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Chris Wilson | Antonio Lenyear

Meet the new friends in your head: Chris aka 'Wyzdom' and Antonio aka 'SUPAH GEN!US'. Since we're up here...We are gonna pick your brain with eclectic conversation about all things interesting plus some ways they overlap and intersect. Basically you're going to become not just a better person but THE BEST type of person (thank us later). Hit Subscribe And Welcome To The #FTYcrew. If someone has a problem with that tell 'em "This is OUR podcast and WE are FRESHER THAN YOU."
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ORIGINALLY RECORDED AS A VIDEO IN 2009. Keep your B.S. out of the movie theater: costumes, screaming etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Going to the club is like going to an MMA cage fight and it’s not ok: People wanna be Mike Tyson while you’re trying to be Michael Jackson. WRONG MICHAEL BRUH! Nobody asks for a two-piece left-hook with their Moo…
ORIGINALLY RECORDED AS A VIDEO IN 2009. STOP IT! Put down the lights, turn off the songs, put away that damn tree and grab some turkey. Stop celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. STOP comparing Lady Gaga to Madonna, Chris Brown to Michael Jackson, Rihanna to Beyonce. Shoutout to Hurricane MOFO for kinda canceling college and R.I.P. to all the …
ORIGINALLY RECORDED AS A VIDEO IN 2009. Asking the hard hitting questions in pop culture. 1.) But Was He Wrong??? Kanye West, The VMAs and Poor Taylor Swift. 2.) Is it cold in Beyonce’s shadow? Let’s ask Solange. 3.) Michael Jackson. Greatest Entertainer Ali–??? …To Have Lived. MORAL OF THE DAY: Define Yourself, For Yourself. https://ia601506.us.ar…
ORIGINALLY RECORDED AS A VIDEO IN 2009. Disposable Razor Shape-ups. Chris declares himself THE BEST. Twilight is trash. Kristen Stewart makes baffling career choices. So does Daniel Radcliffe. (Don’t) talk about Fight Club aka the-greatest-Brad-Pitt-movie-ever. Additional general tomfoolery. NOTE: We were/are two young, ambitious, bored, opinionate…
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