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This feed only serves up Skinner Co.'s serial fiction podcast, Flash Pulp
18 year NHL’er turned TSN color analyst Ray Ferraro offers his prodigal insight and busts freelance journalist/Podcaster Steve Matthes chops as they talk hockey. Tune in, subscribe and tell some friends.
Pulp-Pourri Theatre is an all-new audio drama anthology series that has its origins in vintage pulp fiction but presents its stories in the modern way. Produced and directed by Pete Lutz, and starring the Narada Radio Company.
Pulp Crazy
Pulp Crazy is dedicated to spreading the word on classic pulp literature. This is the podcast version, but a companion videocast is available on the website at Pulp characters, stories and creators are discussed Characters such as Conan the Barbarian, the Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan of the Apes and many more. Authors discussed include Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs and more.
Gay Pulp
This podcast seeks to preserve gay pulp novels--many dating to the pre-Stonewall era and almost all out of print--by turning them into audiobooks. New episodes every Wednesday morning!
Pulp-Pourri Theatre is an all-new audio drama anthology series that has its origins in vintage pulp fiction but presents its stories in the modern way. Produced and directed by Pete Lutz, and starring the Narada Radio Company.
The Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts are a series of podcasts hosted by Dr. G, Man of Nerdology and a Rogues Gallery of co-hosts exploring the superhero genre across the Media Multiverse of comics, television, movies, and gaming.
Recordings of panel discussions and presentations on the pulp magazines from the 20th century. The events were recorded live at a variety of conventions across the United States.
A weekly podcast in which creative professionals G.M.B Chomichuk and Justin Currie (Chasing Artwork) explore the ingredients that go into a life working in their studio making art, writing stories and making graphic novels. Interviews with other industry newcomers and professionals compare and contrast different approaches and philosophies of living a creative life.
The musings of two dudes who have absorbed too much pop culture for their own good and just don't care anymore. Decency? Not here. Respect? Out the window. Finding out what happens when cereal mascots turn to mass murder? Oh, yes — Let the weird begin.
The pulp and paper manufacturing industry's first radio network. Brought to you by Paperitalo Publications, Duluth, Georgia, USA
Michael Gaines and Sunshine Reardon take a look at today's Star Trek comics.
Listen to your favorite Pulp Fiction classics
Brandon Rahbar, Rachael Jamison, and Jacob Crissup discuss everything from movies, television, current events, and Top 5 lists.
Welcome to Pulp Fiction, a podcast by PUBLIC!Taking our cues from Pulp Novels of the late 1800's to mid 1900's, we create unique stories with novel themes. Each story ties true events with fiction to create a whole new story.For more stories, visit
Pulp Cast
Perspective , Knowledge and Pop Culture; a variety show. Providing insight on everything that entertains us from movies, music, and the internet. Always taking things a little bit too serious, and obsessing over the details because why not?
33% Pulp
On 33% Pulp, hosts Linzi, Daniel, and a guest host each read a different third of a pulp novel, then recap it over three episodes — piecing together the plot and laughing at the prose. Join us for tales of teleportation, giant crabs, and super awkward descriptions of sex.
Pulp Audio
Where Middle-aged geeks get together and talk about crap they like.
Full Pulp
Podcast by FGCU Eagle Radio
Some Pulp
A retrospective meditation on media, art, and technology from the 1950s onward. Hosted by Bruce L. Edwards gregariously and with wit and wisdom up until his passing.
Extra Pulp
The way we view our food has changed drastically in the past few decades. While eating ethically-raised animals, locally-grown crops, and non-processed foods was once commonplace, it is now considered gourmet. Going back to these culinary roots would be better for our health, environment, and tastebuds. This podcast provides a voice to chefs, farmers, and scientists who are passionate about what we eat, how we process our food, and our environmental impact.
Pulp Daily
Pulp Daily aims to give you a daily dose of PULP era action and adventure stories.
Pulp Pop
Pulp Pop is a short podcast about pieces of culture that pop!
Shin Anime Pulp
This Podcast Is Not About Anime
Podcast by Terry vs Jennae
Grind Pulp Podcast
All things Pulp, NewPulp, Grind Pulp, and more!
