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IT Pro Show
Weekly audio podcast covering the latest news and trends in Enterprise IT.
ProShow Podcast
Learn how to create stunning photo and video slideshows using ProShow slideshow tools. Visit us online to download a free trial at
ProShow Training
Video tutorials for ProShow Producer and Gold.
Tutorials for ProShow Producer and Gold.
The Pat & Ro Show
Pat Sherwood and Rory McKernan connect with members of the CrossFit community from around the globe to share their experiences, debate topics and highlight best practices.
8 Bit Bro Show
Through a series of segues and "hard lefts", we talk about all kinds of stuff and it could be fun background noise for anyone going about their busy day-to-day lives.
ProShots is an indoor shooting range and training facility in NC. We have several state and NRA certified instructors that teach everything from Introduction to Firearms to Advanced AR. Our collection of personalities make for some great conversations.
some of best material happens on the Pre-Stream
the bro show
I host Pre & Postgame Live for the Oakland A's and San Jose Sharks. This is my podcast! Find me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @BrodieNBCS
The Pre Pre Show
Podcast by Adam and James
Humorous thinker/talker, interviewer, musician.The PRC Show was created to entertain, make me a better person, and do something creative and constructive. My dream guests are: Terry Gross, Zach Galifianakis, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Brad Mehldau.
Heen Bro Show
Pat & Sean take on the world, enjoy!
Bro Show
Watch the bros talk about anything sports, mixed with a healthy dose of opinions as only our sports-crazy hosts can give! The Bro Show: for bros, by bros!
Thunder Bro Show
Podcast about Tech, News, and Gaming
The brothers take on anything and everything
Gina Pero: Elite Performance Coach, Dance-Prenuer, Story Teller/Speaker, Former Radio City Rockette The Golden Path is living a life with ease, joy, and grace. In each episode, you with receive quick and efficient daily tools that allow you to choose this path. Through the sharing of my personal journey and guest interviews, specific examples will guide you on how to easily apply this to your life. This show is a contribution to any individual who values feeling alive and well in their mind, ...
Wow Pre-Show
Hang out with Wemb, Temp and friends: Pre-Show style, as they discuss the happenings inside and outside World of Warcraft. A dash of news, a pinch of gossip and a drizzle of crazy work story. Toss that with some speculation about where Blizzard may head next and serve with some other forced cooking analogies and you have the entree to a podcast!
Real life brothers John & James Davis discuss UFC and other combat sport organizations fighters. Bro VS Bro SHOW is generic but a very fresh comical take on fighting and fighters. Their speaking, editing, and show is not professional but their passion for combat sports can't be ignored.
Mags and Ro show
Welcome to the Mags and Ro Show - a weekly podcast where we chat about the important issues, like toenails, clouds, Cher and dolphin orgies.
The Pick & Ro Show
Two Guys talking about things they and other guys like to talk about. We bring you our weekly podcast with topics on Sports, Entertainment, Conspiracies and Deep Thoughts. Brought to you by Chuck(Pick)Pickett from Ohio and Roel(Ro)Santos from Texas.
8 Bit Bro Show
Through a series of segues and "hard lefts", we talk about all kinds of stuff and it could be fun background noise for anyone going about their busy day-to-day lives.
Actor Bro Show
Professional actors Adam Wennick and Bello Pizzimenti talk about acting, life in NYC, and anything else that pops into their minds.
Fat B and Bro Show
Since 2009 Brian Harmon (Fat B) and John Szasz (Bro) have hosted the Fat B and Bro Show. An absurd look at the world around us intertwined with embarrassing real life stories and a cast of insane characters. The show has reached cult like status over the years due to it's delicate balance of honest, heartfelt discussions and dick jokes.
Engage and become an instant expert. For those who like to dig deeper into the arts, Purdue Convocations offers pre- and post-show discussions throughout the season.
Hosted by Charlotte comedian Andy Perez; Charlotte comedians discuss whatever is on their minds at the moment. Search us on Facebook at Comedy Night at Jackalope Jacks. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE USED.
The Echo Chamber podcast brings insight and intelligence from the global PR industry. Featuring interviews, analysis and conversation, the weekly show is hosted by Arun Sudhaman and Aarti Shah.
