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Story Pirates
Story Pirates is a group of world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians who adapt stories written by kids into sketch comedy and musical theater. Visit for more information on Story Pirates and how you can bring our live show to your school or town!
A podcast about the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean, the real men and women that threatened the trade and stability of the Old World empires, the forces that led them to piracy and the myths and stories they inspired.Famous names like Captain Henry Morgan, Henry Avery, Charles Vane, Mary Reed, Anne Bonny, Black Bart Roberts, Ned Low, and Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach will rub elbows with Queens, Kings, Popes, rebellious monks, Caribbean Natives, African Slaves and notorious governors like ...
A Disney Podcast -- a decidedly DIFFERENT Disney fan podcast! News and rumors on the Disney theme parks including Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as news about Disney movies, Disney TV, Disney video games... Disney everything! Join your hosts, comic book creators Thom and Kam Pratt as they dish about The Mouse House!
Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos walk the plank with pint-size PI Veronica Mars.
Pirate Life Radio is a show about excellence... for yourself, your community, and your globe. It's about informed, accountable people that make a difference and inspire others. It's about unity, health, and transcendence. It's about building a strong tribe.
DJ sets and mixes from DJ Gvozd — DJ, promoter, producer, author of d&b radioshow "Pirate Station", founding father of Respect Records. He is actively engaged in drum&bass music since 1997. Since March 2000 Gvozd is the author of "Pirate Station" radioshow on Radio Record. For today "Pirate Station" is the largest drum&bass radioshow of Russia acquainting listeners with all tendencies of modern music and classics of the genre. Numerous representatives of the scene from every corner of the gl ...
A series of podcasts on famous and infamous pirates
Noclip is a crowd funded video game documentary channel which tells stories about the people who make and play video games. This feed contains audio versions of the interviews we use in our documentary features on
Pirates beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
Radio the Way it Used to Be
Join comedian and pirate geek Phil Johnson as he explores the history and pop culture of pirates. Deep dive interviews with the most interesting people in the pirate community who bring the history and stories to life. Actors, treasure hunters, musicians, historians, and more. From Blackbeard to Black Sails, Jack Sparrow to Jack Rackham... Under The Crossbones is loaded with colorful characters who will take you away from your day to day and drag you happily out to sea.
Wir versorgen euch mit Nerd Feuilleton & Pop-/Geekkultur bis euch die Ohren überlaufen.
Pirates of Savannah is a historical fiction novel about the birth of liberty in the south. It takes place during Pre-revolutionary age, truly a fascinating time in history that has been greatly ignored by other Authors. At it's heart it is a tale of prisoners, refugees and societies casts offs all joining together to escape from government tyranny and discover a path to liberty. Find out how a group of oppressed colonists gained the courage to start defying authority and begin planing a revo ...
Pirates Breakdown Radio is your source for near-daily PIrates content. We offer a variety of shows - some large, some small - from the same people who bring you - your home for quality PIttsburgh Pirates analysis.
Pirate Party Radio
Discussions on Privacy, Surveillence, Anonymity, Net Neutrality, Copyright Reform, Free Culture, Free Speech, Patent Reform, Open Government and Pirate Party news from around the world.
A weekly podcast produced by members of the Samson Society
Buccaneers and Pirates of our Coasts is a non-fiction, rolicking story of the origins of piracy and of the famous pirates of the coasts of the United States. The stories don’t cast pirates in the glowing light of modern day renditions – in Stockton’s stories, pirates are bad guys! – but the dramatic style makes them good fun to read, anyway! (Summary by Sibella Denton)
On December 31 1787, the HMS Bounty, a small sailing vessel embarked from Spithead Harbor, England bound for Tahiti. Her mission was sponsored by the Royal Society in London and aimed at picking up breadfruit plants and fruit from Tahiti and conveying them to the West Indies, where it was hoped they would take root and become a commercial crop. The Bounty was an old ship with a young captain and 46 young officers. The captain's cabin was converted into a potting shed for the expected breadfr ...
Discussing and analyzing Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney theme park rides, and expanded universe using pirate facts, humor, film critique and Golden Age of Piracy history
We discuss all topics Disney. Mostly the parks at Disney World. We bring a blue collar perspective to visiting the parks.