Big Pulp Audio
Big Pulp editor Bill Olver hosts special guests - including writers and artists from the pages of Big Pulp periodicals and other creators from the world indie comics, the small press, and geek culture - for news, interviews, and pop culture kvetching.
Evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men and many nefarious schemes are hatched by these gangsters, mob bosses and super villains. But thankfully, equally brave, talented detectives (some of them hooded) are there to track them down and thwart their twisted plans. These six stories, along with two "true fact detective shorts" were in the magazine Hooded Detective, January 1942. Are they well written? well, no, but they are fun. Here are a few of the blurbs: "They had expected spaghetti with ...
Pulp Media Podcast
We talk movies, games, and all things pop culture. Nothing is safe.
Paperbacks & Pulps
Serials, short stories and more.
Zack Young's wanderings through the professional sports landscape. Highly Unscripted. Highly detailed.
Rambling about Comics, Films, Television, Books and everything in between..!
The Sound of Adventure! All-new, full-cast adventure and mystery radio drama programs, plus more goodness inspired by the classic programs and styles of radio's golden age.
Box Office Pulp hosts discussions and analysis of film, directors, genres, and movie pop culture. We love Batman, Jaws, and arguing if Schwarzenegger could beat Robocop in a dance off.
The Noir Factory Podcast is created for the mystery reader, noir movie goer, or true crime buff who wants a closer look into the genre. Mystery writer Steven Gomez looks at crime history, pulp stories, noir films, and the men and woman who made them. Every other week we will examine an event or figure in crime history, a pulp or noir writer, or a piece of detective work, both fictional and in real life. If you have an interest in crime of any kind, THIS is the podcast for you!
Part private eye, part adventurer…all pulp hero. Set against a 1930’s backdrop, Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter is a tribute to the cliffhanger-laden, classic radio serials of yesteryear. Join Jake and his companions, Texas Holdum and Lucy Carter as they journey to the four corners of the earth to put supernatural evil in its place.
A Hyborean podcast featuring the works of Robert E. Howard, his pop culture legacy, & other weird fiction
Agent Augustus Elsworth is a Seeker of the Arcane Unknown, mechanic, pilot and thief... or so he believes. When he is caught trying to steal a magic artifact from the ruthless mobster Charles Patrick, he is offered a choice: buy it outright, or forget about his mission. In order to win the money, the young mechanic decides to enter the Cliffside Aeroprix, the most dangerous air race in the world. Can Augustus win the race, or even survive it? “Maiden Flight of the Avenger is a rattling yarn, ...
Part private eye, part adventurer…all pulp hero. Set against a 1930’s backdrop, Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter is a tribute to the cliffhanger-laden, classic radio serials of yesteryear. Join Jake and his companions, Texas Holdum and Lucy Carter as they journey to the four corners of the earth to put supernatural evil in its place.
This feed serves up only Skinner Co.'s regular helpings of geek/pulp news regarding movies, novels, and games.
The Adventure Frequency Podcast Network is a series of action adventure tales told in an unusually repeating bold, dangerous, risky, style with an uncertain outcome in the form of audiobooks and audio dramas that are transcribed for your tablet, computer, and mobile devices. Click. Listen. Read. Enjoy. Repeat.
Hidden Harbor, USA. It is a time of war and hardship for millions of Americans, many of whom live in a city of lies and corruption. But there are those who will fight for truth and justice in this hard, broken city – heroes like The Femme Phantom, who uses the music of the human soul to combat evil and villainy. Based on the radio serials of the 1930s, Hidden Harbor Mysteries is a full-cast audio drama packed with fast-paced, bare-knuckle adventure topped with relentless thrills and chills. ...
A weekly 1920's pulp action/adventure serial. Aztecs, blimps, masked vigilantes, and monkey-fighting sodomites.
In Listen Up A-Holes, narrative nerd Lani Diane Rich of Chipperish Media and super hero scholar Joshua Unruh of Pulp Diction Productions apply their wit, expertise and enthusiasm the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Private Ear Audio Theatre (PEAT) presents live performances of classic and original works of audio drama in Brooklyn, New York. These productions are recorded so listeners may view them as intended in the Theatre of the Mind, bringing the sensibilities of the Golden Age of Radio to the modern era. PEAT champions the power of the audience’s imagination.
