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It’s about helping more people more often say ‘Yes’ to God. God is speaking to us all the time, whispering and coaxing us to follow His lead and trust Him more. Living as a believer is learning to discern the voice of the Lord and being obedient to whatever He says. Some people hear that voice urging them to give God a try. Then they sense the call to give their lives to Christ. That voice continues to speak with greater regularity and boldness as Jesus leads us into the life He designed for ...
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092219: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde explains that our lifestyle equals our faith style. Be encouraged by Hezekiah's Story in Isaiah. We do not have to drag around our past failures or succumb to fear--focus on the promises and seek the glory of the Lord instead! Special guest, Scott Price, shares his testimony for the glory of God and reveals th ...…
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Gal 5:6b And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Heb 11:6 3 Arguments against Faith #1) I believe the biggest argument against faith is the existence of suffe ...…
090819: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues discussing God's "Endgame" for us believers--God intended Heaven to be lived out here on Earth. We are merely vessels that God uses for honorable purposes for all of human-kind. Listen for more!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
090119: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde begins a new series called ENDGAME, focusing on a powerful verse that is not preached on very much: Galatians 5:6b. Listen to learn what the ONLY thing that counts is!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
082519: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde concludes our Joy Ride through Philippians sermon series today. An easy to digest summary of Joy, which is the core of Philippians. Listen to how you can keep JOY in your heart every day with a few simple tips.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
081819: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde further explains Philippians 4:14-20. Listen to the benefits you receive when you contribute to God's work!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
081119: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues teaching from Philippians 4:10-13, explaining three major forces your life. Listen to find out what they are.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
080419 Pastor Sam Silveous continues teaching from Philippians 4: 2-9. Whether you are an active Sunday worshipper or feeling uncomfortable with the whole idea, worship is an important part of our Christian walk with Jesus!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
072819: Pastor Sam Silveous continues Philippians 3:12-41. Don't Stop...becoming like Christ or following and living out His example!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
072119: Pastor Sam Silveous continues Philippians, focusing on chapter 3: 1-11. Just what is Kingdom math? Listen to find out!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
071419: Family Pastor Sam Silveous continues Philippians in chapter 2, explaining that modern day Colorado Springs is not as different from ancient Philippi as we would hope. We can, however, filter everything we say and do towards each other, through the Gospel.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
070719: Worship Pastor Matt Ross explains Philippians 2:12-18 and how we can apply it to our lives today. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, do everything without grumbling or complaining, and live a life that is poured out for Jesus.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
063019: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues our Joy Ride Through Philippians for the summer, explaining that you must take a posture of a servant in order to feel the overflowing joy from your relationship with Jesus. Humbling ourselves among our families and peers, just as Jesus humbled himself entering Earth as an infant. Listen for more of ...…
062319: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues our Joy Ride through Philippians and covers the topic of death. What are you living for? Your paycheck? Would you die for your paycheck? You know what to live for when you know what's worthy dying for.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
061619: Pastor Darrin Ronde continues our study of Philippians by explaining that you should not let anything stop you from being a witness for Jesus Christ! It's all about your perspective: what appears to be a problem may well be your platform to share Jesus Christ with someone around you.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
060919: Pastor Darrin explains how to find endless joy when you partner in ministry. That could be serving in your church, community, or simply loving others.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
060219: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde begins our summer series, Joy Ride, which will take us on an adventure through Philippians. First, we must begin in Acts 16, to learn about Paul's vision of Macedonia. Did you know Macedonia is modern-day Europe? Listen to learn more!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
052619: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde concludes our Awesome Families series discussing how to show an awesome example of faith to your family and everyone around you.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
051919 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde explains what the Bible says about sexual intimacy and God's plan for sex.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
050519 Pastor Sam Silveous introduces our May 4 part series about Awesome Families. How can we have an awesome family without awesome fights?? Listen to find out!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
051219 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues our Awesome Families series with a unique sermon discussing marriage alongside his wife of 32 years, Julie Ronde. Listen to what they've learned and experienced first-hand!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
042819-Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde concludes our Easter series by illustrating 5 pictures of baptism in the Bible. Will you listen and find out how to better enter the kingdom of God?By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
042119: Pastor Darrin Ronde tells a few stories that really explain who Jesus was and why he is worthy of our worship and love. I could love a King like that, couldn't you?By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
041419: Senior Pastor Darrin explains that those in God's kingdom always live in the presence and for the pleasure of the King. It shows in our words, attitudes, etc. Listen for more!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
040719 Senior Pastor Darrin begins a new series called The Kingdom is Now! Listen to how Jesus came to establish a relentlessly strong, expanding and lasting Kingdom--and the invitation to enter it! All we have to do is walk through the door...By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
