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Saints and Sinners: The Paradox of ChristianityWhy would you deceive yourself? Shouldn't we strive for wisdom? What is the "church"?We look at the end of 1 Corinthians 3 to answers these questions on the true structure of the church and how to become foolish to gain wisdom.By Roadway Alliance Church
Saints and Sinners: The Paradox of ChristianityAre you a "milk drinker" or a mature Christian?We see in the beginning of chapter three that all Christians should be growing spiritually by eating "meat". As laborers, God does the work and we must be faithful to build solidly on the foundation of Christ Jesus.…
Saints and Sinners: The Paradox of ChristianityWhat do divisions look like in the church today. While the church of God at Corinth faced issues unique to them, as we do today; they also faced challenges that we still face. Learn God's plan for the church and how we are to be in unity.By Roadway Alliance Church
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