Three days a week the Hero Obscura Podcast profiles the forgotten heroes of yesterday's comics, pulps, and popular culture. Whether they were born on other planets or created in laboratories, if they uttered magic words that transformed them into bizarre and wonderful creatures or learned forbidden and terrifying secrets from forgotten masters in mysterious realms. We research and profile them all. Even the ones who just strapped on a mask went to work. Join the Crimson Historian at his post ...
The Gearheart
Jonathan Andrews, Initiate in the Seekers of the Arcane Unknown, joined the society two years ago with the hopes of protecting the secrets of magic from the greedy world beyond. However, a ravening shadow appears with a hunger for Seekers and Jonathan finds himself out of his depth. When Jonathan's friend is attacked and the young initiate is assailed with apocalyptic visions of the future, he must find a way to uncover the past and stop the beast before it tears his group, and the world, as ...
Swords & Shotguns is a podcast about all things weird, frightening and fascinating. If you're brave enough to learn of the secrets of ancient artifacts, fallen civilizations and the origins of the scariest creatures that infest this world, then sit back and enjoy - this is Swords & Shotguns!
A weekly 1920's pulp action/adventure serial. Aztecs, blimps, masked vigilantes, and monkey-fighting sodomites.
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In this episode, Phil & Warren suit up to discuss Tarantino’s masterpiece, Pulp Fiction. Topics include: initial release & critical reception (1:15), 1994’s really, really, really ridiculously good year for movies (3:30), origins of the film (5:30), Tarantino casting the ensemble (12:15), best scenes & quotes (19:45), Samuel L. Jackson’s MVP pe ...…
Welcome to the Wake Up Late with Dougie Show Join Dougie & today's co-hosts, Ciro Dobric & Ethan Moore, as they welcome special guest to Danger Studios, Nadeem Awad. Listen in as they Open the Show discussing such things as; US, China agree to abandon trade war, John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders ...…
This week, Gwen has to censor the podcast and wash out Ryan's mouth with soap. This is your last transmission before the Nep-Nep tide washes us all away.Follow us at
Vote for a Sam topic! Oh and Bob played Rock Band. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.
Bygone Tales Episode 23 Featuring: "Satan's Bondage: A Werewolf Western" by Manly Banister EPISODE SPONSOR: Shelf Life Books and Games Cover of the pulp magazine Weird Tales (September 1942, vol. 36, no. 7) featuring Satan's Bondage ("a werewolf western") by Manly Banister. Cover art by A. R. Tilburn.…
Karen Maruyama (Life of the Party, Pulp Fiction) and Phil LaMarr (Mad TV, Pulp Fiction) make the trek out to the studio to talk about the hit improv Show, The Black Version, working with Quentin Tarantino and play the Prom Game. Listen up!!!
Wesley and Sam watched WestWorld.
(Pulp Cthulhu + Home Brew) The Terrors of Tenryu grow as the heroes uncover the bizarre secret of the O-Sana clones.
(Pulp Cthulhu + Home Brew) The Terrors of Tenryu grow as the heroes uncover the bizarre secret of the O-Sana clones.
You can listen to this episode by clicking on the white arrow above, or subscribe to the Paper Talk podcast in iTunes so you never miss an episode. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend about it! Thank you so much. Photo by Jean Babtiste Mondino Peter, a student from Holland, and Pat met at California College of Arts and Crafts, where Peter was ...…
In this episode the Unflopped crew discuss Star Test, Sheffield, and ABBA (again). Stuart and Sean each pitch a flop single that they think deserved to be a pop music hit and Judge Joe gives his verdict. This week’s songs are 'Do You Remember The First Time' by Pulp and 'Walking Down Madison' by Kirsty MacColl. This episode was edited by Ben Go ...…
Wesley watched Lost in Space.
