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Unspoken Realms
Audiobook versions of the official Magic: The Gathering Story (formerly Uncharted Realms)
C-Realm Podcast
Weekly Podcasts
Recordings of official Magic: The Gathering fiction published at
The Mysterious Realm Radio podcast about the paranormal, supernatural, and the unexplained
Gamer Escape’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn podcast!
John E.L. Tenney Presents Strange True Tales of the Paranormal
Podcast by DREAM Network
Spagoots: Realms
Five dorks, one classic tabletop RPG, and many strange and entertaining characters combine in this comedy/adventure podcast centered around a group of friends and their ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign!
Cross Realm Rebellion Podcast Network: Home of Rated Ark the Ark Survival Evolved Podcast and Cross Realm Podcast!
Join hosts Lee and Andy as we cover subjects from the paranormal, ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries and more. We will also include some great interviews and listeners true stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to Thank you for listening.
Connecting You to Podcasts Covering World of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment Games
A book club podcast that is reading all of the Forgotten Realms novels in publication order. Join us on our journey across Toril and beyond!
Season 4: Modular
Let's Talk STAR REALMS. Star Realms is a spaceship combat deck building release from White Wizards Games. It's a super fun game and we love talking about it. Join in the fun as we learn more about the game on a weekly basis!
Each episode we bring you the stories, miniatures, games, and people inhabiting The Mortal Realms and the Age of Sigmar Community.
Sonic Realms
Sonic Realms honors and enhances stories that develop organically from pen and paper role playing games. Role play sessions are recorded, edited, and enhanced with sound effects, a full cast, and a cinematic score, creating an immersive adventure unlike any other.
a world-building podcast
Connecting You to Podcasts Covering World of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment Games
"Angelic Realms" is NOW on the "Psychic Talk Radio Network"! Please visit: PSYCHICTALK.NET/ANGELICREALMS for New Upcoming Episodes, and Past Episodes (after May 2018)!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>Each week we explore Angels and Angelic Realms, Angel Numbers, Angelic Mediumship™, Angelic Numerology™, Tarot, Spirituality, The Law of Attraction, and MORE! Plus FREE Angel Messages & Readings! ...AND, at Angel Advisors, Classes, Courses, and The I.A.A.P. - The World's First & Only I ...
C-Realm Vault
Paid Subscription C-Realm Vault episodes
Warhammer: Age of Sigmar story reviews and hobby
C-Realm Podcast
Filling in the gaps left open in the official narrative of industrial culture, questioning the civil religion of progress, and learning to stop worrying and love the long descent.
The best site for Star Realms Strategy!
Enjoy some of the best audio entertainment on the web!
Shadow Realms
Sometime people catch glimpses - an old man's eyes peering out from the trunk of a tree, a monstrous shadow lurking in the corner of your eye that disappears when you turn your head. A trick of your mind? Or another realm separated from our world by a fine fabric. Join us each week as we fall into the Shadow Realms.
Online Business Realm
Dusty Porter shares his knowledge on how to start, grow, and monetize an online business. Discover how you can create multiple streams of income in as little as a couple of weeks. We talk affiliate marketing, podcasting, social media, blogging, passive income, and much more. If you are suffocating from your 9-5 job and want to find your passion, this is the show for you. The show was inspired by Pat Flynn, Jon Lee Dumas, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and many more.
Another spiritual plaform to give revelation of Heaven to people who want the more of God.We're not a 501c3, but appreciate your support of Heaven's plans. If you would like to bless us, go to and click on "The Treasury" page or call One Quest at (904)527-1943 to give a donation over the phone.
Have you ever wondered how ads make it to your favorite websites? What about those ads that seem as if they were customized to your specific interests? Welcome to New Marketing Institute’s very first podcast, Programmatic Untangled. This is where we discuss MediaMath’s key to unlocking audiences and NMI’s mission to educate, empower and engage marketers. Advertising has changed drastically since the advent of the Internet - not only in the way that consumers see advertisements and interact w ...