Each week a few mates chat about an episode of The Goodies, and share their memories of Tim, Bill and Graeme. We also discuss things that they couldn't get away with today, Goodies tropes, and our favourite gags!
Pirate Atheists
Podcast of the Pirate Atheists
Terry & The Pirates was a action-adventure drama featured realistically drawn adventures in the far east and had a serious bent to it, unlike many of the comics of the day. Terry Lee grew up in the strip opposite characters such as Pat Ryan, the soldier of fortune and "two-fisted journalist", Connie, the coolie and interpreter, and his nemesis, the Dragon Lady. Join us as we listen to every exciting episode of the great radio adventure.
Locked on Pirates
Locked on Pirates is *the* daily podcast choice for Pittsburgh Pirates fans who want to stay connected to their favorite team. Each day, Jason Rollison and others from Pirates Breakdown bring you the essential Pirates news you need to keep the conversation around the Bucs moving forward. News, analysis, opinion and more. All daily, and all on Locked on Pirates.
Looking to have your voice heard? Got a story you think the world needs to know more about? Something the MSM has largely ignored? Politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle & the paranormal; pretty much ANYTHING goes. The more fascinating, pressing, & intriguing the better.
DCE Pirate Radio
Dirty Clean Eats is a place to share workouts, healthy ideas, clean eating recipes, techniques and commentary on things we find interesting.
The podcast of BJJ Globetrotters, a world wide community of travelers against Jiu Jitsu politics. For more information, please visit
Oldskool Hardcore - Pirate Podcast
Pirate Wednesdays
Bible Pirate
Join us to explore the Bible but not as you know it. We're discovering stories beyond the horizon to disrupt the way the world is and reimagine a new one. Hosted by Matt Valler.
О себе: Являюсь слушателем клубной музыки с 1999 года, за эти годы сформировался свой определенный вкус, в результате чего основным предпочитаемым направлением для меня стал progressive trance.
The Rum & Cokelahoma Show and Deep Fried Rum Stix and talk from The Heartland!!
Looking for a dose of smart, weird, irreverent, strange, fast paced, PODCAST humor? You've found it! The Fast KARL Pirate Radio show features the continuing misadventures of a robot named Fast KARL, and Prof. Schlickbuttz a mad sceintist and one hell of an I.T. guy. Tune in as they deconstruct weird news items, review old television programs, play music, talk tech, and indulge in the occasional political rant. Now with 43% more stuff!
We are a UK podcast for Fantasy Flight Games living card game Legend of the Five Rings. Join your hosts Rich, Liam and Sam fortnightly for all your L5R needs.
3 swashbucklers guiding you through the turbulent seas!
A daily devotional thought that is designed to help you grow in your faith. Featuring the CCC staff (Jeff Dixon, Michael Simmonds & LeeAnn Stayer) and/or guest speakers.
The Pirates Podcast
Pirate Radio Chicago
Matt and Don talk Chicago's Local! Ghosts' of Vegas, Hollows, The Last Dark Show and Pipe! We pay our respects to Dimebag Darrel and Batman! Contact us at
A podcast for serializing selected readings, chosen by our anonymous host!
This radio podcast will change the way you think ! This show is all about the underground, from music to digital media, your right to pirate and everything in-between! The most hardcore truth radio show on the internet!
Sky Pirate Radio
Graphics so next-gen they're Deep Space 9
Podcast by Cruelty-Free Pirates
In this recording, one person reads the entire play, all parts, including the stage directions. Even without the support of Arthur Sullivan’s music and the interpretation of actors, the consummate silliness of Gilbert’s libretto entertains. The Pirates of Penzance; or, The Slave of Duty is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. The story concerns Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of te ...
Locked on Pirates
Locked on Pirates is *the* daily podcast choice for Pittsburgh Pirates fans who want to stay connected to their favorite team. Each day, Jason Rollison and others from Pirates Breakdown bring you the essential Pirates news you need to keep the conversation around the Bucs moving forward. News, analysis, opinion and more. All daily, and all on Locked on Pirates.
