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The Reboot Podcast
The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.
Reboot features interviews with people who have made big career transitions. Hosted by scientist-turned-management-consultant-turned-developer Adarsh Pandit.For sponsorship opportunities, inquire at
Reprogram your Body and Mind for Sustainable Fat Loss, VIbrant Health, and Peak Performance
Educational Geocaching Tutorial Podcasts and Videos: A tutorial podcast about geocaching.
Hard Reboot
>Hard Reboot is a monthly show where three friends pitch a reboot of a public domain property.
Scott Limmer and Oscar Michelen, lawyers who watched their once thriving solo (Scott) and small firm (Oscar) law practices lose direction, discuss how based on the principals of being authentic, giving value and building business relationships & networking they were able to analyze, reboot, and grow their law practices and offer practical advice on how you can grow your solo or small law practice too. Join them each week to discuss topics such as legal marketing, personal & professional grow ...
Ready to improve your health, wealth, partner intimacy, peer group, spirit, career, business, and more? Tune into the Optimized Geek, a podcast full of secret knowledge that will enable you to reboot your life.
Talking out the 80's and all the cool, geeky stuff that came from that decade.
Reboot It! Podcase
A frank discussion of technology, security, and privacy in plain language with Bill Gardner
Comedians Cameron James & Alexei Toliopoulos compare and contrast films with their reboots, remakes, and rip-offs.
Dave and Sheryl Balthrop are a husband and wife team sharing their transformational journey to a simpler priority-driven life. After raising their children and achieving the “American Dream”, Dave (a mentor to persons with disabilities) and Sheryl (an attorney), discovered they were investing more resources in stuff than people. They decided to change their lives. They put their dream house on the market, edited 85% of their belongings, and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. In this aud ...
Through the IEEE Rebooting Computing Podcasts, we provide listeners with access to some of the top computing industry professionals -- from innovators to professors (and the combination of both). Our coverage includes discussions on quantum computing, neuromorphic computing, relevant events, industry trends, and so much more. We provide you with access to the industry's best of the best.
Stories about people who have been forced to start over in life or in business, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul, grit.
Automation Alley is Michigan’s leading nonprofit technology and manufacturing business association, connecting industry, academia and government to fuel Southeast Michigan’s economy and accelerate innovation. Automation Alley focuses its efforts on innovation and technology, entrepreneurship, talent development, defense and international business, providing resources, funding and actionable intelligence to help members grow and prosper in the digital age.Automation Alley programs and service ...
Reboot Podcast
Beginning her career in St. Louis, Amy Unland's unique fusion of dark beats & dirty, techy baselines quickly earned her gigs and residencies at clubs & lounges throughout the United States. Her reputation for igniting a dance floor has given her the opportunity to play at events with artists such as Fergie, Nigel Richards, Oscar G, DJ Irene, Freaky Flow, Dave Aude, Seb Fontaine, Mazi, Mix Master Mike, Breach, Psycho Bitch, Anthony Attalla, Gene Farris, Borris, Crystal Method, Justin James, O ...
Reboot It!
A frank discussion of technology, security, and privacy in plain language
Interested in the way technology is interacting with people and psychology? This is your show! Psychotherapist Travis Hill and his wife Michelle dive into recent technology news to talk about how it affects our thoughts, behavior, and relationships.
We cover all 4 seasons of the show ReBoot. We discuss the products, film, revival & break it down in this limited edition Podcast before the Guardian Code
-Hosted by Small2Bbig, Orion255,and Rashanii -Genre:gaming
What happens when a nostalgic and a skeptic revisit the animated series ReBoot? Only 90's kids will find out!Listen as hosts Jessica (@StirvinoLady) and Ben (@DudWorks) break down every episode, and try to find the Frostiest Moments in each one.
Reboot Rewind
A podcast in which, each episode, two couples talk about a film and a (sometimes very tenuously) related video game.
Welcome to Good Morning Mainframe, A look back at the first ever syndicated CGI animated TV Show; Reboot. Join Geoff, Blake, JR, Howard and Jeremy as we go through each episode from the beginning.