03-31-19 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde concludes our 3 week financial series and summarizes how to "Let it Go" and find joy in giving generously!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
032419-Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde explains a few more financial lessons and corresponding scripture from the Bible. Do you worship God or your possessions and money? Listen to find out!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
03-17-19: Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde begins a new 3-part series discussing the Bible's perspective on our finances. Did you know that it's called the same thing now and it was way back then? DEBT! Here's an easy to digest finance lesson this week!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
03-10-19 Pastor Darrin concludes his teachings in Genesis with a brief testimony from new hire, Bonnie Meaux. God will take all your broken pieces and make a beautiful mosaic for His will once you surrender. Only you can get in your own way of God's great purpose for your life.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
03-03-19: Senior Pastor Darrin continues to lead us through Genesis chapters 39-41. God has destined you for greatness, even though it might not feel like it right now. He is with you and wants to help you succeed and prosper right where you are!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
02-24-19 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues to walk us through Genesis chapter 38. He describes how sin works and that grace can change your story, no matter how deep into sin you think you are. Be advised that this podcast is rated PG-13.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
02-17-19 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues to walk us through Genesis, chapters 31-35. Is it a bad thing to wrestle with God! Tomorrow we’ll look at one of the most interesting encounters a person has ever had with God, and it might look surprisingly like what you’re going through right now God is working to develop a deeper relationship wit ...…
02-10-19 Pastor Sam continues to walk us through Genesis chapters 27-28. The story of Esau and Jacob, sons of Isaac, hits close to home if you have siblings. The ending take a surprising turn, revealing that God's blessings are not based on OUR worthiness, but rather HIS faithfulness to us.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
2-3-19 Pastor Sam walks us through Genesis chapters 21-25 and unpacks Abraham's final test of faith. Did Abraham experience fear and doubt when he was tested by God? Do you? Consider pure joy instead of doubt next time God gives you a pop quiz!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
Pastor Darrin continues to discuss the story of Abraham in Genesis chapters 16-20. This part of the story revealed a lot of gospel that can easily be applied to today! Abraham was a follower of Jesus and stumbled big from time to time, but that did not keep God from keeping his promise. Listen for more hope and inspiration to "Do Hard Things!"…
1-20-19 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde interprets Genesis chapters 10-15. God is doing something REALLY BIG and invites you to be a part of it! Like Abram (AKA Abraham), God issues you a call and we should respond with faith. Listen for more!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
1-13-19 Pastor Sam explains Genesis chapters 6-9. Did you know that sin is a heart condition? We were all born with a sinful, wicked heart, and thanks be to God that where there is no way, He makes a way!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
01-06-19 Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde continues the Origins Sermons Series. Part 2 includes Genesis chapters 1-5 and explains more about the stories within Genesis. God planned us for greatness. We chose a different path. The consequences were tragic, yet God promised to fix it.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
12-30-18 – Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde introduces the book of Genesis, which we will study this quarter as a church. He explains how God's Word and God's World agree--the interpretations disagree!By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
12-23-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks to us this Christmas Eve weekend about the who this special time of year is truly all about - You! Surprised? Listen in to find out why this season is all about you.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
12-16-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde talks on Joy. Is is the same as happiness? Are they related? Can you have one without the other?By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
12-9-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde goes over what hope is and just how important it is for everyone.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
12-2-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde takes a look back at what we had envisioned for 2018 and then looks forward to what 2019 has in store for PPCC.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
11-25-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde wraps up our song focused series through the Psalms this week looking at two things, what most satisfied God and what can most satisfy us.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
11-11-18 - Worship Pastor Matt Ross leads us through a quick but great message this Sunday in the middle of worshiping with great vigor and passion. He hits on great points on what it means it worship and why we worship.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
11-11-18 Family Discipleship Pastor Sam Silveous asks a very important question: Through the good or through the bad, how do you pray? We want to do our best to emulate the strong spiritual leaders seen in the Bible, and when we look at them, David gives us some of the best examples of how to pray when we read some of the Psalms that he wrote.…
11-4-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde points out that although many of us enjoy living in the wonderful city of Colorado Springs, it is in fact the presence of the Lord in which we should strive to live. What does that look like?By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
10-28-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde looks at a well-known mistake of David from the book of 2 Samuel and how David responded through his writing in the book of Psalms. We learn how to respond to sin as well as what it can do to us.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
10-21-18 - Senior Pastor Darrin Ronde weaves us a song of a sermon as he starts us in a new sermon series going through some of Psalms. This week we look at the importance of building your life and your family around the ways of God.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
10-14-18 - Family Discipleship Pastor Sam Silveous goes over the incredible things that come forth both for ourselves and for those around us when we say 'yes' to God.By Pikes Peak Christian Church.
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