Weekly Podcasts
A bi-weekly Pathfinder Podcast: Jobbers of the Realm! Follow Kirrien the Strix Magus, C.J. the Rogue Kobold, and Hijo Del Milagro, the Catfolk Luchador as they explore the world in the name of wrestling and stuff. We post every week on Wednesday, ideally in the morning. Make sure to talk about us on Social Media using the hashtag #JOTRcast!
The Kings Realm
Presented by Guys In Shorts Sports
Almost daily segments on the White Wizard deck building game, Star Realms.
C-Realm Podcast
Filling in the gaps left open in the official narrative of industrial culture, questioning the civil religion of progress, and learning to stop worrying and love the long descent.
John E.L. Tenney Presents Strange True Tales of the Paranormal
Paranormal Realm
Paranormal Realm Podcast. Submit your ghost, scary and strange stories to for your stories to be read on our podcast.
A brand new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn podcast with Hex and co-host Kema in the UK & Naes in Canada We provide info for new players, and dip our toes into some more advanced content as we progress through the game. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and promise to give you something to chuckle about as you learn the game with us :) If you want a FFXIV:ARR podcast with with a European flavour, and you're as daft as us, you've come to the right place!
Erupting from the depths of web space. Alternate Realms is a doorway to all things comics and pop culture.
Enter The Realm
Enter The Realm is a weekly video and audio podcast from the Realm Of Collectos where news about new figures from every corner of collecting are discussed. Transformers is what brought us together, but we also discuss Wrestling, GI Joe, Comics, Movies, and whatever else is new in the world of pop culture and collecting.
Podcast by Joshua Miller
Plastic Fanatics is the late night aftercast where we discuss roundtable style the newest toy news.
Join Goddess Hannah from LDW Group every Wednesday from 9-10 PM EST for sexy talk, silly games & your favorite Goddess. You can also join chat at during the show.
Extremely Gifted Psychics, Healers, Artists and Counselors Offer Metaphysical Fun and Learning! Free psychic readings plus Q's & A's and first-hand knowledge on topics from angels and crossing over to deja vu and the psychic flash. View our Wild Site at No spiritual topic is too wild for Psychics Gone Wild and Wildly Gifted Special Guests! ................Dial-in 773-897-6461 for Psychic Jethro (Thur-Sat), Kelly C (Mon-Wed) and favorite Wild Psychics Amy Cavanaugh, Auro ...
Games from the Perilous Realm is a podcast featuring Actual Play for original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition scenarios set in the Dukedom of Quenelles.Games from the Perilous Realm is part of a multimedia project to create viable material for WFRP 2nd Edition Bretonnian campaigns and additional material will be available from the project website if there is any interest.
Welcome, adventurers, to the Realms & Nerds adventure comedy D&D podcast! Join RJ, Harrison, Ash, Bronson, and Brandon for kicking goblin rear and funny fantasy adventures every week!
Comic Realm with Tiffani podcast is a weekly show that will cover all things comic books, film, news, and much more!
Within The Realm
There's a story behind everything and it's all within the realm. Check us out on Facebook @withintherealm1 or
Did you play Dungeons and Dragons when you were a kid and now have progressed to games like Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age? If so then this podcast is for you!! Each week The Knight Of The Realm will discuss video games in the realms of fantasy, sword and sorcery as well as similar roleplaying games.
Baavri's Realm
Baavri talks about stuff.