2LO Rebooted
Exploring BBC Design & Engineering
"Ghostbusters! Independence Day!! Star Trek!!! Ice Age!!!! Jason Bourne!!! IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! And we're fed up! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Matt, Mike and Brit give their thoughts and opinions on all the sequels, remakes, reboots and carbon-copy movie ripoffs that Hollyweird has to offer."
Bi-Weekly Chris and Andy pitch their ideas for preexisting movies' prequels, sequels, reboots and/or remakes.
Reboot Illinois
Covering politics and weekly happening that could only happen in Illinois.
Reboot Illinois
Covering politics and weekly happening that could only happen in Illinois.
Reboot Theater
We discuss how to fix bad movies as if we were doing a reboot.
Reboot Radio
Podcast by The Reboot Gamers
Music maker and more!
Dave and Sheryl Balthrop are a husband and wife team sharing their transformational journey to a simpler priority-driven life. After raising their children and achieving the “American Dream”, Dave (a mentor to persons with disabilities) and Sheryl (an attorney), discovered they were investing more resources in stuff than people. They decided to change their lives. They put their dream house on the market, edited 85% of their belongings, and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. In this aud ...
Kézműves Reboot
sorozatajánlók és filmes kibeszélők
Empathy Reboot
Empathy Reboot, the flagship podcast of Media Harmonics, seeks to increase understanding about a range of human experiences, belief systems, lifestyles, and political movements. Investigative reporting, combined with long-form interviews, aims to immerse the listener in a topic or character so that the nuance, idiosyncrasy, and specificity of human experience rise to the surface.
We talk about big ideas and issues in education and hardly ever come up with any answers.
In a world littered with remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and cinematic universes, three friends gather each week to try to make sense of it all. Join Aaron Hahn, Jacob Lacy, and David Becker as they discuss the latest film releases, their all-time favorites, some of the worst films that they have ever seen, and much more. One may never know exactly what to expect from this podcast for film-lovers, but don’t worry, because there’s a Reboot Already Underway.
Blaxploitation comedic film reboots and reviews in the age of making America great again.
Two siblings with an 11-year age gap share and compare their views on pop culture.
This podcast aims to solve common problems that marketers have with strategizing, implementing and measuring digital lead generation.
The Official Podcast of The Academy of Prevention & Health Promotion Therapies. Tune in to hear how YOU can promote health and prevent disease in yourself, your patients, community, and society!
Electronic Monsterz Productions selects his favourite bollywood remixes, pop, progressive, electro tunes into his official Podcast.
Rebooting The News
A weekly podcast on news and technology with Jay Rosen and Dave Winer.
Join Kyle McCormick and Chris Khatami as they investigate remade and rebooted movies with only their nerdiness and a cool guest at their disposal!
Rebooting The News
A weekly podcast with Jay Rosen and Dave Winer.
This podcast began as an experiment. Could I ship audio content daily for 28-consecutive days? Yes! I did it! As of March 1, 2018, this podcast is a supplement to and to the Big Reboots Podcast, which publishes twice monthly and features stories about people who have started over in life or in business.
We've got million dollar ideas.
Reboot features interviews with people who have made big career transitions. Hosted by scientist-turned-management-consultant-turned-developer Adarsh Pandit.For sponsorship opportunities, inquire at
Podcast by Andy B.
A comedy podcast about sequels, prequels, spin-offs and reboots. Hosted by Allen and Chris
A movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.
Welcome to Storybreakers! The podcast where we come up with a brand new film plot every single episode. And if you dig it, It's yours!Or check out one of our famous Dynamic Live Readings of Hollywoods greatest un-produced scripts from writers like J.J Abrams, Kevin Smith & Joss Whedon.
