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Desperate House Witches
Star and Raina discuss the forthcoming Mystic South Conference, (July 21-23.) These lovely ladies take over the show and you never know what else will be up for discussion. Come join the fun. Dorian will be on the road, so there will be no chat room this evening.
Desperate House Witches
Tailiesin Govannon joins the program to discuss the Primaries, RNC & the DNC with Raina Starr and what's up next in the world of politics. *Opinions stated on this program do not necessarily reflect those of the Desperate House Witches staff*
Air Adam Podcast
"Across the seas and deserts, through the trees andgrass..." - Guru In the month when we remember the life of Guru, we also saygoodbye to not just a legend, but a true musical genius - Prince.I've blended some of his work into this episode's selection, alongwith various eras of Guru, some solid Hip-Hop picks and alittle weaving in and out of di ...…
Desperate House Witches
If you have been a long time listener, you know free nights can go anywhere on the conversation spectrum. If you're a new listener, welcome! Come have a seat by the hearth with us. Don't forget to check out our newly launched Pagan blog, Around The Cauldron, with new posts from Raina Starr and Danette Wilson every Sunday. Visit our sponsors, Th ...…
"They don't make 'em like me no more..." - Murs I guess it's been a strange start to the year; this month both the UK producer Mark B and David Bowie have passed on, so I've included them both in this month's selection, one that ranges from the conscious to the without conscience! There was a lot of re-planning to come up with something that fi ...…
Razor Sharp Radio
Requested - Clean & Family safe mix For cookouts, reunions, spades, dominoes, & dancing Mixed by Gilatine Created: 7/27/2014 Tracklisting 1) Slippin' Into Darkness by War 2) Rock Dis Funky Joint by Poor Righteous Teachers 3) Candy Rain by Soul For Real 4) Candy Rain (feat Billy Bang) by Anthony Lewis 5) Candy Rain [Remix] (feat Heavy D) by Soul ...…
00:00:00 - A new study sheds light on the effects of social hierarchies in monkeys, which may then help us understand why those of lower social status are less healthy than their well-to-do peers. Finally, monkeys helping the poor instead of just messing stuff up. 00:11:39 - Drinks, they're what monkeys wish they had to unwind. Charlie ups the ...…
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