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Listen while you drive to and from appraisal inspections as Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, gives you helpful tips, tricks, ideas, and principles which will make you a better appraisal business owner. Dustin has been a successful real estate appraiser for many years. As the Appraiser Coach, he has made it his life's mission to teach other appraisers across the country to also succeed and thrive as real estate appraisal business owners. Join Dustin each week as he keeps you informed with ...
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There is a fine line between sounding professional and being personable. Too far to either side of that line is dangerous. Dustin tell you how to find that perfect person for your receptionist job.
There is a common misconception out there when it comes to appraisal reports and UAD standards; and it stems from the old way of doing things. Dustin talks Q and C ratings today and how they are intended to be used.
Listening to Martina McBride's powerful song reminded Dustin of a few things he wanted to remind his listening audience of.
The news hit us on Thursday that the mega-corporation, Corelogic acquired a la mode, Inc. Since then, there has been a lot of - well founded - concerns. But, are there some potential positives here as well? Dustin looks for a few, possible silver linings.
We have all probably done it... appraise the wrong house. Dustin recently did an on site inspection on a house that was not the correct one. Listen to what happened and how he handled it.
Mark joins us again to talk shop. Where is the appraisal world going? How can you get involved? What do you need to be doing as a business owner to survive and thrive in the next decade? These are all questions we ask Skap and he, as usual, does not hold back. We also talk about 100% Real Estate Appraisers Facebook group and the upcoming Apprai ...…
Do you make over $100 per hour? Is that out of the realm of possibility for an appraiser? With the right systems in place, you can make a very good living as an appraiser and still produce excellent work.
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what Dustin believes and what he is advocating for appraisers. Today, Dustin attempts to dispel some of those myths and help appraisers see that life ain't so bad after all.
We often reach higher levels of success when we stand on the shoulders of giants. Who do you associate with on a regular basis who allows you to be a better valuation expert?
Dustin is often asked what the appraisal landscape will look like 3-5 years from now. Today, he gives his predictions, but more importantly, he gives some suggestions on how to get ready for the changes.
Dustin recently did a complicated appraisal where expertise from others was required. Why you should consider outside help, how to go about it, and what to say in your report.
The words and phrases we use matter. How we talk about ourselves and our profession helps to form the basis for how others look at us. Today, Dustin talks about some of the words and phrases we use that could possibly use some altering.
Is traffic court a cost of doing business as an appraiser? Dustin thinks so. He shares a few other, off the wall, expenses which are also considered a cost of being a real estate appraiser. What are yours? Please comment below.
If you are not aware yet, you need to be. This bill will affect your life as a real estate appraiser. Dustin tells us what this is and why we should care. This is a call to action appraisers and it is very urgent!
Don't get stuck in a 45-60 minute interview with an employee candidate that you know you will never actually hire in your appraisal office. Dustin implements the "mini interview" and it has saved him from useless busy work more than once - including yesterday.
You have all had it happen; You complete an appraisal for Client A and get a call later from Client B wanting you to reassign the appraisal to them. That is a big No No, but are there things you CAN do? Dustin presents a creative solution on today's podcast.
Dustin is on his soapbox today. Join him as he discusses posting appraisal reports online for others to see. What do you think? Should we be calling out our peers? Would we be willing to share our own work in such a public forum?
You may be a one-person office, or you may be a large appraisal firm. Either way, you will benefit from the creation of Job Titles and Job Descriptions. Dustin talks about how to get to Tier IV in this episode on how to be the most efficient business owner you can be.
Stop accepting a measly fee for cancellations when the borrower or Realtor cancels the appraisal at the door. Work for A Clients who treat you like a professional and will pay you for what you might have into the assignment to date.
The Appraisal Qualification Board (AQB) has lowered the barrier to entry for appraisers coming into our profession. What does that mean for the appraisers? More importantly, what does that mean for you and your business?
It is easy to ignore potential problems in your appraisal business because you don't want to deal with discomfort. It is better to get in front of them before they become issues that cannot easily be dealt with. Dustin talks today about the Law of Delegation and how to manage problems effectively when they first arise.…
Tim Andersen, USPAP Instructor from Florida joins Dustin to talk about the certifications we should be putting in each of our appraisal reports. Do you know what you are signing?
Dustin often talks about his Tier I and Tier II employees, but what does he pay them? Today, he reveals all - and some principles to go with it.
