Best reactjs podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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React Native Radio
React Native Radio Podcast
Keep up with the latest web developer technologies and news covering javascript, React.js, Node.js, HTML5. Learn the current best practices in web and mobile app development.
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Michael Lynn and Drew Dipalma join us to talk about a new way to manage your data using MongoDB Atlas, a managed database from MongoDB.
Josh Justice joins us to talk about testing React Native. We discuss everything from unit testing, to integration & end-to-end testing.
The team from Facebook Marketplace joins us to talk about the challenges behind building one of the largest React Native apps in production in the world.
Evan Bacons comes on the show to talk about everything from AR Core to Legos on this episode of React Native Radio.
Eric Elliot, the author of Programming JavaScript Applications and Composing Software, joins us to discuss building modern Progroessive Web Apps (PWAs).
The team from Hasura join us to talk about building GraphQL APIs for React Native applications using Hasura & why you may want to use GraphQL for a mobile application.
Christian Falch & Eric Vicenti join the show to discuss in depth Fluid Transitions & React Navigation.
Vladimir Novick joins us to talk about how React & React Native developers can use their existing skillset to begin creating AR & VR Applications.
WatermelonDB is a next-gen database for powerful React and React Native apps. Today we're joined by the author of WatermelonDB, Radek Pietruszewski, to talk about how it works & the benefits of using the database.
Open source guru Krzystof Megiera of Software Mansion joins the show to discuss Reanimated, React Native Screens, & all of the other cool stuff he's been working on.
Gabriel joins us to talk about Flutter, React Native, & hist current work at Tonal.
Jared Forsyth joins us to discuss Reason & how it's being used by developers to build React Native applications.
React Native veteran Eric Vicenti joins the show to talk about how navigation in React Native has change & improved over the years as well as what projects he is currently working on.
Mike Diramid & Elliot Hesp join us to talk about building Firebase apps with React Native
Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov join the show to talk about their transition from Native to React Native at Product Hunt
Gant Laborde joins us as the special guest to talk about state management in React.
Erica Cooksey, Software Engineer at Eaze, joins us to talk about their experiences using React Native, it's benefits & tradeoffs of using it in production.
Vladimir joins the show for the first time to talk about building IOT applications as well as his Smarthome Manager React Native package.
Vincent Riemer, the creator of React Native Dom, joins us to discuss the project and talk about the future of React Native.
Gaëtan Renaudeau joins the show to talk about using gl-react, gl-react-native, & webgl.
Tyler Mcginnis joins us to talk about staying up to date with React & the most current React APIs.
The Geeky Ants team comes on and talks about their open source as well as running a consulting company using React Native as their framework of choice.
Max Lynch of Ionic joins us to discuss Ionic, Cordova, Capacitor, React Native & mobile application development in general.
Michel Weststrate joins us again to discuss immutable data with Immer & state management with MobX State Tree.
Ovidiu Chereches talks with us about React Cosmos & React Testing
Zubair Ahmed joins the show for the first time to discuss everything pertaining to Ethereum Development and how React fits into the picture.
Mike Grabowski of Callstack as well as Lee Johson & Dave Sibiski of G2i join us to talk about how to get your foot in the door and excel in the current job marketplace as a React or React Native developer.
Wes Bos joins us to discuss learning JavaScript in 2018, what someone should know when pursuing a career in the React ecosystem, and how to go about picking up those skills. We also briefly talk about building an online audience.
Sacha Greif of The State of JavaScript survey & JavaScript Rising Stars Project joins us to talk about JavaScript in 2017, what to expect in 2018, and his GraphQL project VulcanJS
We are joined by Spencer Carli of Handlebar Labs and Mike Grabowski of Callstack join us to discuss the last year in React Native and what to expect in the future.
The talented Orta Therox joins us to discuss everything from open source to ProBot automation in this episode of React Native Radio
Spencer Carli joins us to discuss the current state of navigation in React Native as well as best practices around React Native navigation.
Michael Chudziak and Mike Grabowski of Callstack join us to discuss building Universal React applications, applications that can run in multiple environments with a single code base.
Broadcasting from Microsoft Connect, we talk about Microsoft Visual Studio App Center, and the features that React Native developers can possibly benefit from.
Florian Rival talks about how to bridge Objective-C, Java, and Swift with JavaScript to create native modules in React Native.
With Viro, you can build full featured Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps using React Native and JavaScript. In this episode, we talk with Vik Advani, a cofounder of Viro about what Viro is, how it works, and how to get started with the sdk.
Rotem Mizrachi of Wiz joins us to talk about testing React Native in general, how Detox works, and how it fits into the workflow of a React Native testing environment.
Jennifer Van from Capital One talks about scaling React applications as well as how to get into Machine Learning
Naoufal joins us for the second time, this time to discuss accepting payments using his open source React Native Payments library + Apple Pay / Android Pay
Douglas Lowder, creator and maintainer of the React Native AppleTV port, joins us to discuss how to create AppleTV apps using the React Native Framework
Garrett McCullough brings his experience building a large scale e-commerce React Native app with him to discuss what you should know and what libraries you can use when building an e commerce app in React Native
Michael Gilmore comes on the show and we discuss when React Native should be used, and what other options are available for JS devs looking to develop mobile applications.
Ben Hseih, creator of the React Native Fetch Blob npm package, joins us to discuss working with the React Native File System.
Fabrizio Moscon of HoxFon joins us to discuss voice and messaging integration, particularly with the Twilio API.
Nikolas Burk joins us to discuss GraphCool and GraphQL, and how it fits into the React ecosystem.
Sander Spies and Peter Piekarczyk talk about Reason, and how it can be applied to React Native.
Eric Normand joins us to discuss functional programming, and how it relates to JavaScript programming and it's benefits to programming in general.
Monte Thakkar and Binoy Patel join us to discuss their work in open source, including React Native Elements. We also go in depth on the topic of maintainable open source, and give our takes on the matter, discussing different philosiphies and what other people and companies are doing and trying.
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