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RDU Podcast
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Vision Church RDU
A Gospel-centered church located in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina that focuses on 3 things: Love God. Love Others. Serve Our City.
Vision Church RDU
A Gospel-centered church located in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina that focuses on 3 things: Love God. Love Others. Serve Our City.
RDU 98.5 FM
RDU Podcast
All RDU Podcast Uploads
RDU: Tech House
Dr Hitchcock talks you through all things technology.
The Joint
Super dope radio since 2001. The Joint is a weekly radio show broadcasting every Saturday 12pm-2pm (NZT) on 8K.NZ in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Longstanding and much loved radio show, broadcast on Saturday mornings in Christchurch, New Zealand, on RDU 98.5fm.Dj's John Ussher, Simon Kong and Dan Veitch mixing fresh and classic, house, disco, funk and soul to kick your weekend off right.
Northern Lights is a weekly show on RDU98.5FM in Christchurch New Zealand which plays nothing but the best unsigned Scottish
We help believers live as family on mission for depth in the gospel.
Licorice Allsorts
Licorice Allsorts presents club music in all its genres - House, Trance, Dubstep, Electro in all its varieties, highlighting remixes.\r\n\r\nThrough the ‘70s how host Geoffrey enjoyed Rhythm and Blues and Soul Music such as Parliament and Funkadelic, Con Funk Shun, The Commodores, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Bill Withers, Barry White and Stevie Wonder, to name a few. He reckons Soul went off the boil a bit around 1983, so developed a keen interest in Disco Music. 'Boogie Nights' by Heat Wave ...
Up Again is the RDU 98.5 FM breakfast show! James Dann chats with musicians, artists, community people and all that jazz. PS there is hardly any jazz. These are the podcasts of all the talky bits. Chur.
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After 4 whole days of celebrating the Easter bunny, Matt decided to take some time to analyze (and criticize) some other rabbits from literature.
This week, Matt and Nick trade notes on Harry Brown and Troll 2. Nick also gives us a quick review of the blockbuster of the moment, “Ready Player One”
This week, Martyn Pepperell brings in two tracks from Sexores’ new double album “East/West”. Though Matt questions whether a total of 16 tracks really counts as a double album.
We add Act’s David Seymour to our fortnightly political roster! Before the interview we play Matt and David’s last encounter in the run up to last year’s election. On both occasions, all Matt wants to achieve is convincing Act to make reduction of cigarette taxes their number one policy proposal. They do manage to etch out a little time for a d ...…
This week, Dave from Scorpio reviews the book “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams” by neuroscientist, Dr. Matthew Walker. The book uses expert analysis to explain the importance of sleep and the links between sleep deprivation and variety of health problems.
Matt talks to Carl Pavletich from Fab Labs about their goals to promote the localisation of manufacturing and self reliant, sustainable cities.
Free speech addition. Matt quizes Tim on the recent “Nazi Pug” verdict in Scotland and to what extent New Zealand’s laws could allow for a similar case to transpire. They then move on to a more general discussion of defamation laws.
This week, Matt and Nick trade notes on dub-spoof, “Hercules Returns” and Mentalist Derren Brown’s special “The Push”
Nacoa chats with Tiki Taane ahead of the the Epic ‘Marley’ Tour heading to Christchurch on April 6th. Tickets available here
Matt chat’s to Freaky Meats respective vocalist and guitarist, Shane Hollands and John Mcnab about the bands roots, eclectic span of genres and their upcoming gig at Wunderbar,
This week, Matt and Dan chat about various perspectives on RNZ and The Spinoff’s recent shared content agreement, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, whether or not your smartphone is secretly listening to you and more!
After the surf report and some Wikipedia, Jay brings a bit of girl power to Sink or Swim with “What a Way to Die” by The Pleasure Seekers, the very first band legendary rock queen, Suzie Quotro, ever played in. Jay, Matt and the listeners all agree that this garage rock throw back is a definite swim!…
Matt lays out his main takeaways from yesterday’s verdict in the Count Dankula “Nazi pug” case.
This week, Martyn Pepperell picks the songs “What Do I Do” and “Victim” from Hawaiian soul singer Nick Kurosawa’s debut EP, Home
This week, Suli talks about the importance of sleep and Matt helpfully explains how you can effectively pace out the rest you need, freeing you up to fight more crime.
This week, Tamsin from Scorpio Books reviews “Silence in the Age of Noise” by explorer and Rolex model, Erling Kagge. The book examines the importance of retreat and solitude in a time where something seems to always be happening in the world around us and on the devices in our hands.
This week, Matt and Tim look in to the legality of hanging out with dodgy people and analyse the merit’s of some crazy cat lady’s case against the Auckland City Council.
Message from Brandon Russell on Mar 18, 2018
Message from Brandon Russell on Mar 18, 2018
This week, Cassie from Scorpio reviews the seasonally divided cook book by renowned chef, Joshua McFadden.
