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The Devil's Advocate
So Here's the Idea, Two Guys -- One A Die-Hard Catholic, The Other A Down Home Protestant. Together They'll Change the World. Or At least they'll try to find some understanding.
North Virginia Patriots
North Virginia Patriots is a Political analysis show hosted by Bryan, Bill and Ray. We cover current political news from a libertarian point of view. You will hear us talk about freedom, personal responsibilty and individual liberty! We are on Monday-Friday 6-7 PM EST. Simulcasting on Restore the Republic Radio
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This episode covers a multitude of topics including: What happens when a driver is charged with habitual driving on suspended/revoked license and the license plate is replaced by a paper plate? How to reinstate suspended driving privileges due to financial responsibilty judgement? Will the State of Michigan do away with the medical marijuana ca ...…
On the second hour the guys talk about the possible concussion Tom Savage might have suffered in Sunday's game and the responsibilty the Texans have to hold.
Becoming the Best You with the Hodgsons
In this episode, we spoke to Matt Smith who's a personal trainer who delivers much more than just training. He shares his story and experiences who can help anyone struggling right now. First ever time I've written my bio, so thanks for helping me have another first (if I need to edit it just shout and I'll get it done) Matt Smith is a Professi ...…
It's time that you stop blaming others for the poor results that you get. It's time to take responsibility for it will enrich you. Share this with three people you know!
Lawrence continues our series on Relationships with an introduction to keeping healthly boundaries in our engagement with others. Their response is their responsibility, and our response is our responsibilty!
Wake Up and Live with Christopher Flaig
The buck stops here. I accept responsibilty for my past. I am responsible for my success. I will not let my history control my destiny. The Responsible Decision shows us how to stop blaming other people and outside circumstances for where we are in life. Instead, we can chart our life's course, allowing our lives to become testament to the true ...…
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THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Japan
A Soft Skills Revolution Required The Spa magazine in Japan released the results of a survey of 1,140 male full-time employees in their 40s, about what they hated about their jobs. The top four complaints were salaries have not risen because of decades of deflation; a sense of being underappreciated and undervalued and a lost sense of purpose. ...…
From Charitable to Business; to Asset Protection to Family; Who Do You Trust??? When dealing in and doing Business with TRUST, We place Our Trust in the CONTRACT. The Trustee holding the Fiduciary Responsibilty to Execute, Must Perform to the CONTRACT. From Formation to Execution to Enforcement, Sot EL Discusses the Where HE Places His TRUST... ...…
Inside Story with Marty Griffin
Marty talked about Colleges needing to take responsibilty for the drinking deaths of students and also the Paris agreement.
Anchorage Bible Fellowship
We start Mercury Retrograde this week and deal with mix-ups, breakdowns and miscommunications as well as opportunities to run into past people and revive past scenarios to see if there is potential to rework things, get closure or rekindle what now holds potential again. The Full Moon in Libra is a climax for our year when it comes to romantic ...…
Personal Development Unplugged
There's never a right time to do what? follow your dreams? take action towards your goals? Or will you always make excuses. Let's talk about this for a few minutes in the 5 minute podcast and see and hear your excuses. When you do, you will notice how to make the progress you desire because you can not not succeedShine Brightly PaulpsDo you kno ...…
Personal Development Unplugged
There's never a right time to do what? follow your dreams? take action towards your goals? Or will you always make excuses. Let's talk about this for a few minutes in the 5 minute podcast and see and hear your excuses. When you do, you will notice how to make the progress you desire because you can not not succeed Shine Brightly Paul ps Do you ...…
Sermons from Hillsboro First Baptist Church
On this episode Ken and Bran discuss social issues and the church's responsibilty. We attempt to answer the questions: should Christians simply pray for Donald Trump or should there be some level of accountability? Do we choose traditional values over love for all? We also discuss being mindful of your message, self hating Christians and the re ...…
Dive into the topic of self mastery through the acronym "IAMO," which stands for I Am My Own. In this podcast, Maffeo and Andre discuss the value of taking responsibilty for oneself and the benefits that can come from it.
The Power of shared responsibiltyBy Pastor Jide Lawore.
Guest: Paul Snyder, VP, Corporate Responsibilty of InterContinental Hotels Group which includes Holiday Inns, Crowne Plaza, and Candlewood Suites.
God cares for and intervenes in the lives of His people to fulfill His plans regardless of the adversity or injustice they may experince. In Jospeh's life we see the beautiful relationship between divine providence and human responsibilty. Joseph lived with integrity, faithfulness and forgiveness towards those who harmed him, while he waited fo ...…
Comics Manifest | Inspiring Interviews with Influential Creators in Comics
Terry Moore is an award winning cartoonist. He is the creator of Abstract Studios and the books Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising, and Motor Girl.
In a series Lenore Marshall called "The Writer As Activist," the author discusses the divided life of a writer, which she calls a "double life." She speaks about the dual responsibilty of the writer to not only produce work, but to effect social change, a role she herself took on.
David and Tamler go back to basics--discussing a paper (Victoria McGeer on responsibilty and Strawson) and arguing about restorative justice. What is the function of attitudes like resentment and anger? Do they presume anything metaphysics of agency? Why is Josh Greene trying to erode the moral scaffolding of society? Plus we talk about the lat ...…
The Spotlight Series features exceptional content by essential people from the past on profound topics. Part 1 is from a talk by Terrence Mckenna in San Francisco on December 13, 1998. Original title is "Dreaming Awake at the End of Time." I changed the title based on the climax statement at 43:16.
We talk about the importance of social responsibility with guests Jeff Scheibel, The President and CEO of YMCA of Metropolitan Lansing, Casey Thompson. Executive Director for Downtown YMCA and Tom Baird, President of Anglers of the Au Sable. Hear experts insights from Scott Danek of Equanimity Wealth Managment and Bob Hedlund of Hedlund of Hedl ...…
Hello Hello Hello, Here is Explode Your Coaching Biz Podcast, brought to you by, Growing Together Exponentially, I am your Host, Simone Vincenzi and this is the podcast for coaches, speakers and trainers who want to grow their businesses by making an impact in the world.Todays episode is sponsored by: Explode Your Coaching Biz Train ...…
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