Wesley and Sam watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Pulp Fiction minute 113 starts with mysterious Seinfeld man getting ready to shoot at Jules and Vincent, and ends with Marvin having an emotional breakdown. A Too Old Media podcast
We're too upset to write much about the events covered in issues #19 and #20 - but not too upset to ramble on at great length about metafiction, supporting character murder as a storytelling stratagem, and bronze age comic books. We also dispense a fair bit of contradictory life advice (prompted by listener email and mild sunstroke). Salient Li ...…
Skype of Cthulhu presents a Pulp Cthulhu campaign: The Two-Headed Serpent by Paul Fricker, Scott Dorward, and Matt Sanderson. Maybe March, 1933 Maybe somewhere in the Congo The team fights confusion and uncertainty as they find themselves on the other side of the world and a month in the past. Dramatis Persone: Edwin as Prof. Gregory Farkas; Ge ...…
Linzi recaps the second third of House Dick, where Novak takes a shower with a happy ending, Morely needs to suck harder, and Julia learns that mescaline is not the new ambien. — Goodreads summary of the book: House Dick is one of Hunt’s very best, a classic hardboiled story of a detective in a Washington D.C. hotel (no, not that hotel) investi ...…
I’ll have a beer and talk about developer conferences everywhere, friends brains, water on the Moon again, gray hairs, plant communication, dirt makes kids strong, and frozen squirrel organ storing!Beer: Propolis Brewing's Beltane Herbal Golden, a 7% ABV Saison Show Notes: https://docs.googl ...…
Z minus 14 days… We had a short breather last episode, if you can call Neroon pounding Marcus to a bloody pulp either short or a breather. Last episode was setup. This episode is just as much setup, but also a huge payoff (with another type of setup of its own!). Sheridan is assembling his fleet to take on the Shadows. Telepaths are being distr ...…
Sam played Heroes of Might and Magic, and Path of Exile.
I can't fucking believe I forgot it. Jesus Christ. Anyways, this is the Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair episode. Gwen is frazzled, and Ryan is deeply in love with a creamy-haired gentleman. Experience Ultimate Kibo.Follow us at
Marcie has an amazing testimony for Jesus. No matter how bad things get, Jesus can turn it all around. Parents divorced at two years old;Drinking and drugs as a child;Attempted suicide; Rehab; Debbie Castro the angel; Foster homes ; Jesus takes away the desire; Beaten to a pulp;Reconciling with dad; Marcie Prays; links: ...…
Recorded Thursday evening, May 11th, 2018! The Dudes discuss a ton of different topics, including the NBA Playoffs, giving their predictions for the NFL far too early, and going through random news via Rapid Fire News! They introduce a new segment called Flix Blitz! This week, Pulp Fiction gets blitzed! We also do Overrated/Underrated and answe ...…
Bob and Wesley played Kerbal Space Program.
Today's guest is Music Artist Angel Cintron!BioAt only 8 years old, San Antonio, TX native Angelina Cintron, embarked on a journey with singing and performing to perfect her craft of songwriting, which began at just 12 years old. Today at the age of 19, Angel has progressed in her musical abilities and is now capable on multiple instruments con ...…
Dread it. Run from it. This episode still arrives. The BOP Crew have used the Eye of Agamotto to view 300,605 versions of this episode. We stay on topic for exactly... one. Good news! That's the one we're releasing, so you get all the spoilers, all the tears, and all the insane theories! What has this grand experiment in cinematic storytelling ...…
Bob and Wesley watched Avengers: Infinity War.
The Friends Talking Nerdy Greatest Movie Ever Championship Tournament has begun. Sit back and listen as Tim, Morah, Noel, and Sterling battle it out to see which of their choices will go on to win the inaugural Friends Talking Nerdy Greatest Movie Ever Championship. First round action includes: Jaws (Sterling) vs Blazing Saddles (Morah) Termina ...…
Bob and Sam watched Thor: Ragnarok.
Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond will be a semi-monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues. We covered the much beloved volume 1, and now we are going where we were told no man could go and remain sane: Secret Wars II! Revel in the adventure as the Bey ...…
In this episode James reviews Quentin Tarantino's classic 'Pulp Fiction' (1994). Joined by Callum, Nathan and Alam they discuss the impact the film had, not only on the film industry but on pop culture in general, Tarantino's signature dialog, the crazy cool cast and soundtrack, the non-linear narrative, and much more. Originally recorded on Ma ...…
Say What Again!! In this episode: Tarantino Does Kayla know Pulp Fiction?: Quizzing the expert Tarantino Trademarks: Tarantino Tropes applied to non-Tarantino movies ChChChChallenge: Theme song to Quentin's new film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood You decide who wins - vote at…
Sarah, our guest host for this book, delivers the first part of this mystery of murder and missing jewels. We also get a grand introduction to each of our main characters, listed here for reference: Pete Novak: house dick Chalmers Boyd: rich, sexually active guy, until he's not Julia Boyd: a woman of great stature with old money, and Chalmers' ...…
Even moar feedbacks.