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This week we meet a sloth and buy components for the Hades Canyon NUC. The Windows File Manager gets open sourced, Iran are going to block Telegram, PostmarketOS explore creating an open source baseband, Microsoft make a custom Linux distro called Azure Sphere and we round the community news. It’s Season 11 Episode 07 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Ala ...…
This episode, we're sorting through the VHS bargain bin for the red headed step children of movies to hand out second chances to those Terrible 80s/90s movies worth rebooting. Joining me, is a serial movie purchaser who recently dominated me in an 80s vs 90s battle as well as host of the Poop Culture Podcast! I welcome, Rick Mancrush to the pod ...…
In this episode, we look at how to use insights from behavioral science to improve your life. We look at what it means to have a “good day” and figure out how to reverse engineer more good days, by examining decision making, the power of rest and recovery, intention setting, setting boundaries, and much more with our guest Caroline Webb. Caroli ...…
Miles: Some Rick and Morty superfans are getting the show wrong … Do the show's characters ever learn a lesson? … R&M creator Dan Harmon's strikingly different #MeToo moment … How pop culture is consuming itself through sequels and reboots … With nerd culture gone mainstream, whither the nerd? … The many boyfriends of Elaine Benes ……
Hey there, remember us? Yeah, we know. We thought we were done with the hiccups in the schedule, but this thing called February happened. Things didn’t get better in March. And April was not shaping up to be any kind of improvement. Sure, we had content in the hopper, we had stuff we wanted to talk about, and we wanted to talk to you all. Probl ...…
In this episode, BGB concludes the convo about Grown-ish, we talk Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Fighting Temptations, ChloexHalle, preference, jungle fever, ghetto names, customer service, being the token, being multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, Zoey's final choice, trust, spinoffs, Kenya Barris, A Different World, the abundance of reboots a ...…
We’ve got a treat for you this week, our guest Pablo Coma stopped in to talk about his game Healer’s Quest, releasing on the 18th. But first you have to listen to G and Draconus chat about BAFTA and a few kickstarter games. News Drac gives his thoughts on Radical Heights released as Free to Play on Steam. Donkey Kong King Dethroned. G gives us ...…
In this episode we discuss how Cardi B is up against errybody, we talk about some great current shows and reboots, would you be cool with ya old lady being a surrogate and Chris Brown vs. Jamie Foxx. Reach out to me on social media and tell me what you thought about the episode. Hit the subscribe button and leave a good review people. Intro 00: ...…
This week we talk about Joe Russo's comment about Secret Wars, the Black Order actors revealed, Infinity Wars incredible pre-sale numbers / increased box office prediction, a new Terminator cast, Jake Gyllenhaal not playing Batman, Randall Park joining Aquaman, Black Adam possibly filming in 2019, the Rampage film's opening weekend / reception, ...…
For our 50th episode we have two of the all time greats….talking about two of the all time greats. Life begins at 50 baby, or does it begin when the facehugger lays the chestburster inside your body? We talk about friend of the show, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece Alien and James Cameron’s masterpiece Aliens. That’s a lot of masterpieces. In this e ...…
On this episode Jason covers all the nerdy stories making headlines this week. The MCU may add Eternals to its movie slate in phase 4. The Hellboy reboot casts Milla Jovovich as the Blood Queen. Black Panther finally gets a release date. Is the Teen Titans tv show in trouble? Shenmue finally gets its conclusion and a re-release of the first two ...…
Welcome to the ALL NEW Beyond Bossfights show! In this episode, Braxwolf and new co-host DJPimpdaddy talk about DJ’s killer watch, Ready Player One, and what we’re looking forward to in the coming month. Audio: Download | Subscribe on iTunes | Stitc ...…
Friday the 13th. A time of bad luck, the occult, and magic. Magic numbers! With the reboot having triggers that both give more power and have more guard, combined with new units having more power than their predecessors, the game is changing. The guys take a look at how a slight uptick and numbers can affect a game like Vanguard. Also, Root Bee ...…
Season 16 Episode 11 "GEORGE" - On this episode we discuss The Meg, Batgirl back on at WB, Colton Haynes is returning as a series regular for Arrow Season 7, The Rock might not return for Fast 9, Terminator pushed back 4 months, Dave Bautista Action-Comedy in the works, Karl Urban Set to Star in Comic Book Series The Boys, Y: The Last Man Pilot ...…
The Keepers are back after taking a week off to celebrate the milestone that was episode 50, and they are back to their typical hijinks, including Wookiees in your colon, a slightly older than young Indy, and a bit of begging. The Keepers are always willing to do whatever it takes to entertain you....and themselves.Topics discussed in this epis ...…
Are you ready for a fresh start? Time for a reboot?