A show that is unpolished, unscripted and uncensored that talks about every thing from life, pop culture, movies, music, TV, passion and anything else the host wants to talk about that week!
Radio Mutation
The World's Only REAL Rock 'n' Roll Podcast Network. Formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio (est. 2005).
Viking Age Podcast
Sharing the History of The Viking Age, one podcast at a time. We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands. Join us to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the people, for better or worse, history knows as the Vikings.
G. A . Henty was a prolific writer of historical fiction for young adults. In this collection of shorter stories we visit Malay pirates, have a couple of tales of India, a shipwreck off the Channel Islands and a bursting dam in California, and finish off escaping from captivity in China (Summary by annise)
Pirate Jack
In this podiobook: Young Jack Spencer sees his father's boat-building business destroyed by a powerful land developer. In desperation, he sets out on a dangerous adventure through time to find pirate treasure and bring it home.When Jack finds himself aboa
The mutiny on the Bounty occurred aboard a British Royal Navy ship on 28 April 1789. The mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian against the commanding officer, William Bligh.On 4 April 1789, after five months in Tahiti, the Bounty set sail with its breadfruit cargo. On 28 April 1789, some 1,300 miles west of Tahiti, near Tonga, mutiny broke out. From all accounts, Fletcher Christian and several of his followers entered Bligh's cabin, which he always left unlocked, awakened him, and pushed him ...
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We would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling pirates! And just as we neared our ghostly climax, Heather jumps in and spoils the list. Join us for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss this scene’s similarities to Scooby-Doo cartoons, a full torso, vaporous apparition that rattles the Edinburgh Trader’s c ...…
Episode Notes Lachlan and Frank talk spiders! Frank talks about how much he has grown since his first fateful meeting with the giant eight-legged monsters that roam Australia, and Loki figures out our pirate names. Shout out to Sad Mike, keep sailing those seas! Contact us: @downundercast Music:…
Laurence & Lindsay are joined by very special guest, Disney CEO Bob Iger! He's in a terrible mood. The tired old unbranded Walt Disney classic attractions aren't yielding enough merch dollars, but since they're historically significant, Bob can't replace them. L&L offer a solution: reverse-engineer them into movies, Pirates-style! Even if they' ...…
After starkly different first impressions of Hades, the pirate pair make their way to a new section of the underworld. P.D. Bud seems to enjoy the change of scenery, but if Hammertoe isn't careful he may look back and remember this as the place that wrekced him.
Published on 03 Apr 2018. Robert Kurson is the bestselling author of “Shadow Divers,” “Pirate Hunters” and his newest, “Rocket Men”. He writes about people and their explorations. And brings them to life. Before he became an esteemed author, he led a pretty conventional life. He went to Harvard Law School and carried out his degree in the field ...…
In this episode of Locked on Pirates, Jason Rollison talks about how the Pittsburgh Pirates will do without Josh Harrison, why the next slate of games is a good litmus test for Pittsburgh, and how Starling Marte has finally found "his spot." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
This week the crew tried out a new battle royale game: Radical Heights! Is it as good as PUBG and Fortnite? Of course there's more Sea of Thieves stories to go around. The seas are salty and so are these poor virtual sailors. Overwatch's latest even, Retribution, is in full swing with new skins, emotes, and a game mode but not everything is wor ...…
After a short break, Joe returns to join Brian as the duo debate on the day's topic: where does James Harrison belong in not only Steelers history, but that of the NFL? The conversation segues into the upcoming NFL Draft. With draft day around the corner, what position is the most important for the Steelers to spend their top pick on? And who i ...…
On this episode of Basement Banter the guys truly go around all the four major sports! They start in the NBA breaking down the first round matchups and give their predictions who will advance to round two. They cover the NHL playoffs as well, recapping last week's terrific action as each series is starting to develop a personality. The Vegas Go ...…
Robert Kurson is an American author, best known for his 2004 bestselling book, Shadow Divers, the true story of two Americans who discovered a World War II German U-boat sunk 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey. His other books include Pirate Hunters, Crashing Through, and Rocket Men. Rocket Men tells the story of Apollo 8, the first NASA mann ...…
Skull & Shackles Episode 1. Join members of the Ragabash Unlimited on a journey across the high seas as the try to make a name for themselves as the most feared pirates to roam the Galorean coast!