Radio Realm
Live 6-8p.m. pst Friday Nights listen to Radio Realm guest interviews with Brian Hubley on Sonoma State University's
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Paul Mola, CEO, Roswell Biotechnologies joins Bob to discuss how he is a dynamic entrepreneur and leader combining science and business knowledge to build and grow successful biotechnology companies that advance healthcare and, over time, have the potential to profoundly impact the environment and society. Paul has formed and guided highly tale ...…
Show Highlights Flow meters are designed to measure how quickly water travels through a filtration system. This is useful for all sorts of recreational water facilities. Pools and spas have been using them for years. Often times health departments will require them for float tanks, as they help provide a certain level of assurance to the filtra ...…
We record the latest podcast on a narrow boat rocking gently back and forth on the canal sipping cups of tea, a fitting tribute to the Sun's move into Cancer, one of the water signs and lover of all things cosy and traditional. In our talk about Cancerians, we discuss their sensitivity, their talent at mimicry and how the reflective nature of t ...…
Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast! Join our four heroes- Joan Redsun, Seebo Turen Nim, Rhomash Scarbearer, and Michael, as we continue our journey in The Return of Ornon!Like this episode? Share with friends and subscribe for more!Joan doesn't budge on his morals. Seebo recounts his mission. Rhomash makes a bargain. ...…
George Smith explains the views of Kant and Hegel on the history of philosophy, and explores whether moral judgments should be applied to the realm of ideas. Originally published in essay form on February 19, 2016
In this on the road episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by friend and fellow tech Kevin Rosa to discuss the recent announcement by IBM that they have created an A.I. supercomputer capable of debating humans. What does this mean for the future of not only robotics, but mankind? Will this be the first steps to co ...…
In Vancouver, BC Tune in every Wednesday 6 – 7 PM to CFRO – 100.5 FM Anywhere in the world by Stream, Satellite, TelusTv - How to Listen Only last 10 shows are available to listen to for free - REGISTER NOW. Supporting Members have unlimited access to this and hundreds of other life changing programs - Click Here to sign-up In this episode we s ...…
Hey, BossFam! Welcome to The Bosses’ Desk where we look out for you, giving you the best in geek news and movie reviews. Take a listen to this edition of The Bosses’ Desk podcast. Today, The Big Boss & The Professor give you a look into the things going on in the geek world. On today’s show… Weekend Box-office The Incredibles 2 – $180,000,000 O ...…
South Korea's government has increased its focus on different forms of diplomacy in recent years, from the more traditional government-to-government outreach of the Moon Administration's North Korea policy to a greater appreciation for public and cultural diplomacy. But one area that could benefit from more attention is the realm of science dip ...…
Traditionally, the summer solstice is all about celebration - celebrating the sun, the longest day of the year, and the start of an abundant harvest! But the solstice has a somewhat serious undertone: it’s the longest day of the year, the peak… so the energy, as well as the light, will wane from here on out.But there’s no reason to let that hol ...…
A week filled with great new music, fashion trends, and tough loss, Too Much Hype discusses it all.
LID Radio has partnered with the Institute of Leadership and Management to bring you their weekly news recap in the realm of management and leadership. Hosted by Matt Packer and Kate Cooper.
Calvinism's Election/Predestination is Lie of Devil! Email: Website: -Bio, Books, Blog, Videos, Podcasts. Schedule: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun:6-8AM (CST) ****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145. ****You can also listen on Itunes. ****I will give any minister $10,000 to his/her ministry that will go through my progra ...…
This fourth podcast is the third in a series about the Drow Pantheon. Lolth stands as the most infamous member of this pantheon. Deeply entrenched in Drow society, her schemes continuously look to bring more power into her webs.