On this Missing Out Monday, we are joined by James Lott Jr.! We discuss all the best shows and movies this week: "Alone Together", "Here and Now", "Dynasty", "Are We Not Cats?", "Isle Of Dogs", "The Death of Stalin", "Future Space" & "Legion"! But mostly the "Roseanne" reboot! Follow James Lott Jr. on the socials @JamesLottJunior Follow us on s ...…
iTunes: RSS: Show – Patreon: Live Video And Chat – Email – aaa@podnutz.coma Hosted ...…
This week the guys talk about some fan casting rumors for the Fantastic Four Reboot if they would join the MCU. Alil goes to C2E2 in Chicago, Sean gets MORE Transformers, and Steve is keeping it green. So sit back relax, enjoy the show. Keep it Geeky!!
Host Alyson Charles with Keith Mitchel
Netflix has done a reboot of the 1960's cult TV clisice Lost in Space. and the 10-episode package drops on April 13th. We hear from the cast, Toby Stephens (Black Sails) as John Robinson, Molly Parker (House of Cards) as Maureen Robinson, Ignacio Serricchio plays, Don West,, Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, and ...…
Daily Beast Columnist & Author of new book "Unwifeable" Mandy Stadtmiller & Gleib have a very real and honest conversation about what led to becoming, as she put it, "a crazy, coked up sex addict” and how she turned it around. Why she wrote a gossip and dating column for The New York Post and Xo Jane. She tells us about dating Keith Olberman. A ...…
Would you like to see a wayans brothers reboot???
Today’s Topics: 1] Gospel John 20:11-18 – Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene. 2] Venerable Sheen – The Resurrection. 3] Why did Jesus send the demons from the possessed man to the pigs? Matthew 8:28-34 - The Healing of the Gadarene Demoniacs. 4] Why Can Demons Roam the Earth? By Monsignor Charles Pope. 5] Movie: Paul the Apostle of Christ ­– analy ...…
Latest on the prospects of a trade war, what's behind the successful reboot of Roseanne and how to score a cheap summer airfare.
Our guest today Constantine Georgiou spent 18 years in corporate and had a lot of jobs along the way. It took him a while before he decided to leave though he knew that it didn't really suit him that well. With the help of a great life coach, he discovered that he may really be an entrepreneur and started his journey together with some co-found ...…
This week the boys discuss how you can be racist but still get your show rebooted decades later because everyone is so desperately craving a sense of nostalgia, or conversely, maybe we’re secretly biased against the under-represented conservatives that finally have a show that is genuine for them? Who knows, we haven’t made a shower BUT we will ...…
Is the Roseanne reboot the most pro-Trump show ever? The ratings, as President Donald Trump delightedly noted in his infrastructure speech last week, are through the roof. Can we expect an Cabinet appointment announcement within the week?Today on the Reason Podcast, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, and yours truly squabble ...…
This week, the boys explore William Gibson's "Neuromancer", "The Blue Lagoon" (1980), David Byrne's "American Utopia", season four of "Shetland", the new "Tomb Raider" movie, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (1985), and did Paul and Spike bother watching the rebooted "Roseanne"? Listen and see.... ----- The theme tune to 'Tooo Grumpy Critics' is c ...…
The gang talks Donald Glover's cancelled Deadpool series, whether or not reboots are good, which Pixar movies are the best, and the-not-prequel-to Alien Prometheus!
Due to Easter being over the weekend Sunday and again Happy Easter everyone, Father Anthony is away taking care of things and Mary is away on business, so this is a reair from March 19th. Thank you. It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us and joining her in the studio today is Father Brendan the Associate Pastor from the Saint George Churc ...…
McCall is back and needs a mind reset, so let’s talk about pranks. Did you pull any during Easter weekend? Are you pulling any today? And against what AJ thinks is better judgement McCall will give you some details as to what our prank is. Roseanne has come back to success and reports are Last Man Standing will be returning also. If you could b ...…
This week, the guys discuss the Roseanne reboot, how advertising has changed, and why ads for drugs, meds and treatments is pure evil.