Whats your favorite attraction at WDW. This week, we give out top five. Pirates of the Magic Kingdom podcast covers Disney World in Orlando Florida.We are a father and son team with our family friend talking about all things WDW, Marvel and Star Wars.Our show is recorded live once a week. We talk about things to do, news and report on events. W ...…
Local pirate, punk rockers Jonee Earthquake Band were on GSM this week and lit up the studio. Get their dates and records at
The title of this week’s podcast pretty much sums it all up – we spend the majority of the time talking about a variety of things from our younger days, ranging from comic book storylines and collectible issues to old video game systems and the lengths we would go to in order to play copied games (Kids, don’t pirate – just buy the games). https ...…
Soccer Laduma Radio — In this week's edition of the Big Interview, brought to you by Shield, we talk to Orlando Pirates' Tokoloho Moeketsi about development in South Africa, as well as Shield's Gareth Marshall about the 2018 Sbonis'iDiski campaign which gives you the chance to train with Chelsea and earn a development contract with the Sea Robbers.…
Dr. Mecurio’s Mythical Marvels & Traveling Menagerie” is an adaptation of the original story by fantasy artist Ricki Vincent, and takes you into the dimension of Improbable, to the land of Middleof, located in the ocean of Nowhere. There you will find the nefarious Dr. Elphias Mecurio and his ragtag group of airship pirates in a race against ev ...…
In the first ever episode of Ball Busters Weekly, the boys contest each other about Odell Beckham Jr.'s future, the NBA Playoffs, and their extra spicy early MLB predictions.00:01:22 - KICKOFF!, NFL talks00:23:05 - NBA MVP talks, Playoff teams00:37:15 - MLB early predictions01:14:22 - Big Balls PredictionsThanks for listening!…
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
Are people really as mean as we think they are before they have coffee? Is working in Times Square as brutal as we would expect? Would you ever give tours as a Pirate again? Listen as we chat with Patrick Reidy about his entrance into service via a green apron, working in a chain in Times Square and what shows you can catch him in on stages acr ...…
Max and Daniel watch Ubisoft squeeze their way out of a hostile takeover, and get excited about upcoming niche localizations like 428: Shibuya Scramble and Zenki Zero. Daniel has two very different pirate-related experiences in Sea of Thieves and Curse of Monkey Island, and Max talks about his relaxing mini-break from video games. The two have ...…
Joe joins us to recap the Pirates first 4 games of the year and what we can look at for moving forward.
DJ Pirate begins the Baseball Diamond opening set from Union Baseball Diamond on 4/02/2018 & slams it on home in this Deep Fried Rum Stix Show episode
In today's Locked on Pirates, Jason Rollison opens up the mailbag to Pittsbugh Pirates fans who want to know the answers to many of their most burning questions, including: -How concerned should we be with the team's bullpen struggles? -Can Gregory Polanco keep it up? -Who won the Gerrit Cole trade, for real? -When will we see Mitch Keller? All ...…
Avast ye mateys! Welcome aboard the Land Ho! Podcast. Join Brian and Michael as they discuss what happens at pirate legend, the controversy around it, and priorities for Rare to tackle this week. Email us at
Bill Mazeroski's ninth-inning walk-off home run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series gave the Pittsburgh Pirates one of the most dramatic championships baseball has ever seen. Veteran sportswriter Jay Greenberg recounts the story of the 'never say die' '60 Bucs and their epic victory over the New York Yankees.…
Short one this time with Drac and Calico looking at a few select games coming out in April. Future Proof The Haunting of Baskerville (PC) – April 9th Extinction (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – April 10 Maelstrom (PC) – April 11th God of War (PS4) – April 20 Nintendo Labo, Variety Kit & Robot Kit (Switch) – April 20 Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchirid ...…
This week I talk to Aaron Weaver about the highly anticipated Pirates weekend and how you the listener can also still get involved!
After spending a few hours living the pirate's life in Sea of Thieves, I share my initial thoughts on Rare's multiplayer swashbuckling adventure.