Kevin White, new President and CEO of Datamaster joins us with Marty Hamilton, Marketing Manager, and Jared Priesler, Chief Appraiser & Product Development, to introduce the new Datamaster 6. You are not going to believe how much time this is going to save you.
It is time to change the rhetoric surrounding appraisals and money. Can we stop talking about the fees and start talking in terms of pay per hour? Dustin is on one today!
The law of delegation has been talked about before on this broadcast, but never in this much depth. Dustin goes into why the law of delegation is such a powerful tool and can actually create more time for a business owner.
He’s back! There is never an agenda or an outline when it comes to Mark Skapinetz. He’s here to talk about Appraiser Fest, His outlook on 2018,and anything else he wants.
Dustin had a bit of an epiphany lately with regard to subject to completion reports. Listen in. Are you doing this? Is there a better way to write your hypothetical reports?
Most appraisers use a la mode for their appraisal reports. a la mode offers all kinds of productivity tools, but there are some lesser known tips that Dustin reveals today.
How much of what we do is due to our professional nature, how much is simply because our mentor told us to do it that way, and how much is just overkill? For example, do you sketch interior walls? Should you? How do you know where that line is and when you have crossed it? Dustin shows there is a delicate balance between quality and making money.…
Tim Andersen joins Dustin to follow up on a prior discussion on Highest and Best Use. Did you know there are two analysis that must be done when you do H&BU? Can you do a hypothetical H&BU?
Dustin had a recent experience where he visited a small law firm. It was not unusual that he dealt with multiple people, even though he was there to conduct business with an attorney. Why is an appraisal office seen as so much different!
If you have an inspection in a private neighborhood, do you have the right to also take comp pictures in that Neighborhood? Dustin talks today about comps in private neighborhoods and on private roads.
What do you do when the state comes knocking at your door? Dustin talks today about how to handle the initial stages of a state board complaint.
Jerin Harper joins us again to talk through 'conflicts of interest.' As an appraiser and a real estate agent, he has had some experiences that would cause one to pause and ask questions. Dustin and Jerin also talk through some other potential conflicts of interest included appraising your neighbor's, friend's, or family's homes.…
There are a lot of wants in an appraisal business, but what are the bare bones tools that are necessary to start appraising? Dustin gives his list today.
Today is another Appraiser Stories episode, but with a twist. Dustin talks with Jesse Ledbetter about how he fell into appraising and his thoughts after being a trainee for a year. If you are thinking about training, he offers some sound advice.
We do them all the time, but how long has it been since you actually read what you are doing? Can you do a final on a property that you were not the original appraiser on? What if you find stuff that the original appraiser should have caught? How do you handle these things? Dustin tackles those questions and more about the 1004D today…
Matt Krodel from Alamode is here to talk about Titan Analytics. Alamode is making the MC Addendum fun again.
Anyone who knows even a little about my unique business model knows that I do not work the appraisal thing like my peers do. I have often said, “When you do things like everyone else, you get what everyone else gets.”
A Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan is what the big boys and girls use on Wall Street to keep their top CEOs from getting poached by other companies. The same concept might work to help put 'golden handcuffs' on your own employees. In the final episode in this Minisode series of benefits for employees, Dustin talks about how and why it works.…
Joel Baker From Alamode is here to talk about the new Total. Titan Reports will be out by the end of the year, and it will put your appraisal software in the cloud.
Who are your key employees? What would happen if they were not around anymore to assist with your business growth. We put life insurance on our family members, but have you considered doing it for employees? Dustin shows us how, in Part III of the Minisode series on employee benefits.
We do it every day; appraise to find the market value, but is there a problem with the very definition of market value? Tim Andersen joins Dustin to discuss Fannie Mae's definition of MV and what an appraiser can learn from semantics.
In Part II of this Minisode series, Dustin talks about providing Long Term Disability Insurance for your employees.
Michael Simmons from Axis Financial is back to talk about the appraisal profession, where it is headed, and what is being done about it.
Dustin met recently with his Financial Adviser and is here to pass on some valuable ideas about benefits for your employees. Today, he discusses how an IRA Retirement Fund with Employer Match works.
Desktops are becoming more and more popular. Many appraisers shy away from them, but are they a product to consider? Can an appraiser make a living and never leave the comfort of their office chair? Dustin and Ernie explore.
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