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Predicas - Senda de Amor
Bienvenidos a Senda de Amor Atlanta. Es nuestro deseo que usted sea edificado atravez de la poderosa palabra de Dios. Si desea conocer mas sobre nuestro ministerio puede visitarnos en nuestra pagina web
Podcast – radioelrenuevo
Podcast Iglesia El Renuevo SPS , Honduras Ministerios Hebron
Predicas de Centro de la Familia
Predicas del Centro de la Familia Cristiana Poincicana
Nuestra misión es llevar el mensaje de salvación por medio de Jesucristo a todo el mundo de habla hispana, y restaurar vidas mediante el poder de la Palabra de Dios, revelada por su Espíritu Santo en las Sagradas Escrituras. Nuestro pasaje lema es Hebreos 4:12 “Porque la palabra de Dios es viva y eficaz, y más cortante que toda espada de dos filos; y penetra hasta partir el alma y el espíritu, las coyunturas y los tuétanos, y discierne los pensamientos y las intenciones del corazón.”
Predicas.TV (Videos + Audios)
Personally Speaking
Come on in! Unscripted and extremely handsome, Personally Speaking is a comedy show and cocktail party predicated on the idea that everyone has a story to tell. Once a month, your host Christiana guides a live audience through the river Styx of embarrassing memories along with a few storytellers, comedians, and personal friends - all while getting charmingly inebriated. Personally Speaking is a live show recorded in East Hollywood, CA each month. Rating, subscribing, and showing up keep us o ...
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Podcast - Reconnected Human
Frank Forencich ~ Writer, Speaker, Movement Teacher Frank's Bio Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized expert on health and human performance. As an engaging speaker and movement teacher, he brings a unique, "long body" perspective to the human predicament and offers practical solutions for some of the most pressing problems of our ag ...…
Greetings! Welcome back! After all the death and pain and violence of the past week, it is so very tempting to retreat to a dark room where we can shut all of that out and wait until Jesus comes back, isn’t it? Yet, when faced with all of these very things, Jesus did not retreat but went willingly into them, taking them into himself, leaving th ...…
PODCAST In the late 1980s, Moby was drawn to what he calls “the dirty mecca” of New York City. As a DJ and electronic musician, he was a staple of the rave scene: massive crowds dancing until dawn, probably under the influence of a substance or two, all moving as one to his songs. Moby […]
by Sean Finnegan I presented this talk at the 18th Theological Conference held near Atlanta, GA. In it I present a case for the radical practice of loving our enemies. Whether you believe Christians can and should use violence to defend themselves or others or if you think more along the lines of Christian pacifism, this talk will familiarize y ...…
Happy New Year’s Eve! I have a sore throat and my voice is shot, so instead of recording I’m sharing a really fun interview that I did with former-atheist, now-Catholic author, blogger, radio host Jennifer Fulwiler at She recently invited me to be on her Sirius XM radio show to talk about the “coming revolution in education ...…
On this week’s show, we talk with Christian Heilmann, Mozilla’s Principal Evangelist. Christian covers how Mozilla is the Red Cross for the web, why mobile apps are overrated, what it takes to be a developer evangelist and why you should talk to the quiet folks at meetups. He also discusses how he got his start with web development, why more co ...…
The Gospel Friends Episode 6, “Waffle Wager” What’s on tap? Oh No, You Didn’t… Battlefield: Social Media¬if_t=group_comment_reply Game of ...…
Survivor Fans Podcast
Welcome Back Survivor Fans, We're really glad you could join us for our Exile Island preview show! Can you believe this is our 50th podcast? And what better way to hit a milestone show, than to get together and speculate on the contestants for a fresh, new season. We had some great participation for this show too. Many thanks to Bob, Fancy, Han ...…
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