Mary Millar, one of the organisers behind this weekend’s Manderley Home and Garden Festival, chats to Matt about the upcoming festivities and what to expect on the day.
Daniel Nielsen makes his fortnightly appearance to discuss various goings on in the media world. This week, Matt and Dan chat about RNZ and NZ On Air’s brewing battle over funds, the first casualties in Facebook’s algorithm change and Sky’s recent decision to adjust their ridiculous prices.
Jay from Sadhana is away again this week so Drop in Dale drops in and after the surf report Matt pulls out the track “Break Stuff” by the profoundly divisive Nu-Metal band, Limp Bizkit. Will it sink or will it swim? It was down to the wire, much to Matt’s astonishment.
Matt interviews visionary innovator and founder of Misty Cove Wines, Andrew Bailey, about their new range of wines in a can. They also discuss the all-star lineup of DJs Misty Cove’s got booked for the up-coming official product launch party.
This week, Martyn Pepperell Guides us through a couple of cuts from “Animus”, the debut album from Mexican-American producer, DEBIT
This week, Suli recommends setting aside at least 3 times each week to execute an exercise regime. Matt then explains how you can get all your exercise in just by changing the way you watch TV.
Mike King calls in to talk about his nationwide tour addressing youth suicide and helping communities connect more with their youth.
This week, Rachel brings in two children’s books that have caught her eye in recent weeks: “The Everywhere Bear” by Julia Donaldson (illustrated by Rebecca Cobb) and “The Poet’s Dog” by Patricia MacLachlan.
This week, Matt and Tim explore whether or not we should scrap loitering legislation and Tim breaks down our scalping laws (they’re bloody loose).
There’s a yoga, dance, well-being extravaganza lined up for the weekend so two of the organisers, Jocelyn and Jodie, call in to give us the down low on what’s going on!
Matt chats to Echo Oh’s front woman, Yolanda Fagan, about their US tour, upcoming darkspace gig and being abducted by aliens.
This week, Matt and Nick trade notes on Miss March and…Matt apologises for finding it impossible to trudge through the subtitled Leviathan because he’s completely uncultured. Also, some stray notes on Oscar results.
Matt chats to Laughton Kora about Bob Marley and the all-star concert paying tribute to him on the 6th of April. Buy tickets here:
It’s the first Neat Places segment of the year! This week, Johnny walks us through the various new attractions popping up in Akaroa.
Green MP Chloe Swarbrick steps in for James Shaw and chats to Matt about the new National Party leadership and the ins and outs of various cannabis reforms.
Jay is back from vacation and bringing us some tacky 80s synth! Up this week are Imagination with their track “New Dimension”. Matt hates it, but the listeners rebuke him. Also: Surf Report as usual, and we make way in to the “History and Origins” section of Wikipedia’s “Surfing” article.
This week, Martyn Pepperell takes us back to 1981 with the first ever reissue of Suzanne Menzel’s “Goodbyes and Beginnings”.
Matt chats with Jas Josland in anticipation of her upcoming gig at Lyttelton Records promoting her debut album, “See What You Did There”
We launch a brand new segment of weekly health tips with long time personal trainer, Suli. This week, Suli recommends picking up a new health goal for the first of each month and Matt has an idea from Tim Ferris’ “24 Hour Body”
This week, Dave from Scorpio gives us a preview of the forthcoming “London Rules” by Mick Herron, the fifth installment in his series of dark comedy spy novels.
This week, Matt pitches scrapping all laws against billsticking and has Tim dead to rights. They also discuss the recent sex scandal surrounding top law firm, Russell McVeagh, and what people should know about sexual harassment laws in light of it.
This week, Matt and Nick trade notes on “Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil” and “The People Vs. OJ Simpson”. Nick also gives us the quick and dirty on some of the other films he’s seen this week, including the much talked about, “Black Panther”
Matt chats to Producer/DJ, Surly, about his craft, recent international success and his new EP, “Trip to Warsaw”
This week, Dan and Matt talk about The NZ Heralds new paywall announcement, Chris Bishop, North Korea at the Olympics and more!
This week, Drop In Dale steps in for Jay from Sadhana. After the Surf Report and this weeks Wikipedia excerpt, Matt switches things up by bringing in a track from one of his most loathed indie artists, Joanna Newsom. Dale is not impressed and listeners are divided.
This week, Martyn Pepperell walks us through a couple of tracks from Adán Jodorowsky’s latest, “Esencia Solar”
Gretchen La Roche from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra chats with Matt about the CSO’s upcoming Lamb and Hayward Masterworks evening, featuring the debut of John Young’s latest composition, Natalia Lomeiko performing Bruch’s violin concerto No. 1 and a rendition of Beethoven’s famous 3rd symphony, “Eroica”…
In light of another shooting in the US last week, Matt gets Dean of Research and Associate Professor of History at the University of Canterbury on the line to help clarify some of the basics of gun control and the constitution of the United States.
This week, Tamsin from Scorpio switches things up with an unconventionally titled self-help book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by the popular blogger, Mark Manson.
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