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Rahiem, aka “Ra” was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He has been a prominent force in the Hip-Hop industry since its inception. Ra started as a member of the pioneering Hip-Hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; one of VH1’s 2005 Hip Hop Honorees. In 2007 these legendary lyricists became the first Hip-Hop performers to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Rahiem has collaborated with such artistic talents as: Nas, Teddy Riley, Angela Winbush and award-winning pr ...
Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
Abdur-Raheem McCarthy is an Irish-American who accepted Islam in 1994 and traveled to Sudan to study Islam. He furthered his studies by relocating to Saudi Arabia to study Quraan, Tajweed, and the Arabic language. He was then accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah and enrolled into the Arabic Institute and then graduated from the faculty of Da’wah and Usool Ad-Deen.Since graduation in 2006 he has become a renowned international speaker lecturing around the world at conferences, even ...
News Wise With Amber Rahim Shamsi
Amber Rahim Shamsi hosts the program, she worked for BBC and very clear in her views and got skills for Interviews and impartial reporting. Monday to Thursday 7:05 PM DawnNews
The Book of 2 Machabees (more commonly rendered 2 Maccabees) is an abridgement of another work, now lost, which describes the events surrounding the defeat of Antiochus IV Epiphanes and the rededication of the Jewish temple in the 2nd Century BCE. It's canonicity (status as Holy Writ) was established later in the Christian era, and hence forms part of the deuterocanon (2nd canon). It is excluded from the Jewish bibles as well as modern Protestant bibles. The Church of England, in 1571, affir ...
Raheem DeVaughn: Meet the Musician
Raheem DeVaughn’s brand-new album, "A Place Called Loveland," showcases his finely tuned artistry and reflects his vocal, mental, spiritual, and professional growth. Join us for a moderated discussion with this Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter as he talks about his musical journey and takes a few questions.
Bible (DRV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Tobias by DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION (DRV)
Tobias is the 17th book of the Bible and one of the historical books in the Old Testament. In the text, Raphael, after revealing his angelic nature, commanded both father and son to tell all the wonders that God had done to them and write it in a book. It is likely that the parts of the book written in first person singular are an autobiography of Tobias the elder. It was written originally during the Babylonian Exile, in the early portion of the seventh century B.C.; and that all except the ...
Douay Rheims Bible
ABOUT THE PODCAST The entire Douay-Rheims Bible has been recorded by Steve Webb. Select chapters are released as podcasts. For more information we invite you to ABOUT THE DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION The Douay-Rheims Audio Bible is a reading of “The Holy Bible Douay-Rheims Version, With Challoner Revisions”. Translated from the Latin Vulgate, the Douay-Rheims was the first English translation of the Bible, predating even the King James Version. The new testament was ...
The Douay Rheims New Testament, published in 1582, is a translation of St Jerome's Latin Vulgate which dates from the fourth century. It influenced production of the King James version of the Bible to come some years afterward, while being the only Roman Catholic authorized vernacular scriptures up until the middle twentieth century. Although updated linguistically in the 18th and 19th centuries to provide easier understanding by the laity and reduce its use of Latinized words, it strove to ...
Shaikh Abdullah Abdul Raheem Al-Kandari’s Recitation of the Quran
Shaikh Abdullah Abdul Raheem Al-Kandari’s Recitation of the Quran Hafs from Asim and this version is characterized by a high quality [MP3: 128 Kbps].
Shaikh Nabeel Bin Abdul Raheem Al-Rifai’s Recitation of the Quran
Shaikh Nabeel Bin Abdul Raheem Al-Rifai’s Recitation of the Quran Hafs from Asim and this version is characterized by a high quality [MP3: 128 Kbps].
Bible (DRV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Judith by DOUAY-RHEIMS VERSION (DRV)
Judith is the 18th book of the Bible and one of the historical books in the Old Testament. The overall theme is the power of prayer. The Israelites are beseiged by the forces of Holofernes and pray to God to overcome the forces. Judith seduces Holofernes and beheads him in his sleep, when the forces find their leader dead, they flee in battle. The Israelites benefit from their spoils and Judith sings praises to God. (Summary by Sean McKinley)
What About Chicago?!
"What About Chicago?!", is a weekly audio show/podcast exploring the cutting edge of live art, music and cultural performances going on in and around the great city of Chicago. It is hosted by accomplished musician/raconteur Rahim (Rageing) Salaam. The true mission of the show is to share and expose parties, events, meetings, gatherings, exhibitions, etc., that tend to fly under the radar of mainstream participation. .
Ultimate Garage 5 - The Summer Edition 2014 Mixed By DJ Son E Dee
CD11. Tove Lo - Stay High Habits UKG remix2. Wonder Girls - Like Money (Flexaphonics 2edition) Mastered at Final Cutt Records3. Mr Probz - Waves UKG4. Miguel Feat Jessie Ware - Adore (Bee Q and Unique UKG Mix)5. Kinky Movement We Can Make It6. DJ KOR - RUFFNECK (SPEED GARAGE MIX)7. 1 - MC Neat - Reasons Unknown8. Redlight x BBK - Too Many Source 16 (Mr. Blonde edit)9. Drake - Hold On We're Going Home (ALi Emm Uk Garage Remix)10. The Jump - Ice Cream Recs11. DJ Q - Dance With Me12. Method Rec ...