Tune in for great comments on how fast trackers behave. Then we'll go to a novel concept on how paper is formed (clur--it is not in the headbox). We'll wrap up with profitability--when it comes to your mill.
Gwen & Ryan convene once more to gush about Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Don't fuckin' listen to this episode if you haven't played the game. I'll know.Gwen is quiet in this episode because the audio thing she tried didn't work. Next week it'll be better.Follow us at…
Buck Rogers is a fictional space opera character created by Philip Francis Nowlan in the novella Armageddon 2419 A.D., subsequently appearing in multiple media. In Armageddon 2419 A.D., published in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine, Amazing Stories, the character's given name was "Anthony". A sequel, The Airlords of Han, was published ...…
Show features: Tom Bragg from WV Gazette-Mail, Rafael Barker talking NBA playoffs, Local Option w/Josh Nibert from Foam at the Dome, and OR/UR w/special guest producer Dale Cooper. Opening segment lost for eternity due to a software error - sorry! (air date 5/2/18)
AFTERBUZZ TV — Southern Charm edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Southern Charm. In this episode hosts Matt Marr, Cristal McLaughlin, and Mayte Carillo discuss episode 5. ABOUT SOUTHERN CHARM: “Southern Charm” reveals a world of exclusivity, money and scandal dating back through generations of families in Charleston, S.C. The docuser ...…
On this episode of the Cinema Vertigogo Podcast, we find ourselves at the cosmic crossroads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Infinity War. Tony, Cap, Thor and Thanos beat the Box Office to a pulp, but could they win over our cold hearts? Music by AJ Bartoletti ...…
First guest show of the new! improved! sans microplastiques! gluten free! Radio Clash with Ian Fondue of The Lloydbrary and it’s about the soundtrack genius John Barry and his music for film and TV. We range from brit-pop to international hip-hop, twang to triphop, funky breaks and forgotten songs, drum and bass to disco, big beat to big band j ...…
Two great issues for you this time as Morrison charts the agony of the human (and dolphin) condition on a graph (where the X-axis is social, the Y-axis is existential). In #15, Buddy (and friends) plunge headlong into the deep waters of political violence and cultural imperialism. In #16, time and mortality themselves take the lead role in bede ...…
The PM40 Daily Show is a wrap-up of how the PM40, the forest industry/pulp and paper stock index, fared today. We highlight the top winners, along with the top decliners. If you’re on Twitter, just go to and follow Pulp & Paper Radio International (@pulpnpaperradio). This PM40 update has been provided only as a courtesy to our li ...…
I’ll have a beer and talk aboot calling the AI-mbulance, the healing power of music, accidental mutant enzymes that eat…. just plastic, TOUCH MY WALLS, AI doggie brains, horny hummingbird fakers, and horses think you should just smile more.Beer: Santiam Brewing Company’s Pirate, an 8% ABV Rum-barrel Aged Coconut Stout ...…
In the final Conjure Wife companion episode, Sasha and Courtney from the Spoop Hour podcast join Daniel and Linzi to discuss the 1980 film adaptation, Witch's Brew. We spoke about things that made this movie special...such as Lucifer, pigs, chickens, and the great Teri Garr. We also went on a few tangents about handsy ghosts, raunchy trumpet pl ...…
Six Pack Double Feature Presents: Pick 6 Where Travis and Nathan give you their Top 5 list, and then add one more. This week the guys get a little morbid and list their most memorable death scenes in film. Films discussed in this episode: AlienUnforgivenShaun of the DeadPulp FictionThe GodfatherLive and Let DieFargoApocalypse NowThe AbyssRoboCo ...…
Today on the Podcast we continue our look back at our favorite films of the 1990's. GUILTY PLEASURES -- The Bridges of Madison County / Jean Claude Van Damme / Darkman / Space Jam HIDDEN GEMS (7:20) -- Big Night / Postcards From the Edge / Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai / The Commitments / Copland / Before Sunrise / Hard Eight / Secrets & Lies / ...…
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