As the investigation of the pirate gang continues, the acolytes are sent undercover once again, this time to nab a black marketeer.
Don’t look now, but your face is gone. Join us for minute 59 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we wheel in the cart and ring the bell to bring out your dead. In this episode we discuss a listener’s comment, explore the scuttled ship and its remaining crew, introduce ourselves to the Frightened Sailor played by Luke de Woolfson, a ...…
Topics include: Walt Disney’s frozen corpse conspiracy - the MegaBook conspiracy - the Barnes & Noble conspiracy - hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - the Pirates of the Caribbean ticket sale conspiracy - a pencil mustache - and more Book: The Pirates! in and Adventure with Scientists by Gideon DeFoe Leave a review on iTunes if you like, and ...…
On a special episode, Michael discusses the "first" pirate legend, what the controversy is all about, and what it means for the community. All points of view are talked about and if you would like to give your feedback, email us at and tweet us @landhopod. --Audio Credit:…
A bunch of nonsense about our lives and about our first concerts.
It's time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Every Day Live! Join us for a week of new content, covering everything from Diaper Problems to Sophisticated Marketing Tactics. And enjoy four episodes this week alone with Ben, as he takes over the Live Cast for a brief spell. Here's the breakdown: 50. 20 March | Happy 50th Anniversary! | Tuva ...…
What the pastor believes really matters, and what his congregation believes really matters. Spiritual discernment is vital in the pastor’s commitment to stand for the gospel, and to stand against false beliefs. How does he remain faithful to the gospel when compromise and accommodation are the norm? I’ve covered a lot of topics to this point on ...…
Wakanda vs Metropolis in this here episode. Basically Batman with super powers vs basically the opposite of Superman. It's basically the opposite of that one DC movie like 3 DC movies ago. Warning: Milk saucer. <3 <3 <3 Thanks for listening, thanks for telling a friend, thanks for rating us on iTunes, and thanks for not sparking a national soci ...…
Can you be a pirate and a patriot? I’m Adam, from, and this is your Weird Minute.
We’ve got more Sea of Thieves to chat about as Ryan has made his way on to the high seas for some pirating adventures. Alongside those Game Pass voyages, he checked out Rime and brought Kayden along for the ride. Jocelyn booted up Planet Coaster again, this time with some fresh DLC: the Studios Pack! We close out the show with listener feedback ...…
Looking to satisfy that itch for the Switch? Listen along as we cover what we're playing next week in The Inventory, talk the latest news in Potent Power Ups, cover the new releases in Press Continue, and finally review a few games in Let's Play.Games reviewed this week include Atelier & No Thing!Music from Free Music Archive:Power Supply by An ...…
Each week Locked on Pirates co-editor/co-host Alex Stumpf will sit down with someone interesting for The Locked On Interview. Today's subject is Kevin Creagh, owner/operator/editor/writer at The Point of Pittsburgh. Kevin recently created a brand new way to evaluate and project prospects based solely on their stats. Here, Kevin explains how Sta ...…
We are getting you ready for your next trip to Walt Disney World with the information you need on the latest things happening at Walt Disney World! From parking fees to bringing your dog with you to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Pirates and more, we have you covered! We hope that you enjoy today' ...…
Tim and Joe were recently interviewed on "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock." A wide ranging discussion covering everything from flying cars (of course) to flying pirate ships. Use hashtag #ana017 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at Intro Tim explains how t ...…
Grey DeLisle (Fairly OddParents, Scooby Doo, Danny Phantom) joins Butch Hartman to talk about her voice acting career, stand up special, role on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and more!
Today on the show, we visit the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, a wonderful place just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that might not be on your radar. We'll also discuss fuel-efficient driving tips, and why to never store things in your RV Microwave! Resources: America's National Parks Podcast - Pirates and Parks Episode MasterLock ...…
Today on the show, we visit the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, a wonderful place just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that might not be on your radar. We'll also discuss fuel-efficient driving tips, and why to never store things in your RV Microwave! Resources: America's National Parks Podcast - Pirates and Parks Episode MasterLock ...…
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