Air Bazaar #20Welcome to the official reboot, Air Bazaar is now bi-weekly! For exclusive content and Bonus Episodes, subscribe at Seaside Lovers - Lovers’ Paradise2. King Sunny & His African Beats - Gboromiro3. Arthur’s Landing - Your Motion Says4. Barbra Streisand - Guilty5. Young Enya - Love Goes On and On6. Yumeko Ki ...…
Despite a technical hiccup that left the gang one guest down, the ACP crew still took it to comic talk town, and this time with Dan Mallier, the man behind the great indie comics show Leamington Comic Con! Together not only do they discuss the upcoming LCC 2018, but also digital comics, where the man without fear came from, the contraversial wo ...…
On the 4th episode of Piecing It Together, co-host TJ Kross and I discuss the new reboot of Tomb Raider, based on the hit video-game series. Alicia Vikander stars as the new Lara Croft in an adventure filled with puzzles, action and almost exact recreations of the most recent Tomb Raider games. Puzzle Pieces include Indiana Jones and the Temple ...…
Halloooo, Neighbors! It almost feels like spring..sort of. This week, the neighbors convene to discuss the Roseanne reboot; Judd Apatow's The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on HBO; Jamie Lee Curtis's new activism; new Dr. Katz episodes on Audible; and the Best Worst Thing We Saw This Week. And of course, the mystery to end all mysteries---Who B ...…
Steven Spielberg remains, improbably, one of the most energetic and fascinating directors still working, even at the age of 71. He might be slumming it with "Ready Player One," but what slumming it is. And don't miss the section with "The Shining." We also have two reboots this week, fittingly, both from the '80s. First is 1985's "Real Genius," ...…
(0:00) - Our take on the the reboot of Roseanne and political discussion it has started. (21:30) - Facebook data issue in the news. How can we protect ourselves? What are the implications? (44:00) - What did our parents prepare us for? What did they not see coming? How can we prepare our kids for the changing world?…
Join us for a discussion of this week in television and film, women, the LGBTQ community, and where they all intersect. This week we review new shows The Detail and the Roseanne Reboot, let you know about two shows you should be checking out, Good Girls and The Resident, ooh and ahh over the cast of Mom at the LA Paley Fest, and find out what p ...…
Join Co-Hosts Paul O'Brien and Collin Davis as they discuss this week's headlines in the news. Netflix hires Susan Rice and has Conservatives and Republican voters so mad they're cancelling their subscriptions, Omar Mateen's widow is found not guilty, Hillary Clinton is still selling speeches, tensions in Israel build as thousands gather at the ...…
This week, the television show Roseanne returned to network television with HUGE ratings. The reboot of the late 1980’s TV show focuses on a lower-middle class family with a new political split in opinions. The show is being applauded for its appeal to Middle America and how it handled each characters new political leanings. With the popularity ...…
On this special edition of Middle Theory, an all-star cast comes together to join Micah and McNonymous as we examine news, politics, and the recent ransomware attack on Atlanta. On this edition of the show, we kick things off only to be swiftly taken down as an internet outage hits McNonymous’s hometown. Taking swift action, we are joined durin ...…
This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe discuss Pacific Rim Uprising, Tommyknockers, Archer, some recent TV show premieres, animated Deadpool, Carmen Sandiego and more. News: Archer: Danger Island and Rise of the TMNT trailers, The Tommyknockers getting rebooted, Beetlejuice musical arrives in the fall, Lego Incredibles game coming this s ...…
It's GOOD Friday!!! ......Why?? Also, we discuss topics on our new whacky whiteboard, upside down choco-crosses, Roseanne's reboot, some end of world fun, a rocket dork, flat earth shenanigans, docking and how the gang COULD dock...because the big brown dummy has the gear to do it.
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