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Rdio Comercial - Gira Discos
Msicas revistas por Nuno Markl, de segunda a sexta-feira, s 8h50, nas Manhs da Comercial.
Rdio Comercial - As Baladas de Dr Paixo
As Baladas de Dr. Paixo uma rubrica de amor das Manhs da Comercial.
El mat de Catalunya Rdio (Marc Garriga)
L'estiu 2014 el programa respon, amb rigor, a un comproms de servei, informaci i entreteniment. La primera part est centrada en temes d'actualitat amb la presncia dels seus protagonistes i en l'anlisi i la reflexi dels tertulians. Tamb ens fixem en tot all que es cou a les xarxes socials i repassem la premsa del dia.Diriament viatjarem per la Microcatalunya, aquells municipis de menys de 500 habitants, i tamb farem ruta per aquells indrets que van ser protagonistes ara fa 300 anys, el 1714, ...
El mat de Catalunya Rdio (festius intrasetmanals)
El ms destacat de l'actualitat de les ltimes hores, la tertlia per analitzar a fons totes les notcies i espais per als dies festius.
PLPS R@DIO School Radio Station
This is a student run and managed radio station. The 2017 crew consist of a several dedicated children in years 3 and 4. The crew is open to any student from 3-6. New members are welcome. Students meet each Monday to choose and allocate the tasks. Script writing takes place on Tuesdays. (Wednesdays if necessary), rehearsal for all DJs and console happens on Thursdays. These all take place in the student's own time. The live show broadcasts via the school PA system and with 1/2 km around the ...
La nit dels ignorants 3.0
Xavier Sol t un equip que, grcies a la seva ignorncia, ens fa ser a tots una mica menys ignorants! La mgia de la rdio i la seducci de la nit al servei de "La nit dels ignorants 3.0".
Podcast Port
Everything you will never hear on commercial rdio
Tuit Fighter
'Tuit fighter' s un concurs que posar a prova el teu detector de mentides interior. El ring el posem a la rdio i els lluitadors els traiem de Twitter, un gran planter de stciencies i mentiders. El combat ser en directe i els concursants, animats virtualment pels seus milers de seguidors, s'hauran d'enfrontar a un assalt combinat de cultura popular, msica i humor. Els encarregats de triar a les preguntes i als concursants seran dos experts en el tema: Joan Ferrs i Vctor Lloret.Horari: Dimarts ...
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This is the last episode we could squeeze in before the end of the year. Foundation (preps) get quizzed to find out the smartest class. It turns out its a draw between two classes. Listen in and find out. Enjoy
This week on RWBY, six teenagers finally have a nice dinner for once, and boy do they deserve it. Then, in a shocking twist, Ozpin finally comes clean and explains everything…that we figured out two volumes ago. Oh well. Your unpaid Team RDIO interns this week are Sunday, Artyom, Renzeos, and Tyler.
This week on RWBY, Qrow Branwen can’t find anyone to hang out with him, but not for the usual reasons; meanwhile Raven taunts us with answers we aren’t going to get, because Yang and Weiss opt for a cute hug with Ruby instead. And it’s totally worth it. Your unpaid Team RDIO interns this week are Sunday, DaftProdigy, Rane Zero, and Kaden.…
This week on RWBY, Ruby gets depressed, Blake gets rejected, and Adam proves how batshit crazy he really is. Your unpaid Team RDIO interns this week are Sam, Tyler, Joe, and Blue.
This week on RWBY, Yang has an awkwardly public family reunion with Raven, then gets a nice hug from a newly-unkidnapped Weiss. Meanwhile, back in Haven, we get a shocking amount of answers about Aura and Semblance. And then Ozpin just straight-up decks Ruby. Your unpaid Team RDIO interns this week are Sunday, DaftProdigy, Ren, and Joe.…
This week on RWBY, former White Fang leader Ghira Belladonna gives a dramatic speech in Menagerie, then gets upstaged by an angry lizard; Dust company heiress and Beacon student Weiss Schnee has a battle of the death glares with the Spring Maiden Vernal, and sound the trumpets! It must be judgement day, because Professor Ozpin finally answers a ...…
PLPS R@DIO School Radio Station
Melbourne is footy finals crazy and so is the radio crew. They put this show together to get everyone ready for the footy finals. Madeline, Mikayla, Jess with Larissa man the mics while Asha and Jayla manage the desk. Larissa gives us an informative footy history too. Jake produced the show. Enjoy
PLPS R@DIO School Radio Station
Today's show has a spring in its step. Spring has arrived in Australia. Here in Melbourne at the moment you wouldn't think so; its still cold and rainy. The students address these questions and pack the show with cheery poems and songs. Enjoy
2017-09-12 special Rdio edition
PLPS R@DIO School Radio Station
The crew put together this special show about their time at Camp Manyung last week. It includes a vox pop and a written report from Asha. Patto news is back talking about the school's robotic team winning the state championship and the special visitors we had hosting a National Science Week event. Great job, Madeline, Larissa and Asha. Thanks H ...…
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