Joining us today on the Season 2 finale is Lisa Kleissner, co-founder of The Toniic Institute, KL Felicitas Foundation, and Hawaii Investment Ready. She’ll be talking to us today about her pursuits to expand impact investing on both the local and global levels.From her beginnings in Hawaii and success in Silicon Valley to being a pioneer in the ...…
Lords and Ladies of the Realm please listen in as Gerald, Manny, and Nancy go over Season 1 episode 8 of Game of Thrones. We try to cover everything big and small without giving away too much as we are still hoping for our newbie to return. We cover Rob's acension and the downfall of Ned. You will enjoy everything we have in store I swear it... ...…
In episode 367 of the Functional Nerds Podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio chat with NY Times Best Selling Author – Jim Butcher! His new book – BRIEF CASES – is a collection of short stories set in the Dresden Files Universe which includes a brand new story. Our interview begins at the 15:32 mark if you want to skip ahead… About BRIEF CASE ...…
Matthew 6:22-23 – The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! (NIV 2011) In our Bible study group, we were reflecting on the reality of the temptati ...…
Welcome to BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast found on Level Down Games every Wednesday. This episode is posting insanely late due to our coverage of E3 2018 and our studio losing internet for four whole days, so some of the dialogue doesn’t quite make sense, haha. Regardless, we’re going to be exploring music found within both Final Fantasy X ...…
Dumpster Kids is a sketch duo made up of two millennials, Erika Ehler and Becca Zwick. Their content tends to veer into the realm of current social issues, with their sketches often bordering on the surreal, while still being grounded in reality. They focus more on zany situations than zany characters, and overall have a more dry sense of humou ...…
We all have hopes and dreams that we would like to accomplish, but often we don't attempt them either because we are scared or we were talked out of it. When we look at the world as a starry-eyed child and realize that anything is possible, it opens up the realm of possibility. With hard work and dedication you can accomplish all of your dreams ...…
So many historians discuss and analyze famous battles and of kings and their conquests, but how many of them talk about the little person? In this episode, Prophessor S.T. Gillery focuses on the common folk and how the claim to the Iron Throne – while affecting nearly everyone – absolutely crushed these types of people throughout the realm.…
Ellie and Zenger discuss news and trailers within the geeky realm of Pop Culture then it's off to Heroes Con 2018 as Zenger interviews content creators, cosplayers and everything else under the sun at Heroes Con Big thanks to Drew Moss Scott Godlewski Ryan Cody ...…
Ellie and Zenger discuss news and trailers within the geeky realm of Pop Culture then it's off to Heroes Con 2018 as Zenger interviews content creators, cosplayers and everything else under the sun at Heroes Con Big thanks to Drew Moss Scott Godlewski Ryan Cody ...…
Brent Raynes is the publisher and editor of "Alternate Perceptions Magazine (an alternative way to explore and explain the mysteries of our world, "published since 1985, online since 2001”)." I strongly recommend that you sign up for this excellent free magazine.Brent Raynes is the author of:“Visitors from Hidden Realms.”“On The Edge of Reality ...…
Episode 3.2!!! This is part 2 of my conversation with my friend and co-worker Serdar Aydemir.(Jerry)On this week's episode to talk about our views on religion, music, storytelling and how he got the nickname Jerry. To learn more about Serdar go listen to episode 3 part. Also, Here is a brief description of both the author and book written by Se ...…
Come with us on a confusing and problematic journey through Middle Earth, the sexiest of all fantasy realms. Featuring: horny sentient butter, a surprisingly good Lady Gaga cover and a busy commercial kitchen that is somehow large enough to house a horse orgy.YOU SHALL NOT PASS without subscribing and/or leaving a review. Or you can, it's reall ...…
Today, we decided to take a detour from our road map and talk about world building – the process of creating compelling settings for your RPG. World building is a vital aspect of almost all games, with only a few abstract and classic games offering experiences devoid of flavor. ...…
I had the privilege of being interview by Denzel Dion. Have a listen.Mental health is on the rise. It's quite interesting to see this new development happening in our modern society with all the latest tech innovations and opportunities we have on hand. On this episode, we have Lachie Stuart, fitness and lifestyle coach for men. Lachie is a fit ...…
Learn how to come alive as an expert, get leads, and unlock your voice with podcasting guru Jeff Large in this episode of LMScast. Today Chris Badgett of the LifterLMS team and Jeff Large get into how podcasting is a great form of media for you to consider using to generate leads and build trust with customers. Jeff is a professional podcaster ...…
Today people often seek the spiritual but forget there may be a "dark side" to the spiritual realm. How can we protect ourselves and our neighbor from involvement with those things that are truly evil?