Hussain Kamani
Mufti Hussain Kamani was born to a Hindu revert-to-Islam and Muslim father in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. With the blessings and du’a (supplications) of his parents, Mufti Hussain Kamani underwent a journey of a lifetime in pursuit of sacred Islamic knowledge. He began his pursuit of the Islamic sciences at the young age of six to memorize the entire Quran at the acclaimed Darul Uloom Madania in Buffalo, New York. By the blessings of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, he was able to complete this mome ...
Talk Chit
Hosts, BlakeyJay, Crime Scene Taheim, and Khris P have teamed up to bring real conversation about everything from parenthood to hip hop to Tinder. The trio presents hilarious discussion with a restaurant undertone.
Hajj Training Lectures in English and Urdu
Collections of Hajj Training Lectures in English and Urdu by Hanafi ScholarsMaulana Saleem Dhorat Sahab - Hajj Training Session for Men and Ladies, English and UrduMaulana Abdur Rauf Sakharvi - Mufti Darul uloom Karachi - Hajj And Umrah Training bayansHajj Training Lectures from Jamia AshrafiaMufti Fazle RaheemMaulana Abdur Rauf AshrafiGeneral Lectures on Hajj by Mufti Mahmood Ashraf Usmani & Mufti Rafi Usmani
Nabil Ar Rifai
Nabil Ar Rifai, born Nabil Bin Sheikh Abdul Rahim Rifai, is a Saudi Qur’an reciter born 1398 Hijri in Jeddah.Sheikh Ar Rifai learned the Holy Qur’an from such eminent professors and Sheikhs as Sheikh Abdel Aziz Ramadan, Sheikh Abdel Wahab Hadiri and the late Sheikh Ali Jaber.Nabil Ar Rifai is a graduate of the Engineering Faculty of King Fahd Abdul Aziz University. In 1415, Sheikh Nabil Ar Rifai began leading Tarawih prayers in the Ramadan Mosque of Baghdadi.
Born in Barbados… raised in DC, Dj Bimshire is one of the Nation's Capital most versatile djs. Known for his smooth mixes and high energy, this rising star has carved his way into the minds, hearts and EARS of party-goers in the DMV.Bim, as he is affectionately known by his peers, followers & dj counterparts, started his professional dj career at the young age of 15, with Muzik Nashun Sound in 2000.Now almost 15 years later, Bim's dj career extends over all the major nightclubs, promoters an ...
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Thanks to REESE HOPKINS from REESE ON THE RADIO, learned some things about Obama, I didn’t need to know. From a book that has been written about him. Wow. Here’s my question – why do we need to know about a person’s sex life, how many partners they have, etc. Goodness. I bet if you look hard enough, you can find a ton of shirt on everybody, dep ...…
Straight from the Underground 2.0 Podcast
We got Twitter shouts & more new hip hop joints from all over .... and yet another 2016 joint , this time from Uncle Murda. ....tune in & enjoy. ....Chris G - Intro Westside Gunn f Conway & Benny - Nitro Da Villins - Make Profit : False Prophet Freestyle Ab-Soul f ScHoolboy Q - Beat The Case / Straight Crooked Snowgoons f OC, Doitall, UG, Stick ...…
Mornings with Mubarakah
Description On this episode, host Mubarakah Ibrahim sits down in her living room with psychiatrist Farah Raheim to talk about the stigma of mental illness, and how to fight it at home and within one's community.
We are joined this episode by author Raheim Allen @fs2ts as we discuss his book and how his life was shaped From the Streets to the Sanctuary. Pick up a copy of the book it is a great read and will be sure to keep you entertained. The thoughts you have in private now released to the public. Follow @flatline5 @MrLope25 and @Mind_of_Manolo as we ...…
This week on Rich Answers, Rev. Dr. Shelley Best talks with Judith Fifield, Ph.D. & Salome Raheim, Ph.D., A.C.S.W., founding co-directors of Bioscience CT Health Disparities Institute. They will be touching on such topics as bridging UCONN Health with the community, access to the needed data, social work and medicine and many other things. Musi ...…
T. Tyler Talks
TONIGHT: Syd Hoffman, author of the Award-winning book, "All Day Energy" will stop by to talk about ways to boost your energy, what foods can make you feel alive, how to get a good night's sleep, how to de-stress and why 2 out of every 3 Americans are TIRED!!! Need energy? You NEED to TUNE IN! Pacquiao told our own Radio Raheim he had a specifi ...…
We will be interviewing authors RAHEIM BROOKS and GPA ("The Confessional Heart of A Man", and "The Book of 24 Orgasms"). We will take a close look and see what makes these authors tick, and learn more about their lives, their passions and their projects. We hope to see YOU there too!!
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