure to malicious code, and spot suspicious emails and “communications in the middle” fraud. Y ...…
In today's podcast, we hear about reports of email client vulnerabilities. Worries about Russian and Chinese software and hardware vendors. Security and trade policy notes. FinFisher found used in Turkey. The data scandal that brought down Cambridge Analytica moves to the University of Cambridge, but there the issues seem to be security, anonym ...…
With tax season just two weeks in the rearview, the Podcast takes a look at two headlines out of this year’s tax season. First, we’re joined by Marc-Etienne Leveille, malware researcher at ESET, whose team discovered and tracked an SMS-based phishing attempt purporting to be the CRA offering tax refunds. Leveille discusses how ES ...…
Boot-stompin' guitarist and songwriter, Rob Leines, joins GuitarCast to talk about his new album, "Bad Seed" out now. Rob and Andy perform two Leines originals, "Heavy Load" and "Train Beat." PLEASE FILL OUT THE OSIRIS LISTENER SURVEY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A PHISH "RIFT" LP SIGNED BY TOM MARSHALL OR A $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!! GuitarCast is a memb ...…
You may have heard Tom Marshall’s words even if you’ve never heard him speak. For the last four decades Tom has been the chief lyricist for the band Phish, which is one of the most successful touring bands in the world. Tom, however, does not tour with the band, and his position as the mysterious wordsmith for the band has spawned several onlin ...…
The Hobbit breaks down some new school 2017 phishing
In this tutorial-style episode, we’re going to go over the various steps that are required for setting up a ZenCash secure node. The discussion will be limited to a very high level, with the purpose of giving you a rough idea of the magnitude of the associated workload. Summary In a couple of sentences, ZenCash secure nodes enable reward entitl ...…
In this episode, I chat with Rob Macadam, Director of Legal Solutions for High Q and recovering M&A lawyer. We discuss what it takes to leave the law (a little bravery and a lot of chutzpah!) [@:17], his favorite kind of beer (“real ale”) [@:41], and how you, too, can become a "legal geek" and break into the fast-growing legal tech field [@:35] ...…
Josh and Maureen have on the fabulous ZouZou Mansour, lead singer of the hot rock band Soraia - "ZouZou has been referred to as "a true mix of Iggy Pop and Joan Jett" onstage." Not only is the band represented by Wicked Cool Records, but they've been featured in Rolling Stone, and their new single, "Monster" is tearing up Youtube. It's a great ...…
Artur knows a guy and asked him to come on the Podcast. His name is Danny and he is pretty cool.We learn what IT means, how to get phished, how to fix an xRay machine, we recap who the members of NSync are, ASMR and how it's weird, how Artur & Danny met, how not to steal from a video game store, & we have a small spoiler free chat about Avenger ...…
How To Safeguard Your Personal Data Your personal information or data in the wrong hands can be used for fraudulent purposes making safeguarding it imperative in today’s digital world. This podcast gives tips on how to keep yourself safe. View Transcript Host: 00:00 Podcasting from Southern California, this is on the net your go to for everythi ...…
Sinan Eren, CEO of Fyde, an app that automatically intercepts phishing
Windows 10 Spring Creator's Update (April Update?) is rumored to hit on May 8th after being delayed by a BSoD bug. ChromeOS is growing up and adding containers.. Chris gives an update on using Windows Admin Center and Matt gives a mini review of the Lenovo 100e Chromebook. Reach out to us: @feekes | @twistofmatt | @educatingtech | YouTube Thank ...…
Dan Sosnoski: Welcome to “The Future Adjustment,” Chiropractic Economics podcast series on what’s new and notable in the world of chiropractic. I am Dan Sosnoski, the editor-in-chief of “Chiropractic Economics,” and our guest today is Ty Talcott , DC. He is the president of HIPAA Compliance Services. And he’s a certified HIPAA privacy and secur ...…
ALIEN SCAMMERS! After falling for a phishing scam, Oort is kidnapped by mind-controlling Neurons. Can the crew save him from the Mental Temple? Time for a Heist…
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced two days of grilling by Congress last week to address data misuse in the wake of revelations that millions of Facebook users had their private information given away to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election. Zuckerberg testified before Congress that about ...…
Podcaster and musician Dan Drago ( and joins Bill and Brian to discuss Phish's Billy Breathes (1996, Elektra). Dan talks about a buddy introducing him to Phish amidst all the grunge and punk he was listening to in the 90s. Then Bill, Brian, and Dan discuss the time Brian met Tom Marshall, carpe d ...…
Greg gives incredible insight on his journey to getting a job in sports and time spent at companies like IMG, NHL, NY Mets CAA Sports, and Fox Networks Group.Greg's story is an example of "it's not what you know, its who you know" and how hard you are willing. Making sacrifices and creating value for the people you work for just a small part of ...…
Lynn Nichols Federal Tax Update Podcast March 26, 2018, edition Listen as Lynn Nichols provides commentary on 5 Items pertaining to current developments in U.S. tax law. This week’s topics include: Plastic Surgeon’s Fraud, Tax Evasion Conviction Affirmed A divided Third Circuit upheld a plastic surgeon’s conviction for fraud and tax evasion ste ...…
Nearly one-third of Canadian companies surveyed say their staff have been suckered by phishing email; jail time for a U.S. hacker for hire; and why spelling mistakes can be costly. We’re bringing you the latest cyber threat news.
The Premier League returns this weekend and Jimbo, Michael Cox, James Horncastle and Tom Williams preview potentially the biggest game of the season as Spurs look to win at Stamford Bridge for the first time since 1990. Plus, a lessons learned from the international break, Hollywood fans, and more footballing idioms RUNNING ORDER: • PART 1a: Sp ...…
The Premier League returns this weekend and Jimbo, Michael Cox, James Horncastle and Tom Williams preview potentially the biggest game of the season as Spurs look to win at Stamford Bridge for the first time since 1990. Plus, a lessons learned from the international break, Hollywood fans, and more footballing idioms RUNNING ORDER: • PART 1a: Sp ...…
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