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In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss two trucks on Jerry’s review docket: the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 and the 2018 Nissan Titan XD Diesel. Plus, surprising March auto sales numbers. Also, Ford Escape rebates and which SUV gives more “bang for the buck” right now, the Escape or new Chevrolet Equ ...…
In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds tackles caller questions about the Range Rover Sport, a Lincoln Town Car replacement, and the Volvo XC40. Plus, his recommendation to one caller choosing between the Ford Flex and Ford Explorer. Also, comparing the Nissan Rogue vs the Toyota RAV4: which is the best April lease buy and which ...…
In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and sidekick Kevin McCarthy discuss what terms to know when it comes to leasing. Jerry also tackles caller questions about California emission stickers, older model Ford GTs and buying a used pickup for $20K. Plus, Jerry’s picks when it comes to a manual hatchback for a driver getting out of ...…
In this hour of the Car Pro Show, host Jerry Reynolds and sidekick Kevin McCarthy talk about the 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake wagon. Plus, why March is a good month to buy a car. Also, listen in for advice about buying a used Dodge Charger and whether to buy a 2018 or 2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman. Jerry also has several midsize SUV suggestions for a ca ...…
An entrepreneur almost from the womb: CEO of Ms Savvy Pro and podcast host of 'The Ms. Savvy Pro Show', Patrice Jackson reveals herself. She talks about the beauty (and struggles) of having the entrepreneurial spirit within her - and the lessons which she takes with her to this day. She also reveals: The juggling act of being an entrepreneur wi ...…
Learn a little about Leigh and Laura who make Amplify Alliance, the producer of UX Cake, and hear about what this podcast is about, why we're making it, and what's in store. UX Cake is a podcast for user experience professionals who want to be more effective and happy in their career. Every week we talk to experienced UX pros and industry insid ...…
In ProShow Producer you can use transparency masks to creatively control the visibility of images and videos in your slides. Any image can be used as a transparency mask unlike grayscale masks, which rely on light vs dark colors. The only things that matter when you use transparency masks are the size, shape and location of the masking layer.…
One of the most powerful features in ProShow Producer is the ability to create motion using keyframes. A keyframe is a point on a timeline where something happens within a slide. With Producer, we can add multiple keyframes and control their timing to make your own interesting effects and be able to highlight your photos in a unique way. With e ...…
Check out the video here Show Sponsor AppRiver, email to learn about the partner and reseller plans Call That Girl's Show #93 Marvin and I share a lot of laughs in this show, it was fun to have him on again. You can check out his Podnutz Pro show Download and listen at http://calltha ...…
Follow your passion. Ryan Foland speaks with Holly Dowling, a uniquely motivating speaker who helps people around the world tap into their passion, and learn how to live fulfilling and impactful lives.Ryan and Holly swing between deep thoughts and light humour in this interview, sharing insights about what they have learned about communication ...…
Prepare multiple publishing outputs in advance and your videos will be created while you're away with the new publishing queue. You can also keep track of all the videos you've made with the publishing history. Quickly access the date & time the published video was created, output type, save location, and open created videos.…
New in both ProShow Gold and Producer version 9, Follow Filters, allow you to make images, photos or captions follow each other around a slide, without having to set up complex motion effects.
Animation just got easier in ProShow! Motion Filters let you apply ready-to-use animations to individual photos and videos. Choose from a selection of 150+ built-in motion filters or combine them with other ProShow slide styles and transition effects for unlimited creative combinations.
ProShow Gold 9 and ProShow Producer 9 now supports importing 4K video clips and publishing shows in 4K.
Follow along in our step-by-step tutorial video on how to use the re-designed color tool and the all new color palettes. The re-designed color tool provides you with quick access to complimentary and similar colors, making it easier to quickly find the perfect color for captions, backgrounds, outlines, and more.…
ProShow 9 is jam-packed with a suite of streamlined creative tools for an easier slideshow making process. Discover new filter tools for photos + videos such as follow filters, layer filters, motion filters, a re-designed color tool, and 4K publishing all at your fingertips. Plus, ProShow 9 includes even more intuitive features + enhancements t ...…
Apply one of the 45+ all new built-in layer filters to your photos + videos with ProShow 9. You can apply layer filters on their own or you can customize your photos + videos even further by combining them with any of ProShow's slide styles and transitions.
Sports Buzz - Episode 45.5 - Fantasy Football Fail Part 2 - Pro Show
Sports Buzz - Episode 44.0 - NFC Preview - Pro Show
This month’s guest is Neal Clipper, owner of Abbey Photography, which is a New Jersey based Wedding Photography company. Neal knows how to focus on his subjects with his camera, but even more compelling is his focus on each relationship.
Sports Buzz - Episode 43.0 - Zax Attack AFC Preview - Pro Show
In this episode My guest today is Matt Ferrante – a music tech teacher from the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy – a STEM school where the motto is “Dream. Discover. Design.” They have a relatively unique digital-only arts program which means there is no band or chorus or even a stage. Listen to the episode here (or on your favourite p ...…
Sports Buzz - Episode 41.0 - Hall Of Fame Worthy - Pro Show
Sports Buzz - Episode 40.0 - 2 Coaches, 1 Podcast - Pro Show
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