This week the B-Rated crew is finally visited by Reid's elusive brother, JP. The four have an in depth conversations and DJ once again leads the team through his theory of the quantum realm. The crew talks about the future of the MCU, E3 and so much more. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @BratedPod Facebook @Brated.Podcast Instagram brated.podcast…
ARE QUANTUM COMPUTERS GOING TO BE MODERN DIVINATION MACHINES? In the days that Jesus walked the earth, sorcery and divination were very common spiritual practices. Demonic forces led by the spirit of antichrist were met with people eager to harness their powers. But as the uniquely begotten Son of God, Jesus was able to put these spiritual abom ...…
Episode 24 of Nerd Processing. Makenzie, Jordan and Joey banter about their week's worth of nerdy things including Farm Together, Naruto and Realm Royal! Follwed by an in depth conversation about each of the press conferences and major announcements from E3! Check us out on twitter @NerdProcessing, and email us feedback ...…
0:30- @LordCognito 's Lordly Introductions begin with Lord @SamuelTolbert ! 4:45- Lord @KingDavidOTW starts off the week's Combat Sports! 8:15- First of 3 Live Raffle Contests! 9:00- The Lords talk about their standout experiences of E3! 13:25- The arrival of "The One, The Only, E3 Xbox Conference Legend.......Lord @HOTMONKEYLOV1N " ! 26:10- Th ...…
SECULARIA The Underground drops us in Secularia this time, a completely fictional place where state politics are not influenced by religion. Join us in this fantasy realm as Sally Buxbaum Hunt tells how she was dragged off by fascists when she spoke out lawfully against the false motto “In God We Trust”. Weather Jesus visits the land of Merlin ...…
The last episode on Season 2! It was a short one, but we feel we covered the major components of what it takes to evolve as a Systems Administrator in the modern era. We also congratulate Mike on his new job, his second Father's Day, discuss our migration to the software realm, and talk about health in a world of stimulants and sedentary career ...…
Ps Daniel preaches on how the goal of all christians is Christ likeness. The goal is not spiritual warfare but that is a necessary part to get to Christ likeness.
Neutral Attitude Toward Supernatural Experiences This stance toward the supernatural is characterized in word or deed by the thought that, “If God wanted me to have supernatural experiences, I’d be having them.” This nullifies our personal relationship with God, in that He wants us to want Him, and want everything He wants us to have. We will h ...…
Sermon by: Robert Austell; June 17, 2018 - Luke 14:12-15; Isaiah 55:1-3a :: Sermon Audio (link) :: Click link to open and play in browser; right-click to save. Sermon audio is also accessible as a free podcast in iTunes. Search for "Good Shepherd Sermons" or "Robert Austell." Your browser does not support the audio element. ::: Scripture and Mu ...…
Hoi Peoplez. Da Ziggy tryina figure out da pod ting. Dis not da real me, Iz only an actor, so later on iz gonna get deleted. Test!
With the situation we’re in, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that the world could end. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to see how members of Not Another Podcast would survive nuclear fallout. What happened shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but Danny, Big Jim, Samantha and James ended up building a new society. We ...…
This week on the podcast we dive into a realm that has played a major role in my life and my successes, as well as my failures- ROOFTOPPING. This counter culture exploded onto the scene less than a decade ago, although videos and photos of the act have been seen by hundreds of millions of people, it’s a small community that probably contains ju ...…
Jonathan shares a Father's Day message about contention against the knowledge of Christ in us.
Mark 3:20-35 | Tending a new creation may involve the creation or expansion of our concepts of “family.” In the scripture Jesus confirms that kinship in God’s Realm can go beyond bloodlines. We can re-create family in so many ways, whether we grew up with a family of origin that offered us support or did not. Who is our kin? All those who seek ...…
Expect it all to come at you every day. Expect there to be chaos and difficulty; not in a pessimistic sense, but in a realistic one. There is just so much going on at once in this world, so much complexity and so many competing interests there is just no way to avoid it. Shit happens as they say. And sometimes, chaos and difficulty will go off ...…
Dive deep into discussions about Jenessee recent book 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul a Journey to discover the Master Archetype. This non fiction autobiographical memoir takes on the tone of a Science Fiction novel. Thestory spans the length of just one 24 hour day on Earth. Following the stories lead character, Jenessee you begin to understand ...…
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