Best porkulus podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Michael Fidanza
Michael Fidanza, The Armchair Energist. Common sense for uncommon times!
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Pork Chop Express Episode: 58 Air Date: 03/26/18 Duration: 154:54 Size: 148mb Summary: Pork-Chop Express is a live podcast that airs weekly on PCE is your destination for alternative right radio and the last bastion of free speech. We take your calls and talk politics and current events, focusing on facts and statistics, not polit ...…
Last night the GOP came to Florida and were questioned in a debate hosted by CNN and Tea Party Express. That should tell ypu something that TP Express was willing to team up with CNN. We'll review how the candidates did. And T-Paw endorses Mittens! Obama's Porkulus 2 is on paper. Europe is on verge of real economic collapse. So much to talk abo ...…
We all knew the stimulus was a bad idea but like so many blind dates, Congress preferred not to know what was ahead, with similar results. Tonight on the show we’ll talk about not just the reality of the porkulus but Obama’s administration’s ADMISSION of failure. There’s more here than meets the eye.Call 805.285.9739 to speak your mind from 10- ...…
Two Free Men cover the trends in unemployment and the stock market over the past 20 years. As well as "Who is the VP", the DC Shooter, and the travesty that was Cash for Clunkers. All this week on Two Free Men.
Barack Obama becomes cheerleader. 'No need to panic - the economy is fine'. Do I detect a change of tune? OPEC steady at the helm while ethanol proponents look to push for a 20% cap. Porkulus, meet Davis Bacon.
You think Porkulus was bad? Check out Obama's new budget! Bobby Jindal's lost message. CPAC - substance or fluff? The New American Tea Party begins at 12noon EST.
Looking at the week that spawned Porkulus, other news and current events, and more!
It is my first blog in last two weeks so i believe my nation is assuming that it should definitely be special one. In my opinion, this is the special blog but the main reason for the absence is that i was busy in some educational and my crazy socio-political activities. Anyway, it is time to address my nation. Stimulus Bill! this makes me think ...…
Obama jets off to Denver to sign the Porkulus bill. Nancy Pelosi dances for the Pope. Camille Paglia - a thinking person's Democrat. The Facebook Casa Nostra. The recession trumps Trump.
The Porkulus bill passed and will stimulate... nothing. There's a new mortgage plan allegedly coming this week, GM (especially) and Chrysler are under the gun, with the UAW once again playing games, and finally public pension systems are rapidly falling into critically underfunded status. What does the future hold?…
Smart Girl Tabitha Hale, the PinkElephantPundit herself, stops in to talk about Porkulus and all things happening at the D.C. Zoo. A Sur-Reality show airing every day!
Harry and Nancy star in a Porkulus production of Punch n Judy. Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln.
Obama's first news conference. Porkulus squeals and 3 GOP'ers STILL support it. At 1,500 pages, there are too many hiding places. BREAKING - A HEALTHCARE LIMITATION!! Have we lost our Census? OPEC hopes less will make them more.
Obama's long and winding road - even some libs are suffering from 'Obama Fatigue'. Porkulus oinks with 'bi-partisan' support. (Democrat definition of bi-partisan? 3 Republican senators jump ship)
2 Obamas - One said "I won" while the other is still running for President. Michael Steele is cleaning house at the RNC. Fairness Doctrine will impose fairness - OR ELSE! Porkulus Bill tops $900 billion.
Happy 10th Anniversary, Hugo Chavez! Gregg out-Newman in as NH Senator. Porkulus oinking still on Capitol Hill as support drops to 37%. Would you trust your money to a 'Bad Bank'?
Tax and ethics problems HELP you get confirmed in the Obama Administration. Christian Bale drops more F-bombs than Rod Blagojevich. Nation's Governors in D.C. soup line. Porkulus bill sinking like a stone. Buddy Holly still a hit.
Ever a Jersey guy can have too much Springsteen! Obama's casual Friday - every day. Michael Phelps image takes a hit. During tough times, tax the poor. The Porkulus bill isn't feeling thge love.
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